April Fools or Are You Serious?

April Fools
Are You Serious?

By Angel O'HareAngel_Jeans_0.jpg

Did you ever contemplate murdering someone? I have! My older and much too devious sister Megan was number one on my hit list. Well, Megan and three of her friends i.e. Mary Beth, Susan and Emily, Emily being the most devious of them all!

It all actually started almost a year ago, that is how devious their plan was! Their little singing group and sometimes band would get together at Emily’s house to practice, create new songs and even sometimes practice with their instruments (YUCK)…

Emily has an in ground swimming pool with a diving board, which she used to use to entice me to join them in their practice sessions. Um, I can sing pretty damn well and dance better than any of the four of them. They would use me as a sounding board and to help them spice up their performance with a few dance moves. I ended up singing their songs to demonstrate better ways to sing them.

Well, when it came time for them to decide on what to wear our mothers got involved in a big way! Okay, so there I was swimming away having a great time in the pool when my mom hollers out that I needed to take a shower and that she had brought me a change of clothes. The next thing I know is my mom and the three other mothers pounce on me just as I exit the shower!

Now no ten year old boy should ever be subjected to what they did within the next fifteen minutes! My mom taking the lead with a nonstop verbal assault keeping me as distracted as four older women and wise in the ways motherhood soon had me dried and dressed as they chatted about my body and face!

I also found out that it was “Fantastic” that I had had my ears pierced! Well, once I was dressed in my “Good” set of dress clothes, you know what I wear to church and fancy family things… I was informed we had an afternoon of shopping and a few surprises just for me! I knew I was stuck in the deepest part of the proverbial manure pile!

We were riding in Emily’s mom’s SUV with me stuck between my mom and Mary Beth’s mom in the back seat. Susan’s mom was riding shotgun as I was bombarded with who, what, where, when and why from four mothers! It was not good to say the least! The girls have a big concert at the annual Tween version of the “Battle of the Bands” which is held on April first each year. I guess it’s a big joke to many people and the older kids version of the “Battle of the Bands” I have to admit it can be a bit comical watching Tweens emulating older and much more professional performers all the while trying their best to look beautiful and appearing very talented.

Well, the girls worked on their mothers for months with a twist to their ideas of a sure win using the April Fools theme…

This is where Emily pops in to my mind with her super secret and super special manipulation of me! Super secret is when she flirted with me in a big way and on several occasions I found myself alone with her at her house. Well, her mom was there as well, but what Emily let me see and do would distract any young boy my age!

Emily has this bathing suit she wears just for tanning purposes and it covers the minimum of the most sensitive areas if you know what I mean! Thin little strings that connect covers for just over her nipples and just over her vulva area if you know what I mean! My job was to help her with applying the sunscreen and to go over her part in the songs and help her learn certain dance moves. I must admit I was in the distracted part of Tween boy Heaven! Well, that’s when Emily’s mom laid down some rules and two of them I just didn’t like at all, but the benefits vetoed my concerns. I mean no one would see us like this other than the two of them right?

Well, the rules were that I would also take part in the tanning sessions and would wear something as tiny as Emily’s! I was presented with this thong panty! The panty was a bit generous in the front so everything I had stayed hidden, but it was just snug enough to leave little to one’s imagination if you know what I mean. I was also presented with a pair of strap on sandals with two and a half inch heels that I needed to wear when I was showing Emily the dance moves. The reason given was the girls would be wearing two and a half inch heels during their performances. OH GOD! I was so glad know one but the two of them would ever see me wearing this crap! How wrong I was!

Here I was three days later wearing a smaller tighter thong as my mom and Emily’s mom are laughing their heads off! Why you ask? I was wearing this new tiny super snug fitting thong my mom gave me to wear, the heels and Emily was handing me the sunscreen to apply on her when her string popped loose! One second she was barely covered and the next second she was totally naked with her obvious tan lines in full view of my now very excited self!

Emily giggled and repositioned her tanning suit strings asking me to tie them, snuggly this time! Well, my penis couldn’t be held inside my new tiny thong as the top stuck out the waist band! The next thing I know is my thong is pulled down and I’m shown how to tuck myself to prevent any further embarrassing moments by my mom and Emily’s mom!

They also commented I needed to trim up down there because it just didn’t look nice having hair showing! Oh God! Emily was shaved everywhere! I know I had just seen her milky white colored vulva and her very pink nipples! Now my entire body was as red as severe sunburn I was so embarrassed! The women and Emily just giggled like schoolgirls!

I didn’t know that every time Emily and I practiced singing and dancing we were being videotaped! That was the plan as the second phase of plan “April Fools” was put into action. One tanning session day it clouded over and began raining so inside we went and Emily’s mom mentioned Emily had to try on a few things to see what would look the best for the girl’s group and upcoming performances. They were going to be entered in a few beauty and talent pageants.

Well, still wearing my thong I was pressed into service and I found out firsthand what petti-skirts were and felt like while wearing them! They varied in lengths and materials. These petti-skirts teased and tickled my bum and legs unmercifully! The tops varied from fancy bras to different amounts of coverage and styles, none of which helped me at all! I was red, red, and red if you know what I mean! Being flat as a board in the chest area as all boys are and with the four girls at least having “A” cup sized breasts, (Emily has “B” cup breasts) left me looking like a little girl wanting to look like a big girl, GEEZE! Emily’s mom said she’d have a solution by the time they would decide and the final few costumes. OH JOY! NOT!

Yupper, this session was also secretly videotaped! Okay, a week later Emily and I are tanning when our mom’s join us and they were wearing the same style suit as Emily wears! OH GOD! Once we were all coated with sunscreen by each helping the other…man was my thong tight and uncomfortable! We were lying on our beach towels when I heard even more familiar voices. Mary Beth, Susan and my sister Megan are now walking out of the house wearing the same style suit, just in different colors. OH MY GOD! What was embarrassing was that the three girls obviously needed trimming up if you know what I mean! I could now see what my mother and Emily’s mom meant about me trimming up down there.

The second phase was in full swing when after tanning and then swimming we showered (separately of course) and I was manipulated into another of their costumes and was once again helping them out with their songs and dance routines. The difference this time was along with the heels I was wearing another thong panty, panty hose, heels other than the sandals, a very short and fully fluffy cut petti-skirt along with a fancy bra stuffed with squiggly gel things and a sheer top! (Emily’s mom did mention a solution for my flat chest during the last fashion show) My hair was put into a girly style ponytail as well.

The reason for this was according to the two moms was each of us was wearing a different style and combinations. They could decide on which was best if we all were wearing the different costume combinations at the same time. That was also why they had gotten me the squiggly things so I could match the girls better. GEEZE! The big surprise came when the other two moms show up mid practice session! I was now exposed to them as well! What I overheard was my super secret sessions with Emily and her mom were hardly secrets at all!

Okay, so now we were all being changed into different costumes with all the mothers taking part. We would wear one different costume each. Perform a song and dance and then the process repeated until it was now time for supper. Thank God mom had thought to bring along a set of boys clothes for me and some comfortable “Y” front underpants as well.

The girls changed and we went out to eat at a nice restaurant and that’s when I found out the girls were entered in a pageant and I was stuck going along. The next stop was a beauty salon and thankfully it was just the girls that had appointments. Well, all was well and good until my mom was talked into getting keepers put in my ears. Keepers are tiny hollow ceramic sleeves that are inserted into the ear piercings. They allow easy cleaning and the person can wear any style earrings without worry of tearing or infection.

I was sat in this chair and the lady stuck these patches on my earlobes stating they would numb my earlobes so I wouldn’t feel any stinging when they inserted the keepers. OK, what they hell, les discomfort is always good isn’t it? They reclined the chair and I was soon in the land of nod.

About twenty minutes later I was rudely awakened with the loud sound of snap, snap, pop, pop in both my ears! I now had two holes and two sets of keepers in both my earlobes! OH GOD! The girl’s that needed an extra set of holes and the keepers were each given them and now for the other surprise! A FULL BODY WAX! I was reminded on how unbecoming I appeared with hair sticking out of my thong. GEEZE!

I went last as two girls could go together and when I heard the screams as they got their vulvas (I learned that later) waxed made me a bit fearful when it was finally my turn for this torture. Well, it wasn’t as bad as I thought because instead of waxing my boy bits I was shaved instead. I was very embarrassed to say the least, especially when Madge told me it made things easier to shave if my penis was fully erect and my scrotum nice and tight! GEEZE, talk about red, red and red!

The only real drawback was when she waxed over my nipples and they were soon painfully sore, very red and puffy. Madge had this magic cream she put on them that soon had me sighing with relief! It was after that I was really embarrassed as I was made to wear a bra to hold these two pads in place. The cream was thick and would cause staining I they weren’t covered. After this embarrassment with the bra being obvious under my sheer white summer pullover shirt I was then given the treatments the girls had been given. Just so I would fit in and not appear to be a boy with breasts! I had no real choice in the matter at that point anyway, with a pair of gold hoop earrings in my lower holes and a pair of blue crystal studs surrounded by pink enameled flowers in my upper holes. GEEZE!

My eyebrows were plucked as my hair was given a treatment of God knows what smelly crap that stuff is. My face was given a work over as well as my eyes and eyelashes! My lips were scrubbed, coated, coated again and then painted! The final touch was this shiny wet looking gloss coat! My hair was cut, trimmed, curled and I found out dyed a Honey Blonde color! That was what that smelly crap had been! GEEZE! The mothers and girls went NUTSO CRAZY when I emerged from the changing room now wearing a short yellow skirt, the thong panty and pantyhose underneath. The shiny green heels somehow matched my outfit! A sheer yellow summer blouse that just happened to show off the bra that has little blue flowers all over it that now appear green under the blouse. A wide stretchy green cloth belt surrounded my waist giving me a shape I shouldn’t have! I was adorned with a necklace, bracelet, rings and a watch with a yellow band. GEEZE! The last bit was an anklet! Who wears jewelry on their ankles? Girls that’s who! GEEZE!

The next and final surprise was when we arrived at this office complex and met with a few grownups that were putting on the pageant the girls had been entered in for this weekend. I was very surprised when the olds picked Mary Beth for some reason and it turns out they were trying to pick me out of the group of girls, GEEZE! Um, Mary Beth and her mom were pissed off to say the least! Hey Mary Beth looks great, but for some reason they all thought I appeared for feminine than her, go figure and it didn’t help my ego one bit either!

My mom was on cloud nine and my sister Megan couldn’t stop giggling, which soon caused everyone else to get into the fits of laughter and giggling mania! GEEZE!

I was officially entered as one of the contestants in the pageant and talent contest. OH GOD! As it was explained to me it no longer matters if you are male or female just as long as you follow the rules! Some equal rights law and a few law suits had them change the rules. Hey, the girls could enter the boy’s part of the pageant if they wanted to and a few of them do all the time! Go and figure that one out!

This all took place at the end of August, which also just happens to my birthday! Great I have to spend my eleventh birthday as a contestant in a beauty and talent pageant…

It was the weirdest experience of my young life! Um, how can I describe the embarrassment, but the excitement as well? Ok, I’m a boy appearing as a girl, I can sing, I can dance and I play the wooden flute. Not the pan flute, but a symphony flute the only difference is mine is made out of wood. It was my great grandmother’s flute and the story goes I had found it in the attic at my grandparent’s house. They were looking all over the place for the wayward four-year old me when they heard the sound of that flute and found me in the attic happy as can be. I was given the flute along with lessons. Eight years later I’m pretty damn good with that flute!

Anyway, each of us “Girls” was entered separately for the beauty and fashion part and once again separate and also as a group for the talent portion. They did have a group category at this particular pageant. Once I got over feeling like an idiot, I really did get lost in the emotions of competing and doing my best. I was soon trying as hard as all the other “Girls” even in the fashion portion! In the end Mary Beth won the beauty portion, I came in fourth! The fashion part we all did well, with me placing sixth and the other girls placing ahead of me with Emily winning. The group category we did win and I placed second in the talent portion. A girl that was awesome tap dancing won.

When we were called up on stage to get our trophy and prizes for winning the group event several of the judges mentioned that next time I should dance and sing for the talent portion. They said I played the flute beautifully, but in these pageants more is better as presentation and execution is worth more in the scheme of things.

I was very surprised as just before we were to leave for home we were approached by several individuals interested in sponsoring us as a group and a few of us as individual pageant contestants. I quickly declined the offers that wanted to have me be a contestant on the pageant circuit! It was the group sponsorship I couldn’t get out of! I was made the lead singer for this pageant and there was no way they would sponsor the group without me as the lead! GEEZE!

So, off and on I was one of the girls during the summer as their lead singer and choreographer for our on stage dance routines. We did very well in the competitions on the pageant circuit. Thankfully I did not have to repeat my individual efforts in pageant competition. I think I would have been a basket case repeating that over and over during the summer!

The cooler weather of fall came upon us with a vengeance this year. We were all soon utilizing Emily’s family tanning beds and sauna room after a swim in their heated swimming pool. We had to wear these little goggles over our eyes that left our eyelids snowy white compared to the rest of our bodies. We wore little patches over our nipples and I wore my thong to protect my boy stuff. The girls decided to go all the way and wore this rubber shield that covered the inner labia and stuff along with their nipple covers. GEEZE was I uncomfortable waiting my turn with one or two of them as they wore little to nothing! I laughed seeing my reflection knowing how stupid I looked wearing the nipple shields, but once you burn your nipples in a tanning bed, you’ll soon wear them too, I promise you!

Just before school started I stopped the pageant circuit stuff only helping the girls when needed and still singing and dancing with them as a coach. My hair was back to its normal shape and color and my extra ear holes were never used even though the keepers kept the holes from healing closed. My fingernails and all the rest looked like an abused part of any boy’s appearance.

It was my tan that got the most attention, especially in gym class! One other thing made my life in gym class a bit miserable was my still puffy nipples now accented with a little non-tanned circle of white just around them. This fact sort of accentuated their puffiness. My eyelids were also paler than the rest of me, thanks to the constant use of those tanning goggles. The girls just added makeup to their eyes and that fixed that little problem for them.

My little oddities caused the other boys to look even a bit closer and that is how they ended up noticing more than my unique tan lines. Word was quickly being spread from person to person and I was soon thought to either being gay or a girly-boy. A few fights later and the girly-boy and fairy comments stopped. My older sister Megan and the other girls were all in Junior High School, so I didn’t get any help from them. Well, other than from some kids having older sisters and brothers in Junior High. Word was being passed down and exchanged and soon I was known as the boy who could really imitate a girl and then some! This was not helpful in the least!

Well, over the next several months the girl’s performances were doing Ok, but they weren’t winning many of them, mostly finishing in the top five or ten, which is pretty good if you ask me, but no one, was asking me! I was pressed into coaching them in a big way and before I knew it, it was the month of March.

I was informed thee was one performance I just has to be part of their group for, it was that important! I agreed stupid of me, but I did agree! The next thing I knew it was a repeat from the time before! Thank God this was the weekend and April 1st was on Sunday. The big event was? You guessed it, the “Tween Battle of the Bands” event at the Central City Mall! Everyone that is anyone is at this event. If not for the event itself than for the mall wide sales and contests, sweepstakes and other surprise events. The summer fashions and stuff were all on sale and everyone wanted in on the sales at least. One big packed mall for the entire weekend and here I am dressed in all my girly finest and looking hot as a young Tween fox can look!

This time I sport extensions to my once again honey blonde colored hair. My hair done up to perfection as well as my glossy pink longer acrylic nails. My four ear holes now sporting hoops in the lower holes and those studs in my upper holes. My face made up to perfection with my lips glossy pink and wet looking seemingly begging to be kissed…cringe.

Dressed in our stage stuff we couldn’t go walking the mall…Um, I guess we could and the girls insisted on it with at least one of the mom’s with us of course! The other mom’s would take one hour shifts shopping or being our chaperones. It wasn’t long before people put one and one together and I was spotted, identified and soon sought after by a lot of kids and grownups it seems! There were a few jerks and a few of the kids, mostly in small groups that were a bit nasty. Other than those few instances though, things went surprisingly well and I found myself even more popular than I ever was before this!

The time finally arrived and we did our performance and were very well received! We won after all the voted were counted and now we have a recording studio contract and are also spokespersons for several stores and companies. After that very long day and night I just wanted to go to bed and wake up becoming me again.

I did go to bed and when I woke up I looked around for “My” stuff, but it had all vanished overnight! I ran downstairs and saw my sister Megan and mom at the table. I said…

“Hey, you told me I could be me after last night!”

They both looked at me smiling and said…


And then my life took a very interesting turn...

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