Ten Sexiest Women of All time

This list grabbed my attention. I'd just watched Sophia Loren (and Clark Gable) on TCM and wondered where on the list she placed. The shocking answer was, "No where." http://www.rediff.com/getahead/slide-show/slide-show-1-glamo...

These would be my top fifteen:

15.) Sophia Vergara
14.) Farrah Fawcett
13.) Lauren Bacall
12.) Angelina Jolie
11.) Raquel Welch
10.) Scarlett Johansson
9.) Salma Hayak (Sexiest AAAA actress)
8.) Jane Russell
7.) Ann-Margret (Strictly for opening number of Bye Bye Birdie)
6.) Rita Hayworth
5.) Beyonce (Not so much in her size 2 configuration, but a little heavier)
4.) Jennifer Lopez
3.) Elizabeth Taylor
2.) Sophia Loren
1.) Marilyn Monroe (Who supposedly was a size 12 - 16)

What are your thoughts?


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