This is an Example Book Page.

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This is an example of a common title page utilized to organize stories and other posts.

To create this page:

1. Select the "++Organizational" option from the site's header.

2. Enter in the core title of your work (sans any title numbers or anything,) and select your name from the authors drop down menu.

3. Select the type of organizational page you are looking to create from the next drop-down "Organizational" menu.

4. Select a rating: this is the only necessary taxonomy item for title pages.

5. If you are creating an author page, simply select the "preview" option at the bottom of the screen, and if the preview is acceptable then select the "submit" option.

6. If you already have an author page with the site, then locate the "Book outline" dialogue box located beneath the "body" and "file attachments" boxes. Select your author page from the drop-down list of options, and then proceed as with step 5 above.

6(a). On selecting your author page the box will load a second option for "parent item." This will give you a list of other items already attached to your author page, including title pages similar to the one you have just created. Most often this option will be utilized to manage individual chapters of a story (as will be included in the attached demonstration part,) but can also be used with multiple title pages to organize your stories into sub-sets or series. Simply leaving this as-is will add your new title page into the default list of options on your author page.

At this point you will have created a basic book or serial title page for organization.

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Sorry, I thought I was being humorous. It was rather a sarcastic, malicious comment. Is it possible for me to delete it?

-- Daphne Xu

Your comment

I liked your comment, and found it humorous, and am sorry to see it gone. I take it someone objected?

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After thinking about it, I thought it wasn't in good taste. Maybe my second thoughts were too harsh on me; I don't know.

-- Daphne Xu

Thank You

Thanks for all your help.


Angela Rasch (Jill M I)

I hope this does help some people :)

A lot of it might seem like common sense stuff, but then again the same can be said about doors and we still tend to label which ones you push or pull.


Melanie E.