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I write for the joy of meeting new people–my characters–and learning what happens to them. I'm very interested in the discovery of a person's true nature, gender, and sexual identity, and exploring different genres and structure. If I may offer some advice: Try not to got caught up in medical or scientific details. While I try to be accurate, it's not this procedure or that genetic revelation that matters–it's the character's journey that is most important.

I call this the "Star Trek Phenomenon". People will accept Klingons, transporters, Spock ...and yet they get upset that the Enterprise makes a 'whoosh' sound when it flies past the opening titles of the show. They point and yell, "There's no air in space so it can't go whoosh!"

Yes. Scientifically accurate. On the other hand, they accept the theme song and don't point and yell, "There's no air in space so you can't hear an orchestra!" Also scientifically accurate. And, like the 'whoosh', it has absolutely nothing to do with the next 59 minutes of story.

Accept the 'whoosh'. Accept that the medicine or genetics in stories are the vehicle to move the character from one point to another–

Sort of like the Enterprise ...

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