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Masks 24: Part 10

Part Ten

"I've got a bad feeling about this," said Vic, as she, Murphy, Muravachick and Medura left the briefing.

"You're not the only one," said Murphy, in an irritated mutter.

"Well, why don't we all wait by Vic's car, and if things do go south try to... do something constructive?" said Medura, with an uncertain movement of her hands.

"Sounds like a plan," said Muravachick, tiredly. "It's vague, but open-ended and flexible."

My Obsession, Part 10 of 29


Part 10 of 29

Sunday, July 21, 2013
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Grandpa would be proud of the literary allusion, but I need to write this down and out of my system. Today was cold, wet and rainy; a perfectly lousy day which was all the worse for the beautiful day outdoors yesterday. Grandpa and Eve went off to the Liar's Club so it was just me and Mary Ann.

Forever the Dragon Princess -chp 17

Forever the Dragon Princess

The year is 2024. And one of the greatest archaeology finds of all time is on display at the Smithsonian. No one ever expected to find something buried deep within the caves below Mount Fuji, Japan. Especially not a seven foot tall, fifteen foot wide, two foot thick, one-thousand pound, hand carved red lacquered, ebony wood, bejeweled sculpture of the dragon Toyotama-hime that is over 2000 years old. For 16yr old Tony Watanabe this statue held more than just your normal fascination. It held his destiny.

Broken! - Chapter 8 (Final)

After a severe beating by his father, Alex was left in a coma and broken. Will his memory return and what will it mean for him if it does?


Broken LR.jpg


By Shauna

Copyright© 2020 Shauna J. Rousseau
All Rights Reserved.
(All images and artwork are property of and copyrighted by Shauna J. Rousseau.)

Chapter Eight


Forsythe Saga - Time to get back in the Saddle

[Cliff and Maxine are discussing their plans for the next few days]
“Well, are you going to go?”

“What do you mean?”

Cliff, Maxine’s assistant sighed.

“To the board meeting in Devon? What with everything that has been going on, you have missed the last three.”

Castle The Series - 0129 Incursion Year 619 + Ch 130 On The Nature of Time



The incursion was of three hundred and twenty two incomers and occurred on the twenty-third of Minyet, mid-spring, almost fifty one years after the previous one. It was dry, but the temperature was twenty-odd below freezing and there was a moderate breeze giving a considerable chill factor. It happened, as usual, before dawn, this time near Outgangside, and the incomers were discovered at first light just after six.



It is impossible to make direct comparisons of time between Earth and Castle via any one or group of characters since the characters’ timelines are anything but consistent as persons from various times on Earth become co-temporal with persons from other times on incursion.

The Patsy Project. Book 3. Positively Patsy Parts 9 & 10

Positively Patsy Part 9

When she hung up I stopped to think for a moment. She had rattled off a figure of twenty five million as if it was chump change. I picked up my phone again and rang Sarah. After telling her where I was and the task that Grog had set me, I asked her about the payouts from the tour and queried the number that Riordan had quoted. She told me that the tour was sold out for every show; so we had grossed one billion, two hundred and seventy five thousand dollars.

Cross Country Disconnect - 12 Caryn’s Still Running

Cross Country Disconnect - 12
Caryn’s Still Running

By Jessica C

Gary opened his big mouth and was challenged...
He saw no way of losing, but did...

The Bisley Boy

The Bisley Boy
A Short Story based on Alleged Fact
By Maryanne Peters

My husband, the late Sir Thomas Parry, was a man of great importance in the household of the late Queen Elizabeth for the two years before his death. Some said that he was poorly qualified to serve as the Comptroller of the Royal Household. That may be the case. Some said that he must have some hold over Her Majesty, but I doubt that anybody could fully appreciate how momentous was the secret.

Stephanie, part 22

“No peeking!” Kayla admonishes me as I enter her bedroom.

“What, I’m not allowed to see my girlfriend naked?” I tease, smiling as Kayla giggles and tosses a ball of scrunched-up wrapping paper at me.

“I’M not naked,” Kayla retorts.

“D’aww,” I pout, earning another giggle.

“Your presents, on the other hand, are!” Kayla yells as she jumps off her bed and closes the door- though not before giving me a gentle kiss. I giggle as I leave my girlfriend be and return to the living room, though inside, my nerves are jangling for multiple reasons.

Lost in the Myth of the Sleepy Eye Lights


The Sleepy Eye Lights scare the bejabbers out of all those in town who know of them. Will Reverend Almanso Badcher solve the mystery? - - A Halloween story of intrigue, written with help from Mr. Irving and Mr. Knickerbocker.

Lost in the Myth of the Sleepy Eye Lights
By Angela Rasch

Arctic Fox Chapter 9

Arctic Fox.png

Arctic Fox

Chapter 9

February 21, 2021, 6AM

SeaTac, the Seattle / Tacoma international airport, was bustling as usual. Mike and Gloria hurried to make their plane. It had been running late, and they had gotten breakfast, but now, Alaska Airlines had called boarding for the flight. They made it in plenty of time to spare, showed their first-class tickets, and entered the plane.

Rumor was that the plane was transporting some native artifacts that had been on tour throughout the Lower 48 (continental United States), back to the Anchorage Museum. It had taken some time to get everything loaded and secured. Why Alaska Airlines would have a problem securing native Alaskan artifacts was beyond Mike. Still, he supposed the people in Seattle weren't from Alaska, so perhaps it was too complicated for them.

The Dark Lady

The Dark Lady
A Short Story
Based on a literary mystery
By Maryanne Peters

That is what Mr Shakespeare called me – “the Dark Lady”. The name is right enough. My mother was mulatto. She was attractive enough to earn the affection of the man what owned her. I was born by that joinder. To my good fortune my blood father had good conscience enough to provide a little for my mother, and by her graces when I enjoyed them, myself.

The Woman Who Corrupted Diddleyburg

A stranger who passed through Diddleyburg during a critical time, in her life -- has returned. She had been gravely offended during her first visit and has vowed to have her revenge — not against just one person, nor a set of individuals -- but against the whole town.

(Let’s hope Mark Twain can forgive me for what I did to his great story.)

The Voyage of the Visund -33-

The Visund departs Joth to resume its journey upstream. All are looking forward to the journey, glad to be afloat once more. Tackling the tricky currents, the Visund narrowly avoids a collision while Tyra has an unexpected proposal.

grakh on parchment

The Voyage of the Visund

A tale of Anmar by Penny Lane

33 - On the Sirrel Again

Ignorance is No Excuse for Hating Someone Part 23

Bounty Ranch, Caldwell, Montana:
“Mom, Chaos won’t get onto the plane.” Haylee looks at Chaos with a disappointed look on her face. All the other wolves got onto the plane without any problems.

Chaos stood in front of Haylee. He wasn’t sure if he was going to obey her. He walks up to her and almost knocks her down, as he rubs against her body. Once he was done doing that, he jumps up into the Lear Jet where all the other wolves were.

Broken Wings 18

Our early evening meal was just as I had grown used to with my old friend, but it was made so much easier with her new double-burner stove. We had the usual mix of a couple of tins of stew, perked up with the addition of curry powder and a tin each of sweetcorn and button mushrooms, served over some reconstituted ‘savoury rice’ and some plain pitta bread to wipe out our bowls. That sounds boring, but there is something about being outdoors that always gives me an appetite, and the mixture was tasty and filling. I caught Kim smiling to herself.

Apocalypse Dawn: First Light - Part 16

AD first.jpg


Part 16: Return to the Glade

When Caleb's sister offers to get him and Jess an opportunity to play-test a new Virtual Reality MMORPG, Caleb's vacation just may change his life and the lives of those close to him forever.


“Is something the matter Sheriff? Is this a no parking zone or something?” I teased.


Ron is a recent retiree. His wife helps him make a few adjustments so they both can lead better lives.
How important is point-of-view? The following story is split into two parts. Each Part is the same story, as told from two perspectives: That of the wife and then that of the husband.

Wayward Part-5

Part Five


Madison used to have this great friend Charlie, they did everything together. Then Madison moved away. Now returning home, Madison seeks him out. The only drawback, Charlie didn't know Madison was a boy. Madison didn't know Charlie had a secret too.


Jan Comes Out to Play

Jan Comes Out Cover.jpg

An older story of mine. My attempt at romance. A young software engineer, meets up with an old friend from high school she’s a computer tech and at last the nerd finds a girl who he can talk to.

To Return Home 1.1

To Return Home.pngI'd like to thank Malady for his help editing this.

To Return Home

Chapter 1.1

I dove into the water, alongside my sister, Paula. Neither of us wore any of the diving equipment of old, except for a pair of goggles each. I hated trying to see underwater without them. Many people didn’t worry about them either, but I had hated blurry vision since I was a kid. Before I was injected with nanobots, I was myopic, but the bots had cured me of that problem almost immediately. My vision had been perfect ever since then. To dive into the water and not be able to see was too nerve-wracking. Perhaps since it took me back to the time before I was female? I wasn’t sure, but nevertheless — I wasn’t willing to do it.

Casey Jones

Egypt, Eight Years Ago, Newly Discovered Archaeological Dig:
“Bart, tell me again why we are out here checking this site out?” Casey couldn’t see how this had anything to do with the CIA or National Security.

“The boys at Langley intercepted a message saying that an unusual artifact of unknown origin had been found.” Bart Hardy hated being out in the desert at night.

Fluidity in Space: Chapter 9

I looked at my friend of many years, and smiled. "Let's forget about the issues on the ship for a bit, and just enjoy the meal."

Captain Martin returned my smile. "Sounds good to me. When we're done though. I really have something I need to show you."

I enjoyed the chicken and the company. It was great catching up. It's only been a week since I've been captain, but with everything going on, it has felt like a year.

You Wear It

You Wear It
A Short Story
By Maryanne Peters

I might have been attracted to Jules for all the wrong reasons. I mean, she was bigger than me, stronger than me, maybe even more masculine than me. You might think that she was a lesbian if you met her, but when we first got together, she was in a princess costume and she looked gorgeous.

Meagan's Tail ch7 ...Royal lessons 3

Meagan's Tail

A new Universe, a New story!

Queen's lady Meagan Ler newly changed life continues!
her linage is Queen of all the seas and mermaids!




Speedway Demons -chapter 8

Speed Demons

Total number of drivers 40. Number of company teams 10. Number of tracks 20. Number of countries 12. Time frame 6 months. Number of Fallen Angels hooked on speed 2. The McGuire sisters are and they’re out for blood in the newly founded International Stockcar Racing Association. After two years driving the Formula One circuit Professional Drivers Roberta Bobbie McGuire and her sister Elisabeth ‘Beth’ McGuire have made real names for themselves. The two young ladies took the world by storm in their first year by placing 3rd and 4th in the Championship points race. Now their plans and dreams of starting in the International Stockcar Association have come to fruition. The Fury twins plan to prove to the world they belong in Stockcar Racing. And they don’t care who they have to put into the wall to bring home the inaugural championship.


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