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Hi everyone,
I'm writing the next story of my werewomen series and as it goes my main character feels the need to learn to do her own makeup. Since she's going to fight with it, I need at least a basic knowledge of how that works, but alas I know about as much about makeup as I know about hyperspace travel.

Can you help me and my character with our lack of knowledge? It would be nice if someone could link a video or text and pictures tutorial that explains how to do one's makeup.

thank you,


Makeup is complicated...

I don't know, the drag queen was a girl who wanted a drag queen look, but that might be due to language/national search.

Seriously, I start to understand why it is a good thing I'm a guy ^^ I watched a 15 minutes makeup tutorial and the only things I really got were that foundation gives womens faces the "glow", that lippgloss is the thing with the paintbrush and that eye makeup is really really really complicated.

Maybe I shouldn't look for tutorials, but for "makeup for dummies" ^^