What a Day! Chapter 2

Chapter 2
The next time I woke up, about 9 of the 16 girls had woken up. Jane and Claire were among the ones who had woken up, and gave me a warm smile as I sat up, wiping the sleep from my eyes. In about 30 minutes, everybody had woken up, and they were chatting away. I sat there kind of awkwardly, staring at nothing. That’s when a little voice said in my ear,
“Boo!” I jumped straight up, but then slipped and fell on my butt. I turned around and saw Claire. She gave me a smile then giggled.
“Sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you, I just, wanted to have some fun!” She said, still giggling.
“Fun for who?” I muttered. She continued smiling away, and I couldn’t help but smile back.
“Hey, we were all going to go to the pool today, do you want to come?” I was considering my options when Jane walked up.
“Yeah! Mathew, please come!” I fell into both of their pleading looks.
“All right, I’ll come.” They both squealed and hugged me. Taken aback by their sudden display of affection, I slumped away. I put my swim trunks and a towel in a beach bag. I stripped off my sweat pants and sweat shirt, pulling on my basketball shorts white t-shirt. I then heard Jane say,
“Hey, why don’t we give each other manicures?’ Followed by enthusiastic cheers. That was my queue. I grabbed the brown shoe box that held the many bottles, and while Jane hurried off to her room to find them, I went to the fridge. I carefully slid the box into the cold depths, and grabbed the orange juice. I poured myself a glass, and sat at the counter so I had a view of the girls. After awhile, Jane walked in and told them all that she couldn’t find it. She then turned to me.
“Mathew, have you seen my nail polish?”
“What? Oh, uh, nail polish? Nope can’t say I have!” She could tell I was lying.
“Mathew…what did you do with them?” They all turned towards me, giving me an accusing stare. I abandoned my Orange Juice, and walked up to her. I put my hands up.
“Really! I’m innocent!” Before anyone could say, “attack” they all pounced on me. They pinned me down, and Jane said,
“Mathew, what did you do with them?”
“I’ll never talk!” I yelled defiantly. They all started tickling me. Laughing uncontrollably, I managed to get out,
“Okay! Okay! I give the fridge!” The tickling stopped. Jane went over to the fridge and pulled out the box. She raised it up, and the girls squealed. Bell got up and went over to Jane.
“Hey Jane, if he wants them so bad, we do a paint job!” She said. My blood turned to ice, and Jane smiled a vicious smile. I squirmed, and I twisted, but they kept me down. Bell started doing my toenails in a light sparkly blue, while Jane did my fingernails in bright pink. They kept me pinned as it dried. It was about 25 minutes before they let me go. I just laid there for awhile looking at my hands and feet. If I had taken even a second to look up, I would have seen them whispering in the corner. I was about to get up again when they jumped on me again.
“What now?” I yelled. Jane walked up to me.
“Now Madison, don’t use that tone!”
What are you talking about!?!?” She grinned, and then disappeared into her own room. They put something over my eyes, so I couldn’t see. Next they stripped my bare naked. They put what I thought was tape on my penis and wrapped it around to my back. Next a small piece of fabric was put over the tape, and securely fastened it around my waist. Next, another small piece of fabric was wrapped around my chest, and was pulled tight around my back. Finally, something was draped over me. Sandals were put on my feet and they pulled me on my feet, but quickly sat me in a chair. They pulled my long hair back and after some fidgeting, it stayed up. I was then told to stay there, and for some reason, I did. After about 30 minutes, they told me they were ready, and (still blindfolded) was led outside. They marched me around, and led me into a building. After awhile of walking, they sat me down on a cold metal bench. They removed my blindfold, and I realized I was in the locker room at the pool. But looking around, I noticed something was wrong. Why were there no urinals? Just stall after stall, and, how did the girls get in the guys locker room? Then realization hit me like a bullet. I looked down, and complete with, pink, perfectly manicured nails, I was wearing a pink sun dress. I sat there stunned. I felt my hair, and noticed it was up in a pony tail. I was in the girl’s locker room. I was ready to storm out of there, but then I heard Jane’s voice.
“Alright Madison, off with your dress! And let your hair down!” Before I could reply, she was standing beside me. She pulled me up into a standing position, and lifted the dress off of me. She then took my hair, and as if by magic, pulled out a pink hair tie. I felt my hair flop against my back, as she put the hair tie in her purse. I suddenly felt cold, without the protection of my dress. Looking down I saw myself in a pink-and-white two piece bikini. I was confused. Jane led me outside to the actual pool area, and (pulling me along with her) ran over to another girl her age.
“Sophia!” She exclaimed. They hugged, and I stood a little further back, watching. That’s when she noticed me.
“Who’s this?” She said with a smile.
“Oh, that’s my little sister Madison! You can call her Maddie!”
“I didn’t know you had little sister! How old are you?”
“10!” I managed to get out.
“10? You may know my little sis!” She motioned behind her, and a girl my age ran up. She was dressed in a green two piece.
“Do you know Maddie?” Sophia asked her. She shook her head, then walked up to me.
“Hi!” She said, offering her hand. “I’m Kelly, and you’re Maddie?” I shook her hand.
“Actually, my names Madison, but you can call me Madison!” I said, shooting a glare at Jane.
“Cool! Do you want to ride the water slide with me?” She said, pointing to the twisty green plastic tube. Seeing no other option, I agreed. We ran over there and waited in line.
“Are you in any clubs?” She asked me out of the blue.
“Um, no, are you?”
“No, well, unless you count girl scouts! I’m a Counselor at the camps we go to! Hey, they need one more this year, do you want to see if I can get you in?” I couldn’t really refuse after this point, so I agreed. She squealed, and giggled happily. Before I knew it, I was also going over to her house tomorrow.

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