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Eve - Chapter 19


Chapter 19


Simon Jones is Eve Jones. But she didn't know.


Unaccounted Gains - Chapter 19

Unaccounted gains  

Chapter 19


Accountancy can be deadly




Season of Change - Chapter 25

Season of Change


There were only a few things in Harry Potter's life that never changed, he was the son of Lily and James Potter and that he was born a male. What happens when he discovers the truth.


UF-2 Book 1 Chapter 2

FROM CHAPTER 1: "I had wandered down to the galley after reading the reports coming in from medical and control. All our efforts were turning up negative. Our search teams had yet to find the cause. Medical had yet to find a cure. I felt tired, physically and mentally. My mind was shut down from fatigue when David and Toni walked in. I was totally exhausted, as none of us had much sleep the past ten days."

“Want to see your infection carrier?”

“YOU FOUND IT!” I turned around so fast I almost fell out of my chair. "Them.” David held his hand over my table and hundreds of little black balls that looked more like BB’s bounced and scattered everywhere."

So, our brave crew has found the source of their "problem." What is it? Where did it come from? Why them? Settle in and begin to find out all those answers and more.

For Friends and Family Part 6

For Friends and Family Part 6 – Nichola Complete

For Friends and Family. Andy is looking for a new challenge, his current girlfriends sister has suffered a nervous break down, Andy is very similar in both size and looks, agrees to be changed into a Nichola look alike.
This is a dream for Andy who has a secret desire to live and work as a woman. In this chapter after getting his (her) teeth capped she now has the perfect smile also the hypnotic suggestions are working well. Meanwhile the real Nichola suffers another breakdown and Andy admits that he is enjoying his new life and also considers remaining a woman.

Lifeswap - part 5 of 10

Lifeswap (part 5 of 10)

by Maeryn Lamonte

Copyright © 2014 Maeryn Lamonte - All Rights Reserved.

For anyone new to Lifeswap, chapter one can be found here. For the rest of you, the story so far:-

Jerry Goodman and Laura Townsend have been happily living as each other since a dishonest antiques dealer friend of Jerry’s, a man named Tony Ward, used a magic bowl to switch them. Since the bowl was damaged in the incident, they believe they don’t have any option about changing back, until Laura (as Jerry) discovers anther bowl and arranges for the two of them to visit its owner.

Somewhat against Jerry (as Laura)’s better instincts, the two switch back (so that Jerry can make a decision about how he wants to live as his true self). Things are uncomfortable from the moment they do so, but the nature of the magic won’t permit them to undo the change for at least a week. They head home, intending to make the best of things until they can go back to the way they’ve found they prefer.

Tony, recently released from prison, pays Laura and Jerry a visit and picks up enough clues from their behaviour to realise something has changed. He assaults one of the couple’s employees, breaks into their shop, finds the location of the new bowl on their computer and steals it from its owner, brutally assaulting her on the way.

Blissfully ignorant of all this, Jerry and Laura experiment with ways of coping in their new (or rediscovered old) lives and end up having unprotected sex for the second time this story.

Learning of the break-in down at their shop, they go in to work and are interviewed by Inspector Peters, suggesting to him that perhaps Doris Maxwell, owner of the last surviving bowl, might be at risk from Tony Ward. The inspector sends officers to investigate, who arrive in time to save Mrs Maxwell’s life, but not to prevent the theft of the bowl.

Jerry and Laura visit Doris in hospital who asks them what they are prepared to do to stop Tony, and promises to do what she can when they tell her they will do whatever is necessary.

Back at the Goodman residence, the following morning Jerry wakes up to find Laura not in bed – not instantly disturbing given her insomnia. He heads downstairs where a surprise awaits him.

Skirting the issue 8 - evolving

Excuse me?

Oh common you left me in peace for months why now?

I don't care how hungry you are that's not my problem!

Hey leave that table alone I just no no ARGGGGG!!!

Patriot Games - Chapter 17 - Boobs


This is a fictional chronicle of a normal hardworking guy named Jack. The federal government made him an offer he couldn't refuse. All they asked was for Jack to go undercover to help the U.S. Government ensnare a terrorist.

Any resemblance of the characters depicted in the story to actual individuals is coincidental. All events are the sole responsibility of the author. None of the scenes in this story depict minors engaged in any sexual encounter.

This story has been previously posted on other sites. It is being posted here with a strong rewrite; some new chapters have been added. I had my BFF Monica Rose edit the material so it should be more readable. Marina

Marina: [email protected]

@ @ @ @

The Bridge

The Bridge

Author’s note: This story contains frank discussion of suicide. Please read with care.

Sisters 26

“Right, then boys and girls, we need to have a bit of a brainstorm here. We’ve got a bit of a lead from that camera footage, but unless Alun can pull off a match it gives us nothing more than evidence we can use after we catch the gentleman in question.

In Tandem Orbit 6

Jacilynn's cold a Jaci and Dottie story.

Lil Dottie got up from the couch. She smoothed her dress both front and back. She had just watched, for the twelve time, Frozen.

CyberRealm: Into the Underworld - Chapter 2

Into the Underworld

By Ken Ryker

Discover the dark secrets of a futuristic world with a deep history of mystical lore
and racial wars. One man has his eyes opened in ways that can never be closed. A fierce fighter learns
the truth of the secrets held inside. And a woman learns of a world she never knew existed.

A Longer War 14

There was a court of inquiry in Colchester, a sort of inquest affair. They took each of us in turn, each of his mates, and gave us everything but the rubber truncheon. I assumed they were trying to find out what we had done to push him over the edge, and I was only just beginning to realise how close to the edge he had been and what had kept him from stepping off.

Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change -- Spring, part 9 of 13

Eerie Salon: Seasons of Change – Spring, part 9 of 13
By Ellie Dauber and Chris Leeson © 2014

Flora and Lylah have their first monthlies. Nancy warns Flora about Clyde Ritter. Flora about Clyde Ritter. Jessie and Paul go on a trip. Septimus Blake and George Higgins look for work. The Cactus Blossoms get new costumes. A fire at the print shop, and Roscoe gets burned. Luke stares at Lylah. And lots more.

Death's Own Daughter Chapter 40

Death’s Own Daughter


At 97, JJ Owens thought he would take one last trip to pay his respects to fallen comrades. He didn’t see that the fates had other plans.

Edited by Prof. Virginia Whippeal, djkauf and my loving husband Paul

Infelftration - 2 of 4

Sure the physical is a good start, but even a horny college boy will experience moments of lucidity; therefore, Snorri has much to learn before beginning his infelftration.


My Husband, My Weekend Lesbian Lover

A chance encounter presents a woman with the opportunity to shape a man into her ideal lover and husband. After they are married, a couple of events lead to a rekindling of her unfulfilled sexual desires from her collage days. She drafts her unsuspecting husband into helping her live out those desires.

Warrior Princess Chapter Three



This is the final chapter of this story. Will our heroine win through? Will she finally accept her place in this strange new world? Who and what are those damned Homm? The ride gets bumpier from here and our heroine faces many things she never dreamed of in her old life.

When we left off, Our heroine was facing some nasty possibilities.

"Was it doubt that stopped me? Or was I being smart by not breaking my bonds and escaping? I decided to wait when no dark voids were around had knocked me out without me sensing it coming. I didn’t want a repeat performance. Going against an unknown was an act of desperation. I wasn’t desperate. Yet."

And now:

Girl Park

Girl Park

by Melanie Brown

Copyright  © 2014 Melanie Brown

Any other time, Mike would have killed for a chance to go to the most advanced amusement park in the world. Unfortunately, this one was just for girls.

Take Three Girls Part 2

Take Three Girls - Part 2

Take Three Girls 2.jpg

Take Three Girls. This is about 2 girls and one woman (myself) and their very different route to become the women they knew they should be. It was going to be called Take Two Girls, but an on line friend (she knows who she is) and the girls bullied me into the name change. Some poetic licence has been used to help the flow of the story but not very much.

In this chapter I am concentrating on Kate because as you may have read in Part 1 Kate was having quite a difficult time. As this is a true story all names and locations have been changed.


What is a beggining other than the start of a sequence of events

I've been told by some people that I should write a book, apparently these people believe that I have worthwhile experiences to share that might be of benefit to someone somewhere. I'm not too sure of that, I'm even less sure of that if I were to let those same people who prodded me onward know the exact light in which they would be portrayed that they would still insist I move forward.

All names and places have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty alike... Well okay perhaps not all of them, I really don't think I'm creative enough for that...

South of Bikini 2: E6- Out of the fire, a hero

Continuing her mission to 1945 Poland, Alex must find a way to safely secret the Meridian Spacecraft and her team out of the heavily defended Wonderwerks facility and preserve the precious timeline. Will she be able to rescue the hundreds of lost souls locked away in the Wenceslas Mine? Can Alex rescue one very lost, very confused soul in particular?

Melanie E


Featured BigCloset TopShelf author Jenny Sugar.


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Thoughts and Dreams


Welcome to my World! ^^

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Magical and mysterious stories to whisk one away from the mundane world. No mysteries, you say? Not yet, she said mysteriously.

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