The Frozen Balance

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The youngest son of an old noble family, Sarrell Avaren harbours a desperate ambition. He wants to join the elite ‘Queen’s Scouts’ as a common soldier. Despite his family’s disapproval of his choice, Sarrell makes a passionate oath to the Goddess. But, like all such oaths, the cost will be high. Especially when the ancient and mystic Balance itself is in danger. Like the society it protects it has become brittle with age and the first red cracks of strife are appearing between the kingdoms below. At the festival of the Equinox the Goddess reaches out to Sarrell, engulfing him in a cataclysmic change that horrifies the young warrior and confuses his family, for Sarrell now finds he has become a girl, trapped within skirts and the rigid traditions of a stagnant society. Newly named Seren after the Goddess’ star, a different path now beckons the warrior. She swiftly finds herself caught up in the bitter intrigues of the royal court as lady in waiting to the youthful Princess Melisande. Unlike most ladies in waiting however, Seren decides to deal with threats in her own way and the shadowy warrior ‘Shade’ is born. Yet can Seren balance her own life between secret warrior and lady in waiting, between duty and desire, even as she fights to protect and repair the mystic Balance of the kingdoms?

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This story is 227 words long.