Wednesday Knights

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It's always Wednesday somewhere, innit?

Wednesday Knights
by Melanie E
Now on Kindle

When the gaming group is invited to do an (almost) all-expenses-paid live show at a well-respected convention, things become even more complicated. Of course, Leigh will dress as their character -- the half-elven sorceress Lunea -- but that's only the tip of the iceberg. And Brian, Leigh's best friend will dress as Burg, Lunea's...lover?

Well, sure. The fact that everyone else sees the relationship as romantic on both levels is their problem, until it increasingly becomes Leigh's problem, too. And Brian's, sure.

For a limited time, chapters of the original Wednesday Knights will remain available on BC.

Long Live the Queen

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good story

lisa charlene's picture

i really enjoyed it when it was on patreon

Interesting to Compare

Emma Anne Tate's picture

Interesting to compare the cover art you used for posting the story here to your own take, Melanie. Your art actually looks less androgynous and more overtly feminine.

In any event, it’s a fantastic story and should be on everyone’s Christmas list!


I may have...

RachelMnM's picture

Posted this story recommendation on my barely followed Insta account (along w/ one by Ms. Tate). Loved the story and it's one of the one's I'd love to see a SOLO explore these characters at some point in the future. The writing was so smooth and drew me in hard to the story. I DnD'd a bit in my day, so a soft spot there with the subject for this one. Great, great story! Thank you for posting it!


Rachel M. Moore...

Thank you!

I plan to explore the characters more down the line, when I get to it. Maybe next year?


Melanie E.