The Last of the Fey by Denise Anesidora Trask on Kindle


The Last of the Fey

by Denise Anesidora Trask

Dennis is a stunt man, er... boy, er... young adult. Being of slight build, although muscular, he didn’t get into sports when in middle and high school. No, he was far too deeply involved in the motion picture business by then. It all began when he was less than a year old and snowballed from there.

After so many years of earning money to pay his union dues and his agent and his medical insurance company... let’s see... anything else? Oh, yeah, life insurance. Not much left after all that. OH! and taxes, of course. Anyway what little he yielded from work went into savings to be held for use toward his college education.

He had his life pretty much planned out and he was on his way, eventually entering the college of his choice at the State University. His academics were excellent and he was going for an advanced degree after having earned two bachelors degrees at the ripe old age of twenty. Life though, had other plans for him. Plans which he never saw coming and which proved to be far more invasive to his rather simplified existence as a stunt person; not that being a stunt person is simple but he hadn’t allowed for... let’s just say... strange circumstances... which might or might not pop up here and there as he flowed through what he thought was his life. It became ever more strange when he met someone at lunch in the studio commissary.

The old Chinese curse, “may you live in interesting times” certainly went out of its way to introduce itself to him.