Altered Fates: “The Bodyguard”

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Altered Fates: “The Bodyguard”

By Zapper


Logan a former Navy SEAL left the teams to pursue work as a civilian contractor and landed a job working the Elite Security Firm. The Firm specializes in providing security to the rich and influential. Logan was hired to protect Molly Falk except that things become much more complicated when after a shooting he’s offered an unexpected position by Richard Falk (Molly’s dad) to protect Molly. Enter the Medallion of Zulo and Logan soon finds himself in Molly’s shoes, literally. As Molly and Logan try to adjust the terrorists attack and they are forced to use an artifact to escape to the Falk estate. Finding themselves in a new world Molly and Logan are soon caught up in events in Nevrast as Morgoth attempts to destroy the remaining Elves in that land. War has come to Nevrast can Molly and Logan survive and return to earth?

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