The Big Head

My grandmother often warned against "getting the big head."

She believed in humility and, of course, she was right.

Damned if I didn't go against her sage advice -- and grew a melon of above average size.

I've been able to order extra large wigs from Paula Young in the past, put they seemingly have stopped making them.

The searches I've made for extra large wigs have brought me to sketchy sites that appear to be selling poor quality products to desperate people for exorbitant prices.

Can anyone steer me to a good quality wig provider who sells extra large wigs online?

Thank you.

My grandmother also loved to use the word "kiester" a lot. She would grin when she said it because it was as close to a "naughty" word as she ever came. Now "Keister" is part of a national ad campaign for Preparation H. Coincidentally, I've been to the small town of Keister many times.


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