personal update

Some of you may recall me mentioning a leg issue over the last few weeks, well it got worse at the weekend so today I availed myself of the services of the NHS.

You don't need the gritty but the long and short is that I have a venal blood clot in my thigh. It's a wonder it hasn't done for me with my riding over the last few weeks but the expert's seem to think the prognosis is reasonable.

It does mean that pretty much everything I had planned to do this year is now on hold. Indeed it's likely to be September before I can seriously even think of riding with any real intent again. I'm not wanting sympathy but just a warning - I've never, in forty years had that long off riding so I might get a bit antsy!

I guess it will mean more writing time - I can't even contemplate a decent walk until Easter. It also means I'll be organising my affairs - just in case, bit morbid but i'd hate for my scribbles and various collections to be lost when I shuffle off.

That's it, just thought -I'd put it out there as a 'just in case'.

Bye for now

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