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A Needed Change - Part Two

A Needed Change - Part two

On Saturday I had no plans, and knowing it would be busy out I had no desire to go out there either. I made myself some French toast for breakfast and just sat about relaxing, wearing a simple cotton dress and just hung out really. While walking from one room to another I passed the intercom which buzzed, and without thinking I picked it up, cursing myself for doing it as I said hello.

“Beck, is that you?”

The Apprentice Witch and the Hero

I’m a trainee witch from a rural town where even the slightest deviance is frowned upon. There, witches are expected to follow a strict way of acting, and even being. And it is expected that a witch is to act as basically a medicinal servant for the village. She is to gather weeds and prepare potions to help deal with stomach aches and other ailments. Witches are to never wed. to never fall in love. To never have sex.

It’s patriarchal bullshit! Moreover, as I’m transgender, I don’t fit into their narrow view of what makes a witch! You have to be born female, and born to a wealthy non-witch family. I’m poor, and haven’t had the, quote, appropriate education. Only upper class villagers get an education in my hometown. Poor folk are expected to do hard labor such as farm work or hunting.

For that reason, I’ve decided to leave my hometown and travel to the capital city, where everything is better! The people are nicer, and nobody cares if you’re trans or poor or whatever! I arrive on foot after a month of travel. Most people fly on their brooms, but I’m not experienced enough for that. I can barely fly. Others take the train, but I’m too poor for that. The travel is rough, and I have to forage and hunt for food as I’m simply incapable of brining one month worth of food along with me. But, with blistered feet, I finally arrive at the capital!

My Time As A Wife 2

Sarah is invited to stay the night with Phil. She is asked to spend more time as Sarah and must decide if Sarah is more than just a pleasant distraction. Part of this is based on some recent experience of mine.

I was still breathing hard from the climax I had just experienced. My legs were like jelly. Stay the night? Despite my exhaustion, I felt myself shiver at the thought. Spend the night with a man as a woman. Not just sex, but actually sleeping with him.

Gina’s Unexpected Adventure, part the third.

Gina’s Unexpected Adventure, part the third.

“Yes please, tea or white wine.”

Melissa looked at her and waggled her eyebrows, “aren’t you underage to be drinking….”

Gina looked affronted, “no I am….” And then tailed off as she looked down to remind herself how she was dressed, she blushed a little, and then grinned.

“Well you could always spank me for it….”

Melissa grinned back. “And of course, I should be spanked for subverting a minor….” And grinned broadly.

“One moment I have just the thing,” She added as she went into the kitchen.

Wendy the Good Witch (The End)

Wendy The Good 3 small.png

Wendy the Good Witch (Part 3)
(or Brunettes with Perfect Eyesight)
By Sabrina G. Langton

Author's Note: Hmmmmm... A hotel, a deli, and a view of New Jersey don't ever say I don't take you anywhere... Oh and of course a song running through the words... Something different and something completely the same, ha... I hope YOU like it...


The Cutest Girl(y Boy)

I twirl and strike a pose. A dozen different cameras go off, capturing me from every possible angle. I smile the sweetest smile you could ever imagine, and blow a kiss to the camera. The cameraman nearly passes out from the excitement.

My name is Candy. Well, that’s my stage name, anyhow. I’m a 12 year old boy, but I’ve been modeling girl’s clothing for about a year now, and I’ve made quite a name for myself. Everyone wants “The Cutest Girl(y Boy)” in their magazine! I even do fashion shows for big companies, and my youtube videos get tens of thousands of views.

A Woman on the Hunt

I wish to inform my readers that this is an experimental story. I call it experimental because it is the first time I have used AI for any writing purpose. See my comments regarding the method of writing below. It actually came out better than I expected and so I have elected to commemorate the event by posting it here. BC readers may have probably seen better AI writing than this, but this item was made using a limited and free AI writing website; any future work in AI done by me will, I hope, be made on a much better engine with more advanced features. (The day is soon coming I think, that some modest parameters will be all that is needed for AI to write an entire novel).

Bedwetters' Sleepover

I’m 16 and have just started HRT. Unfortunately, one side effect of spiro seems to be having to pee a whole lot. And with the way that lots of places want to criminalize being transgender, things are pretty rough. I have to excuse myself from class often to run down to the nurse’s room, the only place I’m allowed to use the restroom. As if that’s bad enough, I can’t even hold by bladder overnight anymore, and have had to start wearing diapers to bed. I wear size XL goodnites, and most nights I wake up with the diaper full of pee. I've lost all of my friends since starting HRT, so my mom has set up a bedwetters' sleepover with her friend's daughter.

O/our favourite position

my Master has fixed me up. i am lying on my back, legs raised up and spread wide, ankles fixed to the corners of the bed. i am so supple that my knees rested on the bed, either side of my head. Knees are also tied to the sides of the bed, and my wrists and elbows are tied together behind my back, and my wrists tied off to the opposite head of the bed.

Market Research

Tom meets an alien who is researching potential trade opportunities and gets a glimpse of more than one new world.

Market Research

By Jamie Lou Wendelin

Thanks to Kristina L.S., Scott Ramsey and another friend for reviewing drafts, finding mistakes and making helpful suggestions - and, oh yeah, Erin for making all this possible.
Of course all remaining mistakes are my own.


The Venus Touch

The Venus Touch
by Melanie T

Edited by Kristine Roland

When Ron spent the night with a strange woman, he never thought his life would be changed so much. Caught up in a web of sorcery and lies, Ron, who is now a woman named Ronnie must face a world of magic she never knew existed.

Hunted by powerful forces and aided by uncertain allies, Ronnie has to unravel the mystery of her transformation.

Daisy's Red Badge of Courage (2)

Daisy's Red Badge of Courage
A Prequel to “Daisy and the Phantom Nurse”

Act Two: A Fearsome Melee

I felt like a Roman gladiator entering into the Colosseum. My blood ran cold, it seemed the whole school was. The parking lot was jammed full of people. And at the center was the beast of the man. He had stripped himself of his collared shirt and tossed it to the side. His eyes burned like fire. The minute I entered into the circle was the minute all eyes turned toward me.

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Vagina

When Greg Samson woke up one morning from unsettling dreams, he found his penis changed in his bed into a vagina.

In the fugue state between being asleep and awake, his hand went below his waist, as it did every morning - and several times a day - to look for his reliable old friend and…

What the fuck, he thought, as his hand felt it. Where the hell is it? Then, he thought, this is one weird dream. You don't just grow a vagina. And he closed his eyes.

Family Therapy: Nonbinary Reflections

Bonus scene! Bonus artwork! Bonus--well, it’s just those two things, actually. But that’s still pretty cool! After Fraylim got inspired to do some additional artwork for “Family Therapy,” I wanted a way to share it with you. So, to avoid undercutting the original story, I’m offering this as an “alternate ending.” Here, we see a young trans woman on the verge of an important decision as she muses on the unusual road that her life has taken, and the role that her father-turned-mother played in it...and may yet play in the future.

Lanterns on Lake Pontchartrain (4)

Lanterns on Lake Pontchartrain
An Acadiana Transgender Story

I have to cosplay as a Bunnygirl ?!

I found myself twelve hundred dollars richer by the afternoon. My bank account had almost doubled when I put the money into it. But I knew I would still need to earn that money. So, taking a deep breath I pushed myself off the easy chair that I'd hawked from the side of the curb one bright Saturday morning and reached for my phone. I took a deep breath and then dialed my cousin's number. The phone rang and rang again until at last she finally picked up.

Wendy the Good Witch (Part 2)

Wendy The Good 2 small.png

Wendy the Good Witch (Part 2)
(or Brunettes with Perfect Eyesight)
By Sabrina G. Langton


Part 2, and Wendy is ready for her big date, good thing she got all that practice in, ha... I hope YOU like it...


I took off Friday, it was so nice out. The windows were open, the weather in November is sometimes perfect, and there are so much more browns and greens than in Chelsea.

The Family Business UK

The Family Business UK
A Short Story
By Maryanne Peters

Let me tell you what the family business used to be. Shit. That was our business. Pumping shit. Granddad used to have a saying from up north: “Where there’s muck there’s brass” (meaning money). And he would add to that: “And where there’s more muck, there’s more brass.” There is plenty of shit, so we did pretty well.

Spending Vacation as a Girl

Alex loves crossdressing, and when he goes on vacation with his sister to celebrate graduating high school, she thinks that it is for the best that he pretends to be a 12 year old girl to make things easier on her end. It's hard to explain an 18 year old boy dressing the way Alex does. While on vacation, Alex meets a girl and develops a crush on her. Of course, if he plans to keep dating her, he'll have to tell her the truth. There's no telling how she might react.

Daisy and the Phantom Nurse (4)

Once I entered the cafeteria I paused and looked around. I  then closed my eyes and slowly opened them. I was ready for a nap, but food had to come first. So shrugging my shoulders I walked over and joined the line for the hot food. The other doctors and nurses in line only peered at me, none of them said a signal word. I guess most of them wanted to eat and go home. Which suited me just fine. Or on the other side of the coin they wanted to get a quick bite of breakfast before starting their day.

Christian Feminization Stories Volume 4

Story 1: Forever Pregnant
A Christian Feminization Story
By Maryanne Peters

I never thought that I would love being pregnant, but I do! What am I talking about? I never thought about ever being pregnant! Why would I? I was a guy, for crying out loud! A manly gay man! Now look at me! Pregnant, pretty and glowing. Praise to God!

Wrestling my Little Sister and her Friends PT 2

After losing a bet and being forced to dress as a girl, Trevor (Tiffany) has more fun than they would like to admit. They even have a new girlfriend! But surely he's a manly man who won't lose another bet and have to crossdress again, right? Right?
Be sure to read part 1 first - https://bigclosetr.us/topshelf/fiction/99348/wrestling-my-li...

Daisy and the Phantom Nurse (2)

Daisy And the Phantom Nurse
Act II

Night has now fallen, the hallway outside my door is as quiet as the grave. The harsh white light from the light bulbs above that somehow filters through the crack of the doorway into my room is the only  hint of any sign of life. Outside my window, I can hear the wind starting to howl, big, fat raindrops the size of pennies are falling down by the trillions. I can hear those fat, drops of rain splashing upon the window.

Cuz - You look good. Part 7 of 8

Chapter 7

Andy and Maria spent much of Sunday sorting out the evidence that they had gathered. They knew that it would have to be believable to swing the hard-nosed members of the team. It would be a hectic week, if they were to raid the restaurant before the victim had been ritually sacrificed.

Wendy the Good Witch (Part 1)

Wendy The Good 1 alt small.png

Wendy the Good Witch (Part 1)
(or Brunettes with Perfect Eyesight)
By Sabrina G. Langton


Author's note: Sorry no Halloween story over here... This is kind of hard to explain. It has been brewing in the back of my mind, (You know, where that 27-year-old girl with the great legs resides) for quite a while. A story about a family with secrets, that welcomes a couple of newcomers. Hope YOU like it...

Five Brides

Five Brides
A Vignette
By Maryanne Peters


Another day at the bridal boutique – right? A photo of six girls trying on bridal outfits, except that there was only three of us meant to be getting those special dresses. The other three were the grooms. The three tall “girls” are us – that is Quinn with his girl – the goth with the blue hair, me with the headband and Peyton the surfer with the blonde hair tied back.

Essentially Egg. Part 18 of 39

Chapter 18

She dug into her bag, brought out six boxes, and then handed them out. When I opened mine, it was more than I could take in. It was a pendant, yes, but what a pendant! It was gold filigree with ‘Stable Sisters Rule’ in diamonds and emeralds.

This won’t be joining the one now resting in a drawer at home. It would be front and center most of the time. Almost in tears, we had group hugs and cheek kisses. We all put them on and carried on with our meal, ordering more coffees as the originals had gone cold.

Wrestling my Little Sister and her Friends

13 year old Trevor loves wrestling. His little sister and her friends? Not so much. But after some bargaining, they agree to a series of wrestling contests, with crossdressing and kisses on the line!

Cuz - You look good. Part 6 of 8

Chapter 6

They arrived at the Tamworth Industrial Park, turning off Watling Street into Claymore, and then into the roadway where the body had been found. To one side of the road was the back of factories in the next road, the other side was a big automotive spares warehouse. At the end of the short road was the factory whose workers had come out to find the body. They parked in a space and stood in the road looking around them. Maria was the first to speak.


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