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A Raid and a Rescue, part 2 of 3

A couple of hours after Themia was captured, I felt the moon rise. I couldn’t see it in our windowless cell block, but that didn’t matter; I felt the possibilities of change through every part of my body.

Birthday Party

I’d been seeing this girl for a few months now, and everything was going well. We had fun; it was too early to be serious. She had come to pick a friend up at work one day and while waiting I’d shown her round the office and introduced her to my work mates. Things developed from there. She worked in IT and was a little nerdy, with a librarian kind of frumpy look mixed with a penchant for pastel colours. Lots of cardies, glasses on a chain, etc. Her looks would never have led you to believe that she was really mischievous, but mischief appears to have been her raison d’etre.

Keeping it a Secret: Summertime Chapter 12

I woke up the next morning with the sun blazing down on me. As I glanced at my watch, I noticed the time. Shit, it's just over half an hour to the swimming session! I jumped out of bed then realised I was just in my knickers and nothing else. Throwing on a shirt and shorts, I chanced it and rushed to the bath area. I didn't think I had time for a full shower so I just brushed my teeth and washed my face. Back in my room, I extracted the swimsuit I wore yesterday. It had dried pretty well.

Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 5: Volume 2: Chapter 08

Lee has made it into a fortress, run by a man that make those after him think twice to come following Lee into.

A man whom Lee is doing everything in his power to stay on his good side.

At this point, Lee would think that his troubles would start to wane.

Unfortunately, Lee would be incorrect. And Lee problems merely doubled. For nor only a siege on one end of the fortress for Lee. But, also a siege, on the other end of the fortress, whom is after the man Lee is with. And once Lee realizes who is after the man, that those individuals would not think twice about killing Lee.

And to make matters worse, Lee means of escape is going to take time to prepare. With him taking the man with him.

So, if Lee want him, and the man helping him, to get out of this situation alive, and in one piece, Lee has to play a dangerous game, where he will have to shuffle the sieges against each other. In The Siege Shuffle.

CyberRealm: Into the Underworld - Chapter 9

Into the Underworld

By Ken Ryker

Discover the dark secrets of a futuristic world with a deep history of mystical lore
and racial wars. One man has his eyes opened in ways that can never be closed. A fierce fighter learns
the truth of the secrets held inside. And a woman learns of a world she never knew existed.



Chapter 9:


The Loves of Julie Pearson - 9

The Loves of Julie Pearson - 9

By Katherine Day

(Julie begins living fulltime as a woman and must face the neighbors who have known her as a boy. Edited by Eric. A sequel to two short stories published in 2013, “Julie’s Odyssey” and “Gifts for Julie.”) (Copyright 2014)

Revenge Chapter 1

It was all just because of the trick. I'm the kind who likes to play tricks on people and my target this time was Charlotte Talpin, the ace science student in our class. While she might excel in the sciences, she was also the most arrogant brat I've ever come across. She would constantly look down on others who weren't as good in their studies and those who weren't up to her standards. The latter was about image and she would also brush past those she didn't see worthy of her standards.

Room in Hell chapter 21.

Alright, I was originally going to post a part in a Whateley Universe tale, but things happened. So that one is on the back-burner for now. Then I was all set to write this, and it grew far past my expectations. To the point where I decided to cliff hanger it, so sorry in advance. Anyway, enjoy it as finally, the plot thickens! Well, thickens more.

Copyright Nagrij, 2015.

The Enhanced: TRI - 21

enhanced graphic.jpg
By Diana M. Howe, Edited by Melanie Howe, Cover art by Monica Plant
Copyright © 2004, 2015 by Diana M. Howe
All rights reserved. Except for use in any review, the reproduction
Or utilization of this work in whole or in part in any form by any
Electronic, mechanical or other means, now known or hereafter

Silver Wings


Silver Wings
By Licorice
and with the irreplaceable aid of Monica Rose

A Prince changed to learn a lesson, but maybe he is not the only one who has much to learn.

My first attempt at a TG story so be kind, and much thanks to Monica Rose for her endless patience and help.

Also apologies, I messed up my first attempt at posting it and made the summary the body. I cannot figure out how to delete it so I've contacted the admins, hopefully they can get rid of the evidence of my rather embarrassing blunder.

The summer of temporary change Chapter 3

Thanks for the reviews but Chapters 1 and 2 have been updated. So do review again.


"Clarence? Clarence?"

"Huh....oh uncle," I answered sleepily, pushing the pink duvet and blanket aside. "Mor..ning," I greeted.

Going Back to School Chapter 4

"She's not a girl. She...he's a boy!!!" the school girls around me screamed.

"What?! No..." Suddenly the wig attached to my head was blown away, exposing my short hair.

"She's a trans!" Someone else shouted. I protested but suddenly literally felt a weight lifted off my chest. I looked down and my boobs were gone.

"She's a he-she!" The crowd roared. Before could say anything more, someone yanked my skirt down. I stared down and saw my male parts instead of the fused vulva.

"She's a boy! Trans!!! Trans!!! Trans!!!"

Music Magic


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In this magical romantic mystery, a teenage boy wakes up one morning to find himself afflicted with a strange musical curse. The boy tries to find the source of the curse to end it but finding magic in today's world isn't easy, especially when love is involved.


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