May 2023 Free Comic Book Day Challenge!

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Another month, another STORY CHALLENGE! And for May, we've got something super fun for you all:

The May 2023 "Free Comic Book Day" Story Challenge

Concept: Everyone loves comic books, right? And the first Saturday in May is Free Comic Book Day! Your challenge? Write a story that involves comic books in some way. Is your protagonist a collector, or a casual enjoyer? Or perhaps they're the star of their own comic book, or attending a convention? Explore the possibilities!

Story length: Any, single- or multi-part stories welcome.

Rules: Stories must include at least one trans character in a major role. Participants may enter any number of stories they desire into the challenge. Stories must be original pieces written for the challenge and, if fanfic or a spinoff of another series, should be able to stand on their own.

Deadline: May 30th.

A contest tag will be available for entries in this challenge starting May 1st. However, keep in mind that this is a challenge, NOT a contest: as such, there will be no judging of stories or prizes given out for entries. This is all just for fun, and I hope to see lots of great ideas from folks.

Get those thinking caps on, and don't forget that the April challenge is still going as well! Heck, feel free to combine ideas from the two if you really want, for an extra special BCTS No Prize!

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