Amazing week so far...

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Ok, i know that by saying things like the title is a way to have the gods notice you, but... What an amazing freaking week so far.
Yesterday, i went to the Y for the first time in...well forever it seems. The fitness guide, Nathaniel, was an absolute sweetheart, he understands where i'm going and aside from some pronoun trouble, he is great... and sorry Dani... he is cute too. so I'm doing that again Wednesday.

Today! I went to a plus sized chain here in Toronto called Pennington's... Girls, i shopped my a$$ off... i finally have well fitting appropriate clothes... i got two bras, two camis, two nice tops, a pair of dress slacks, a nice pair of jeans, a sleep shirt, underwear and trouser socks... then i hit winners, got a clutch / wallet(Kenneth Cole!) and on the way home i bought a pale pink lipstick, mascara and eye shadow... add these to the two pair of flats i got Saturday and i spent more on my self this week then in several years... sigh

There is no further doubt in my mind who i am... i will jump through any hoop placed before me, do what i have to do and put up with any ignorance. I follow a road that others here have trod or are walking now. i am proud to do so and proud to have so many sisters and brothers out there.
I am Diana Michelle Howe, I'm a proud Transwoman.


Thank god...

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for people like Nathaniel, aye? No doubts, yes? Absolutely proud of you! Great week for a great girl!


To be alive is to be vulnerable. Madeleine L'Engle
Love, Andrea Lena


I'm so proud of you hon.



I' happy that you've done all of this for yourself. I wish to you that the road you will travel be as ignorance free as it can be, and be as peaceful and smooth as possible.

Peace be with you and Blessed be

Diana's Awesome Week

Hey, I already told you in private how goddamn proud I am of you, but I don't mind saying so here too...

And not because you're doing this for me or anyone else, even if I'm a catalyst. You're doing this for you, and I'm happy to come along for the ride, seeing you come out of your shell and becoming excited again about life, about being YOURSELF, and starting to see yourself as some of us here see you... an amazing, smart, caring, creative, geeky, humble yet capable, loving, talented, fiercely loyal, brave, lovely young woman opening the door and stepping out into the world finally. (Younger than your chronological age because 'she' was locked in the tower for a long time. Time doesn't pass at the same rate there.)

And if you absolutely have to have a fling with Nathaniel, well, okay. I understand. *sniffle* Just come back to me and the kids afterward... We need you. Tigger and Nimeue, and even Bootsie. We love you... *cries*

No, really. We do. *smiles and squeezes you tight*


Cute is fleeting...

You're telling me. I think my cuteness fleeted off already. That's why I had to put in time and effort on developing a personality and sense of humour.

Okay, I still have a little cuteness. I've been told I have a nice bum, and my eyes are cute. *sigh* I'll take what I can get. :)

Chow Mein Dani


You are who you are and you are magnificent Diana Michelle Howe

All my Love,