Peace Bringer 3&4 by Maggie Finson from DopplerPress

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Just in time for Halloween! The saga is complete!


In a war between demons and the undead, must you choose the lesser evil?

Peace Bringer
Parts 1&2
by Maggie Finson
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When you're a new vampire caught up in a struggle between immortals, having your sex changed too is just a minor inconvenience.

Maggie Finson's classic saga of hope, fear, sacrifice and redemption begins now from DopplerPress. One of Maggie's best, do not miss this book!

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It just went up about six hours ago

erin's picture

It usually takes less than a day to be available on all the Amazon divisions. There is absolutely no way for us to hurry it along.


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I've read this epic a couple of times

And love it. Have an epub I made after collecting the parts but I'll buy the book to support BC and the author.

Did she finish the story?

D. Eden's picture

Or is this all there is to it?

It was very good - I just hope that she finished it so I can read more.

D. Eden

Dum Vivimus, Vivamus


Well she did finish it. There are two more parts.

The story goes wayyy back to 2004, Goddess I feel old.

Reading it now

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Well, not actually now now, but,, Oh you know what I mean.

"Reach for the sun."