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Hatbox Shortfall: Thousands needed to meet urgent bills

We've mostly finished our big move. Unfortunately, it cost us two to three thousand more than we planned on. There are several urgent bills due and very little money in the accounts. The One-Time Gift code got broken by the move but is now fixed, however, that contributed to our current shortfall.

If you can help, it will be appreciated. Thanks.

Jamie, Erin, Piper, Cat and the rest of the crew

Bringing Good Cheer by Angela Rasch now on Kindle

Local custom has it that Benfield Academy's chances to make the state playoffs in football depend on the cheerleaders making all he players happy. The quarterback has proven to be a problem for even the most talented of them. These determined girls aren't going to miss their chance to look into the TV cameras and shriek, "Hi Mom!" - even if they have to add one more person to their squad.

Fortunately, one of the cheerleaders has a really cute, uh, brother...?

The Last Holidays - Kindle eBook by Grover Young


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Craig is one of Earth's bio-engineered soldiers in a war against an alien invasion. Unfortunately, when he uses his powers, he turns female. Now Halcyon has to deal with invaders and with Craig's girlfriend's preference for his female self! On top of that, Earth is losing the war.... There must be another way to deal with the conflict or the world will run out of holidays—forever!

The Last Holidays

Let the adventures begin!

As of today, entries are officially being accepted for the March 2016 contest, "On An Adventure!"

As a reminder, here is the original blog entry, including instructions on what the terms of contest entry and final prizes are. Y'all have two weeks to get your entries in, but with us utilizing the Kudos system for votes there is a minor advantage to posting earlier, though not as much as you might think! (Just look at the last contests' entries to see THAT!)

Sledgehammer by me from DopplerPress on Amazon


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Sledgehammer on Kindle


This is the same story that's been in the Hatbox for some time, now released with new editing and a new cover on Amazon. The story of Jake and Cody, friends--and Freds--for a lifetime. See story for joke about the Freds.


No Twice Removed today

Hey everyone,

I'm sorry to say there will be no Twice Removed this week. The past few days have just been too busy and my muse left me hanging halfway through the chapter so I'll need more time to finish it. Apparently my muse want to work on Hypererse stuff right now, so I'm going to be working on fleshing things out for the last chapter of Syryn's Song and on the finishing the next chapter of MSPD while I let how I want events on Unity to go percolate in the back of my mind.

Back to work now.

*big hugs to all of my friends, family, and fans*


Smashwords read an ebook week, free Viper ebook

viper Title 2.jpg

For those of you that want to read it but have hesitated to buy or can't afford it I have put Viper up as free on the smahwords Read an Ebook Week. So from March the first for seven days you can get a free ebook copy from smashwords through the promotion. I hope that helps.


Looking for another story

it has been difficult as on top of not being able to remember TITLE or AUTHOR, I can't remember the plot of the story either just a scene

MC arrives at the digs (student lodging house) of her best friend (could be S\O) if I remember right he'd injured his leg.

The scene

for some reason she is in or near the kitchen (stereotypical male student house) bags of rubbish piled up waiting to be taken out, along with discarded pizza boxes some of which may have had 'science experiments' in them

Contest & weekly schedule

Hey everyone,

Just a quick reminder to those entering the Leap of Faith story contest that entries must be posted by 11:59 pm EST on February 29th.

Also, due to continuous problems sleeping I have been a bit slower than usual on my weekly schedule. I apologize for that and am trying to by best to keep on schedule as much as possible. That being said, there will be a bit of a delay on Syryn's Song, since there's a lot of details I need to work out and it will not only be the final chapter, but the epilogue as well.

I am sorry about Chapter 2 and Chapter 3!!!

I am SOOO sorry my friends. I thought I did a FULL post of chapter 3 but I only did half and so people went into the interlude and chapter 4 without realizing what was going on. I am sooo sooo sorry! I fixed it but JEEZ I apologize.

I also HEAVILY fixed Chapter 2, the fraternity scene is nowhere near the same at all. And I changed a lot to make it more fluid. I hope you enjoy the changes, and I apologize for the first posting of Chapter 2, I deeply regret the way I posted it. I was not in a good place mentally and I did a poor job for all who read it.

Writer's note on You Are a Meany Warning: Minor Spoiler

This is the writer's note for You Are A Meany. There is a minor spoiler in it so that is why I am not attaching it to the latest chapter I will be posting. I know from some of the comments people are worried about Luke. I do not want to ruin the story for people but at the same time, I do not want people to give up on reading it.

The Short Story

As people may know, I write short stories.
I read non-fiction mainly, but if I am going to take a fiction book away somewhere, I like a collection of short stories.
I am not pretending to their class, but some of the best writers a best with short stories: Hemingway, James, O Henry, Graves, Poe.
I have not researched it, but I think that the crucial elements of a short story is characters in a situation.

Making Sense Of It.

Early on, in childhood, I suffered enough physical violence that continued for 14 years, from my Stepfather to now have severe PTSD, to include dissociative episodes and panic attacks. I'm 72, divorced, and actually had surgery to change from male to female as much as possible. I was not "transgender", but did not know it then, and am Celibate now. I just wanted sexual feelings and lust to end, to be over, to be gone from my life. Forever.

Peckish Tonight

We've all been together here for just yonks, so you know that I'm not going to harm myself, so I think it is safe to say that I am feeling so low tonight that I can't see out of my shoe tops. The weather here is awful, about 6 degrees and fairly pissing down. I would bundle up and go out for a walk about, but my lungs hurt so I feel trapped inside.

I was just sat here contemplating calling the crisis line and tell them I just need to talk, no need for drama or the plod.

I took a Dementia test friday and am not pleased with the results.

Another part of "Virtually Feminine"

I have another part of "Virtually Feminine" for you this week. My muse was kicking me to make some progress, so I finished this.
I broke a tooth today so I was in two minds about publishing it.

I can't see me having another chapter ready next week. Maybe a standalone or something next week?


I've published the epilogue for Moving On and that is it for Tammy for a while - but at least you get a bumper 10k words chapter!
Once again, many thanks to Snowfall for her wonderful help with the Moving On series.

My plan now is to work on a story involving some characters called Heather and Sophie and set it in Cornwall, how does that sound? The odd short story might also appear.


No TR this week :(

My apologies to all of my readers who were looking forward to Twice Removed this week, but circumstances have made it so I can't post it this week. I've been unexpectedly busy the last few days and haven't really had the time to finish the chapter. Add to that the fact that I've been having trouble sleeping again the past 2 nights and well, I could push to finish it for today, but doing so would be a rush job and not up to my usual standards.

Bailey Saga Artwork

I've finished the artwork for Seasons of Bailey: Spring, for all those interested!

So now The Summer of Bailey and Seasons of Bailey all have original title artwork. There's a total of 15 images now spread throughout each chapter. Hope everyone enjoys, and let me know what your favorite is!

My favorite

OK, I'm at it again. Need editors/proof readers.

Hi All,

Some of you may have read an off hand comment by me about regretting that I couldn't publish one of my first stories because I'd sold the copyright to Reluctant Press. Piper PMed me and suggested that I contact the CEO and talk with him about regaining the copyright. I'd have been willing to pay for it, considering I got paid for it when I sold it.

It's done! The final part of Stick Her Shock 2 is posted.

It took longer than I expected and turned out longer than I expected too. Not everyone will be happy with how things turned out but it's what the characters dictated.

On Sunday night I will delete all of part 2 to prepare it for sale on Amazon.

In the not too distant future look for more from Rhonda Peters and the JFRV gang.

need someone to bounce ideas off of

so I stumbled upon an idea and what started originally as a one-shot may be growing, and so I need someone to help me out here. I need someone to talk to, to bounce ideas off of, get input, get feedback and help craft this thing. It's going to be a modern urban fantasy-ish/ pseudo sci-fi-ish thing, where something in our mundane lives causes a fantastical change in a character and how they deal with it. Please PM me if you're up to it pls.

Looking for a story

Some might be a mix of other stories? but what is in larger emboldened font is certainly part of the story

Can't remember if set in UK or US

Protagonist is rich, (not sure if inherited of self-made), large property, in-laws live in cottage\house on border of property

Marriage breaks down when Protagonist 'Comes-Out' as TS, and is hounded out of town

Protagonist visits a shop regularly, might be a salon, the owner begins to have financial difficulties,

On the road again

Greetings all,

Whelp, I will be on the road again in a few minutes (and it's snowing, blah) so just a quick note that I won't be able to post tomorrow. I should in theory have plenty of time to write in the evenings (unless I am dragged out to go eat) at least this week just can't post. (only have a work PC when travelling)

Anyway, everyone have a lovely weekend Ill see yall when I get back.




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