He's Just My Type (1 of 2)

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I promise I didn't mean for it to happen. Before Jordan called me out of the blue yesterday, I hadn't thought about him in nearly four years.

When I knew him in college, he was my best friend's slightly overweight roommate that was a bit too pretty for his own good. Logan and I had tried our very best to get him to cut that long brown hair to no success at all.

The hair paired with the pudge that he carried in all the wrong places made him look too much like a girl from the back. From the front too if I was being honest. We'd make fun of him every chance we got but he'd always just laughed along. Other than that, he was a pretty chill guy so it was fine.

When we graduated, I moved back home and I never thought about him again. So imagine my surprise when my phone rang with an unknown number and Jordan's unique voice was on the other end.

"Hey, am I through to Hunter?"

"Jordan, hey, been a while huh?" I'd tried to hide my confusion about why he was calling me.

"You remember me?"

"Of course I do, what's up?"

"Listen, uh, I need a huge favor"

"Yeah shoot" I tried sounding as casual as I could.

"I need a place to crash for a couple days" he said over the phone.

"I mean, I would but I moved back home after college so I'm not..."

"Yeah Logan told me. I'm in your city" I'd heard him say but it took me a while to process what it actually meant "I got a job there... It's complicated"

"Umm... I.." I was at a loss for words. Hadn't spoken to this guy in years and here he was asking to stay with me.

"It'll only be a couple days I promise"

"Jordan, you know I would but my place is just one bedroom..."

"The couch is fine..." he jumped in. "I promise I'll be out of your way"

I struggled to think of another excuse before stopping myself. There was no need to be a dick. It was only a couple days, I could do the guy a solid.

"Alright but I gotta warn you, my couch sucks"

He laughed. More like giggled.

"It's okay, can you just text me the address?"


That's how it happened, before I knew what was happening, Jordan was wheeling two boxes into my living room.

At first I hadn't recognized him. The hair was still there only a lot longer than before which he shamelessly wore in a ponytail. His face had seen some changes too but I couldn't put a finger on what exactly. The biggest change by far was his body. Jordan had lost a lot of weight since college but for some reason, it hadn't helped him look more like a man like Logan and I hoped. In fact, it seemed to have had the opposite effect.

"Hunter, oh my God hi, it's been so long" Jordan came in for a hug without warning and it wasn't even that pat on the back kind either.

"Yeah it has" I caught a whiff of his sweet smelling perfume and backed away.

"You look good" he commented which made me chuckle nervously. I'm sure I did look good. I'd been in the gym every week for the last six months.

"I work out" I smiled "You look different"

"Yeah I figured it was time to get in shape, you know?"

"Yeah I can dig it"

"Nice place" Jordan walked passed me turning his attention to my apartment.

My eyes widened when I realised just how much pudge he'd managed to retain on his butt when he'd lost it everywhere else.

"Yeah make yourself at home" I replied recovering quickly.

He wasted no time jumping into my couch before wincing in pain. He must have hit one of the sharp wooden edges.

"Sorry, I've been meaning to get a new couch. It was left over by the former tenants"

"It's okay, I'll manage. It's just for a few days right?"

"Yeah..." I kinda felt bad as I watched him adjust in the chair. I shouldn't have had an issue with it since I warned him over the phone but I did. I'd passed out on that couch many times and I remembered how sore I felt everytime.

"I gotta get back to work so just make yourself comfortable" I informed him while walking towards my bedroom.

"Oh you work from home?" His long, narrow eyes followed me as I walked through the living room.

"Yeah" I answered.

"I'll be quiet" he smiled at me. It made me uncomfortable.



Jordan knocked on my room door about four hours later. I'd almost forgotten he was around after immersing myself in my work. I glanced at the time on my computer, 8:42pm.

"Hey" he said softly. "I ordered pizza"

"Yeah okay, I'll be right out" I quickly realised I hadn't eaten since my first meal that morning and was starving. Pizza sounded nice.

The first thing I noticed after stepping out into the living room was Jordan's outfit change. Nothing serious but his jacket from earlier was nowhere to be seen and the new tank top showed just how much weight he'd lost in that time.

Awkwardly he'd seen me staring and turned away. It had been quite clear to me that he hadn't managed to lose all the weight from his chest which stretched and poked a bit.

"What pizza did you get?" I asked changing the subject.

"Pepperoni" he answered while opening the box.

"My favorite" I walked up to the table and took a big whiff.

"I remember" he shot me a big toothy grin.

He put two slices into a plate and handed it to me. It wasn't lost on me that he'd touched it with his bare hands but he looked clean enough so I let it slide. He looked more than clean in fact. Something had to have happened in the last three years to turn that guy in this beauty for lack of a better word.

"Done working?" I heard him ask as I walked to take my place on my favourite armchair.

I nodded, "Yeah I'm spent. I'll continue working tomorrow"

"Do you have Netflix?" he asked as he retreated to the couch offering me another glance at his butt encased in sweatpants. It was hard not to stare. I knew only a handful of girls that could compete with that.

"Uh..." I coughed "Yeah" I spoke before reaching for the remote to turn on the TV.

"What do you do anyway? What were you working on?" he asked as the television chimed to life.

"Oh uh 3d modeling, animation, stuff like that" I answered while pressing away at the remote.

"Blender?" he asked.


"Cool" he took a bite of his pizza allowing me a view of his pearly white teeth.

"Are you familiar with 3d?" I mentally kicked myself for paying so much attention to him. His hair, body, teeth, I'd spent way too much time looking hive over.

"Not really" he answered simply.

"What do you do? You said you just got a job?"

"Oh um.. yeah, administrative assistant" he took another bite of the pizza and so did I.

I fiddled with the remote some more until I landed on the Netflix home screen.

"A secretary?" I asked while scrolling through the different categories.

"No it's so much more than that" he replied quickly "It's not like I'm just answering calls all day, there's a lot of responsibility"

"Okay" I turned my attention back to him just in time to watch him shift uncomfortably in the couch.

"Plus the pay is really good" he added.

"Well I'm happy for you" I assured him. "The job market is crazy right now"

"Yeah. Ooh let's watch this one" he jumped excitedly while pointing at the screen "I heard it's really funny"

I groaned internally. It was one of those romantic comedies that I always skipped over. I thought to protest but he seemed genuinely excited for it and he was a guest so I could manage.



It turned out to be pretty enjoyable. Not nearly as funny as Jordan had made it out to be but I let out a few small laughs here and there. In truth, Jordan was the really enjoyable part of the whole thing.

He talked very animatedly a lot through the whole movie, one time I'd even had to pause it to let him go on a rant about one of the characters. It had really surprised me when I realised I wasn't annoyed and even engaging him.

Eventually, the movie was over and I couldn't help but smile at the very satisfied look on his face. There were worse people to have in my house. I could deal with this for a few days.

"Listen uh, I'm beat so I'm going to head in" I informed him while pulling myself to my feet.

He did the same but only to retrieve my plate.

"You don't have to..." I started but he shushed me. He shushed me.

"I'll just clean up real quick" he insisted.

I shrugged. Fine by me.

I started on my way to my bedroom door before turning back one more time to spot him putting away the rest of the pizza. I felt guilty.

"Hey, my bed's pretty big" I called out to him as he disappeared into the kitchen.

What the hell was I doing? Letting some guy I barely knew have my couch was one thing but my bed was an entirely different thing altogether.

I waited the ten seconds it took him to emerge from the kitchen.

"Oh I couldn't" he spoke as he retrieved our used cups. "I don't want to intrude"

"You won't be" I said a bit too quickly.

"I mean..." he paused "Your couch really sucks" he said with a small laugh.

I chuckled, "I know. I promise the bed's much better"

"It kinda has to be at this point" he continued with that ever present smile.

A few strands of hair had fallen out of place and were now dangling in front of his face.

"Are you sure it's okay?" he asked with a concerned look on his face.

"Yeah of course" I forced a smile.

He smiled back, "Thanks. I'll just finish up and be right in. Can I use your shower?"

"Yeah of course"


I don't know what I expected when he walked out of the bathroom but it wasn't for his pyjamas to hug his fit frame tightly. My eyes traced his silhouette illuminated by the bathroom lights. Everything from his ponytail to his waist and to his long legs were so perfectly feminine that it made me wonder if we'd misjudged his gender this whole time.

No I perfectly remembered him peeing standing up just like the rest of us. When my eyes strayed to his crotch, I mentally slapped myself and averted my gaze.

"Oh my gosh, I needed that shower" Jordan said as he crawled into my bed which caused me to shift away.

He moaned as he sank into my sheets, "You were right, this is way more comfortable"

I didn't reply.

"Hey thanks for letting me stay" he turned to look at me and our eyes met. "You were kinda my last hope"

"Of course" I answered turning away.

"Would've rented a motel or something but money's kind of tight till I get that first paycheck"

"I could've gotten the pizza if that's the case" I turned back to him. I hadn't known about his situation so I was glad I hadn't turned him away.

"No no I wanted to" he answered "To say thanks"

"In that case, you're gonna have to do a lot better than that" I laughed.

"Just let me know how I can be of service" Our eyes met again which caused me to turn away.

Why was I in bed with this guy right now? What was I doing?

"Good night" I heard him say.

"Good night"


Oh but it wasn't a good night. It wasn't a good night at all. I'd woken up sometime in the night with the urge to use the bathroom and found myself pressed against Jordan. I don't know how but somehow his butt was now pressed against me and my arm over his slim waist.

I wanted to scream, jump, push and kick but I did nothing. I just remained in that position as my heart began beating faster and faster. It felt amazing and oh so perfect, like his form was made to be encased by mine.

His hips pushed backward making it a million times worse and mine pushed forward into him. He adjusted in the bed which created the most unimaginable feeling almost like electricity coursing through all the parts of our bodies that came in contact.

I was getting so hard, the likes of which I hadn't experienced since before my last relationship.

Why the fuck couldn't I move? God his hair in my face smelled amazing.


I listened closely to his breathing and felt the flaring and contracting of his back after each smooth breath. He was fast asleep. No need to panic, I just needed to get out of this.

My arm draped over his tiny waist began to make its move to get free but stopped in its tracks when Jordan shifted pressing into me even more than before.

Still asleep. I freed my legs first which lay over his and then raised my arm giving me enough leverage to move my waist backward. His butt looked glorious from this angle, wide and just about that perfect bubble shape. It had to have been illegal for this body to belong to a man.

The final boss was my right arm which his head used as a pillow. Slowly and steadily I inched away carefully listening for any fluctuation in his breathing.

I gently withdrew my arm and put a pillow in its place before tiptoeing into the bathroom. My dick was forming a ridiculously high tent in my shorts which made me wonder what the fuck just happened.


I was awoken by the smell of waffles and the sound of plates and cutlery.

I yawned loudly and then winced from a sharp pain in my back. My neck felt sore after a night on the infamous couch. My knees ached having been bent for hours since the couch wasn't long enough to take my entire 6'2 frame. It really was the worst.

Jordan exited the kitchen and our eyes met which made me blush awkwardly.

"I'm sorry" he said.

"For what?" I pretended to stretch.

"For kicking you out of your own bed. I know I'm a rough sleeper"

"Oh it wasn't you"

"Please, I know it was" he looked at me with sympathy "So I made pancakes as an apology"

He made his way towards me. God, he was still wearing the tight pyjamas from last night. The way it hugged his form so perfectly was truly agonizing.

The way he bent to drop the plate on the center table caused the big guy downstairs to stir with memories of last night.

'Not again' I thought to myself.

Jordan turned and was looking right at me expectantly. Had he said something?

"What?" I asked.

"Coffee?" he repeated.

"Uh yeah" I answered shaking it off. "I'll just brush my teeth real quick" I said before hurrying out of the room.


My return to the living room saw Jordan on the couch pressing away at the TV remote. He'd carefully covered my food and had a cup of coffee waiting for me.

"It's really nice of you to do this" I took a sip of the coffee and made a big show of satisfaction to tell him in liked it.

"It's no big deal" he answered between remote presses "Besides, it's your stuff anyway I hope it's okay I used it"

"Yeah yeah of course, what's mine is yours?" I said with a smile. I was being very generous.


I spent the morning and most of the afternoon on my computer trying to work with very little success.

Jordan had gotten dressed and gone out not long after breakfast which gave me the whole house to myself. I was alone, just like I'd been every day since Vicky broke up with me.

If you asked her, I didn't pay enough attention to her or I didn't make her feel loved.

"Sometimes I wonder if you even like me" she'd said that last day.

At the time, I thought I was just too busy but she proved to be right when I didn't even miss her after the breakup. She was a nice enough girl, lovely personality if a bit too serious. She had a decent body as well. Not like Jordan but good enough. Maybe I should have tried to be more into her.

Again, my mind had wandered. I'd been so distracted all day. It didn't help that I worked so close to my bed. If I closed my eyes, I could just see his body pressed against mine illuminated only by the night light.

It made me sick everytime I thought about it.

I tried and failed to get any more work done over the next half hour until I heard the front door open.

I caught myself running my fingers through my hair and pretending to be hard at work before Jordan came through the bedroom door.

"Wow, you're still going?" he asked thoroughly impressed.

"Yeah I'm always on that grind" I said with a voice.

He giggled before falling into my bed.

'Grind?' I thought to myself. 'So stupid'

"How'd it go?" I asked quickly changing the subject.

"Oh it was good, I went to check out the new place, it should be ready by Tuesday" he answered.

Three days with him. Three nights.

Jordan spent the next few minutes on his phone and I would occasionally glance his way when he giggled at something.

"What's so funny?" I'd gotten tired of pretending to work. I couldn't get anything done with him lying in bed like that.

"You wouldn't get it" he replied simply.

"You don't know that" I turned my whole body to face him. He was lying on his side which further accentuated his hips in his jeans.

"No really, I don't think it's your kind of thing"

"Now I really have to know" I insisted.

"It's a tiktok video from a podcast..." he paused "Just watch it"

He handed me his phone and waited patiently for me to watch the short clip. I couldn't even describe it to you, it just made no sense.

"I told you" He said while requesting his phone back.

"I have purse?" I asked genuinely trying to understand.

"You don't get it" he playfully snatched the phone out of my hands.

"Your sense of humor sucks" I informed him.

"Shut up" He pouted while laying back down in bed.

That alone was enough to make me laugh.

"What do you do for fun around here?" He asked me a moment later "Other than Netflix"

"Actually, I had plans to go see that new Marvel movie this evening" I spoke before I had the chance to think.

"That sounds fun" he replied quickly "... and expensive"

"Yeah the prices are steep lately but I've been looking forward to it for a while"

"Well enjoy" he said simply. I studied him and could instantly tell he was disappointed. My ex used to do the exact same thing when she didn't want to ask me for something.

"I mean, it's always better to watch with someone else. You could come with me." That was a lie. I much preferred to go to the cinema alone.

"I'm broke remember?"

"Oh don't worry about that, I got it" I replied. That part was true atleast. Money wasn't an issue, a huge perk of being single.

"That's real nice but I can't" he started. My ex used to do the same thing too. Pretend she didn't want what she clearly wanted. "You're already helping me out a lot by letting me stay here"

"That's okay, I want to" I insisted. "You'd be doing me a favor since I won't have to watch it alone"

He graciously accepted.

"You know, you're much nicer than you were in college" I watched him try to hide a smile.

"Yeah I guess"


I was so nervous as we walked through the local mall. Jordan had let his hair down which had solidified my stance that he was one of the most beautiful people to ever exist.

But even with that thought, I was convinced everyone could tell. I feared everyone that glanced at us as we passed knew that I was here with a man. Jordan in typical fashion was unbothered looking like a kid in a playground as he stared wide eyed into every shop we passed.

I glanced to him every chance I got. There wasn't anything remotely masculine about him. I found myself questioning my memories of him. Did I have it wrong this whole time? If he was infact a girl, wouldn't he be the most perfect girl to ever exist?

I remained in a daze even as we bought our tickets, drinks and popcorn.

"Hurry up, it's started" he called out to me as we found the right hall.

He seemed just as excited about the movie as I was. Where I couldn't even get my ex interested enough to watch a superhero movie on Blu-ray, here he was leading the way, looking for the perfect seats with optimal viewing angles.

The daze didn't stop even when we found our seats and the opening scenes began. Out from the corner of my eyes, I saw him digging away at the large popcorn with no concern in the world.

I really shouldn't have come here with him. Several scenes had gone on already and I'd missed all of it. I had to pinch myself to pay attention. This was the movie I'd been waiting for for several months and now watching this guy seemed a thousand times more interesting.

It took an explosion in the movie to knock me to my senses and finally get me in the right frame of mind. I was finally able to relax and start paying attention.

I managed to keep it for another 40 minutes before Jordan's voice pulled me right back.

"Colder here than I thought" he'd commented.

"Should've brought a jacket" I replied trying to keep my attention on the screen.


I caught myself after repeated glances in his direction.

'Pay attention' I told myself. I was failing.

A few more glances his way and I could no longer ignore it. He was freezing.

With a big sigh, I began removing my jacket.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

I didn't respond. It was fairly obvious.

With no objections and a simple 'thank you', he took the jacket when I offered it.

An hour into the movie, Jordan whispered into my ear, "Can I have some of your popcorn?"

A quick glance in his direction confirmed that he'd already ran through his supply.

I laughed at the absurdity of the whole thing. A three hour movie and he was out already. This was all the things I hated about being in the cinema with someone else but it didn't make me mad like it should have. It was funny.

The innocent but also guilty face he made as he pleaded for popcorn made me laugh.

I made a comically annoyed face as I moved my popcorn within his reach.

"Thanks" he whispered.

Not even ten minutes later is when it happened. I had placed my hand in the popcorn tub in search of more popcorn liked I'd done throughout the movie but this time, my hand met his in a firm grasp.

Almost like a reflex action, we both turned to each other and our eyes met once again. I should have recoiled in disgust but I froze. My hand just remained where it was unable to move. The tragic thing is his hand didn't move either.











Always wanted to try writing from the perspective of the non tg character. Please tell me what you think about this very short story so far.

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very interesting so far

I'm glad to see it done from the non-tg person's perspective, it shakes things up a bit.



It's quite adorable so far! Looking forward to the next chapter.


joannebarbarella's picture

Jordan is evoking all the symptoms of apparently male-to-male contact from Hunter, who can't get his head around the fact that he is actually dealing with a girl.

Such delicious irony, Emma. Can't wait to see where it goes from here.

Very nicely done

Just the sort of confusion and reluctance I'd imagine, and with none of the angry denial I'd be afraid to find.

Maeryn Lamonte, the girl inside