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Embracing Justice -chp 7

Embracing Justice


Can the love of another really help a person overcome the need for revenge or is the old saying true about digging two graves?

Dedicated to the men and women of the US Marshal Service.

Edited by my husband Paul, Honeysuckle, and djkuffman.

A New Start in Life part 20

A New Start in Life Part 20

The Girls Mk2.jpg

This is a gentle coming-of-age story about a college-aged boy becoming the girl he knows he truly is.
With the help of his two girl friends he becomes Susanna as they teach him all about life as a girl.
Please note this is a gentle, sentimental tale and although there is some sexual content it is inferred, NOT graphic and tagged where it occurs.

Honey Bunny: 10

Back in Waterlooville
Ally in her Bunny outfit
Sometimes friends can see things about you that you’re unable or unwilling to recognise yourself

Honey Bunny
Chapter 10

by Louise Anne Smithson

Copyright © 2015 Louise Anne Smithson
All Rights Reserved.

Keeping it a Secret: Summertime Chapter 8

Thanks for all the reviews.

The description of female changing rooms here is not based on any kind. Possibly not realistic but heh.


"Hey, you're not a teenaged girl!" I heard Lauren yell.

"Huh?" I responded.

"Your breasts? You don't have breasts! You're flat chested." I looked down to see that my male chest indeed where my boobs were.


"And your hair! That's not female hair! That's a bloody wig!" A slight breeze blew and off came the wig, exposing my true hair below.

Whispers from the Void - Chapter 32

Whispers from the Void

by Ken Ryker

The Archon Saga unfolds as a young girl is thrust into a destiny she does not understand. Lead by a torn mentor, hunted by a spurned patron, and wanted by a malevolent spirit, she will face unknown threats and find unexpected allies as she struggles to determine whom she can trust and whom she must deliver to a fate darker than the blackest night.

Chapter 32:
Way of the Empty Spirit


The Knights of Death chapter 4

The Knights of Death


Civil War has come to the Empire. For Maiha Nakatoma and her family the war is personal. The only Daughter of Death is on a crusade to restore the Red Empress to the Throne. Can she complete her goal and still keep her soul? Or will the Family of Nakatoma finally have to draw The Great Sword?

Edited by honeysuckle, djkauf and my loving husband Paul

Texas Gal


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----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

David is a young boy who is forcibly introduced to cross-dressing by his sisters, and their friends.
This experience quickly changes his life, as he discovers what has been missing in his short life, for so long.

Texas Gal

by C.Sprite
Copyright© 2011 C. Sprite
The following 3 chapters are the last known chapters of Crystal Sprite's saga Texas gal. It stands incomplete.
The rest of the story may be found here on Storysite: Crystal Sprites Texas Gal

Candy and the Firestorm

----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

Candy and the Firestorm

By Ceri

Copyright© 2008 Ceri
I might not quite be ‘blue eyed murder in a size five dress’, but I'd definitely ‘hit the ground running’.

Admin Note: I would like to point out that this author has written a wider variety of fiction including several historical fiction pieces which are of note to you historical TG fiction buffs! Please check out Ceri's other works to fully appreciate this author's writing style! ~Sephrena

Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 2


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Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 2: The Mastermind, The Gunslinger, The Magical Girl, The Martial Artist, The Maid, The Warrior, The Tyrant.

New Story.
New Rules.
New Team.
All Action.
Same Insanity.
Get ready to hit the ground running.

Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 1


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Badasses Of the Multiverse: Book 1: The Martial Artist, The Space Cop, The Superhero, The Magical Girl, The Wrestler, And The Fool for Love.

By Paul Cousins.

I would like to officially submit my resume to the laughing academy, in multiple parts.

The mystery is to figure out the mysteries.

It has been years since Hatsushiba Akira moved from Japan to American to attend college, after horrible events happened to him back home.


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