Kemeia Ascends - A Fan Continuity

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This is my first work, a continuation of the unfinished Kemeia Ascending. It is entirely inspired by Armond's magical world of Argentia and its Goddess Selene.

I've named my creation "Selendora," which symbolises "Selene's Gift." This name captures a world touched by her grace, a place of transformation and rebirth. Under Selene's nurturing influence, Selendora embraces a diversity of lands and cultures, each uniquely linked by the goddess's overarching presence.

I really hope Armond gets to see this, to know how much they've inspired me. As I'm new to this, I'd appreciate any feedback that can help me improve and grow.

All art-work is AI generated.

You can read Armond's prior parts from the links below

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More of Armond's work can be found here

P.S.: that I have tried to emulate their writing style as much as I could to ensure that the tone is not jarringly different but it was not easy. Also while Armond touches on Ravela's mental health, I have tried to flush it out a little further. You will definitely notice an inconsistency in her style of thinking.

P.P.S.: In contrast to Armond's preceding chapters, which exclusively featured first-person perspectives from Kemi and Ravela, this installment will introduce a carefully chosen array of viewpoints from other pivotal characters, hopefully enriching the narrative with their unique insights and experiences.

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