Catherine Linda Michel - The Rest Of The Stories

Catherine Linda Michel -
The Rest Of The Stories

Including works using the pen name Cathy_t_

Catherine Linda Michel is a warm, loving, single transwoman. A denizen of the Great White North...not the Yukon, Western New York, Cathy claims to brush more snow off her coat than most people shovel. Cathy is presently retiered due to health reasons. She has been writing for over ten years, solely on the internet, but has published HEADLIGHTS GIRL, achieving a lifetime goal. She thanks all those who have helped her along the way, for their kindness, and help. She sends love and hugs to all her fans and friends on the internet.

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Published Fiction

The Home That Love Built Universe
  • The Home That Love Built
    • Consider this an introduction to my dream of a place where abused, impoverished, cast out T-girls could go to and be respected, helped, and loved. It's been my dream for many years of such a place, and I thought I'd write about it.
    • Copyright(c) 2009/02/27 by Catherine Linda Michel
  • Sara's Story - A Home That Love Built Story
    • From Cathy. This story is darker and more emotional for me, than anything I've ever written. I cried when it came to me, I cried as I wrote it, I cried when I posted it, and I'll cry at every comment, hit or vote.
    • A Novella complted at BCTS on  2010/01/26

Body Suit Fiction
  • Luck Be A Lady
    • My first thought was that I had stumbled on a scout craft of some kind from an invasion force and this little laptop type thing was their means of infiltrating the governments of the Earth! It made a kind of sense, the more I thought about it. I mean, there was the makeup kit, and the hair styler and now this thing which purported itself to be a body changing machine! It all pointed, in my mind, to some kind of alien invasion threat and, now I was getting worried!
    • Copyright  © 2000 By Catherine Linda Michel
    • A Novel with Part 7 posted to BCTS on 2009/01/24
    • Also available 9 Parts at Crystal's Story Site
  • Signed, Sealed and Delivered
    • Where do I begin this strange tale? I guess it begins by introducing myself. My name is Jim Matthews and I am, or was, a 5'8" 150 lb. Male. Now? Well, I am 5'4" 110lbs.
      And, undeniably female.
    • A Novel posted at BCTS on  2008/01/26
  • Transformers (Sort of)
    • Two teenage boys, working for a super secret R&D lab learn that sometimes accidents happen.
    • Completed Book 1 posting to Big Closet Top Shelf on 2007/03/26
    • Completed Book 2 to Chapter Five on 2007/11/30

Fan Fiction
  • Desert Misstake
    • This is a work based on one of the most famous movies of all time. Those who have seen the movie will, no doubt, recognize some of the names and situations described. For those who haven't seen the movie, the title is at the end of this story.
    • A Short Story posted at BCTS on  2009/01/24

True Stories
  • Halloween 2000
    • "We love you and if this is part of you, then we have to accept it. We don’t necessarily approve of it, but you are our friend/brother/son and we will always care."   This, to me, was a revelation and, to not have to hide anymore was the most wonderful feeling in the world!
    • A Short Story posted at BCTS on  2008/01/20
  • A Day at Work Dressed
    • I hesitated writing this story since it was preceded by another one about store detectives within the last month or so. While that one was fictional and a very fine tale, my story is true. It happened to me, just the way I have presented it here. I have taken a FEW small liberties with the story but, 99% of what is written here is the actual account of a time in my life. Of course the names have been changed to protect the not so innocent
    • A Short Story posted at BCTS on  2007/07/18
  • First Kiss
    • This is a true story. It happened to me many years ago in Germany while I was in the Military. The events are as they happened and the places described exist as I have described them. Only the names have been changed to protect anyone who still needs protection.
    • A Short Story posted at BCTS on  2007/07/16
  • My Transition Poem
    • This poem embodies the feelings that I had when I began my real life test. It was like closing a book and starting a new book.
    • A Short Story posted at BCTS on  2010/05/10

Real World Stories
    • Just because I'm gonna be impersonating a girl, doesn't mean that I'm gonna be one, and I don't wanna have to fend off advances from the guys. I mean I know I'm gonna have to be as convincing as I can, but I don't want anybody to forget who and what I really am, and that I'm only doing it so the gang doesn't have any trouble. So no kissing, or anything like that.
    • Copyright(c) December 01 2007 by Catherine Linda Michel
  • Lessons Learned
    • She sat on the edge of her bed, her head in her hands, crying as if she'd lost the best thing she'd ever had, and in so many ways, she had.
      Several months before, Alice, a late life transitioner, had begun an online romance with another T-girl she'd known for three or four years. Everything had gone so wonderfully smooth, and Alice was beside herself with joy, head over heels in love.
    • A Short Story posted at BCTS on  2010/07/15

Parallel World Stories
  • Let The Punishment Fit The Crime
    • May 3rd, 2008:
      I sat there in court, my heart in my throat, waiting for the jury to decide my fate. It had been three weeks of trial, with several damaging witnesses called against me including my two best friends, Pete Framingham and Sammy Jenkins.
    • Posted Short Story on 2007/07/29
    • Accidental posting with no one volunteering via Catherine's contest to finish it
  • Angels with Smudged Wings
    • "This office, or rather this branch of Heaven, was designed as a way for folks like me to earn our wings, as it were. It’s a way for us to earn our way into Heaven proper."
    • Posted Short Story to BCTS on
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