The Waitress : Chapter 4 : Her heroine


The Waitress


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Synopsis: Alex is a young boy who wants to be a girl, but has hidden this from everyone around him. That is, until he is saved from a bully by an older girl, Jen, who makes him an amazing offer: Work with her as a waitress at her sister’s themed café!

Authors note:
Thankyou for reading! The reaction to my last chapter was so amazing that I made sure to get this one out right away ^_^ I hope you all enjoy it just as much!


Chapter 4: Her heroine


Tom slowly sat up and rubbed the back of his head, an amused sneer on his bloody lips. He seemed completely unconcerned by Jen’s sudden appearance and I swallowed nervously. Would he attack her too? And if he did, would she be able to fight him off?

‘Well, that was annoying,’ he slowly got to his feet and brushed his hair out of his eyes. ‘Who the hell are you?’

Jen walked over to him and I realised that she was a head taller, and while her body was still feminine she was clearly stronger. ‘I asked you a question first.’

Tom rubbed the back of his head again. ‘You did? What was it?’

‘Why are you attacking her?’ She brushed her black hair behind her ears and scowled at him.

‘Her?’ He frowned at me and then grinned, making my stomach jolt. ‘Are you talking about Alex?’

‘You know who I’m talking about.’ Jen looked at me and concern flashed across her face. ‘Why did you hurt her?’

‘Well now, that’s an interesting question,’ Tom looked up at the sky for a moment before looking down and nodding to himself. ‘Why did I hurt her so badly, hmm? You know, I think it’s probably because she’s not a girl, you dumbass!’ Jen blinked and her eyes focused on my body while Tom smiled widely. ‘Yeah, that’s right. He’s a boy! He might look like a girl in that uniform, but trust me. He’s not.’

I flushed red and clutched at my bleeding arm, feeling disgust even through the pain. That jerk! Why couldn’t he have just told her that I’d punched him in the face? He…he knew how to hurt me so well…

‘Is that true?’ Jen asked sharply and I winced, then nodded slightly. There was no reason to lie when I was probably going to have to tell her anyway.

Her eyes widened and she took a step towards me, her mouth slightly ajar. An emotion I didn’t recognize ran across her face and then she turned bright red.

‘Oh shit,’ she breathed. ‘I…wow.’

Tom walked next to her and leered at me. ‘Yeah, pretty gross huh? He’s probably a tranny. You should see this pamphlet-’

She grabbed his face and slammed him against the alley wall, then pushed her face up against his. Her eyes were full of a cold rage, but there was a weird smile on her lips.

‘If you ever touch a hair on her head again then I’ll fucking kill you. You hear me?’

He stared at her in shock and grabbed her arm, but couldn’t pull her off of him. I heard him say something but it was muffled from Jen’s hand on his face. She frowned and squeezed with her hand, making him cry out in pain, then after a couple of seconds she let go and stepped back.
‘You crazy bitch!’ Tom gasped and rubbed his cheekbones, which were red. ‘That hurt!’

‘It was supposed to. Now get the hell out of here.’

He scowled and looked past her at me, then back at her. ‘Why the shit are you even defending him? Do you know him?’

‘Not as much as I’d like, but that’s going to change soon.’ She smiled back at me and I blinked. What did that mean?

Tom looked at her in confusion. ‘Why? Look at him. He’s a fucking faggot! What more do you need to know? Fuck him!’

She stepped towards him and he quickly stepped back. ‘I thought I just told you to leave.’

‘Shut the fu-’

He flinched as she lunged at him, her hands clenched into fists. She didn’t hit him but I could tell that she could have easily knocked him out, and he knew it too. He swallowed and looked at her for a moment, his hands twitching at his sides. For a second I thought he was actually going to take a swing at her, and she seemed to think so too as she tensed her body, but after a moment he let out a sharp breath and took another step back.

‘Fuck! God damn it!’ He angrily shook his head and looked up at her through his hair. ‘Why the hell are you so strong?’

‘I play a lot of basketball.’ she smirked.

‘Oh, well good for you,’ he sneered and then looked at me. ‘Fuck you Alex! Don’t you think this is over! We’ll finish this later today, asshole. See you at school.’

‘If you touch a hair on her he-’ Jen began but Tom cut through her.

‘Yeah yeah yeah. You’ll kill me, I know,’ He reached the end of the alley and smirked at her. ‘Good luck with that, bitch.’

He looked at me one last time and his smirk faded. His mouth twitched like he was about to say something but he decided against it and turned around to leave the alley.

And then…he was gone. I could scarcely believe it and held my breath for a moment, fully expecting him to reappear and charge at Jen, but when he didn’t I let out a huge sigh of relief and slumped back against the dumpster. Jen also turned from the alley entrance and knelt down next to me, her eyes once more full of concern.

‘Are you alright?’ she asked and looked me over, slowly pulling off the pink scarf around her neck.

I stared at her with wide eyes, an unfamiliar feeling gently squeezing at my chest. Nobody had ever saved me from Tom before! Everyone either watched or just pretended they hadn’t seen anything, while a rare few went to get a teacher. But Jen hadn’t! She’d put herself in harm’s way to save me. Me! Even after Tom told her that I was a boy. Why? Di-

‘Alex?’ she asked gently and I blinked. ‘Are you alright?’

‘You saved me!’ I blurted out. ‘T-thankyou!’

She beamed and gently patted my shoulder, her brown eyes shining behind her long lashes. ‘Saving cute little girls like you makes me feel like a badass heroine, so it’s all good.’

‘Huh?’ I stared at her in disbelief. She knew I was a boy but was calling me a girl. Why? The only people who had ever called me a girl were people who thought that I was one, or Dad when he was making fun of me. Was she making fun of me?

‘Now, let me have a look at your arm.’ Her expression darkened and she gently lifted up my cut arm, making me wince slightly. It was still quite sore but was starting to become numb. ‘How did it get cut?’

‘Oh, uh…Tom threw me into that,’ I looked at the dumpster, ‘and a piece of metal cut into it. Is it bad?’

She looked closely at the cut and grimaced. ‘Yes, but it’s not serious. We need to wrap it up and take you to the school nurse so it can be properly bandaged. Can you get your jumper off?’

‘Do I have to see the school nurse?’ I asked as I pulled my uninjured arm out of the jumper and used it to carefully free the bleeding one. Then I put the jumper over my shoulder and looked grimly at the bloody mess that was my right arm.

‘You do,’ Jen said seriously as she pulled off her scarf. ‘This cut needs to be cleaned and properly bandaged so it heals properly. Here, hold it steady for me.’

‘Ah!’ I gasped when I realised that she was going to use the scarf to bind the cut. ‘Don’t use your scarf. It’ll get blood all over it.’

‘That’s fine,’ she smiled and began to tightly wrap it around my arm. It hurt and I winced a bit but tried not to cry out. ‘I don’t really like it to be honest.’

‘Why not? It’s so cute…,’ I looked sadly at the black kittens and touched them, then rubbed the rest of the scarf. ‘And so soft and nice too. How can you not like it?’

‘Eh. Pink’s never been my colour,’ she finished wrapping my arm and tied the two ends into a tight knot, then smiled at me. ‘I think it’d really suit you though.’

I smiled but shook my head. ‘No, I couldn’t wear something like this.’

‘Why not?’ She looked at me in amusement. ‘I think you’d look adorable wearing it, sweetie.’

I swallowed and then looked away from her, suddenly feeling like crying. She was being so nice, even though she knew I was a boy. Did she know I was trans? Tom had said that he thought I was a tranny but people usually didn’t take him seriously when he said that, as it was a pretty common insult thrown at any boy who looked too feminine.

She had given me a weird look when she’d found out I was a boy though, and she’d still used female pronouns when referring to me after that. And I hadn’t corrected her, even in the café before…

I looked up at her smiling face and my throat swelled. She must have guessed that I was actually trans! And she was still being nice to me! She didn’t think I was gross or disgusting or anything bad! She was treating me like a girl! Just…just like I’d always wanted…

‘Oh! Alex! What’s wrong?’ She stared at me in surprise as tears began to trickle down my cheeks.

‘You’re r-really ni-nice!’ I sobbed and rubbed my eyes, trying to get control of myself.

‘That’s no reason to cry!’ Her cheeks turned red and she reached out to softly pat me on the head, making me squeak in surprise. ‘Oh my god, you’re so cute! Come here!’

I gasped as she pulled me into her chest and wrapped her arms around me, just tight enough for me to feel snug and secure without feeling trapped. I reflectively put my arms around her chest and squashed myself against her like I did with mum, although a completely different feeling ran through me as I did so. It was a strange, light feeling in my stomach that made me shiver slightly and I hugged her even tighter, my body feeling warmer than normal.

‘It’s okay sweetie,’ she rubbed my back and smiled warmly down at me. ‘Don’t cry!’

‘I’m s-sorry.’ I sniffed and tried to get control of myself, something that was made easier by the distracting sensations her body was sending through mine.

‘Don’t be sorry,’ she smiled down at me. ‘It must have been really scary, being attacked like that.’

I squeaked and shook my head. ‘It wasn’t scary. I’m used to it by now.’

Her body stiffened and she pushed me off her a bit to stare seriously into my eyes. ‘You shouldn’t be used to it! How often does he attack you?’
‘Umm…a few times a week, but…not usually this bad,’ I looked at my scarf-wrapped arm and shivered. ‘He usually just hits me in the chest or stomach so there’s only bruises that nobody can see.’

Her hands tightened on my shoulders as her eyes darkened, making me uncomfortable. ‘Have you told anyone about this? Do the teachers at school know? Or your parents?’

I really didn’t want to answer that so didn’t talk for a moment, hoping she’d stop looking at me so intently. She didn’t though and I swallowed, knowing I was going to have to answer.

‘Well, my parents know that I’m bullied but, not how badly,’ Just like my breasts, I hid my bruises as if my life depended on it. ‘And some of the teachers at school know but Tom’s really good at lying, and if I tell on him he…hurts me more so…so I don’t.’

Jen breathed out and then slowly pushed my hair behind my ears, making me blush. ‘This isn’t good, sweetie. He can’t keep hurting you like this.’

‘It’s fine, I-’

‘No, it’s not fine at all,’ she put her hands on the sides of my face and gently caressed my cheek, looking deep into my eyes. ‘Nobody should be attacked like that, especially someone like you. It makes me sick to think of your pretty little body covered in bruises from that asshole.’
‘O-oh.’ I turned even redder and the unfamiliar feeling squeezed at my chest again.

Ahh…I really liked Jen…

‘I’ll…see if I can help. My sister…yeah,’ she rubbed my cheeks again before smiling and letting go. ‘But, that can happen later. If you’re up to it we should be getting to school. Your arm needs to be looked at as soon as possible.’

‘Okay…’ I felt a rush of sadness as she removed her hands from my face and almost went out to grab them again, but stopped myself. I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable.

I regretfully let go of her and began to get to my feet, but as soon as I put weight on the leg Tom had attacked an awful pain ripped through it, centring on my knee and calf, and I immediately collapsed onto the ground. I gasped painfully and pulled up my pants to see an array of awful-looking purplish bruises lining my leg.

‘Oh no,’ Jen growled when she saw the bruises. ‘Did that boy attack your leg too?’

I nodded through a groan. ‘He stomped on it an-and punched it! Is it broken?’

‘If it was then it’d have hurt before you put pressure on it.’ She leant down closer to inspect it and touched my kneecap, making me yelp in pain. ‘Hm. I think your kneecap was dislocated, but it’s back where it should be now.’

‘Dislocated? That sounds really bad!’

‘It’s back where it should be so it’s fine. It’ll hurt for a few days but it’s not serious,’ she frowned and scratched her chin. ‘I could be wrong though. We need to get you to the school nurse right away.’

‘I don’t think I can wal-’ I cut myself off as the most amazing thought exploded into my mind and drowned in its joyful light.

I couldn’t play sports with my leg like this!

And I’d probably be allowed to go home early! And maybe even get to stay home for a day or two because I couldn’t walk to school! AH! This was amazing! Hah! HAH! Screw you Tom! You thought you’d hurt me but you gave me exactly what I wanted! Hahahahah-

‘Uhh…what are you looking so happy about?’ Jen’s voice cut through my joy and I blushed guiltily.

‘I-I’ll probably have to go home today to recover.’ I couldn’t stop myself from grinning, despite the pain. ‘Which means that I get to miss out on all of my classes for the day! And maybe even tomorrow too!’

‘Ohh. Yes,’ she laughed and ruffled my hair. ‘Probably don’t say that around your parents or any teachers though.’

‘Mm! I won’t.’

She nodded and then looked me over. ‘Anyway, we need to get going and you shouldn’t be walking on that leg. Come on, I’ll give you a piggyback.’

I blushed and scratched the back of my head. I really liked the idea of getting a piggyback from her, but I’d get laughed at if other students it. And I should try and be strong and deal with the pain!

‘Oh, no, it’s okay. School’s not too far so I c-’

‘No. You can’t walk on that leg,’ she swivelled around so her back was to me and her hands reached out. ‘Hop on.’

‘But I-’

‘Alex.’ Her voice became sterner. ‘I’m not letting you walk to school like that. Hop on.’

I swallowed and carefully slid towards her. ‘Alright. Uh…’

She leant back a bit so I could reach out and grab her shoulders, and then leant forward so I could more easily pull myself up. I put my legs against her waist and she slipped her arms under my knees, then slowly stood up.

‘There we go.’ She looked back at me and smiled. ‘That wasn’t so bad, was it?’

I shook my head and leant forward more. Her back was soft and squishy, but I could feel the strength of her muscles through it. ‘You’re really strong!’

‘I am, but you’re pretty light.’ She turned back to the front and began walking out of the alley. Her hips moved more than I expected and I wrapped my arms around her neck to stay steady, making her gasp. ‘Ah! Not so tight.’

‘Sorry!’ I quickly released my arms and squashed up against her back, feeling stupid. ‘Are you okay?’

‘I’m fine. Just try not to strangle…oh.’ She stopped in the middle of a laugh and stopped walking.

‘What’s wrong?’ I asked, and when she didn’t reply I pushed myself harder against her to see her face. ‘Are you okay? Did I hurt you?’

‘Alex.’ She looked back at me and her expression was scarily serious. ‘Can I…ask you something?’

I swallowed. ‘What’s wrong?’

‘Are you on hormones?’

I froze. Why was she suddenly asking me that for? ‘Hormones? What do you mean?’

She bit her bottom lip. ‘Well, I can feel a set of small boobs squashed up against my back and…yeah. That boy kept calling you a bo-’

‘Gah!’ I pushed myself off of her back as my heart began to beat through my chest. I didn’t think she’d be able to feel my breasts against her back! I was an idiot! Crap crap crap! Even if she knew I was trans I didn’t want her knowing that I was on hormones. Nobody was supposed to know about that! ‘I don’t know what you’re t-talking about.’

‘You are trans, aren’t you?’ Her eyes bored into mine. ‘I thought you might be but I wasn’t sure, and I didn’t want to be rude and ask but…I didn’t think you’d be on hormones! I’m so luc-’

‘I’m not!’ I tried to wriggle off of her back but she wouldn’t let go of my legs, which was probably a good thing considering that I couldn’t stand on my own. ‘You’re just feeling weird things.’

‘I’m not, trust me. I know what boobs feel like,’ her eyes sparkled as she laughed in delight. ‘Ohh! There’s no way I’m going to take no for an answer now, sweetie. I need you.’

I swallowed. ‘F-for what?’

‘My sisters café, of course. You’re going to be our final waitress.’

My heart leapt painfully. She still wanted me to do that, even knowing I was trans? That was amazing, but…it was impossible. Not with my family.

‘I can’t do-’

‘I just said that I wouldn’t take no for an answer,’ she grinned and started moving again, making he wrap my arms back around her shoulders. ‘But I should probably give your more information, huh?’

I stared at her and just nodded, not sure what else to do.

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