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Justice or Vengeance -chp9

Justice or Vengeance


An old enemy has returned from the grave to shack the Marshals to their core. The mole has been found but at the cost of a friends life. The Deputies have always known the cost of being an Officer of the Law. But when one of their own has been targeted for assassination the gloves come off.

Masks IX: Part 7

Part Seven

"I've found my replacement!" said Champion, joyously, as the team gathered for their first briefing the next morning. "Well, she still needs to be approved by the Goddess, but..."

"Hold on!" said Buzz, raising a hand. "What's this about a replacement?"

"Oh, that's right; you don't know," said Champion, with a laugh.

"Do you think the two of us can handle a drunk Champion?" said Buzz, in a stage whisper, to Maciste.

"I am not drunk," said Champion, sternly.

Ian, part 6

I yawn loudly as my alarm clock wakes me, and my yawns quickly turn to groans as I brush my growing blonde hair from my forehead and roll onto my sore, cramping stomach before grabbing my phone and switching off my alarm.

Unlikely Quarterback – 8 What’s Important to Elaine?

Bryce Royce was eleven before learning he(?) was androgynous…
Then began the feelings and the belief that indicated he’s more Elaine than a boy …That should have been okay, except Mr. Mike Royce is set that Bryce is his boy and a football player! Bryce tried to please Dad’s dream
…kind of made it come true.
Bryce/Elaine became an unlikely Quarterback.

Shadowsblade: Betrayal and forgiveness

Created for war and forged in pain, dealing with demons within and without!

In this part:

Rohanna is betrayed and hurt by a person close to her.....but at its end....redemption and forgiveness

this part has allot of harsh parts in it, you have been warned!

so please take note --I do not want any PTSD you may want to pass on this one, if that bothers you?

Mana Fire - Chapter 25


Mana Fire

Mana Fire
by Kara Ryker


Chapter 25:
Heart of the Heavenly Spirit

Eternal darkness waits on the edge of reality, threatening to devour everything it touches. Unbridled wrath burns in the heart of an untested immortal with a tortured past. An army of acolytes rises to reshape the world in the vision of its fanatical mistress.

The only hope for salvation lies in the soul of a young girl who is only beginning to learn the truth of herself. Can she unravel the mystery within before these forces clash in a titanic struggle that will burn the world?


Happy Teen Babies Part 6 The Awaking of Celeste

This story Is truly part of the Little Boy-Girl Universes only if I knew how to link the stories. Little Girl-Boy is also linked to the story as well.

The Knights of Death chapter 38

The Knights of Death


Civil War has come to the Empire. For Maiha Nakatoma and her family the war is personal. The only Daughter of Death is on a crusade to restore the Red Empress to the Throne. Can she complete her goal and still keep her soul? Or will the Family of Nakatoma finally have to draw The Great Sword?

Edited by honeysuckle, djkauf and my loving husband Paul

Change Of Heart Chapter 7



I heard the door lock click. I looked at the clock. It was past six in the morning. I watched Cathy slip into the room trying to be as quiet as she could. She had on a man’s shirt, carrying her dress on her right arm, her shoes in her right hand, and a hand full of jewelry and her clutch in her left hand.

I waited until she had slipped into her bed and pulled up the bed covers. “Have fun?”

She rolled over to face me. “You’re not mad at me are you, Bobbi? You said you didn’t want him.”

Heal Thy Self Book 2

(Author's Note: Again, I apologize, but for some reason this isn't translating well from MS Word. I do strongly encourage you use this Google Docs link as the formatting and line break spacing is the original and much more readable. )

Heal Thy Self
Book 2
By Paradox

UCSF Parking Lot, San Francisco

Hannah is.. fragile. [2.12]

ourIceMain.jpg There are moments in life that can take your breath away.
Not all of them are good though.

Events unfold including but not limited to:
Rosemary corrupting the youth of america
(Don't worry, it's only Dizzy so it's not like she's making THAT much of a difference)
And Hannah does what she does best..

Jennie's Potty-Training


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Jeremy has trouble keeping his pants dry, and when he mocks his little sister's attempts to begin potty-training, his mother intervenes. She decides to treat her teenage son like her toddler daughter - in every way - by putting him in diapers and little girl dresses.

Tom Peashey Books on Kindle


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Tom Peashey is the editor of several books you're probably read including many of those by Katie Leone and Tanya Allan and more authors from DopplerPress. He's also a writer whose books are available on Kindle from, including his latest, the fourth in his The Dani Affair series. Check out his page on Kindle through the links below.

The Eunuch and Her Roman General

Tom Peashey on Amazon Kindle US

Kindle UK

Kindle CA

Music Magic


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In this magical romantic mystery, a teenage boy wakes up one morning to find himself afflicted with a strange musical curse. The boy tries to find the source of the curse to end it but finding magic in today's world isn't easy, especially when love is involved.


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