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Lilith's Despair Chapter 7

In a nation plunged into the abyss of chaos and darkness, where the boundaries between the tangible and the otherworldly had evaporated, the President's authoritarian grip tightened, and his loyal advisors were bound to him in a sinister alliance, driven by anger, fear, and desperation.

Racing Hearts by Melanie Brown on Kindle


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Tommy and his twin sister, Cynthia share almost everything. Their looks, their love of cheerleading. But maybe sharing a preference for street-racing bad boys is going too far?

Racing Hearts
A Sudden Romance
by Melanie Brown
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Mates 14

I managed to steady the bike enough to get it onto its sidestand, pain ripping into my chest as I did so. Something felt broken there, and I found my vision greying out as I struggled to get off. There was a lorry stopped just to my left, another pulled slightly away to my right, angled into traffic. I found myself falling, another agonising stab from my chest as I sat down hard on the tarmac. I really didn’t want to look behind me, but it had to be done. I had to know.

The importance of being a team player - Chapter 12

Fear can be such an incredibly basic sensation. Your body and brain detect danger, making you change your current actions into doing something to steer away from whatever it is that is causing the fear. It can make you run away from a dog that is behaving in an aggressive manner. It can make you run away from a bully who wants to ruin your day. It can even make you run away from your own mother and her judgmental gaze. All of this seems easy enough. But what if you’re afraid of something closer to home? What If you’re afraid of something you can’t run away from?

Gina’s Unexpected Adventure, part the third.

Gina’s Unexpected Adventure, part the third.

“Yes please, tea or white wine.”

Melissa looked at her and waggled her eyebrows, “aren’t you underage to be drinking….”

Gina looked affronted, “no I am….” And then tailed off as she looked down to remind herself how she was dressed, she blushed a little, and then grinned.

“Well you could always spank me for it….”

Melissa grinned back. “And of course, I should be spanked for subverting a minor….” And grinned broadly.

“One moment I have just the thing,” She added as she went into the kitchen.

Wings, part 62 of 62 [FINAL]

“Yeah, we can only stay about an hour 'cause I’ve got a freshman orientation thing to go to at four o’clock, and I want to allow time to unload the car and do some unpacking first.”

The Cutest Girl(y Boy)

I twirl and strike a pose. A dozen different cameras go off, capturing me from every possible angle. I smile the sweetest smile you could ever imagine, and blow a kiss to the camera. The cameraman nearly passes out from the excitement.

My name is Candy. Well, that’s my stage name, anyhow. I’m a 12 year old boy, but I’ve been modeling girl’s clothing for about a year now, and I’ve made quite a name for myself. Everyone wants “The Cutest Girl(y Boy)” in their magazine! I even do fashion shows for big companies, and my youtube videos get tens of thousands of views.

A Woman on the Hunt

I wish to inform my readers that this is an experimental story. I call it experimental because it is the first time I have used AI for any writing purpose. See my comments regarding the method of writing below. It actually came out better than I expected and so I have elected to commemorate the event by posting it here. BC readers may have probably seen better AI writing than this, but this item was made using a limited and free AI writing website; any future work in AI done by me will, I hope, be made on a much better engine with more advanced features. (The day is soon coming I think, that some modest parameters will be all that is needed for AI to write an entire novel).

Bedwetters' Sleepover

I’m 16 and have just started HRT. Unfortunately, one side effect of spiro seems to be having to pee a whole lot. And with the way that lots of places want to criminalize being transgender, things are pretty rough. I have to excuse myself from class often to run down to the nurse’s room, the only place I’m allowed to use the restroom. As if that’s bad enough, I can’t even hold by bladder overnight anymore, and have had to start wearing diapers to bed. I wear size XL goodnites, and most nights I wake up with the diaper full of pee. I've lost all of my friends since starting HRT, so my mom has set up a bedwetters' sleepover with her friend's daughter.

Murder at the Shapeshifters' Ball by Rodford Edmiston now on Kindle


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Worlds where being different ISN'T your biggest problem!

Murder at the Shapeshifters' Ball
by Rodford Edmiston
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Stickmaker's collection of classic SciFi Transformation Tales leads off with a great detective yarn!

Everybody who can be anybody is at the party, including someone willing to kill a beautiful elf!

Thirteen stories set in about ten different worlds deliver mystery, suspense and adventure. With a few important transgender transformations among the furries, aliens and fantastic creatures!

There's a sample of the first story after the break!

The Reluctant Co-Ed by Melanie Brown now on Kindle


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It's been a series of madcap adventures for Chrissie, starting in middle school when she posed as a Reluctant Girlfriend and on through her high school career as a cheerleader.

Now she's in college! Can you get a degree in crossdressing shenanigans?"

The Reluctant Co-Ed
by Melanie Brown
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Masks 19 - Keeping the Peace - A Disturbance of the Peace on Kindle


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The world turned upside down!? Famous superheroine accused of murder! Lawrence Hawthorne and his lovely, talented, and dangerous assistant/bodyguard, Sally, must use their skills, powers and experience to track down and stop the real murderers (and the people who hired them) before a mysterious doomsday weapon can be unleashed.

All this amid a backstory of alien invasions, political, corruption, and corporate wrongdoing at the highest levels.

This latest in Rodford Edmiston's intriguing Masks saga combines science fiction, superheroes, swords, noir detectives, cyber sleuthing, and transgender shapeshifting with intricate plotting and tense action!

Keeping the Peace
Masks 19 - A Disturbance in the Peace
By Rodford Edmiston
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Everything's Sunny with Sarah - Zoe Taylor & Ashly MacGreagor on Kindle


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Sarah's life had not been easy, her parents broke up, she got seriously assaulted, and had to move to a different city and leave her friends behind.


Building a new life is never easy, even with advice from a someone who has done it before. However, with help from Robin, her mother and her new friends, Sarah finds her future looks sunny once more. But will it stay that way?

Surely, everyone is in for a magical time.

Especially Readers!


Everything's Sunny with Sarah
by Zoe Taylor and Ashly MacGreagor
Now on Kindle

Boys Don't Cry on Kindle

All Johnny wanted to do was take ballet classes, like his best friend Christina. He couldn't stop thinking about pink tights and tutus. Even though his brother and father tormented him, he longed to be more like his sister LeAnn.
Maybe he was much more like her than he knew.

Johnny eventually realized he wanted to be a girl, and chose the name Sarah. With help from her friends, and older sister, Sarah was able to face her toughest battle yet.

Boys Don't Cry

Brainjacked! by Melanie Brown on Kindle

Some experiments are supposed to fail..


The "Too Successful" Experiment

by Melanie Brown


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