Physically Forced

Friends Four Life / Gill, A Girlfriend Part Five

Chapter Five of Seven - Completed

Tony, one of the partners who own the large corporation all of them work for, is coming to Omaha to meet with Jim. How will they ever explain Jill?

Broken, Too!

Lexi’s memory has returned and now her father is slated to get out of prison on a technicality. Lexi is also struggling to keep Alex in check. What will happen when her father returns and how will she deal with Alex?


Broken Too.jpg

Broken, Too!

By Shauna

Copyright© 2020 Shauna J. Rousseau
All Rights Reserved.
(All images and artwork are property of and copyrighted by Shauna J. Rousseau.)

Author’s Note and Caution: This is more the story of the father and is only being provided by popular demand. It won’t be to everyone’s taste since the father is forced into a sex change against his will. It is not forced femme in the typical sense—but it is forced. At any rate, here it is for those that want to read his story.



Who Do That Hoo Doo?


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George returned back to where he grew up still seeking that one place where he fits in. Never did he expect to find himself in a messy tangle of dark magics, ancient promises, and a power hungry hoodoo doctor. Just maybe if his crazed luck can just stay with him long enough, he'll finally find his place under the sun.

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This DopplerPress Kindle eBook also includes the bonus story "The Glade" by Grover

Friends Four Life / Gill, A Girlfriend Part Two

Chapter Two of Seven - Completed

Jim wakes up naked in a motel room. There are two letters on the table. One is from his wife and the other is from his three friends. There are several boxes in the room filled with his secret wardrobe.

Friends Four Life / Gill, A Girlfriend Part One

Part One of Seven -- The complete novel has been posted.

Jim’s three co-workers are upset with him for having them dress in French-maid costumes for a company event. They meet with him, and demand that he go through a rehab process to become more sensitive to their feelings.

Everything Will Be Explained Tomorrow: 3 / 3


I’d already decided to keep Rufus’ information to myself -- at least for the time being.
There was no point in causing a controversy over something I could still manage to not believe.


Everything Will Be Explained Tomorrow: 2 / 3


It wasn’t until that evening that I realized neither Evander nor Rufus had returned to talk with us. When I pointed this out to Harvey, he replied, “They both said they’d be back tomorrow.”

“Yes, but today is tomorrow.”


Everything Will Be Explained Tomorrow: 1 / 3


An apparently random group of men is abducted by aliens.

They’re angry, afraid, confused.

If only they’d been BCTS readers! They’d have had a better chance of knowing what to expect.


USB - Unexplained Sexual Behaviour Chapter 4

USB BGB Final.jpg
Chapter Four - Remember, I'll be Watching

Final chapter. What sacrifices will Taylor make to save her startup and when the ninety-day transition period is over will she elect to remain a girl or return to her male body?

Sophia's Choice

Michael and Jason had been partners in a failed scientific venture. A few years later, when Michael’s wife left him, he blamed Jason. He then used the knowledge they had learned together in their laboratory to exact his revenge.

USB - Unexplained Sexual Behaviour Chapter 2

USB BGB Final.jpg
Chapter Two - Katcha Kovalenko

Uber-bitch Veronique Pascal becomes Taylor Averill's best friend and helps her become accustomed to life as a woman. Veronique tells Taylor how she came to be the woman she is today. Her story serves as a warning to Taylor.

Princess of Castile Chapter 11

Princess of Castile

By Jennifer Reed
Natalia and Valentina seek retribution against those that hurt them. Natalias brutality begins to show as Aragon's leadership tries to figure a way to handle the crises.

Chapter 11: Retribution

A New Life-Kelly's Revenge Chapter 6

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” Kelly moves slowly as she follows behind Victoria.

They just came back from the doctor’s office that Kelly had an appointment with. Since she was playing a lot of female parts and passing herself off as a woman. She decided to have some sort of surgery to make it easier for her to tuck and pass as a woman.

Princess of Castile chapter 5

Princess of Castile

By Jennifer Reed

Chapter 5

It is the wedding night and the Duke makes some stunning and frightening discoveries about his new bride Thomas. He is forces to acecpt that nothing is as it seems.

Princess of Castile chapter 4

Princess of Castile

By Jennifer Reed

Thomas prepares for his wedding night and his attendant Leanne gets some unwelcome surprises in their preparation and dressing for the event. Thomas learns something about his fathers past

Chapter 4


WARNINGS: Contains transgender themes, Sci-Fi, explicit sex, mild violence,
bad words, and strange ideas. It has only the strange things that dribble from
my head. If you are not old enough, mature enough, open minded enough, and

Princess of Castile chapter 2

Princess of Castile

By Jennifer Reed
This story is set in the world created by Rikki in the Marriage of Martin Hastings that he began some time around 2010. These events in this story occur around five years prior to the events in Rikkis story.

This story is about a young transsexual effeminate male to female who gets sold into a marriage in this cruel little nation and how he deals with it.
Events progress to the wedding reception and he prepares for the first wedding night

Chapter two

Gun Princess Royale - Book 3 - Ch14. (Part III)

– III –

Swapping the magazines on both Punishers turned out to be easier than I’d expected.

The armatures held the rifles under my arms, allowing me to eject the spent magazines and then replace them with fully loaded ones without the need to hold the Punishers in my hands. Then the armatures retracted against my back, tucking the linear rifles snuggly against my shoulder blades.

A New Life-Kelly's Revenge Chapter 5

Kelly wakes up the next day. Her arms were sore from all the sanding she did the day before. She gets up and heads towards her private bathroom. She loved the fact that she finally had her bathroom.

After doing her morning routine, she puts on a new romper she bought a few weeks ago. She and Victoria had been out shopping for new clothes. Victoria was helping her adjust to being a normal woman. She wanted to learn as much as she could about women's fashion from
Victoria. Victoria helped her find the right type of bra to wear after she had her breasts reduced.


Alpaca Wool.jpg
A Short Story
By Maryanne Peters

“I know who you are,” said Mother Sophia. His hair hung loose instead of pulled back in a slick ponytail, and he had wispy hairs on what had always been a clean-shaven face, making it just look dirty. But it was unmistakably Esteban Moya, son of Carlos Moya, the dictator recently deposed.

Feral Saga Chapter 18 - Magneto's Finale (Part 2)

Feral Saga Chapter 18 - Magneto's Finale (Part 2)

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

In the conclusion to our thrilling two-part, edifying eighteenth issue of Magneto’s Finale, the Uncanny X-Men are finally aware of Magneto’s ticking clock and Logan may have found their best chance to stop him or at least get more information before he puts his plans in place. Will she be able to spring her trap in time, or will Magneto actually gain the upper hand? Even after they have countered the computer virus, are the X-Men any closer to stopping the brutal rule of Magneto over the world’s human population?

Gun Princess Royale - Book 3 - Ch14. (Part I)

Chapter 14.

– I –

I almost shot him.

My right arm moved, and the Punisher scythed through the air as my body reacted – as I reacted – to Arnval’s announcement in the blink of an eye.

But at the last moment before my index finger depressed the trigger, I held myself back.

The urge to fire the linear rifle was tremendous.

The rifle trembled in my grasp as I was caught between opposing tidal forces raging within me.

The need to vent crashed with the need for prudence.

Feral Saga Chapter 18 - Magneto's Finale (Part 1)

Feral Saga Chapter 18 - Magneto's Finale (Part 1)

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

As we edge into part one of our enormous eidetic eighteenth double issue we must again wonder about Logan’s fate. Was the return to his old male form a fatal mistake? What could have caused this latest reaction? Can Jean deal with even more heartbreak? While all of this swirls around the X-Men in the wake of the attack on the school and Logan’s revelations, Magneto has reacquired Mystique and spread his control over the world’s nuclear arsenals. Will the X-Men be able to respond, or will humans be crushed under the brutal heel of Magneto?

The Real Impact of Covid-19


The Real Impact of Covid-19

By Tiffany B. Quinn

As Covid-19 sweeps the globe, the world as we know it is changing forever. However, the real impact won't be felt for a few more years. Are we ready?


A New Life-Kelly's Revenge Chapter 4

“Okay, how did I get drafted to sand down all this mud?” Kelly was looking at the new wall Charlie’s construction team had put up.

All the wiring had to be redone. So, they had to tear out all the old sheetrock and install new sheetrock. Kelly was wearing a short bib coverall and had a mask over her face as she sanded the dry mud down. She noticed that the new electrical outlets were covered with plastic.

Feral Saga Chapter 17 - Restoration

Feral Saga Chapter 17 - Restoration

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

We begin the seventeenth issue with several questions. What has Logan done? Has she risked everything to punish herself for her part in hurting Jean? Were the humans successful in eradicating the computer virus, or did Magneto have a surprise for them? With Magneto clearly approaching his final movements, did Logan just help to distract the Uncanny X-Men from any hope of discovering his actions in time?

Honey Bunny: An Easter Story

Honey Bunny

By Daniela A. Wolfe

When a package arrives from the North Pole, Jack the bunny mistakes the contents for an ordinary albeit sweet-smelling alcoholic beverage, but when he and his friend Esther partake, they find that it has some interesting effects.

The Titan Queen chapter 2

The Titan Queen

By Cynthia Jeanette

Sybillas goals begin to move forward as we start seeing what she is really after and we get to learn about some of her past and what led to her being the way she is.
And, I am a very inexperienced writer and I would welcome anyone who wants to help me make this tale more readable.


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