TG Techie

TG Techie

Ash is a quiet boy, more interested in books than people. Then an alien accident wrecks his gender lobe. So it goes.

Ash, now Aisling, tries a new school, and a new beginning, and gets pulled into the beautiful and hardcore world of technical theater.

We're starting off slow here, and then things are going to get real weird. The techies are serious about the way they unwind during show week, and an orgy is a great way to relax.

For the people who come to the stage to work, not to get noticed, who keep the show running, without needing the fame. For the ones who stay up all night striking the set instead of going to the cast party. For people who wear black as a uniform, and an identity. Here's something I hope you'll enjoy.

Updates every Tuesday and Friday in the very earliest AM, with around 2,000 words.