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As we approach 2600, I'll ask my customary question, do readers want us (Bonz, Whizz and moi) to continue writing this tale of convoluted undulations? I might add as far as I know the writing team is happy to continue if the answers are positive and our gracious hostess is happy for us to fill up her servers with such tosh.

A, B & W.


Sorry folks

I don't know where the evening went, funny how it just disappears when you try to sort something on a computer that doesn't want to play. Amazingly, I stayed cool, calm and collected - then killed it in cold blood! Actually, I didn't, I got the cats to distract it and managed to fix the problem. I'll enjoy it while it lasts which probably won't be very long.

Will do a new Bike tomorrow computer permitting.



Take a look at one of my other bikes.

Eddie Redmayne as Lili Elbe

The recent best actor Oscar winner is starring as Lili Elbe the pioneer transgender woman who died attempting to have a uterus transplanted. If this film wins an Oscar will it be as best actor or actress?

Stonewall to campaign on behalf of Trans people

Gosh, they've remembered the T in LGBT. I suppose this is a good thing as they have lots of experience and expertise in campaigning for equality. At the same time, I've never been happy with including the T with the others, as I see my previous transsexualism (now cured via surgery and Gender Recognition Act) as relating to my gender identity not sexual orientation - precisely the matter which kept Stonewall and transgender apart previously.

Computers - aaargh!

I hate these bloody things, even more after wasting two hours of my life trying to get my old puter, which I keep for my role as cycling club secretary, to do something straightforward like send an email. Needless to say, it's now too late to start scribbling Bike, which means I'll have an extra few hours for my remaining brain cell to ferment further plot twists.

Sorry, but I've had my fill of electronic things tonight.


Murder of 'Samba Queen' in Brazil.

According to the Observer a trans samba dancer was murdered in Rio, they also suggest the crime might be a hate killing as they have a pretty awful record with a trans, gay or bi person being murdered every 28 hours.

BBC to start filming a trans comedy

The BBC is to begin filming a new comedy with the female lead being played by a Rebecca Root an actress who is/was transsexual playing a transwoman, something of a first, according to the Guardian. So well done the Beeb.

Bruce Jenner making a film about his transition.

According to MS Outlook, Olympic champion Bruce Jenner is making a film about his transition to female. As he's related to the Kardashians, who it appears publicise everything, it's hardly surprising. However, the support he appears to be receiving from them is heartening.

F' Burns Nicht

A thocht f' a' ye attendin' ain.


As I Walk’d By Mysel

by Robert Burns.

As I walk’d by myself, and talk’d by myself,

Myself said unto me:

Look to thyself,take care of thyself, For nobody cares for thee

I answer’d myself, and said to myself,

In the self same repartee:

Look to thyself, or not look to thyself

The self same thing will be!

A new book for young adults about transgender character

The Guardian (where else?) has posted a sympathetic review of a new novel about a transgender teenager, called, The Art of Being Normal, by Lisa Williamson, who worked at a gender clinic for a while.


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My radiators have been fixed so hopefully no more water dripping about the place. My house feels nice and warm again and I'll shall sit down before I open the bill when it arrives.

Did a bit more cycling today but my fitness is well down after my cold. My mileage for last year was the lowest for ages, so I hope to do better this. My daughter seems to be feeling a little better as well, so perhaps things are going to improve at last.

Why do I bother?

Sometimes I wonder why I bother. I had an idea for a Christmas story but it had to be written and posted yesterday to be effective. It needed a sixteen year old boy soprano, they're unusual. So it needs a contrivance, there's always the cop out of magic, genital damage pre puberty, AIS or intersex - quite rare, or T-blockers. I opted for the latter, administered by a mother who thought she was doing best for her son. I then have calls of child abuse and for another author to redress the balance.

Unwell - sorry no Bike tonight.

Sorry, my cold has got the better of me today and I'm going to bed, just too fuzzy to think clearly.

I've been reading some back numbers of Bike and read the part about Billie's death, it had a new poignancy in view of my experience this year. So I shed a few tears and half a gallon of sn..., I know, TMI.

Hope I feel better tomorrow,



On Radio 4 next week,'Just a Girl'.


The BBC are doing a serial of 5x 15 minute episodes about Amy, a girl who's born in the wrong body, and how her parents try and cope with it. Times in the UK Monday to Friday 11.45am repeated in the evening at 7.45pm and then available on the iPlayer site. It is a drama, but sounds quite interesting, hope there aren't too many stereotypes.

It's that time of year again

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According to my mother 62 years ago, my dad came home from the office party the worse for wear. Trying not to make much noise, he went up stairs carrying his shoes which he then managed to drop down them. My mother was rather pregnant and I appeared the next morning, all 5lb 2oz of me. The morning was the 3rd December 1952. (A week later the Christine Jorgensen story broke - pure coincidence, I expect).

This rebuts all rumours about my being found under a gooseberry bush, though some might like to see me there now.

Sorry - had to go out this evening

I had to go to a colleague's leaving do so haven't had time to write Bike for tonight. Hopefully will be back to my usual boring self tomorrow to describe in tedious detail another few minutes in the life of Cathy and her family. Bonzi had offered to do it for me but the daft old bugger got shut out and was soaking wet when I returned from the restaurant. Why couldn't Whizz do it for me, I hear you ask, but her spelling and punctuation is worse than mine.


No Bike tonight

I've just got off the phone to my needy friend who had bent my ear for the previous 90 minutes. I feel washed out, so hopefully tomorrow I should have time to write. Apologies to my regulars. I've been rereading back numbers of Bike and some of them moved me to tears and one or two episodes had me laughing out loud--and I wrote them. I had completely forgotten bits, so anyone who hasn't yet tried ordeal by Bike, it might be more pleasurable than you thought.


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