"Forced" Transformation Stories

I tend to like stories that have some sort of transformation in them. Seeing how people cope and adapt in unusual or changing situations is very interesting.

One thing that bothers me about this sort of story is that usually the changed character comes to terms with their changes. This is a wonderful thing, but it leaves me with a problem... I couldn't do it.

I tried for over half a century to cope with and adapt to living in a body and role that just did not fit. I struggled, dissembled, argued with God, lied to myself and others, all to no avail.

So, if the premise of these stories, that it is possible to adapt and be comfortable in a 'wrong' role, then it is possible to adapt and be comfortable with the way we are born?

My experience and those of so many of my friends indicates that real adaptation and acceptance is really not possible over a long term. At some point something has to give.

Take for example, the character of Jerome in O2bxx's "For a Girl." http://www.fmstories.com/stories/scifi/foragirl.txt

This person is changed against their will and never really adjusts or accepts the changes, no matter how long and hard they tried.

It makes me wonder about the whole transformation genre. As much as I love it, is it promoting some sort of lie?

Now, one could say that the transformation allows the person to adapt, but does that not change the character in a fundamental way? They really aren't the same person if that happens, are they?

I hope that this invites discussion of the involuntary transformation genre. Not sure if there is an answer, but the comments ought to be interesting.

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