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Andy and Dawn by Angela Rasch on DopplerPress


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What would you do for your career? What would you do for your best friend?

Andy and Dawn
by Angela Rasch
A DopplerPress Original
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Andrea Leonard believes that television is where great actors go to die. A star of stage and screen, she fervently objects when her agent wants her to take the lead role in a television series.

Don Champp's life is in neutral. He isn't sure what he wants to do with his future, or what he wants to be... or who. When an agent tells him they have the perfect role for him, he takes the card and tries out for the part without any expectation of it turning into something more.

Shannon's Course by Angela Rasch in Kindle


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High School Honors Student Shannon has a new psychology teacher with a plan that might get Shannon in trouble - and change his life forever!

Is it going to be good or bad for the reluctant Shannon to pose as a girl for a semester? And what about Shannon's friends and family?

Teenage angst is not always this confusing! With a murder mystery, too!

Peaches on Kindle: New Edition!


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New cover! New revision of the text!

by Angela Rasch and Amelia R.

Peaches is an unusual boy with an unusual school project -- he's going to spend his semester exploring gender roles in high school by living as a girl. Things get complicated but everybody learns something -- including Peaches!

A BigCloset HatBox Book
from DopplerPress

All Those Things You Always Pined For - New Kindle Edition


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I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby

Adrenaline surged...daring every sensory organ in my body to absorb the tiniest nuances of my first day out in public dressed as a woman. I touched the velvety skin on my wife's arm. "I'm so lucky!"

"Lucky?" Nicole shook her head in obvious bewilderment. "You've always wanted to be a woman," she had accurately said nearly eight months ago.

All Those Things You Always Pined For on Kindle


All Those Things You Always Pined For

by Angela Rasch

The Novitiate by Angela Rasch from DopplerPress


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Tim is patiently waiting for his high school days to draw to a close. He can’t wait to go away to college, far from a dad who is disappointed with his son’s tiny frame. Tim is also unhappy with his body, for a much more shielded reason. Music provides the catalyst for lasting change.


Sky on Kindle


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Sure, Peaches is small and cute and makes a lovely girl; everyone says so. But Sky? More than six feet of champion male athlete and he wants to be a girl? How is that going to work? Can even Peaches help? Are Sky's hopes too high?

by Angela Rasch
Sky by Angela Rasch

Sequel to Peaches
A BigCloset/HatBox Book
from DopplerPress

Imperfect Futures by Angela Rasch now on Kindle


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Two stories from BCTS in this volume:

Danny's Perdition: It’s the 24th century and Danny has discovered that his work for the government has several times condemned people to termination. The newest suspect has been thoroughly transformed by a department called “Visual Perfection,” and now Danny must do his duty, once again. Would traveling across the continent in an antique machine offer a realistic alternative?

Also included A Dollar Short: Tilford has a dead-end job. The idea that someone would offer him a great position seems alien.

Imperfect Futures
by Angela Rasch
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Hair Soup by Angela Rasch - Now on Kindle


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Steve is married to Dee Lilah, who is running for the U.S. Senate. The League of Women’s Voters has scheduled a beauty contest for the candidates' spouses. Ironically, the League hadn’t anticipated a female candidate and had made the rules quite stringent in regards to what the spouse must wear and do.


Hair Soup
by Angela Rasch
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She Like Me - by Angela Rasch on Kindle


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He had to find out: what do women think?

She Like Me
by Angela Rasch
Now on Kindle

Faced with the need to pick a thesis topic, amid the turbulent sixties, Gerald looks to solve the mysteries of the female gender by disguising himself as one of them. In a world faced with the assassination of Martin Luther King and the Southeast Asia Conflict, can a man successfully pretend to be a college co-ed and discover the secrets of how women think? Gerald has read all the pertinent sociology textbooks and has a list of questions he will seek to answer, but is he asking the right questions? And, once he understands women, what decisions will he make about himself?

Texas Two-Step by Angela Rasch on Kindle


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Another great sports story from Angela Rasch on Kindle from DopplerPress!

Texas Two-Step cover

Orphaned, Angel has to move to live with his uncle. Even though a standout athlete in Illinois, he's having trouble finding a place to fit in Pecos. Angel played soccer back in the Midwest, but that isn’t even an option in this gridiron-crazed, West Texas town. He gets a job in a Dairy Queen, but it seems mostly due to a misunderstanding and his life goes off in a new direction....

Texas Two-Step

by Angela Rasch

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Molly by Angela Rasch on Kindle


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Pat, Sam, and Barbara form a highly malleable triangle. Fate steps in, and a small, not very happy boy becomes a pioneer. Will Pat even recognize himself when his destiny is complete?

A tale about deception in the 1950's advertising jungle. Imagine that!

by Angela Rasch
A DopplerPress Book
Molly by Angela Rasch

The Girl Who Saved Aunt T's by Angela Rasch on Kindle


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Eric thought he was living a reasonable life until a series of calamities broke up his marriage, took his job and put his parents in a precarious position.

When Kevin, his tennis partner in High School, reminds him of the great team they made and offers him the opportunity to turn his life around he has a critical decision to make.

How You Play the Game by Angela Rasch on Kindle


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"Sport is life, life is sport, they're different but the same...
It's not about win or lose, it's How You Play the Game."

How You Play the Game
by Angela Rasch
Now on Kindle

A collection of stories with a sporting theme by Angela. Seven of her best tales centered on the worlds of golf, basketball, football and cheerleading, all with plenty more going on outside the sporting action.

The Handshake That Hides the Snake - by Angela Rasch on Kindle


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Your past is always there. Erik discovers that his will force him to make choices about his future and decisions about those he can trust.

But is anything quite what it seems in this tale of profit, manipulation and loyalty?


The Handshake That Hides the Snake

by Angela Rasch

Now on Kindle

Ma Cherie Amour on Kindle


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Twins Lea and Zack want to spend their last summer before college together, because Lea is going off to an all-girls college. Their mother finds the perfect job for them as nannies at a lake cottage, perfect except the woman is looking to hire two girls.

Baseball Annie on Kindle


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Baseball players are the most superstitious of all athletes. Andy has played baseball his entire life and is currently a Minnesota Twin in the twilight of his career. The Twins win a game after Andy shaves his leg for the first time. When the players decide that there is a causal relationship between Andy becoming more feminine and winning games -- all heaven breaks loose.

Baseball Annie Cover

Swifter, Higher, Stronger on Kindle


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When Tony's attempt to follow in his father's footsteps on the football field comes to nothing he gives his undivided attention to a different sport - gymnastics.

His unorthodox training leaves judges bemused but coaches impressed enough to give him an opportunity. With the Olympics in his sights a twist of fate has him seeing things from a whole new perspective, one that will affect the rest of his life.

Book Cover artwork for Swifter Higher Stronger rendered as virtual Paperback and Tablet editions - Cover art is girl, doing a gymnastics move, on her toes, with one arm in the air, and the wording Swifter Higher Stronger at an angle on a black background slightly overlapping the girl

My Last Set of Comments

Please take some time to post your top three choices and possibly win $50.

Trust Your Gut?

Life is all about discovery and adaptation, according to this very good tale by Marissa Lynn. The world changes convulsively as the characters build cocoons and emerge as colorful butterflies.

Today is the fourteenth!

The writing contest will accept entries as long as it is the fourteenth somewhere.

We opened the contest on Oz time and will close on New Zealand time.

For those in the States, there is a five-hour difference between Auckland time and Minneapolis time.

Before the contest started, Emma, Jo, and I posted sample stories. They did not qualify for awards because we are the sponsors. In my opinion, all three stories were exceptional. They should have been because they were mostly group efforts.

Seventh List of Contest Stories

There have been surprises in this contest.

I didn't expect the quality of the stories to be as robust as it is. About thirty percent of the entries are top-tier. There haven't been any that I thought weren't readable.

The number of stories inspired by this contest is about what I expected, a total of one hundred and fifteen -- with less than a week to go.

At the Midnight Hour

Explicit Sex and Other Contest Updates

Despite Explicit Underage Sex stories being excluded from the contest, it seems to have thrived.

The New Year's Resolution Writing Contest has resulted in the following to date:

New stories – 110. . . 100 Contest Qualified
Hits – 121,214
Kudos - 9,851
Comments – 1,447
New authors - 6

Fifteen More Story Comments:

Impact of Adding a Cover & Additional Story Comments

You’ve written your story and now are faced with deciding whether or not to create a cover.

I’ve posted about one hundred and fifty stories on BC and have never created a cover. Mel and Erin have made covers for all of my Doppler Press books. I’ve often wondered what difference an attractive cover makes to BC readers.

CONTROVERSY Surrounds Story Contest

This blog's views, thoughts, and opinions belong solely to the author and not necessarily to the management of Big Closet, the Writing Contest committee, or any other group or individual.

I have long contended that there is very little correlation between the number of kudos, hits, and comments received and the quality of the story.

Another Set of Comments on Contest Stories

Wow! We have received eighty-four entries for our contest.

Thank you.

We appreciate the effort it takes to produce a story for a contest. We also appreciate that all of you recognize that judging a contest like this is highly subjective and certainly not a science. All Emma and I can do is give this our best efforts, which I'm confident we're doing.

For most of the participants, the only compensation they will receive will be your kudos, comments, and reads. The following list might help you find a few more stories to read. The titles are a link.

Second Tranche My Comments on Contest Stories

Resolution Revelations

Aylesea has written an above-average story that brings us inside the life of a depressed young lady. This story is a good example of what humor can add to any story.

View From a Bridge

My Thoughts on Some Story Entries

Jo, Emma, and I love to write. We love to have our stories read and appreciated.

A primary goal of the current contest is to spur more people to read more stories. With that in mind, I've prepared remarks about fifteen stories entered in this contest. Eventually, I will post remarks about every story entered. Emma will be posting similar lists.

Please give these stories a chance.

Finding Joy

One Month Left to Enter

There’s about a month left to enter a story in the current writing contest. The more-than-expected number of stories have sparkled with quality. Of the sixty-one stories, I scored fifteen in the excellent category. There’s plenty of great reading to be had here.

To date, the contest has generated:

Stories: 61

Great Start for Contest

By the end of today, the blog announcing the New Year’s Resolution Writing Contest will have received over three thousand hits. That level of activity has resulted in thirty-seven new stories published on BC.

We don’t have comparative statistics, but it appears the level of comment activity is up.

A new author is among those who have posted a story entry.

Given that the contest opened for submissions less than a week ago -- we’re pleased with the initial results.

Writing Contest -- My Approach to Judging


Judging fiction is subjective. . .based on personal feelings and opinions.

I have helped judge several Big Closet contests in the past. In those instances, I picked the top three or five stories.

For the current writing contest (entries to commence 1/1), I’ve been asked to assign a number between one and one hundred for each story. Emma Anne Tate will also assign a number between one and one hundred. We will not consult or know what each other has assigned for a “score.” The total of our scores will be the score for the story. Highest score wins.

Is There a "T" in Team?

Author’s note: Joannebarbarella, Emma Anne Tate, and I are sponsoring a writing contest. Details are available in a blog on the home page. The three of us are not eligible to enter the contest but we decided to each write a sample story to help promote more entries. I’m coming to you as the last visitor in this Christmas Carol. I hope you enjoy my offering and give our contest your consideration. - Jill

Random Thoughts about an Existential Threat to Big Closet

Ask yourself -- if I tried to call up Big Closet on my computer and it was unavailable and appeared to be gone forever, what would I do?

If your answer is something along the lines of – that wouldn’t be a problem for me I would simply spend more time reading on _____ or writing stories for _____ -- then you are probably more of a taker than a giver in regard to this site – and that is understandable.

For me . . . the existence of BC is a huge part of my life. I give to BC to maintain that part of me.

From the Cheap Seats

Recently a story was published with a rape scene.

The story was tagged “explicit content.” Beyond that, the story unfolded logically and gave plenty of notice to the reader that a rape would occur. Further, the story was written by an author who writes femdom stories and has published them here for two decades.

I wouldn’t have read the story if the controversy had not occurred and been chronicled in other blogs. I assume several other readers read the story for the same reason.

Now You've Gone and Done It -- Emma Anne Tate!

You've set an impossible bar for civility, creativity, and positive influence.

Your writing is amazing and makes us all pea-green with envy.

Your demeanor is above reproach. . .at least a foot above the highest reproach known to womankind.

But where you really have us all outdone is in your blogs that inspire people to do good things.

Your latest series of blogs about authors' favorite short stories is a prime example. (I hesitate to use the word "prime" because a coach out west might have that word legally restricted to his ego.)

Free Novella

I've written a new novella called Andy and Dawn.

The story involves a young man, in 1960, who is discovered by a Hollywood talent agent while washing cars. Of course, through a series of events the young man comes to question his/her gender identity. The story is populated with pop culture figures of that era.

As usual, it is my intent to give this book to Doppler Press. All proceeds will go to supporting this site. Rasufelle is already working on the cover art.

Hello, Again

Time brings perspective. My writing process has remained consistent over the years. Once I have a decent manuscript, I set it aside to give me the perspective of a reader when I do a final edit.

In early May, things on BC seemingly became toxic for me. I had lost my rudder and needed a change in perspective. So – I took a time out.

Nothing about BC had changed to elicit the feelings I was experiencing. The fault rested with me.


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