Rule One - Keep it Friendly

Rule One
This is a friendly place...

What this means is that if something offends you, you are polite about it or you keep quiet. You can talk to me or one of the other admins but if it is a story that has offended you, you're probably not going to be happy when someone tells you that stories are why this place exists and a story has to go a long way before it breaks any rules here. Blogs and forums can be removed for being offensive or inflammatory because stories are what it is about.

Another thing this means is that if you call someone a name in public, you are in the wrong. First off, that is never acceptable. Especially if you accuse someone of a crime by the name you called them. Then if you object to their reaction by calling them further names, you are digging a hole toward the exit.

I don't want to get too specific here, the people involved know what this is about and attracting attention to the situation is not what I'm trying to do here. What I'm trying to do is make a public statement about what the rules are so that the next time this situation arises, no one will be surprised when someone gets banned from the site. Probably not a permanent ban, I'm a forgiving sort for simple offenses; anyone can be a hothead occasionally.

But think about it before you bring out the verbal knives and try to hurt someone for posting a story or revealing a private self in a blog. Keep this a friendly place.

Hugs to all,