KimEm :: Update

Hi all... Time for another Update....

Here are the facts as I know them at time of this posting:

  • The Cardiac Catheriation (to be done late morning or early afternoon on Febuary 25, 2008) is not to see if the valve replacement is needed. It is to see if they need to do a bypass while they are in there doing the valve replacement.
  • If she doesn't have the valve replacement done, the docs give her 18 months (give or take).
  • There is a 12% Chance she wont make it off the table, but that means 88% Chance that it will go fine
  • My friend whom works @ Deborah, as a Nursing Assistant, says that since she's worked there, no one has coded durring surgery (she's been there for several months)

Those are the facts as I know them. The valve replacement will be later this week, after a few other things are taken care of (tooth infections, more diagnostic tests, and other things).

Deborah is really a top notch care center for these types of things, and I am very happy that they are taking good care of Kim. I am still scared, and would be even if she was there because of a stubbed toe, but I would trust no one else with the care of she whom I value more than anything.

-HuGgLeS- 2 you all. And Please, keep all thoughts positive.

-Piper/PiggilyTails/One sad & scared little girl.

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