I will probably be going offline... maybe. NEWS!

NEWS! The volume prob seems to have corrected itself... or I fixed it... well anyway, it no longer is giving me probs... knock on wood. So, I can delay the other problems for a bit longer... at least until my financial situation is a bit better.

Due to computer probs and outdated machine (my Mac) and a volume prob with the newer PC, both will be going in to the shop for work probably Monday or Tuesday.

The PC for the volume repair and the Mac for transfer of all the data from the Mac to the PC. I have no idea how long or expensive all this is going to be, but I have no other options available to me and I can't afford to buy yet another laptop or desktop... especially another Mac, which I would MUCH prefer.

I also don't know if my computer doctor will require immediate payment of the full bill or if he'll let me make payments, so I will be offline for a varying time.

The Mac is simply old and many newer operations will not work with the OS which cannot be upgraded. It's a Macbook bought in 2008. I plan to keep the Macbook, but it needs a battery pack and repairs to the cooling fans, none of which seem to be available. It works as long as it's plugged in to AC and I bought a laptop stand with a fan which keeps it cool. I guess, with my penchant for procrastination, I waited too long. It would suck to not be online though.

Be kind to one another and support Erin, Piper and the site.

Catherine Linda Michel

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