The Unfortunate Experiences of Mike Cross, Parts 7-9

And here are three more chapters. These took awhile after a lot of depression and writer's block fucked me up for more time than I generally want them to, plus I was busy doing a lot of other stuff. In fact, there's a character in one of these chapters who actually comes from a story I haven't posted here, and know not when I will. No clue when the next chapters will be, so buckle in and wait after you give these a read.
Just a warning: There are feels in this section. Genuine feels, that I didn't think would actually happen, but they did.

Part 7

“You need a job,” Mom said, dropping a bag of clothes on my stomach. I dropped my phone onto my bed beside me. “If there was one thing that kept my mind, it was a part time job. Plus, it nets you cash.”

I sat up. “How’dya know this won’t make things worse?”

She sighed. “I don’t. But do you have anything better?”

I shook my head. “Not really. Where do you think I should get a job?”

She smiled, and pulled a piece of paper out of her pocket. “I’ve got an idea.” I was handed the paper and saw it was a print out of a website’s careers page. “It pays well and you won’t have to deal too much with other people.”

I read over the page, then looked up at her. “You want me to be the secretary at a doctor’s office?”

“Not secretary,” she said, an annoyed look in her eye. Then she sighed. “Yeah, a secretary.” She sat down beside me. “I was at the store yesterday, got in a conversation with an old friend of mine, Oscar Santos, and he was telling me his niece had gone to college, so he needed a new receptionist. I told him I'd see if you wanted a job.”

“I guess if I’m gonna have a job, it should be somewhere people don’t know me. But secretaries talk to a lot of people.”

Receptionist. And all you’ll do is tell people the doctor’s ready to see them, then hand them the appointment card for the next one. It’s not like you’ll have to talk to people for sustained periods of time.”

I sighed. “Okay, okay. I’ll give it a try.” I lied back down. “But any unwelcome incidents and I get no chores for a week.”

Mom smiled. “Deal. Just be sure to make a real effort. Most of your problems are Eve, not other people.”

That’s… Partly true… Eve said. I could tell she didn't want to. It was a nice to hear her admitting it for once, though.

I picked my phone up again as Mom left the room and got back to playing Pokemon Shuffle. I was two moves away from beating Leafeon, and I’d been stuck on it for weeks.

And then the phone vibrated. A text message popped up over top of my game. I wanted to just ignore it, but then I saw who it was from.


Hey U call tom

Who's Tom? Eve asked. Is he hot

It’s text talk for tomorrow.

I responded.

Job intrvw, busy

I couldn’t see her tomorrow, though I needed to see her before school started. I sighed. This was the kind of dilemma that I’d have to deal with for a couple other friends and several extended family members.

Are you sure Tom isn’t just some hot guy she’s trying to hook you up with?

Why would she be trying to hook me up with a guy when she doesn’t even know I’m a girl?!

Okay, I admit, I didn’t think that far ahead. Heh heh.



I sighed again.


“What is your experience working in an office?” Dr. Santos asked me, never really looking up from his clipboard.

I looked around the room and saw things ranging from his PhD, his MD, his junior high baseball trophy, a picture of his son’s junior high baseball team, and even a picture of him and his wife standing in front of a Vegas casino. The room was covered in a weird white/orange wallpaper that probably would have made my mom sick if she were in here.

“Um… I don’t actually have any experience. My mom just wants me to have a part time job to take up my time before school starts.”

He nodded. “And are you capable of putting files in a folder and then placing them in a drawer?”

I couldn’t tell if he was being sarcastic. “Is ‘yes’ the answer you’re looking for, or are you just screwing with me?”

He glanced up from the clipboard finally, a slight smile on his face. “Congratulations, Miss Cross, you’ve got the job.”

I sat there, no doubt a bewildered look on my face, and asked, “Are you being sarcastic now?”


I seriously wouldn't have told Mom I’d do this if I’d known it would be so boring. Most of the day, all I did was organize folders and occasionally take Dr. Santos somebody's file. I answered the phone a couple times just for people to tell me they were rescheduling appointments.

The first time somebody walked through the door, it was some guy I knew from school. Kenny, I think his name was. I don’t honestly know if we’d ever said two words to one another.

You could talk to him now, Eve said, he looks like he could use a girlfriend. Or at least a handjob.

Seriously? I'm here to keep my mind off this sort of thing.

I know, I know! I’m trying, too, but it - and likely he if you play him right - is hard.

Is it too late to put that innuendo bet back into place?

Hey, you tricked me with that. You know how hard it is for me to… Dammit, I just said ‘hard’ and I wanna make a joke!

“Excuse me,” somebody said. I looked up and saw the boy from earlier, Kenny. “I need an appointment card?” He handed me the paper Dr. Santos gave him.

I reached into the drawer of the reception desk and grabbed one of the cards. The date was already on Dr. Santos’ paperwork, so all I had to do was copy that.

Unfortunately, my cell number appeared instead of the date.

What are you doing? I asked Eve.

He’s cute, ask him out!

I sighed inwardly. I don’t need a boyfriend, okay? Now I’ve wasted a card and this is my first day on the job, so lemme do this the right way, okay?

I heard her sigh now. Fine. Just put his stupid appointment on there. You could have a date with him, y’know.

No, I can't. I’m fairly certain he’s got a girlfriend.

Steal him!

I groaned, then forced myself to write the appointment date on the card and nothing else. It wasn't as easy as it should have been, but I managed it. Kenny smiled at me, but I was too disgusted with Eve’s trickery to smile back.

After that, the day got boring again, and all I did was play games on my phone until another patient walked in through the door. Of course, I wanted to do a spit take when I realized who it is coming in.


The first thing I thought when she walked through the door was how she was standing the heat wearing a long sleeve shirt and blue jeans. I was wearing a tank top and a pair of shorts, and I still felt like I was on fire when I was out of the air conditioning. Come to think of it, she looked like she had a pretty good tan.

The second thing I thought was Why the hell is she here?! Of course, I knew the answer; Dr. Santos was obviously her doctor. What was really freaking me out was that she had an appointment the day I started my job there.

“I’m here for my appointment,” she said as she came up to the desk. “Mindy Osborn.”

“I’ll… Um…” I stammered. I was making this very obvious that I was flustered by the fact that one of my best friends was here and she didn’t know I was I. Or me. Or… Fuck you, brain.

Stop arguing with yourself. You’ve got me here to be the other half of the argument.

You are not helping.

Hey, since she’s here, ask her about that Tom guy she wanted to hook you up with.

“I’ll go tell Dr. Santos right now,” I said, a little too quickly.

I walked into the Doc’s office and told him that Mindy was there, then I ducked into the restroom. I don’t know why I was going so crazy. Was I afraid of her finding out that the big boobed girl in who’s shirt she was staring down was actually her friend Mike? Was I afraid of telling her that succubi and magical girls were real?

Was I afraid she was attracted to me?

I almost certainly wasn’t attracted to her. I’d already accepted the fact that Eve’s influences made me attracted to men, and though I didn’t want to admit it, I was developing a tiny crush on Terry (and I would never let Eve know that). But was it actually gross to me that another girl might have a thing for me?

“Miss Cross, I’ll kindly ask you to leave the restroom now. Miss Osborn needs to pee in a cup.”

Dr. Santos was probably the most chill doctor I’d ever met.

“Yeah, sorry,” I said, stumbling out of the restroom. Mindy was still in the examination room, so I just returned to the desk up front and sat down.

My phone buzzed in my pocket. I fished it out and found a text from - wouldn’t ya know - Mindy.

How wuz the intrvw? the text read.

I didn’t want to answer it, but against my better judgement, I decided to. Went ok, I typed. Got the job

Kewl, she sent back. Still no hangout?

Too bsy at wrk.

This was responded to by a frowny face emoji.

I heard footsteps coming close, so I shoved my phone back in my pocket. Mindy stood in front of me and handed me the paperwork from Dr. Santos, then she leaned close and squinted at me. All in all, I couldn’t understand what she was doing.

Maybe she can tell, Eve said.

I doubt it.

Your face is still kinda sorta the same, though girly.

It’s different enough.

“Do I know you?” Mindy asked.

Gasp! Eve said in mock-surprise.

A lobotomy would cure me of you, y’know.

I blushed. “I don’t think so,” I answered. “I’m new in town.”

And then the door opened, and Terry decided that now was the time to walk in. I was about ninety percent certain life was doing its damnedest to fuck with me at all moments of the day now.

The plot and his cock are both thickening! Eve said, with an almost absurd amount of glee in her voice. Words cannot describe how much I wanted to punch her in the face she didn’t have.

He walked up to the desk, looked at me, looked at Mindy, looked back at me, looked back at Mindy. He looked like he was about to open his mouth and say something, and then Mindy just hugged him.

“I can’t tell you how much I missed you and Mikey while I was gone,” she said.

“Have you told Mike how much?”

“No, he says he’s off at his new job.”

Terry broke off the hug, then pointed at me. “Yeah, I know. Right there.”

Mindy looked back at me, then leaned in close again. “I knew it!”

Double gasp! said Eve.

Helping! Not!

“You knew it was me? How?” I asked.

“It’s not easy to see, but I can tell by your face.”

“Sixty percent of the time you’ve been here, you’ve been staring at my boobs.”

“They are nice to stare at,” Terry said.

“Why the hell are you even here?!” I almost screamed.

He raised his arms. “I have doctors appointments, too.”

“Excuse me,” Dr. Santos said as he walked into the room, “this is a doctor’s office, not a social hangout. Miss Cross, have you given Miss Osborn her appointment card and has Mr. Hughes been logged in yet?”

Terry pointed out, “I just got here. I didn’t even give Mikaela my name yet.”

Mindy mouthed, “Mikaela? Really?” If Terry or Dr. Santos noticed, they didn’t say anything.

“I’m getting the appointment card done now, Dr. Santos,” I said, rapidly scribbling down the date for Mindy’s next appointment on the card. “And Ter - ah - Mr. Hughes did just arrive.”

Dr. Santos nodded. “Good.” He patted me on the back. “Once Mr. Hughes is taken care of, you can go home. He’s the last patient of the day.”

Mindy stood there all innocently, with her hands clasped behind her back. I think I wanted to stab her with a fireplace poker almost as much as I did Eve. “Is it okay if I wait in here for Terry and Mikaela? I just got back into town the other day and I haven’t gotten a chance to catch up with them.”

Dr. Santos nodded. “Just so long as there’s no more yelling.”

I blushed again. “Sorry, sir.”

He laughed. “Don’t worry. I was your age, working a boring job once, too.”

Terry followed him into the examination room, leaving me alone in a relatively sized waiting room with Mindy. Well, and Eve, technically, but I was doing my best to ignore her.

Mindy sat down on the desk and smiled down at me. “Soooooo… Mikaela.”

I sighed. “It was better than Michelle, okay?”

“No arguments there, I just wanna know how it happened.”

“I’m not telling you here.”


“Because it’s crazy as hell and I have proof. We’ll head to my house after Terry’s done.”

She hopped off the desk and sat down in the closest chair. “So, are you like… Y’know…”

“What?” I asked.

“You didn’t exactly seem happy that I was staring at your boobs, but you didn’t say anything when Terry said they were nice to stare at.”

“I’m girl straight, yeah. I do like boys.” I sighed. “Also, he’s seen me naked, so, really, I can't complain if he stares.”

The smile on her face grew wider. “Oh, I’ve got to hear this story.”

Triple gasp! Eve said.


I dunno. I needed to say something.


“Hello, Mindy and Terry,” Mom said as we walked through the door. “How was your first day, sweetie?” she asked me.

“Well, Mindy found out and I wasn’t fired.”

“Good. Dinner in an hour, they can stay if they want.”

“Thanks, Mrs. Cross,” the both of them said.

They followed me upstairs, where Allie was just coming out of the bathroom. I pointed to my room, she shrugged and followed us in there. I plopped down on my bed, Allie took my desk, Terry sat on the floor and Mindy just stood there.

“Okay,” Mindy said, “tell me the whole story.”

Before I could say anything, Terry spoke up. “Mike’s possessed by a succubus.”

“Terry!” I squealed.

“What? It’s true.”

“Yeah, but I was about to tell her!”

Mindy laughed. “Um… Look, I love reading about succubi and all that, but we all know that’s just fake, right?”

I sighed. “I wish I could say that. I woke up one morning rubbing my crotch and screaming out moans like nobody’s business, all because of a succubus named Eve.”

“Eve? Like, Adam and Eve?”

Allie answered, “She’s named after Eve. Her mother was the original succubus, and possessed the real Eve back in the Garden of Eden.”

Mindy turned to Allie. “You seem really chill about all this, even though your little brother is now your little sister.”

Allie shrugged. “I sorta have a secret of my own.”

“Are you a succubus, too?”

She shook her head. She turned to me. “Is it okay if I show her?” I nodded. “Get ready for this one, Mindy.” Allie went through her transformation sequence (how easy it was to say that actually disturbed me) and then she was in her magical girl uniform, complete with wand. The bright light was still kinda painful, but overall, I was getting a little too used to this, considering it had only been sprung on me a couple days ago.

Mindy was speechless. She walked over to Allie and plucked and pulled at her outfit, poked her in the face, picked at her hair. Honestly, now I think I took my introduction to magical girls well in comparison to how Mindy was taking it. I was wondering if maybe she was overwhelmed by the idea that succubi and magical girls were real.

I stood up and pulled her away from Allie and sat her down on the bed beside me. “Yeah, so, back to the reason I was possessed by a succubus. I’m not actually a succubus, I’m just Eve’s host. She doesn’t want to be a succubus anymore, she just wants to be a normal girl living her life without fear of needing sex every five minutes.”

Ten minutes, thank you! I’d like to believe I have a little more restraint than you give me credit for.

Hence why you’re picturing Terry naked right this very second?

How’d you know that?

Because I’m picturing Terry naked because of you right now!

I continued, “It’s not always working so well, but in her defense, she thought she’d just possess me and be a voice in the back of my head, she didn’t know she’d change me outright.”

“Why are you being so chill about this?” Mindy asked. “You’re possessed by a sex demon, your sister is an anime protagonist and… Terry’s in the room!”

Terry asked, “Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?!”

Everybody else ignored him. “Believe me, all of this freaked me out at first. I had turned into a girl overnight, found out my sister was a magical girl, my mom had been possessed by a succubus when she was younger… I considered calling you that day, but I thought you were still out of town on your vacation, so I called Terry and… Hilarity ensued…”

“Whaddya mean?” Mindy asked.

“I told ya,” Terry said, “I’ve seen her naked.”

“He’s seen you naked?!”

I sighed. “Sometimes Eve accidentally - “ And it goddamn well better be accidental most of the time. “ - takes control of me and her urges make her take my clothes off and straddle Terry.”

I promise you, it has always been accidental. Okay, maybe one time was on purpose. But you know as well as I do that Terry is fucking adorable.

I really didn’t want to admit that, but I kinda had to. Just not out loud, and not to her. “Believe me, getting naked in front of Terry is nothing compared to the other things I’ve had to deal with since becoming a girl.”

“Oh, you mean like boys staring at you, looking at you like a piece of meat and constantly having their eyes down your top?”

“More like the pheromones I emit whenever I sweat too much. Or just the fact that I went from being attracted to girls to being attracted to guys overnight.”

Allie asked, “You’ve had to deal with the pheromones?”

Mindy spoke before I could. “Were you ever possessed by a succubus? Seems like you know more about them than Mike does.”

I answered, “Because the succubi and the magical girls have been at war for centuries.” When Mindy turned to look at me with the widest, most shocked eyes I could imagine, I said, “Yeah, this is all like straight out of an anime. I keep expecting a beach episode any day.” When I saw Terry smile, I glared at him and said, “You’ve seen me naked, you will not get to drool over me in a bikini.”

He smiled. “I’d just like to point out how stupid that sounded. I’ve seen you naked, but I don’t get to see you a tiny amount of clothing.”

I was very grateful that Allie smacked him in the head with her wand.

I sighed. “So, yeah. It’s all been a little crazy for the last couple of days. About the only wins I’ve gotten were a job and Terry and I getting first place in a cosplay competition. But, that’s rivaled by all the almost-sex and the near rape in the movie theater restroom.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Allie said. She was on me in an instant, looking over pretty much everything. “How far did it go? Are you okay? What was the guy’s name? Did he actually insert anything anywhere?”

“I said near rape. And I don’t know his name, he was just an usher at the movie theater. Why are you getting weird now?”

Mindy asked, “Now?

Allie said, “My baby sister was almost raped, that’s not something I take lightly, okay?!”

Somehow she didn’t get that when you said you’d dealt with the pheromones? It’s almost the only thing that happens when those start attracting boys.

Are you saying you willingly get raped whenever you let out pheromones?

kinda. Not exactly, I mean.

“Look, Allie, I’m okay. He didn’t touch anything, he just tore one of my shirts. Which I threw away as soon as possible.” I pushed her off of me. “Now that I think about it, if that shirt’s still covered in my pheromones… Are there boys being drawn to that trash can because of a single sniff?”

Terry started laughing. “Oh, man. The idea of that is funny.”

I leaned back on my bed. “So, Mindy, now you’re in on the secret. How are you taking this?”

She stood up. “Well, other than being down to just one guy friend and having to deal with you being hot and straight, I’m okay. Seriously, though, girls don’t still turn you on at least a little?”

I shook my head. “No. It was weird, but I’m kinda adjusted to it, no doubt because Eve’s been driving me toward trying to get a boyfriend ever since I got up that morning.”

Her eyes lit up. “Omigod, are you and Terry going out?”

The red on my face was almost certainly obvious. “No!”

“Even if it’s straight, you two would make the cutest couple!”

See? Even the lesbo sees it! Eve said with glee in her voice.

I don’t know which one of you I want to punch more.

Part 8

“Get up, girl!” Mindy shouted at me. When did she get in the house and why was she screaming at me? I rolled over and covered my head with my blanket. I didn’t want to get up, I wanted to sleep. Hopefully a dreamless sleep because another dream about wild Terry sex would drive me insane.

Oh, you love him and you love the dreams, you know you do, Eve said. The way she said it, I imagined she was sitting on the edge of the bed, one leg crossed over the other.

“Mikey, get. Up. C’mon, you’re gonna love this!” Mindy was being very determined.

I rolled onto my back - Keep your mouth shut, Eve. - and uncovered my head. “What?”

Mindy was smiling. “Get your best white shirt on, we’re going to the Anderson Twins’ lake party.”

I groaned. “Why? There's almost no reason to do that except to let boys see me in a wet tee-shirt.” And then my brain started working. “That’s also why you want it.”

“Not entirely, it’s mostly for party reasons.” She smiled wider. “Okay, it’s half and half. I wanna see you in a wet tee-shirt and I wanna see boys see you in a wet tee-shirt.”

I covered my head with my blanket again. “Why is it I become a girl and become everybody’s plaything?!” I uncovered my head again. “Is there nothing else any of you can do?!”

Allie was standing in the doorway. “I told her you wouldn’t go for it,” she said.

Mindy said over her shoulder, “Oh, shush.” She turned back to me. “C’mon, you need more boy experience and a lake party just before school starts is the perfect way to do it. Let everybody get used to the new girl before they start ogling your girls in school hallways.”

“They’ll still be ogling my girls in school hallways,” I said, defensively covering my breasts. I dunno why. There were two other girls in the room, one a lesbian and one my sister who’s already seen me topless. Still, it was reflexive. “Besides, isn’t it gonna raise suspicion when a mysterious new girl shows up with a best friend and sister to somebody the town hasn’t seen in a week?”

Mindy rolled her eyes. “Oh, please, there are people from all over gonna be at this party. At least half of it will be out of towners from other schools.”

I groaned. “Why am I even considering this?” I sat up. “I mean, why, really? Every day since I got possessed by Eve, it’s been a different goofy fucking adventure. A movie that almost turned into rape, a cosplay convention, becoming a secretary…” I sighed. “Why do I not get just Lounge around the house in a tank top and shorts time?”

Mindy made a Pbft noise. “Where’s the fun in that?”

I glared at her. “You just want to flaunt me at a lake party as your hot friend, don’t you?”

“Am I that transparent?”

“Like a bottle of purified water.”

She dropped something on top of me. “Good. Now put that on, then put some shorts and a tank top on over them.”

I picked up what she dropped on me and almost wanted to yell at her. She finds out one of her best friends has been possessed by a succubus and turned into a girl and she buys said succubus-possessed-friend a pink and orange bikini?! I didn’t even like pink that much!

I happen to think it’s adorable.

You’re a girly sex demon, of course you think it’s adorable!

How has none of my fashion sense rubbed off on you yet?

Y’know, I was a guy less than a week ago. I went from shorts and a tee-shirt to butt-huggers and tank tops. I went from briefs or boxers to panties and bras. I think I’ve transitioned through all of this pretty well. Just because I don’t wear the stuff you’d wear doesn’t mean anything.

It sorta does.

I mentally face-palmed. I cannot talk to you to right now.

I dropped the bikini in my lap and sighed. “When do we leave?” I asked.

Allie looked dumbfounded. “You’re going?”

I nodded. “No point in arguing.” I turned to Mindy. “You’re just gonna pester me the whole time if I don’t, and either way, it gets me better at dealing with more people who don’t know me.” I threw off the blanket. “Now the both of you get the fuck out of my room.”

Mindy smiled. “You’re sassier as a girl. That's hot.”


I didn't want to get out of the car. The very idea of it was concerning. There I was, wearing a pink and orange bikini under a practically skintight tank top (white, of course) and a pair of shorts that really only existed to make sure I wasn’t naked, they really didn't cover anything.

There were at least five or six dozen people, maybe more. Guys, girls, younger teens, older teens, the occasional frisbee. I didn’t know if I’d seen this many people in the high school auditorium, and that seated 2500. Very few of them were in the lake, I noticed, and it wasn't exactly a deep lake. There was a volleyball game going on like we were at the beach, there was a spot with couples just making out or lying together, and what appeared to be a poker game on a picnic blanket.

I shrunk down in my seat so that nobody could see me. “No, I can't do this.”

Mindy pulled the key out of the ignition. “Yeah, you can.” She pulled me up. “Just get that perfect ass out there and shake it. Seeing as you’re - “ she let out a groan “ - straight, there might even be a guy out there who’ll appreciate that ass.”

Just tell her you’re saving yourself for Terry, Eve said. She’ll believe it, everybody can see the chemistry.

I’m going to have to ask you to stop doing that.

Only if you tell her.

I will hit you.

I pulled myself out of Mindy’s Jeep and sighed. I had to get this over with, kinda necessary. This was my test. If I could make it through a lake party, I could probably make it through high school. Of course, the nerves were kinda making me want to get right back in the car and hide under the blanket in the back seat, despite the fact that it was almost a hundred degrees out. I was shaking, I was sweaty (for reasons other than the heat) and I was ready to jump out of my skin and head for the hills.

I did not want to be there.

Mindy slapped me on the back. “C’mon, let’s go mingle. There’s drinks over by the big tree.” She pointed at a small table set up beside a tree on the opposite side of the lake from us. Granted, it wasn’t a very big lake, only about as big at a football field, but that was still a good ways away and meant I’d have to walk through a host of people I didn’t want seeing me. “Or we could go join that volleyball game.”

I shook my head. “No way, no how. Me bouncing around out there for everybody to see?”

She laughed. “Please, you’re so big, you bounce when you’re wearing a bra.” She reached over and jiggled me a bit, which was in no way comfortable.

“Stop,” I grumbled. “That’s annoying. Do you see me grabbing your boobs?” After realizing what I said, I added, “And you won’t.”

She stuck her tongue out at me. “You’re trying not to be any fun.”

The two of us wandered around the other almost hundred teens gathered there. I recognized several people from school, couple of my friends that I would have to tell about what's become of me. That was a conversation with people I was dreading on account of I had no idea what to tell them.

Somebody bounced against me. A guy I’d seen in PE once or twice named Xander Somethingoranother (or probably Travis, actually). I had never really spoken to him, so I didn't worry about the need to tell him. As far as he was concerned, I could stay the new girl in school. Of course, my new outlook on life had me checking his abs out. I was starting to wish guys didn’t feel so nonchalant about going topless.

I almost got run down by a girl carrying some drinks. I couldn’t remember her name, but I did recognize her. She took the drinks over to a blonde girl, a brunette with pink highlights and a flat-chested girl wearing a one-piece swimsuit. They looked like they were having a good time. I had to say, I kinda wished I was somewhere between the blonde and the flat-chested girl boob-size-wise. This bikini gave me almost no support.

The poker game looked the most appealing. The guy sitting on the blanket was shuffling the deck with his hands and checking me out with his eyes. He wasn’t unattractive himself, but I really needed to get those urges under control.

“You’re something pretty,” he said, his eyes never once looking at the cards. He looked kinda familiar, but at the same time I didn't know where from. Dark hair, green eyes, a devilish sort of smile. I’d go for him in an instant if not for wanting to keep myself off of him. (And of course, a certain part of me wanted to go down on him, but I shoved her to the side.) “How’s a game sound?”

I smiled. “I’m pretty good at poker.”

He smiled back. “Me, too. Sit down, we'll wait for a couple more people, then this can begin.” He motioned for me to sit down. “Name’s Lucas.”


“Cute name for the cute girl.”

We waited about fifteen minutes as people came to join in. I recognized Greg Olsen and Frannie Reston from school and some blonde guy I’d never met who said his name was Hank. Somebody else came to join in, but Lucas waved him off. Apparently, four people and one dealer was all he wanted.

I was grateful that I was pretty good at Texas Hold ‘Em. He dealt me a Jack and a four, a spade and a heart. The first card he overturned was a three of clubs, which didn’t help me, but Frannie looked happy. One card didn't seem like it should help anyone. Nobody else had any looks on their faces except for Lucas. He was smiling wide.

The next card was flipped over, a Jack of hearts. I was sitting on a pair, now, a better prospect than before, but still nothing in the long game. Hank was smiling now, though, so he could have had at least two pair. Lucas just kept up that smile.

The third card, an Ace of hearts. It occurred to me that we didn’t exactly bet anything. We all just sort of sat down, didn't even put any money in. This was actually starting to get creepy.

“We don't have chips or money, what are we betting?” I asked.

Lucas shook his head. “Don’t worry about it. You’ll get what you win.”

The fourth card, a Jack of diamonds. Assuming I was right, Hank and I now both had three of a kind. Everybody else had at least one pair, thanks to the Jacks. I was starting to sweat more, as the last card would either make or break us.

No one was folding, I noticed. Everybody must have assumed they had a dog in the fight.

There’s something weird about him, Eve said. She probably would have been scratching her chin if she were corporeal right now.

“Alright, everyone,” Lucas said, that smile never going away, “ready for the end of the line?”

“Wait!” Frannie said. “What are we betting?”

Lucas’s smile grew wider. “Everything except your dignity.”

Oh Gods… Eve’s voice was tiny and light.


That’s it… He’s a God…

I don’t follow.

Get out of here before he wins the game.

What? I’ve got at least a three of a kind.

It doesn’t matter, you’re gonna lose.

How do you know that?

Because you’re not just playing poker with some good looking guy, you’re playing with my ex-boyfriend and he’s a Trickster God!


That’s what you take from that statement? You’re playing a card game with Loki!

I felt my eyes widen. Suddenly I wasn't just playing poker, I was sitting across a picnic blanket with a Norse Deity. And then it kicked in that Norse Deities were real. And that the succubus in my body had dated one. Somehow my brain’s priorities had been screwed righteously and there didn’t seem to be a lot I could do about it.

Lucas flipped over the last card, an Ace of spaces. His smile didn’t go away, even though he had to know at least a couple of us were packing a full house.

He nodded to us to lay our cards down in turn, starting with Greg. He had a pair of twos, with the two aces that meant two pair. Next was Frannie, who put down a three and a five. Third was Hank; he had the Jack I thought he did and another three, but the three was useless with the Aces. My turn, now, I laid down my four and my Jack.

Lucas let out a small laugh. “Well, gang,” he said, “looks like our little game has come to its end.” He set his cards down and my eyes widened in horror. The other two Aces stared us all in the face, a four of a kind. “Now, since nothing was bet and no one folded, that would mean I’ve won.” He snapped his fingers.

Frannie was the first. She had been wearing a pair of skin tight shorts made of something that looked like nylon or something and a tube top. The shorts at least were covering a pair of panties, the tube top was covering nothing. Her bare breasts were exposed, and she didn’t seem to have any problems with that, nor did anyone except me. After a second, a bra appeared on her, almost as if she'd been wearing it the whole time.

Next was Greg, who’d been wearing a pair of swim trunks and a red muscle shirt. His shirt disappearing didn't affect him at all, but then the trunks were gone and his dick was showing itself off. Apparently, he’d been semi-hard the entire game. A pair of briefs slipped into existence right after I noticed that.

Hank was third, and he’d been wearing little but a Speedo in the first place. Said Speedo was gone and replaced in short order by a banana hammock. I looked away from him as quickly as possible.

Then it was my turn. My tank top disappeared first, but thankfully my bikini top didn't. That was followed quickly by my shorts, exposing my bikini bottoms. That wouldn’t have been embarrassing to anybody else, but I was insanely self-conscious, so I didn’t want to be seen in so little.

But, again, nobody seemed to notice anything and Greg, Hank and Frannie just got up and went back to doing whatever they’d been doing before, almost as if they’d never joined the game in the first place. Nobody around seemed to notice anything either.

I turned back to Lucas. “What the hell are you?” I asked.

The Norse Trickster God, remember? I just said that.

He looked surprised. “You noticed the changes?”

“Yeah, and I want my clothes back.”

He leaned in closer. “What are you?

I scooted away from him on the blanket. “Not important, gimme my clothes!”

He shook his head. “As far as reality is concerned, those clothes are back at your house, sitting in your dresser. You never wore them, and you’re not supposed to remember that you did. I wanna know how you do.”

Just tell him, Eve said with a sigh, he’ll figure it out.

I nodded, though she couldn’t see it. “Eve is in here,” I motioned to my body.

He rolled his eyes. “Of course. You’d only be able to see it if you were magic, too. Well, you tell Eve that I’ve moved on and so should she.”

I’m not still into you, douchebag!

“She says she's gotten over you, too.”

He breathed a sigh of relief. “Good. So how’d you get caught up with Eve?”

“She decided she wanted me as a host.”

“Well, it’s a lot of risk-free sex for you, so enjoy it.”

I sighed now. “I’mma ignore that you said that.” I stood up. “Ya know, some people would play strip poker with you without the magic twist.”

He shrugged. “Where’s the fun in that?”

I rolled my eyes and walked away. I didn’t want to deal with him, and Eve was screaming something in a language I couldn't understand. I just wanted to find Mindy and get out of there.

The Find Mindy part was the biggest problem. I didn’t see her anywhere. After about five minutes, I just gave up and walked over to the table where the drinks were. I couldn’t tell which bowls had booze added in, but I didn’t care much. Not like I’d be doing anything with anyone.

A guy walked up to the table and poured himself some alcopunch. It took me a second, but I recognized him. Gerry Felding, a friend of mine back in my freshman year. I hadn’t seen him since the freshman dance where he tried to get me to ask Cindy Fletcher out and I failed so miserably that I swore off dating for a year.

He looked at me with some sort of recognition in his eyes. “You look familiar,” he said, “have we met?”

I took a long gulp of my drink. “I dunno.”

He shrugged. “Well, nice to meet you.” He walked over to the tree, sat down and pulled his phone out of his shorts pocket.

Then I heard my phone ring.

That didn't seem right, because I had no pockets in this bikini and the shorts I’d worn had never been worn because of magic, and that's where my phone had been before the poker game.

“Hey!” Mindy called out to me. She apoeared pretty much out of nowhere. “Your phone's ringing. Looks like… Gerry Felding? When did he move back to town?”

“I dunno,” I said in a small voice as I saw Gerry get up from the tree he was sitting at.

And walked toward us.

Part 9

Gerry stood there, looking at me holding my phone, hearing that ringtone that he knew was his, looking at his phone knowing he was calling me, likely to find out if I was gonna come to the lake party. If I was lucky, he wouldn’t put two and two together and connect me with me.

But since when had I ever been lucky in the last week?

“Mindy?” he asked as he approached us. She perked up somewhat, likely because she and Gerry had been practically inseparable back when we were younger. If not for Mindy being into girls, I would have assumed they were dating back then. “Whaddya got Mike’s phone for?” Had he really not put it together?

As if participating in a surprise strip poker game wasn't bad enough, Mindy had to go and blow my cover. “Because she left it with me. I’ve got a purse, and - obviously - she has no pockets.”

I smacked myself in the face. “Thank you, Mindy. Thank you so much.”

“What? He’s been our friend for, like, ever!”

Gerry asked, “What's going on?”

Mindy answered, “Mike got himself possessed by a succubus, hence why she's wearing such a skimpy bikini.”

I wanted to slam my face against the closest tree. “Why would you tell him that?!”

Gerry looked confused and amused at the the same time. Mindy looked amused. Eve sounded amused. Why was everyone but me entertained by all this?! Oh, wait, because I was the one all this was revolving around.

I sighed. “It's true,” I said, “I was possessed by a succubus.”

Gerry shrugged. “Okay.”

I looked in straight in the eye. “Okay?” I scratched at my arm. “Okay is all you say?”

He nodded. “Yeah.”


He slipped his phone back in his pocket. “You're not the first magic person I’ve met.” He pointed over at the blanket Loki was sitting on. “That guy’s a Norse God.”

“How did you know that?” I asked.

“Overheard him and his brother talking, then the brother disappeared in a cloud of rainbows.”

“A cloud of rainbows?”

“A legitimate cloud of rainbows. It was weird as hell.”

I sighed. That was easier than it could have been, and that would make school tomorrow easier. Three people knowing me was a helluva lot better than just two. All I had to do now was deal with talking to people who didn't know me.

I poured myself another cup of punch and then nearly spit it out when Mindy said, “So, Mikey’s dating Terry.”

I turned around and glared at her. “Don’t tell him that! It's not true, anyway!”

“He’s seen you naked.”

“I have a succubus inside me, most of the school will probably see me naked!”

Gerry laughed. “That’s… Uh… That's probably not something to say out loud, even if nobody's close enough to hear us.” He turned to me. “You and Terry, eh? Makes sense.”

I folded my arms under my breasts. “How?

“You two were damn near joined at the hip before.”

I rolled my eyes. “Not a much as you and Mindy, and I don't see you guys going out.”

“Please, Mindy’s a dyke.”

Mindy punched him in the face. “I’m right here and we prefer the term Women Who Date Women Because Men Are Disgusting.”

“No they're not,” I said. The two of them turned to me, both with confused looks on their faces. “What? I have a sex demon in my head, it really shouldn't be surprising that I’d say that.”

Now you should totally prove it by giving Gerry a blowjob.

What part of ‘no’ do you fail to understand?


I dropped onto my bed face first and came face to stitch with the tank top and shorts I’d “planned” on wearing. At least Loki was telling the truth when he told me the clothes would be back here. For a trickster, he was amazingly honest.

Someone sat on my back. Based on the shape of their butt, they were female, but that could mean Mom, Allie or Mindy. Or some otherworldly being that decided to enter my life and make it weirder than it already was. I turned my head and saw it was Allie sitting on me. “What?” I asked.

“How was the lake party?”

“Okay. I lost a game of strip poker.”

She pulled my folded up clothes out from under me. “That explains why these just showed up earlier. Mom was confused, too. How’d it happen?”

“Trickster God named Loki.”

“Loki the Norse God, Loki?”

“The very same.”

“What was he doing there?”

“Running a strip poker game.” I put my arms under my pillow. “And then Gerry’s back in town, and he knows now.”

“So that's three of your friends, now. How many more to go?”

“That should be good enough to not be the obvious new girl in school. Besides, not like I’ll be the only new girl. There's gotta be at least a couple transfer students.” I wanted to sleep, but the weight of my sister on my lower back was preventing me from doing so. “Can you move, please?”

She hopped off of me. “Yes I will, because you need to get ready.”

I groaned. “Ugh, why? I was just at a lake party with semi-drunk people while wearing a bikini and I swear half of them grabbed my ass at some point. Why do I need to do anything other than lie here and sleep?”

She smiled. “Reasons. Get up and find something cute but functional, I’ll go get some makeup ready.”

I don't want makeup, I thought.

Just go with lipstick.

I sat up. Did… Did you just have an idea I agree with?

I know, it’s weird.


After six long arguments, I finally got it through Allie’s head that I was not going to wear a skirt. With my luck, I’d probably get the damn thing torn and then everybody and their mothers would see my panties and I’d already be a topic of discussion tomorrow at school. I refused to let that happen, so no skirt (despite Eve not-so-subtly trying to get me to) for me. I still wasn’t even ready to wear skirts out in public. So, because of that, my outfit consisted of a pair of tight shorts and a pink, low cut tank top.

I felt insanely girly looking at my face in a mirror and checking the lipstick I was wearing. I had no intentions of using it for kissing, it was just to look a little better. I couldn’t believe I’d let Eve talk me into it, but I had to admit that the lipstick did make me look a little better. I actually even felt a little better, too. Did girls usually feel like this with makeup on?

“Somebody looks like she’s ready for a date,” Mom said. I spun around and saw her bringing in some laundry. “Is Terry the lucky boy?”

I blushed. “I’m… Allie told me to get ready, and that we’d be going in a little while, that’s all. I don’t know why, but I hope it’s not for a date.”

She smiled. “Don’t worry, even if it is, she wouldn’t set you up with someone you wouldn’t like.”

“I’m not worried about that. Even if I don’t like them, Eve might.”

That is a lie!

Be quiet.

Mom sat down on my bed and motioned for me to sit beside her. I plopped onto my bed and waited for whatever was about to come next. Needless to say, I was a little surprised when she started brushing my hair, but it actually felt kinda nice.

“I wish I had hair like this when I was your age,” she said.


“No, silky, clean. I know it’s just Eve keeping you looking nice to attract boys, but it still looks beautiful.”

I smiled. Compliments were starting to sound nice, too. Was I getting vain or just… I dunno… Girly? “Thanks, Mom.”

“How’s your job been so far?”

“Pretty good. Dr. Santos doesn’t get a whole lot of people coming in, so most of the time I just sit around and do stuff online until somebody does come in, and then I tell Dr. Santos, they go in and I get back to doing what I was doing.”

“That’s good. Do you have everything you’ll need for school tomorrow?”

I nodded. “Yeah. Notebooks, binders, pencils. A lot of nervousness since everybody knows me, but nobody knows me.” I sighed. “Plus, I’m going to havta deal with all my new… Urges.”

She stopped brushing my hair. “I know how hard that’ll be, sweetie. I was possessed by a succubus once, too. It’s impressive you’ve managed this long.”

I’d like to think I had a hand in that, too!

Please, you keep trying to get me to put hands on every guy I see.

Yeah, but do I actually make you do it?

No. But now that I know you could, I’ll be much more careful about interactions with non-Terry guys from now on.

He’s the guy I want you to touch the most.

I rolled my eyes. “I’m doing as well as I can.”

“You’re doing amazing, sweetie. Eve, too. It can’t be easy for her to ignore the opportunity to take full control and just let herself loose on the first man she sees.”

I told you I had something to do with it!

I sighed. “She’s doing better than I would expect, honestly.”

Mom smiled, then stood up. “Well, I’ll let you finish getting ready. Whatever Allie’s got planned for you, I’m sure it’ll be a fun evening.”

“Thanks, Mom. For everything.”


“You have been the most understanding mom in the world. Your daughter becomes a magical girl, your son gets possessed by a succubus and turned into a second daughter. If we were a normal family, you’d probably be going crazy.”

She smiled again. “We’re as normal as we need to be.” She shut my door behind her and then I was alone in the room again.

I was about to lay down, but then I looked next to me and suddenly Eve was sitting there. It had been a couple days since she manifested physically, I was caught off guard a little. She was dressed identically to me, so I guess she liked what I’d picked to wear.

She also looked down.

“What’s up with you?” I asked.

She shook her head. “Nothing. Nothing.”

“Uh… Something something. Why do you look like your puppy just died?”

“I never had a puppy. One, because we don’t get them on our plane; and two, because I had a really… Difficult life.”

“Huh? You? The girl who keeps trying to get me to fuck any guy I come into contact with?”

She glared at me. “I’m a succubus, impulses can’t be helped.” She looked away. “My mom is the succubus queen. The first succubus. She had me really late and life and she never really wanted me in the first place.”


She nodded. “Yeah. Watching you and your mom, your kind, loving, understanding mom, stirred up some bad feelings. I tried to celebrate my first possession with her, but she ignored me. I tried to be a good daughter, but she just wanted me to go away.” She looked like she was starting to cry. “Your mom is the kind of mom I wanted. That’s part of the reason I picked you.”


“I watched you for a little while before I possessed you. I wanted what you had, and I thought that even by proxy, just by possessing you, I’d actually feel loved by someone’s mom.”

I couldn’t help myself. For the first time since we’d been sharing my body, I hugged Eve. I knew that if anybody walked into the room, they’d see me hugging empty air, but everybody who would walk into my room also knew that I could see Eve. I didn’t care, though. I needed to hug her. She needed this hug.

She seemed surprised. Likely because we’d never hugged in our short time together. She reciprocated by hugging back, and that was when I felt her tears hit my shoulder. I started crying after that, not a lot, and it confused me as I did it, but I didn’t care, I just let the tears flow. Suddenly, it felt like I had another sister, and I wasn’t going to let that feeling slip away.


I was already a little angry with Allie for making me get dressed, and then being brought to a park and left behind as she wandered off with some guy I vaguely recognized from the last time she brought a boyfriend home. Granted, I seemed to remember that guy being her ex-boyfriend’s friend, but still.

I sat down on a bench that had a nice view of the river and sighed. I guess if I was gonna be all alone, at least I’d have a nice time enjoying the sights and sounds of a peaceful river. Thanks to the breeze, it actually felt kinda cool, not at all like the 90 degree temperatures we’d been having. Of course, the cool air and me showing so much skin was actually making me a little chilly now. Good news mixed with the bad news.

I pulled my legs up and hugged my knees to my chest. I was acting more female, now. Or, at least, more obviously female. I guess a week of being like this had finally taken its toll on me. I wondered when I’d start wearing dresses or wearing more makeup than just lipstick just to go to the grocery store.

What’s it matter? Eve asked. You’re getting used to it, at least.

I know. It’s not even bothering me like it used to. Plus, there was that whole sisterly bonding experience we just went through, so I guess maybe it wouldn’t even be a bad thing if I just accepted everything.

Thanks for that, by the way.

No problem. Maybe the two of us can actually get started helping you with your urge problem, thus curbing my urge problem.

Hey, don’t sell yourself short. Guy like Terry hangs around you so often, I woulda torn his clothes off and worked him like there was no tomorrow.

I’m not sure I needed to know that. And, honestly… It’s not easy not to do that.

Mike, you're scaring me.

I laughed. You? I’m scaring me!

So, say, hypothetically, what if you and Terry were to start dating?

I don’t know. I wanna say I’d have enough restraint to keep myself from just letting him take me, but at the same time, I don’t know. He’s… Gah, I hate that you’re making me do this. He’s great to look at, and he’s my best friend. He’d never take advantage of me, or anything, so I wouldn’t havta worry about that. I’d have to worry more about me than him.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand if he was right there for you to talk to now, perhaps there to talk to you?

Then I’d feel really fucking silly and probably nervous as hell. Good thing he’s no -

“Hey, Mike,” Terry said. Of course he was there. He looked at me, a smile on his face. A smile I wanted to hug and kiss more and more every day. There were those nerves I was talking about. “What are you doin’ here? Allie asked me to meet her here.”

“Allie asked you?”

“Yeah. Said she’d be here around this time.” He sat down beside me. “So, what are you doin’ here?”

I hugged my legs closer to me. “Oh, just… Allie asked me to come and then dumped me off to go out with her boyfriend.”

“I didn’t know she had a boyfriend.”

“Yeah. Ulrich, or something like that. He moved to the US last year. I only met him once, and I was a boy then. He didn’t even seem to notice me.”

“Oh, sorry about that.”

I shook my head. “Don’t worry about it. I don’t care if her boyfriends notice me.” I looked over at him. He looked kinda nervous sitting there, and of course I thought he looked outrageously cute looking nervous. I’m feeling that, not you, right? I asked Eve.

Well, we both are, but it’s coming more from you than me.

Okay, just wondering.

“You okay?” he asked.

I nodded. “Yeah, just asking Eve a question, is all.”

“How you gonna handle her at school, what with all those guys she’ll wanna fuck?”

Why is he asking that question? Eve demanded.

I ignored her. “It’ll be weird, but I should be able to manage it.” I had an urge to lean over onto him, but I did my best to ignore that, too. “I think Eve’s doing better at keeping herself under control, too.”

“Good.” He looked away from me, then turned back. “Are you wearing lipstick?”

Oh, goddamn me, why’d I forget that? “Uh, yeah. It was Allie’s insistence, she told me I was gonna wear makeup, and I told her I would only wear lipstick.”

“It looks good on you.”

I blushed. “Thanks. I was kinda nervous about it. Then Allie put it on me and I thought it looked stupid, then I sorta felt good about it. That sounds stupid, I know, but it’s… I can’t believe I’m saying this. It’s a girl thing.”

He smiled. “I believe it.”

I smiled at him. “Thanks.”

He put his arm across the bench, and this time I really couldn’t help myself. I snuggled up next to him, but I kept hugging my knees to my chest like I had been doing. All I really did was move closer to him, which didn’t seem to bother him. We sat there for awhile being silent, just watching the river together. I didn’t know moments like this could happen between me and anybody, let alone my best friend.

The sun was starting to go down when I realized I’d snuggled up closer to him. And at about that time, I realized that his arm had moved from the back of the bench to around me and I had no problems with it. Was this really how far I’d come? To not wanting guys to look at me to letting one put his arm around me? Granted, Terry wasn’t just any guy, I’d known him for years, confided hin him when all this had happened to me, won a cosplay competition with him. I felt warm with him holding me the way he was, but not “warm” as in the temperature sense.

I uncurled and snuggled even closer. For some reason, that just felt right, and I couldn’t figure out why. He didn’t seem to mind at all, and simply held me closer still. I could hear his heartbeat, hear the rhythm. It sounded so good. I’d only ever had one real girlfriend in my life, and she’d never wanted to be held the way I did now. How I’d gotten this far, I couldn’t know, but I had found that I was ready for something else, now.

I looked up into Terry’s eyes, he looked down at mine, and I pressed my lips to his. He forced my mouth open with his tongue, and I accepted it. He hugged me close, and I honestly felt like we could actually fuse into a single person, and I really wouldn’t have minded (though, in hindsight, that sounded odd). I moved on top of him, pressed myself against him. I didn’t feel like taking any clothes off, which was good, but I still wanted to be on him. The whole time, we never broke off the kiss.

He kept his one arm around me, his hand on my shoulder. His other hand moved, though. It started on my waist, moved to my hip, then found itself gripping my butt through my shorts. I reached down and moved it off of me, then finally broke off the kiss. “Hey, we were having a moment, and you are not ruining it by fondling me.”

We stared at each other for a second or two before we both burst into laughter. And the laughter led to another kiss, and the first real moment that I enjoyed being female.

Maybe let him fondle you again? It feels way better when it’s consensual.

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