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The Last Holidays - Kindle eBook by Grover Young

Craig is one of Earth's bio-engineered soldiers in a war against an alien invasion. Unfortunately, when he uses his powers, he turns female. Now Halcyon has to deal with invaders and with Craig's girlfriend's preference for his female self! On top of that, Earth is losing the war.... There must be another way to deal with the conflict or the world will run out of holidays—forever!

The Last Holidays

Let the adventures begin!

As of today, entries are officially being accepted for the March 2016 contest, "On An Adventure!"

As a reminder, here is the original blog entry, including instructions on what the terms of contest entry and final prizes are. Y'all have two weeks to get your entries in, but with us utilizing the Kudos system for votes there is a minor advantage to posting earlier, though not as much as you might think! (Just look at the last contests' entries to see THAT!)

Who I Am on Amazon

I have released the ebook and paperback of Who I Am on Amazon

I want to thank everyone who has read and/or commented on it, that has meant a lot to me.

I have had the idea for the story since 2001 and wanted to do more with it after I wrote it in script form but didn’t know how to make it work until two years ago.

Trying to find a story

Hi all,

I'm trying to find a story - not sure if it was posted here as a serial or if it has been published; it is a sci-fi about a space pilot forcibly transgendered (m2f) - rescued from the enemies "hospital" ship along with other crew who have also been changed. Helps some other crew come to terms with their change, while still having issues hirself. Finds out she looks like a member of an allied planets rulers, and that there is a plot to destabilize that planet.

Any ideas?

Psyren's Redemption - Attitude and Attire - Read for free now

Sapphira may finally get a chance to prove himself once and for all, but whatever will he wear?

Please go here to read the newest part, or click here to start at the very beginning. You may also view all the individual part on the my stories page of my website.

Metamorphosis - A Jessica Jade Story

Thank you to all the readers and future readers who are peeking in on Metamorphosis - A Jessica Jade Story. I appreciate all the comments and messages you are sending me as I post two chapters a week.

I appreciate Erin making BigCloset a writer's showcase to present new works. It's giving me an opportunity to hear great feedback and wonderful constructive criticism from many talented writers and fans.

Traveling by bike

For the purposes of a story or perhaps real life, I am wondering how far a rider can push a bike in a day? For my purposes, my bike has been quite nice with the gear ratios being to my liking but perhaps a bit low. My tires are 700 x 32 (what does that even mean?) with a maximum inflation of 75 psi, which I routinely run at 80 psi. It's got a Shimano sprocket set. The frame is one of those crosses between a high bar and a drop frame. I'm very tender, so there will be no high bar frame.

Due to a past broken C-6, I ride upright. 9-11 MPH is fine for me.

Just my opinion, so just take or ignore it as such

To me, there are three critical parts to a book. The first half of the first chapter; major characters are introduced, tone and theme are set. If you don't have them hooked halfway through chapter 1, you're screwed and they may not continue. The final chapter, all questions should be answered and give closure unless continuation via sequels. Third; the backstory. No matter where you put it in the book, you eventually should explain why things are the way they are. If it's a series, you can stretch that, just as long as you don't contradict previous information.

Just a quickie - again

So firstly, sorry for failing to post today, other stuff got in the way. What? Well a trip out to a Steam Fair - a lot of traction engines, fairground steamers, vintage trucks, cars and tractors all come together at Helmsley in North Yorkshire.

So it was photography rather than interweb out in the glorious weather we are still 'enjoying' in these parts.

Soak Up the Sun

I started this one, like, maybe ten years ago and, like the main character, had very little of it completed. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go but now I kind of have a good idea on where I’m going to take it and I can assure you it’s not going to be stereotypical or the same ol’ same ‘ol but it will tell the story of a relationship from the other side of the fence (for lack of better words) and how that love story is endangered due to social media.

The title is not etched in stone.
In fact, I’m kind of thinking of switching it around

Sorry but there will be no Flight of the Claymore this week

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Sorry ladies and gentlemen but there will be no posting for Flight of the Claymore this. Unfortunately Mother Nature decided to destroy my PC by means of lightning strike this week. While I do have access to the Internet for blog posts thanks to the old smart phone I am unable to post large files such as a story chapter. My Insurance Agent as assured me that I will have a new PC by this time next week. Thankfully I have all my chapters on removable flash drives so there should be no delay in finishing the story.

Blog Entries - from the heart versus Blatant Commercial Propaganda

Okay, so don't get me wrong. I'm not taking a side here and I don't know how many people actually read the blogs. (Is there a counter somewhere?)

But, here's a money generating scheme to shore up BigCloset.

Footprintsin the Sea Vol 5

It's been longer than I expected, loads going on at the moment but only a couple of weeks later than I promised, Footsteps in the Sea volume 5, with the title Volcano is up on Amazon Kindle and should be available on Monday or soon after.
There will be a link in the right hand column so order from here and help the site.

Sex with your kitty ?

I've been trying to work out if I have any sexual attraction for a long time, with no luck.

So today I was driving along near the Res. and I saw this huge Indian with long black hair, a Police uniform, he was a Sergeant, and all the cop junk on his uniform. Something in me liked what it saw and went Rowrrrr.

No, wait stupid, haven't you been bragging about you're being Celibate?

I thought about it for a while and realized that I did not want to do the nasty with him, I just wanted to crawl up in his lap, curl up and sleep.

Now it all makes sense.

Aunghadhail, the many variations.

I have been reading Shadows blade's story about Rohanna and find it entertaining. There are, however some unanswered questions.

I think that several Authors have written about Aunghadhail, though I do not remember who. In one story, Aunghadhail is killed. I do not know who originated these tales about Aunghadhail, though in this story it seems possible that Rohanna and Aunghadhail may come to a truce of sorts.

Looking for recommendations

Ok, so I have a friend that I am trying to direct to some new authors and stories.

Her biggest interest is in transition due to technological or chemical causes that occur over a shorter period of time than typical HRT. She also likes big boobs, but has read most of Holly Wholeman's stories :)

Let me know if anyone thinks of anything or has any questions.

Thanks in advance!

Femboy 2 by Madame Queen is Now Available on Amazon!

US link:
UK link:


This story is a continuation of ‘Femboy’ by Madam Queen, but can be read as a standalone.

When shy college-bound Alex, first met Melanie, the gorgeous girl of his dreams, he hoped for a picture-perfect future with bombshell beauty. But he couldn’t have imagined the future that Melanie had in mind.

Missing Without a Trace Review

I've read Missing Without a Trace (Book 1) and love it. (See actual review below) I'm closely following book two.


Packed with action, this story grips your attention right from the start. The disappearance of a research team on a remote island presents a mystery that can’t be ignored. Our heroine finds herself in over here head while she, the local sheriff and her prospective boyfriend attempt to unravel it.

A Holy Chore

A few days ago, someone commented about how scary Steven King novels and I was reminded of the story “I have no mouth and I must scream” by Harlan Ellison.

I think even King’s stories pale compared to the horror at the end of that story.

And then yesterday I learned that he had died last week.

I don’t think he wrote any TG stories, but his Dangerous Visions collection definitely broke many barriers and helped allow the wealth of TG fantasy and science fiction that we enjoy today.

And I found this quote especially inspiring.

Writing with my minions help. (Funny)

So... This conversation happened with my eighteen year old earlier... I was discussing my current story that I’m writing and with me writing a teen romance type story who better to bounce my ideas off of than a teen... I was telling her about a future scene that I am planning and once I was finished she actually shivered and went, ‘awwwww’... Then she fussed, “Dang it Dad! (I’m still dad to them, thats okay with me) That gave me chill bumps!!! Now I need to shave my legs again, I hate you!!!” By the way, her ‘hating’ me was said with her laughing while rubbing the bumps on her legs...

Want to help BC/DP out?

A lot of people express willingness to help BigCloset and DopplerPress out. Here's an easy way to do it.

If you are an Amazon customer and have read and enjoyed a book published at Amazon, even if you did not read it by buying the Kindle ebook at Amazon, you can post a review of that ebook on Amazon.

Here's a link to most of the DopplerPress catalog at Kindle:

BC Should Charge Authors for Posting

Big Closet is true to its mission to be A friendly place to read, write and discuss Transgender Fiction. However, in order to execute that mission, Big Closet must fiscally sound.

Every month Erin sounds the alarm – and every month the same small group gives financial support. Relying on so few for so much is a recipe for disaster.

Nothing is going to change, unless change is provoked.

I know how crazy this is going to sound, but maybe it’s time to start charging people to post their fiction.

A Rose in the Cracks - Edited 2nd Edition!

I feel that I have to apologize for posting yet another blog about this story...

It's just that the incomparable Tom Peashey had offerred to edit out some of the thorny typos and other distractions... which made for a MUCH more readable 2nd Edition (that I have been told should not cost more to update if you bought it already). Thank you so much Tom!

a huge compliment

I saw this amazing compliment on a blog here: "Dorothy is not just a great soul but has one of the most inventive storytelling minds on this site. Her Chekovian economy with words means a whole lot of story with very little investment of time. "


I'm ... stunned, and flattered.

Thanks Laika (aka Veronica) !

6th book-Cheerleader: College - Starting Over (Lee Corcoran Book 6)

Word Count: 100,000+

College, Starting Over, the sixth book in the Lee Corcoran series, follows Lee Corcoran, a freshman in college at the University of Michigan whose life is not going totally as planned.

Let’s be honest, if you want to understand everything, reading the previous five books is the only way. The books follow Lee and his best friend Darby, a girl.

To comment or not...

Ahhhh, to post, or not to post. 'Tis the eternal readers question, with nary a sign to guide ones way. Do I have something relevant to say? Is it alright to post years after publishing? What will I say? Will anyone see it?!? Does anyone care?!? What if my comment sucks and everyone hates me?!!!?

With much angst and wringing of the hands and.... Erm, ahem.

Now have a book cover for Missing Without A Trace 2

I have drawn/designed the new book cover that will go with Missing Without A Trace 2: Repercussions. This is a sequel to my non-tg novel, Missing Without A Trace: A Kelly Mitchell Mystery, which I am publishing here on BigCloset TopShelf, chapter-by-chapter.

Status Update 2: Electric Boogaloo

Hi everyone, quick status update. Money's been tight lately and I've been trying to deal with that, which has taken up most of my time. Dissonance Part 1, FatIT Part VI and Witch's Mirror 2 are in a holding pattern while I get stabilised. I'm also getting some therapy again now, so that's good. I'm not about to drop off the end of the earth, though I understand I haven't published anything for six months, which isn't ideal at all. I'm sorry, needs must and all that.

Thank you for your patience, I hope to get something out for you all soon.


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