Easy as Falling off a Bike

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Easy as Falling off a Bike

by Angharad

Stella, someone who could get women drivers a bad name, literally knocks Charlie off his expensive racing bike. She discovers that Charlie, a research field biologist, has a secret. He's gearing up to transition as a woman, only he's too frightened to do it. Stella takes control and her brother, Simon not only fancies 'Cathy' but falls in love with her.

Follow the mayhem, as this romantic and at times adventure story rambles all over the place as they pursue their lives. Keep the tissues handy, it has pathos, humour and real life, as Cathy deals with the triumphs and tribulations of being a woman.

As this has become a longer story than I originally envisioned, about 1100 parts longer, new readers may find it daunting to do it chapter by chapter, so using the off site archive may be easier. The story flows quite easily, so don't be put off by its length, and I'm told it's quite addictive.

Please do comment, just because it was started three years ago doesn't mean I don't check for comments - and I read them all. Enjoy...