Altered Fates; “The Bodyguard” Ch 15 of 16

Current Situation:

Nevrast has been saved and the remaining Elves are migrating to Tumladen. Molly and Logan have traveled with their friends to the ruined watch tower and the Gate. Then tragedy struck when the giant spiders attacked the small group catching them by surprise. With Molly’s reason for staying in Arda gone will he return to Earth?

Author Note:

1: This story is based on the Altered Fates Universe concept established by Jennifer Adams, however I’ve taken some artistic liberties so this story doesn’t strictly adhere to the rules Jennifer established.

2: This is also a fanfic of the J.R.R. Tolkien world of Middle Earth in an untold tale of the First Age. Please note; I didn’t stay completely true to the Middle Earth that Tolkien set up. This is my take on what Middle Earth in the First Age might have been like.



“Through the Gate”


Molly stood next to Logan as she finished chanting the words that activated the gate. They were both in their human forms and for a brief instant Logan considered shifting into Melchiresa as a tribute before stepping through the gate. Then she dismissed the idea and reached out and touched the symbol representing Earth with her bleeding hand. The gate activated and suddenly the air within the arch became hazy. Molly felt numb as Logan handed him the knife. Nothing mattered. Tanna was dead. Half the Elves who’d accompanied him were dead including Ronir. Penlod and Narmartë looked on, sorrow plain on their clear Elven faces. Both were wounded.

The attack had almost cost all of them their lives. Molly couldn’t believe it still. A part of him refused to accept that Tanna was dead. But there was no mistaking it. He’d held her cold still body until the sun rose and then laid her gently next to the bodies of the other fallen. Then he’d found Logan and told her that he was ready to return. There was no way that Molly wanted to stay in this world. Every second was now a reminder to him of what he’d lost.

“My Lord, you can yet change your mind. You have earned a place of honor among us.” Narmartë’s words were of little comfort to Molly and he shook his head.

“Nay. I thank you, my lady, but every moment I tarry reminds me of her. I don’t belong to this world and now I must return.”

With that Molly made a shallow cut on his palm and pressed it into the same symbol Logan had activated a moment ago.

Logan nodded to Molly and then turned to face the remaining Elves.

“It has been an honor to fight by you. Be well.” Logan said.

There was a murmur among them and then Narmartë stepped forward to hug Logan.

“The honor was ours. You are like a sister to me. I will miss you all the remaining days of my life. Perhaps we will meet again in Valinor.”

“Perhaps,” Logan said and turned to the gate. ‘I’m going to miss you Melchiresa!’

*And I you. But know this, the time that your souls where joined has changed both of us. I will carry a part of you with me into Valinor.*

Logan waved at the gathered Elves and stepped through the gate with a whisper, “And I you.”

Logan vanished and Narmartë turned one more time to face Molly and took a small step forward as if to offer a hug. Molly lifted a hand stopping her.

“For me, the light and joy of Arda has fled. I too must leave.”

Tears were streaming openly down Molly’s strong masculine face and he moved to step through the gate and then paused.

“We have no use for this,” Molly turned and extended the stone knife to Narmartë. “If you have need of us, use the knife and gate and find us.”

Narmartë accepted it and then glanced into Molly’s face. “The need would have to be very great for us to risk this place again.” Then she reached up and brushed a tear back. “And I have no desire to cause you more pain.”

Molly caught Narmartë’s hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. “I must go.” With that he stepped through the gate and vanished.


There was a moment of dizziness and Logan stumbled and then her foot found solid ground. The floor was covered in ruble and Logan stumbled trying to catch her balance. The darkness was almost absolute and without thinking Logan called upon her power hoping to improve her vision. Instantly things swam into focus. That fact alone stunned Logan.

‘Melchiresa?’ Logan thought searching the vault of her mind. She was met with silence. Yet even in the silence Logan found power. Not the full energy she’d know when bonded to Melchiresa. In fact if Logan had to guess she’d have said she was at about half her former power. ‘How is this possible?’ she wondered, yet she didn’t have the time to puzzle it out as her gaze swept the ruined room. The only item in the vault that had survived the breaching charge was the arch. The hole next to the vault door was jagged but easily big enough to climb through. Strangely it wasn’t big enough to move the arch through. This made Logan wonder how they planned to move the damn thing. Then there was a noise and Logan turned to see Molly stumble through the gate.

It was almost comical to watch him move blindly for a second before reaching for his power. The surprise on Molly’s masculine face caused Logan to giggle.

“I know, right?”

“How is it that we still have our powers?”

Sobering a little Logan said, “I wish I knew. Come on.”

With that they climbed through the hole in the wall and found themselves in the trophy room. The cases were smashed and most of the objects collected by Richard Falk were missing. Molly, much to Logan’s annoyance, took the lead. Their gear had been retrieved from Lindornëa and they’d changed this morning into normal clothes. They even had the guns they’d taken from the terrorists although they were both out of ammo. For a minute Logan hoped to spot a dropped mag or two but no such luck.

Molly moved cautiously into the hallway and Logan followed. It was just as dark here but with their ability to see in the dark this wasn’t much of an obstacle. Molly moved with long familiarity down the hallway and Logan followed feeling a sense of déjà vu like she ought to be familiar with all of this. Then it occurred to her that these were some of the memories that she’d inherited through the medallion from Molly.

At the end of the hallway they found the steps that led to the ground floor. At the door they also found a line of police tape.

“Do you think it counts as crossing a police line if we’re trying to get out?” Molly whispered.

Logan punched him in the shoulder happy that Molly could see the humor in this. “Let’s just move.” Then she paused, “How much time do you think has passed?”

Molly shook his head, “I have no idea. I can only say that time seemed to flow faster when Dad and I explored Arda than it does here.”

Molly moved forward and Logan followed behind looking around as she went. She could see signs that repairs had been started here. So this meant that at least a few days had passed. Yet the house felt strangely empty. Normally there was a live-in staff and security twenty four seven.

Now on the main floor Logan looked at Molly, “Now what?”

“Come on, if Richard is here he’ll be in the master bedroom.”

Feeling a little uneasy Logan followed Molly through the empty house and up into the family wing. Once on the second floor Molly led them down to the end of the wing. Richard Falk’s master bedroom suite took up the entire end of the hall. As they approached Logan suddenly stopped.

“Let me have the Key.”

A little reluctantly Molly answered, “I don’t have it.”


“I left it with Narmartë. I told her that if they ever needed us they could use it to come here.”

Logan sighed, “I guess that’s for the best. Without it no one from our world can use the gate.”

Without another word Molly set off moving to the end of the hallway and then he turned to Logan. “Ready?”


“Do you want to knock or shall I?”

Logan shrugged, “You’re his daughter.”

“I don’t look like it at the moment.” Then with a nod, “Fine, I’ll do it. Just don’t be surprised if he shoots me.”

Molly knocked on the door, “Mr. Falk?”

Logan was puzzled by this and then realized that Richard didn’t know her former voice well enough to identify it. It was better to use a term of address that wouldn’t alarm him.

“Mr. FALK?” This time Molly knocked louder, “RICHARD?!”

There was movement from within the room and then a light flickered on under the door.

“Who is it?”

Molly looked at Logan and motioned for her to move forward. With a sigh Logan stepped up.

“It’s Molly and Logan. We’re back.”

There was the sound of hurried movement behind the door and then it jerked open causing both Logan and Molly to stand there blinking. Richard Falk stood there staring at them fumbling with his bathrobe tie and then he rushed forward sweeping Logan into a hug.

“Molly! I’m so glad you’re safe! I was so worried about you.”

For a second Logan couldn’t react. Feeling stunned she slowly reached up to awkwardly pat Richard on the back.

“Um, it’s okay, Daddy. We’re back now.”

At this Richard released Logan and turned to Molly and extended his hand. “I can’t thank you enough Logan. You kept my baby safe!”

Molly reached out and traded grips with Richard and then the older man turned to look at Logan again. “Come, I’ve got a good bottle of Scotch in my study. I insist you tell me what happened and how you managed to return safe and sound, in the middle of the night no less!”

As he led the way back down the hallway Molly and Logan exchanged confused glances. What was going on?


Logan knew where the study was and had to fight the urge to hold back so she could talk with Molly. In a few seconds Richard threw open a heavy wooden door and turned on a light switch. Several lamps around the room came to life bathing the space in a warm yellow glow.

“Please, Logan, have a seat.”

Richard had moved to a small table and was pouring an amber fluid into three crystal glasses. Then he turned around and handed one to Logan and one to Molly before taking up the third glass.

“To safe returns!” He said and held out his glass. “Safe returns.” Molly and Logan mumbled and then drank. Logan couldn’t help sputtering as the smooth whiskey burned.

“Come sit by me Molly. I just want to look at you. I’ve been so worried. You’ve been gone for three days!” As he said this, Richard moved to the leather sofa pulling Logan along with him.

“Only three days?!” Molly exclaimed and then settled into a brown leather chair.

Richard cocked his head and then nodded. “Yes, what do you mean, only?”

“He means we went through the gate and to us we’ve been gone for well over a month.” Logan said trying to keep her voice steady.

“Oh . . .” Then Richard reached out to grip Logan’s soft arm. “Tell me everything.”

After a moment’s hesitation Logan lifted her glass and finished the whiskey and then nodded. “This is a long story so I’ll just give you the highlights.” With that she launched explaining the ruined tower, the attack of the giant spiders, and their meeting the Elves. By the time she was explaining about the attack on Lindornëa Logan noticed she was slurring her words.

“Is it hot in here?” Logan asked feeling sweat bead up on her forehead and looked over to see that Molly had fallen asleep in his chair. She tried to speak but for some reason she couldn’t get her mouth to work properly. Then her glass slipped out of numb fingers to crash onto the hard wood floor shattering into a thousand pieces.

Logan felt her body tilt sideways and saw Richard stand up, a wide grin splitting his face.

“Yes, Molly, I added something to your drink. The drug won’t hurt you but you’re going to be sleeping for a while.”

Then darkness closed in and Logan knew no more.


“Ughhh . . .” Logan wasn’t sure if it was the pounding in her head or the ache in her back from the hard surface she was on that hurt worse. ‘Where am I,’ she wondered. The room was dark and when she tried to roll onto her side as she felt something around her neck.


Logan lifted her head and pushed herself into a sitting position. Then she focused on bringing up her night vision. As she did she realized that she was only wearing panties and a bra. No wonder she was cold!

“Woof . . . woof”

The urgent barking caused her to look to her right and there in an iron kennel was a mangy look mutt of a dog. Its fur was matted and Logan could see the blood on its muzzle.

“You’re awake.”

Logan turned and directly across from her she spotted Molly sitting on a blanket with his back against the opposite wall. He’d been stripped down to a set of boxers but the cold didn’t seem to be bothering him.

“Where are we?”

Molly shook his head and brought his cuffed hands to his lips to indicate caution. “Well, MOLLY, I would think you’d recognize this place. This is the store room behind the kitchen.”

Logan nodded and remembered the events from before and the fact that Molly was calling her ‘Molly’ was telling. Logan brought her hands up and realized that unlike Molly her hands weren’t handcuffed. She used one finger to touch her ear and Molly nodded. He was using his ability to see in the dark and he obviously thought that someone was listening in on them.

“My father drugged us? Why would he do that?”

At this the dog started whimpering. Logan glanced at the dog and stood up. For a second she had to fight for her balance and when she reached out to the wall for support she found the chain. Logan grabbed the stainless steel chain and realized that it ran from the collar around her neck to a grommet set into the concrete floor not far from the blanket she’d been laying on.

“I’ve got one too.”

Logan glanced over at Molly and saw that he too was chained in place.

“What the hell is going on?”

“I don’t know, but can you reach the bucket?” Molly pointed to a pail that was closer to Logan by the kennel.

Logan moved to the end of her chain and found that the bucket was just in reach. As she grabbed it the dog moved to the edge of the kennel and wagged its tail as it looked at her. Molly shook her head, “You’re a friendly fella.” She carried the bucket over to Molly and discovered that she and Molly had just enough chain to exchange the bucket, if she stretched. As soon as Molly had it he sat it on the floor to one side of the blanket he was using as a mat and pulled out his large cock and cut loose with a heavy stream of urine.

Logan glanced away, suddenly embarrassed at watching Molly pee. Then she took a quick peek and realized that Molly’s penis captivated her. ‘What does it feel like to have one?’ she wondered and then the strangeness of the thought struck her. Was she now so far gone into femininity that she no longer remembered what it felt like to use her own penis to take a piss?

Almost in a panic Logan closed her eyes and tried to remember things from her life as a man. Basic training, BUD/S, and her time on the Teams, the memories were there but they’d somehow faded; almost like they’d happened to someone else. Then Logan thought about Molly and the memories came to her sluggishly. Learning to ride a horse and Shooting trap with her dad, and playing volleyball. These memories were fainter than her memories of being Logan but if she focused on then she could find them. ‘What is wrong with me?’ she wondered, ‘am I losing my mind?’

“Ah, noth’n like a good piss.”

Logan glanced back in time to see Molly tuck his man-meat back into his boxers. Then Molly caught Logan’s eye and smirked.

“It sure is nice to take a piss standing up.”

“Shut up.”

At this Logan sat back down tucking her legs under her and took the chain in her hands. Logan closed her eyes and concentrated. Melchiresa was a Maiar and the Daughter of the Morning-Star, whatever that meant. But she was also the mistress of Air, Fire, and Metal. Logan focused on the metal and could feel the power within her touch it. For several seconds she stroked the chain feeling her power move through it. Then the door burst open.

Richard Falk moved into the cell carrying a bag in one hand and flipped on a light switch with the other. Logan had to blink against the bright light.

“Daddy, what . . . are you doing? What’s going on?” Logan tried to put as much fear into her voice as she could but she’d always been a terrible actor.

Richard sat the bag down and there was a heavy sounding clink of metal. Then he looked at Molly and grinned, a creepy sort of grin.

“You are looking really hot, Molly. Have you ever thought of doing it with daddy?”

“What?! No!” Logan scooted back and tried to cover as much of her exposed flesh as she could.

Richard laughed. “Why so shy?”

“You are not my father!” Logan said, suddenly sure.

At this the smile faded from Richard’s face and for a second he looked confused. Then he turned to Molly, “Hi, Logan. Don’t you recognize your old pal Owen?”


At this Molly surged to his feet and glared at the false Richard. “No fucking way! How is this possible?”

“An interesting story. But first a small demonstration is in order.”

With that Owen pulled another chain and collar from the bag and fitted it to a third grommet. Then he put on a set of gloves and took a plastic bag from his pocket. He went over to the kennel and opened it.

The mutt cringed back away from Owen and made a whimpering sound but Owen grabbed it roughly by the scruff of its neck and lifted the poor animal out. The dog whimpered as he carried it over to the chain and collar.

“What are you going to do with the dog, you bastard?” Molly said, sounding furious.

“Poor, thing. If you hurt it I’ll kill you.” Logan added in her sweet tones.

Owen glanced over at Logan and laughed, “Such a temper for such a beautiful little thing. Watch and learn or you might find yourself running around on paws.”

The collar that Owen snapped around the dog’s neck was way too big but then he pulled out a medallion from the plastic bag and put it on the dog. Logan’s breath caught. She recognized that necklace from the night she’d become Molly! Then he reached into another pocket and drew out a small scrap of cloth and pressed it to the medallion.

The dog yelped and then whimpered in response. Owen quickly returned the medallion to its plastic bag and dropped the cloth in front of the dog.

“What are you doing to that dog?”

Molly had moved forward and Logan could tell that he was ready to use his power if he needed to.

“Hehehe, watch and learn Logan.” Owen held up the plastic bag now containing the medallion, “With this I get to decide who becomes what. And brother, I’ve got plans for you! I think you’ll look real nice with a pair of tits.”

“Look!” Logan said and Molly looked at the dog. Most of its fur had been pulled into its body and it was growing rapidly. The poor thing couldn’t have been more than twenty pounds to start with so the weight gain was rapid. Its skin was getting lighter and lighter and it slowly took on a human shape. Then it sat up and Logan saw it reach up with hands to touch its’ now human mouth.

“Woo- -goddd. Damn you!”

The transformation of the voice from dog to high pitched human was a strange twist that made Logan want to vomit.

“Watch it or the next time you piss me off, you’ll be a fish!”

“Ughhh . . .”

The former dog moved its new hand from its face to run it through its new raven locks. Then as the hair continued to cascade down its back the former dog stood up and Logan saw that it was clearly a she. The girl was a tiny thing and a pair of small firm breasts blossomed on her chest. She glanced down and then up at the much taller Owen.

“What are you . . . no who are you turning me into?”

“I did you a favor! You didn’t like being your daughter so I spent some time and got this new look for you. I’ve always Japanese girls were hot!”

The words slowly penetrated Molly’s brain and he whispered softly, “Daddy?”

By now the change had stopped and what had once been small high breasts were full blown tits and on such a petite girl they looked disproportionately large. For a second Logan wondered how the girl managed not to fall over.

“See, now when we have sex you can’t complain about incest.”

“How about rape!” Logan snarled. “There is no way R-Daddy, had sex in my body with you willingly!”

Owen grinned over at Logan, “True. But now I’ve got the real you, plus an Asian beauty and soon I’ll have a sexy little blonde to go with you two!”

“You know you’ll never get away with this?” Molly stated in an icy tone.

Owen shook his head. “I don’t need to be Richard for very long. Just long enough for one of you three to tell me how the gate works.” He patted the pocket holding the medallion, “With this and a few of the artifacts I’ve discovered in Richard’s collection, and a new world? I’ll be whoever I want and do anything I want.”

With that he picked up the now empty bag that had held the chain and collar Richard was now wearing.

“I’ll leave you three to talk. But know this. I’ll have the secret from one of you. Sooner or later, and who or what you are when I’m done will depend on how helpful you are!”

With that he left the room leaving the light on. For several seconds the three of them just looked at each other.

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