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Arctic Fox Chapter 13

Arctic Fox.pngThis story starts with The Arctic Fox Prologue – The New Kid. If you haven't already read it, I would recommend that you do.

Arctic Fox

Once more, special thanks to Malady for his help editing.

Chapter 13

April 14th 2021

9:30 AM

Gloria was nervous. She had gone by the BX (Base Exchange) and bought a pregnancy test, and it came out positive when she got home. She wasn’t nervous about having a child. She had gone through having Chet, and despite his biological father’s influence, he had turned into a wonderful young man.

What had her concerned was the fact that she was 46 years old. She knew that the chances of miscarriage and still births increased as the mother aged, and she knew that the chance of the baby having Down’s Syndrome also increased. Neither she nor Mike would ever consider aborting the pregnancy, but she wanted to make sure the child had the best chance at a healthy survival.

Karaoke Night

Karaoke night

“Come with me to Karaoke night”

“Why ask me, Danica? Surely one of the girls will go.”

“They’re all busy, Joel, please?”

“I dont know ...”

“Come on, you’ve been complaining you never do anything. Come with me.”

“Oh, fine. I’ll come.”


My Obsession, Part 21 of 29


Part 21 of 29

Monday, September 9, 2013
Much food for thought in Psychology today. Only the second class and my head is spinning. The prof dug right in with personality types. The old Greeks decided there were four: choleric, melancholic, sanguine, and phlegmatic. Meyers-Briggs thinks there are sixteen. Other people throw other numbers into the pot. Kind of like a lottery but nobody is a clear winner.

The Sister Act by Melanie Brown on Kindle


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Brian never wanted to be a girl, but when you have an actress for an older sister, a HUGE resemblance to her, and then throw in an agent who would do pretty much anything to get a contract — it was better to go with the flow, wasn't it?

Or was that just a really good excuse?

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The Letters Chapter 3

The Letters.pngThanks Malady, for your help in editing!

The Letters Chapter 3

Greg opened envelope number three. He had to admit, the belt appeared to work, and he also assumed that his grandfather had somehow either invented the thing, or found somehow.

Thus, when he opened the letter, it was with great anticipation that he started reading.

Kinda neat, isn't it? I really enjoyed it the first time I tried it too. Sorry to say, you're getting a hand-me-down time belt. I'm not sure how long the power will last, but it doesn't seem to have lost any potential since I started using it.

I know you are wondering how I know about you,. What you're thinking. I'll let you consider that yourself. There's no need for me to tell you. You'll figure it out yourself.

Masks 24: Part 15

Part Fifteen

Alvin woke slowly, feeling horrible. Even before he opened his eyes the smell told him there was something very wrong. As soon as he was able he made a thorough evaluation of his situation, including an inventory of what he was wearing. He was in a third-full dumpster, and as for what he had on...

"Buckles," said Alvin, sourly.

Mustard Seed: Faith, Hope, and Love -04-


Mustard Seed:

Faith, Hope, and Love

Four ~ April 4, 2015 ~ Test Transplant

By Jo Dora Webster

Will the test transplant reveal one of the three test subjects, capable of being Mustard Seed's savior?

A Positive Attitude Part 3

Part 3

The next day was much less eventful for Francesca. It was me that was the brunt of a salon work-over, coming out with long nails, a new look and earrings. I must say that when I looked at myself in the mirror I thought I made a good looking girl. My height, or lack of it, was certainly a factor in my favour.

The Patsy Project. Book 3. Positively Patsy Parts 15 & 16

Positively Patsy Part 15

When he came down he looked at the hole in the wall and asked me how I had opened it and I showed him the birthmark on the stone. “I just had to push it” I told him. He stood outside the room and shone his torch inside and gave out a whistle.

In The Pink

“ Oh, please Chris, it will only be for one morning and it will help you get back to fitness.” pleaded Sue, one of my colleagues in the running club and who also worked with me at the telecoms company call centre, over a coffee break from work.
I was soon dressed in tight black calf-length leggings, a bright pink hip-length tee-shirt with a pink frilly ballet skirt around my waist, and pink fluffy bunny ears. Feeling a proper idiot I went back out to see Sue.”

The Novitiate by Angela Rasch from DopplerPress


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Tim is patiently waiting for his high school days to draw to a close. He can’t wait to go away to college, far from a dad who is disappointed with his son’s tiny frame. Tim is also unhappy with his body, for a much more shielded reason. Music provides the catalyst for lasting change.


Arctic Fox Chapter 12

Arctic Fox.pngThis story starts with The Arctic Fox Prologue – The New Kid. If you haven't already read it, I would recommend that you do.
My thanks to Malady for his help with editing and as a sounding board for ideas.

Arctic Fox

Chapter 12

April 9th, 2021

Chet walked into the house and almost collapsed onto the couch. He was tired and moody from working incredibly hard at school. He had started the school year as a junior and was almost done with his senior year.

But, today, his heart had been figuratively ripped out of his chest and stomped on. MSgt (Master Sergeant) Bill Anderson was transferring to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. He was taking his daughter, Trish. That meant that Trish would not just be in another state but on the other side of the continent.

Queer -1- Montana



1. Montana
by Morgan Preece

I'd been called queer practically ever since I started school, but I didn't really find out what it meant until seventh grade. This was back when gay still meant happy to most people, and queer was an insult.

Grimoire - Inheritence (Pilot)

Working for his Aunt in a small bookstore, Alexis yearns for some excitement.
But when it finds him, it might be more than he can handle.
It all starts with a little parcel the postman brings.

(This is a pilot-part for a serial I may or may not write. Depends on the feedback.)
(The pilot has a completed story line with plot hooks for an extention.)

The beginning, Sarah book 1 part 1

Sarah, Part 1

As I slid down the embankment. Was I safe? I thought. Breathing hard, I didn't know how far I had run or for how long. Once I saw it happen I just took off. Did they get a good look at me? I think they did. Did they get a good look that I didn't know. They didn't want any witnesses though or they wouldn't have shot at me. Just hearing those shots hit the door frame was enough motivation for me to run. And run I did.

Sixty is not that old - Part 1

All was quiet in the house. The Sun had risen well over an hour earlier. The hum of London grew as the city started a new day.

There were two occupants of the house. For one of them this was a day to celebrate. For the other, the prospect of walkies, rabbits to chase and food was normal.

In a bedroom at the front of the three-storey terraced house, Vivienne Carter was wide awake. Today was her sixtieth birthday, plus it was the first day of what she’d been calling her ‘afterlife’. She’d just retired from her job as very senior official at the HMRC in the ‘Collections Department’. The previous day which had been a rather sad occasion. Vivienne, could have carried on working for at least six more years until she qualified for a state pension but she’d had enough of work, commuting and putting up with the incompetence of other people for far too long so she'd decided several months before to call it a day when she turned sixty years of age.

Holly Potter - Heiress of Slytherin Chapter 23

Author's note: For those that did not see my blog entry, I'll summarize. I've recently battled with suicidal depression, and needed to focus on the real world instead of escaping into fantasy. I'm doing a lot better now and plan to continue writing. Although I can't promise any regularity, I am hoping that I can put out at least two chapters a month. Please don't hate me if I don't live up to that though. Enough rambling and making everyone reading this feel bad and onto the story.

Portia, Virtual Princess 2

Larry was online for a while before Andy and spent that time hanging out and chatting with others. Viktor appeared and the two of them gathered some other people to participate in challenging quests. When Andy finally logged on, everyone was biting at the bit to get going.

As he entered the house Tuesday afternoon, there was a large package inside the front door. His mother called out, “Andy, a package arrived for you. Come in the kitchen and tell me why you are getting large packages I had nothing to do with ordering.”

Bobbi McGee by Chris Leeson on Kindle


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Rob Wescott was unlucky when it came to love. That harmless statue that his ex sent him and he left by his bed turned out to be not so harmless when he woke the next day.

Rob, now Bobbi had to make a new life for herself. But would she continue to be unlucky in love?

Bobbi McGee

by Christopher Leeson

Texas Two-Step by Angela Rasch on Kindle


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Another great sports story from Angela Rasch on Kindle from DopplerPress!

Texas Two-Step cover

Orphaned, Angel has to move to live with his uncle. Even though a standout athlete in Illinois, he's having trouble finding a place to fit in Pecos. Angel played soccer back in the Midwest, but that isn’t even an option in this gridiron-crazed, West Texas town. He gets a job in a Dairy Queen, but it seems mostly due to a misunderstanding and his life goes off in a new direction....

Texas Two-Step

by Angela Rasch

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Life's a Drag from DopplerPress


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New from DopplerPress on Kindle by Ashleigh and Zoe...

Fast! Furious! Fun!

Life's a Drag  on Kindle

Sarah "Angel" Miller was a teen racing sensation who had it all - friends, money, and a really fast car. There was just one problem. Legally Sarah Miller didn't exist, and she was one crash away from being found out.

PomPom Fortress by Snowfall on Kindle


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Young Kyle struggles to make it through the school day without being noticed, but others intend to make him the center of attention. A beautiful coming of age story with a difference. Now available to borrow from Kindle Select for Kindle Prime members.

The PomPom Fortress by Snowfall

PomPom Fortress

Moxie (Texas Belles #2)


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The sequel to Melanie Brown's Texas Belles is now on Kindle!


by Melanie Brown

Ayumi did it before, can she do it again?

Moxie on Kindle

She stayed in Japan after the breakup of her first J-Pop band, Texas Belles. The other American members went their own ways, some of them back to the states.

But no one in Japan ever knew Sam, the American bass-playing boy who joined his sister’s band and helped make them a hit. Sam is Ayumi now, as real as a girl can get. And she wants to keep doing what she does best.

Texas Belles at Amazon


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My sister's all-girl J-POP band (in Texas?) needs a bass player. No problem, I play bass, but if I take the gig, it won't be an all-girl band.... So, obvious solution and I do look cute, unfortunately....

What do you mean, we're a hit? And we've got a contract!? And we're going to JAPAN?!?!

I can't be most popular girl in the band! My name is Sam...

Texas Belles on Kindle

Molly by Angela Rasch on Kindle


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Pat, Sam, and Barbara form a highly malleable triangle. Fate steps in, and a small, not very happy boy becomes a pioneer. Will Pat even recognize himself when his destiny is complete?

A tale about deception in the 1950's advertising jungle. Imagine that!

by Angela Rasch
A DopplerPress Book
Molly by Angela Rasch

Reluctant Series - Book 1 - The Reluctant Girl Friend on Kindle

Ed needs a date, and Christopher needs some money... but he never expected this!

The Reluctant Girl Friend

by Melanie Brown

Now available on Kindle!

From DopplerPress!

Kelly Girl on Amazon


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Kelly Girl by Wanda Cunningham is the story of a boy who is too pretty for his own good -- he keeps getting mistaken for a girl! Farce, drama, adventure and romance in almost equal portions. Read about his/her adventures in paperback or Kindle edition and help support BC at the same time as all proceeds go to the Hatbox.

KellyGirl Paperback Cover

Kelly Girl on Amazon

300 Rains by Heather O'Malley at Amazon


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The first 2015 publication of Doppler Press was Heather O'Malley's


Geoff Greenfelder's discovery should have changed his life by rocketing him up the ladder of academia . Instead, it changed his life in ways he never could have imagined. After partaking in a sacred ceremony by the Amazonian tribe he discovered, everything in his life changes, including his very own body. What should have been an occasion for joy becomes a trauma Geoff must work through. His only hope for returning his life back to normal is finding the answers that lie in unraveling the mysteries of the tribe before he can return to it.

Peaches on Kindle


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by Angela Rasch and Amelia R.

Peaches is an unusual boy with an unusual school project -- he's going to spend his semester exploring gender roles in high school by living as a girl. Things get complicated but everybody learns something -- including Peaches!

A BigCloset HatBox Book
from DopplerPress


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