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Femur's TG Comics has a large collection of high quality comics, drawn and CGI. Most of the site is free, though there are premium stories available only by paying for a download. If you like a visual element to your TG stories, this is definitely worth checking out. There's also an incredibly complete links page on the site.

Petticoat Punishment Art

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This Petticoat Punishment Art has been greatly expanded and now has many thousands of pieces of art may of which were created specifically for this site. It had the web's largest collection of drawings and makeovers by Christeen, Lipstick Discipline, Nan Gilbert, Vancy, Adams, Curtus, Bilbrew, Ward, and dozens of other artists.

Hourou Musuko

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A little story description from pages:
ShÅ«ichi Nitori is a 5th grade student who likes to bake and has always been something of a feminine boy. When he transfers to a new school, ShÅ«ichi is mistaken for his 6th grade sister on his first day. Then he ends up sitting next to Yoshino Takatsuki, a tall, boyish girl who everyone calls “Takatsuki-kun.” They both have secrets they can’t let anyone know…

It is very nice story and I think you should try it.

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