My Other Half

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----------=A Blast from the Past!=----------

My Other Half

Lilith Langtree


When Sheri found out about Chris's preference for undergarments,
she dropped him like the proverbial hot potato.
Now that she's had time to think about what she did,
there's some regret.

Author's Note: Last night I believe I unintentionally offended Hope E.R. when I said that I wasn't posting anymore stories unless they were complete. I tend to say things straight forward and since this is the internet, it was easy to interpret it as rudeness. This is my way of saying I'm sorry -- a finished story.
Admin Note: Originally published on BigCloset TopShelf on Friday 03-28-2014 at 09:10:54 pm -0400, this story was pulled out of the closet, and re-presented for our newer readers.~Sephrena




With my newest purchase safely in my grasp, I entered the TCBY and ordered a cup of frozen yogurt. It was the one weekly treat that I allowed myself. Sodas and candy were something that I cut out of my diet almost two years before. Holding my current weight at a hundred and fifteen pounds was one of the things I was most proud of.

It had its drawbacks, but it wasn’t anything I hadn’t experienced before. Being five feet four inches tall made me the runt of the school. Even freshmen were taller than I was, but I didn’t care anymore. I liked being short.

Don’t laugh. I know most guys would be weeping in their rooms, but I loved it, except for last year that is.

I had a fascination with taller women, girls really, but still; the taller the better. My last and only girlfriend, Sheri, was five-eight. She had a thing for short guys so we were sort of a match made, you know?

The thing is, on my seventeenth birthday she wanted to give me a special present. Her parents were away playing tennis for a few hours and the house was empty. Sheri took me there and before I knew what was happening she told me that she wanted to take my virginity.

What self-respecting guy walked away from an offer like that? Me, that’s who. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to have sex with her. I loved her and I thought she was beautiful. The problem was, for my birthday that morning, I’d slipped on a pair of my favorite panties. Seeing I was a guy, that was considered taboo.

Sheri, being the fairly aggressive girl she was, cornered me and worked off my jeans, at least partially. Once she saw what I was wearing, that was pretty much the end of our relationship. She wasn’t evil about it. I mean she didn’t run off and tell all her girlfriends that her boyfriend was a fag or something. Sheri just looked really hurt and said that she wanted to break up.

I didn’t try to argue. I just did up my jeans and walked out in tears.

So you might imagine how I felt every time I saw her, outside of school especially. At school we act like nothing happened, we just don’t talk to each other. Different social circles helped in that regard. But outside of school, like the mall for instance, my chest just hurt.

That’s one of the reasons I lost my appetite when I saw her with a couple of her friends coming out of Hollister Co. about three stores down from where I was seated, with my legs crossed at the knee taking small bites of my yogurt so I could extend the pleasure of my treat.

My chest hurt again along with my stomach. Even after almost three months, watching her affected me that much. Seeing as how it was only ten-thirty the mall was still pretty empty so she spotted me almost immediately. I fingered a lock of hair behind my ear and then poked at my yogurt knowing I couldn’t finish it any more. My eyes started to burn a little at having that taken away as well.


My head snapped up and I almost dropped my cup at seeing Sheri standing a few feet away.

“Hey,” I said quietly.

“Mind if I sit?”

I shook my head and scooted a little to the side.

She set her purse between us and I couldn’t help but seeing it was a Louis Vuitton L’essential. I almost sighed knowing I’d never be able to afford something anywhere near that quality in my life. I’d pretty much resigned myself to whatever was on sale at Sears or JC Penney.

“How have you been?” she asked.

Not knowing what to say, I just shrugged.

“Chris, I just wanted to say I’m sorry. For the way I treated you I mean.”

Gathering a small spoonful of yogurt I popped it into my mouth. It tasted like ass. I’m sure it wasn’t the fault of the wonderful people at TCBY. I figured my taste buds just died or moved to Brazil for the remainder of spring.

“I should have let you explain. I was just stupid, okay?”

I nodded, just wishing she would go away so I could try to recover what little enjoyment I could from the weekend.

Sheri fidgeted a little, picking at her nails. “I did some research on transvestites…”

My eyes widened and I shot her an open-mouthed look before standing up and dropping the cup in the trash receptacle. Brushing my hands off, I turned to her.

“I’m not a transvestite. Please leave me alone.”

Picking the closest mallway – sorry, that’s those smaller branches of a mall that only hold a few stores for the lower rent tenants – I rapidly walked out the door at the end and sat on the sidewalk curb trying desperately not to cry. Mom wouldn’t be back for another five hours so I was stuck.

Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem. I love the mall, and I love to window shop and dream of the day that I could go there and try on anything that I wanted without the weird looks from the salespeople.


I shot up.

“Oh my God. What don’t you understand?” I almost shouted. “I didn’t turn into some basket case when you abandoned me. I appreciate that you didn’t blab to the whole school, but that doesn’t give you the right to keep on about this. I’m not your boyfriend anymore so I can wear whatever I want.”

The first part of that was obviously a lie. I sulked for weeks and I still wasn’t able to move on, and from my reaction inside, even an idiot could see I was still carrying a torch for her.

“I couldn’t even enjoy my yogurt. I get one yogurt a week and now it’s ruined!”

Sheri’s mouth was unhinged with the stunned look she was giving me. It was then that I realized that my mouth had run away with itself. Tears were already pouring down my face.

There was nowhere to run except into the parking lot so I just dropped back to the curb and covered up as much of my face as was possible.

Her shoes clicked as I heard her approach and I squeezed my eyes shut.

“I’m sorry. I’ll go,” she said quietly. “I’m sorry.”


Eventually I got back up and went inside to the closest bathroom so I could throw some cold water on my face. Sheri was probably at the other end of the mall or maybe she could take a hint and leave me alone. Either way, I wasn’t going to waste my day pining away or crying anymore.

Instead, I went over to the bench in front of Twenty-one and sat down to look at the mannequins and the latest fashions that had been put on them.

My favorite was the black and white Daisy Darling skater dress with the black buckled gladiator shoes. I could almost imagine myself dressed in that, out on a slightly warm day with Sheri beside me as I hung on her arm.

I cringed and slammed my eyes shut again.

“It’s a cute dress.”

My shoulders dropped when I heard her sit down beside me again.

“Just let me say what I need to say and I’ll leave. I’ll go home and you can have the mall to yourself.”

I licked my lips and looked up at her. “What? What is so important that you have to follow me around and destroy my day?”

Sheri took a breath looking like she was reigning herself in. “I guess I deserved that.”

Without replying, I leaned back and crossed my legs at the knee again waiting for her to spew whatever garbage she had to get off her chest.

“I’ve missed you,” she said.

My eyes burned again and I could feel them starting to well up, but I tried my best to keep it inside.

“I shouldn’t have broken up with you over something I obviously don’t understand. I tried to understand… really. I looked up different things on the internet and thought that maybe it was something I did…” She stopped and shook her head. “That’s not what I meant. What I mean to say is, it was just clothes and I treated you like you had the plague.”

I took a shaky breath as I listened to her.

“But once I did it, I knew I couldn’t take it back. Once I realized how stupid I’d been, I’d already lost you. If you could just help me get why you… you know… I mean.”

“They called panties, and I wear them,” I said dryly. “How hard is it to understand?”

She pulled in her bottom lip for a moment. “You still wear them?”

It was impossible to tell where she was going with this, so I opened up the bag I had and showed her. Inside was two pair of silky string style panties.

“It’s pretty much the only thing I can wear without people thinking I’m a freak. Are we done now?”

She reached out and grabbed my wrist before I could pull away. “I don’t think you’re a freak, Chris. Can’t we just…”

I was still confused about this whole thing. Sometimes, when I’m overly emotional, I don’t look at the whole. “What is it you want?”

Her hand loosened and slipped down into mine. “I want you to give me another chance.”

Half of my brain jumped up and danced around the bench and the other half tried its best to find a hole to crawl into. “What? Why? I’m sure there are a lot of other guys out there that… oh, there’s no more short guys unless you want to date a freshman.”

It was her thing. Sheri felt safe with someone smaller than her. She never liked dating larger guys because she was constantly on edge. That was what she told me anyway. Seeing as how I don’t have a masculine ego to damage, it worked out pretty well for us.

“There are a few,” she said with a modicum of edge to her voice. “Can’t I just miss you? I liked hanging out and going on dates with you. You always understood me. You were my best friend and now…”

I crossed my arms, defensively. “I got hurt, Sheri. You don’t know what it’s like to be kissing you one second and then in the next I get tossed out of your life like a bad leaf of lettuce.”

She ducked her head and I saw her cheeks turn pink. “I shouldn’t have done that. I didn’t understand and I thought…”

“What? That I was gay, or I wanted you so I could steal your panties?”

“No, I don’t know. You didn’t seem gay and I don’t own panties like yours.”

I couldn’t help it, I laughed. “I’m not gay. I’m not bisexual. I like girls, period. That’s one of the reasons I was dating you. I thought that was kind of obvious.”

Sheri was picking at her fingernails and I knew she didn’t know what else to say. I took that moment to look around and make sure none of her friends were near.

“I just like feminine things, okay. If I had my choice and if I knew people wouldn’t look at me like I was a freak, I’d be dressed in that outfit right there. Not because it did anything for me sexually and not because I’m a girl born with the wrong gender. I just think it is really cute and I’d like to wear it.”

She tilted her head up a little to see the maxi-dress and heels then she looked at me, confused. “I thought you said that you weren’t… um…”

“If you have an overwhelming desire to put a label on me then the correct term would be crossdresser.”

For someone that supposedly did research she really didn’t look in-the-know.

“God, I hate labels. Think of the very broad term Transgender. That breaks down into many different types of classifications. Transsexual means a person that was born in the body of the wrong gender, boy, girl, it doesn’t matter. Intersex can mean a whole lot of different things, but generally it is someone that is physically caught in the middle of the gender divide in some way that’s too complicated for this conversation. With me so far?”

She nodded.

“Good. The one that you looked up, Transvestite, is someone that derives sexual pleasure from wearing the clothing or appearing as the opposite gender. Lastly there’s a Crossdresser, like me. Someone that likes to wear the clothes of the opposite gender without the sexual note attached. And here’s the thing, Sheri. All of these little labels that have been put on us include all sexuality types: homosexual, heterosexual, and bisexual.”

I couldn’t believe I was having this conversation out in the middle of the mall with my ex-girlfriend.

“But they’re just clothes,” she said.

“Exactly. Thank you.”

“Wait, what?”

Turning in place, I tucked my foot underneath and looked at her. “You want to understand a little something about clothes? Then empty out your wardrobe and I’ll go buy you some guys clothes. The really heavy jeans, and the overly plain shirts, oh, and don’t forget you only get two, maybe three pair of shoes to wear with everything.”

Her nose wrinkled. “Guys have more of a choice than that.”

I shrugged. “I’m exaggerating a little, true, but it’s all pretty much the same. Girls have it so much better. They can wear anything they want, anything. In the grand scheme of things, who cares if I wear that dress? It doesn’t change the way the world spins, or turn guys gay, or start wars, so why can’t I wear it? I’ll tell you why, because people think they’ll get cooties.”

A look of uncertainty appeared on her face. “Cooties?”

I shrugged again. “It’s the only thing I can think of. Transgender people obviously have cooties that will infect normal people if we happen to pass them in the store or at school. Then they’ll have to wear girls clothes too, or they’ll turn gay. Sometimes I want to walk up to them and grab their arm to say, circle circle dot dot now you have your cootie shot, so they can get over themselves.”

“I don’t care what you wear,” Sheri declared.

Holding up a finger I said. “Shame shame. You do or you wouldn’t have broken up with me. So, are we done here now? You’ve gotten the full confession, now you can run back to your friends.”

“I told them that I wanted to spend some time with you. I don’t even know where they’re at.”

I made some sort of noise in disbelief. “Sheri, are you not getting what I’m saying? I’ll spell it out for you. In…” I looked at my watch, “… forty-one hours. I’ll be graduating and going to college. At that point, I really don’t care what people will say about me. I’ll be wearing anything and everything that I want to wear. I wanted to start fresh someplace else.”

She sniffed and I could see the front she was starting to build, like the idea of me wearing female clothes didn’t bother her, but it really did. “Why don’t you start now?”

That took me off guard. “Um… I don’t have the money right now. I was getting a job this summer before heading out.”

Her eyes lifted. “A minimum wage summer job is supposed to pay for an entirely new wardrobe? What’s that… about ten weeks, close to three thousand before taxes? Might as well scrape off five hundred for that. So twenty-five hundred?”

I frowned. “Not all of us can drop two thousand dollars on a purse, Sheri. Some of us have to shop at Target and Wal-Mart where that same money can be stretched a long way.”

It was obvious that the thought of shopping at such low-end stores nearly turned her stomach. “Well, now that you’re my boyfriend again, I’ll help you out with some better clothes.”

My mouth dropped open and I nearly laughed. “I’m not your boyfriend. Just because I’m talking to you now…”

“Why not?” She stood and held her hand out to me. “Come on. I’m taking you to the movies and afterward we can do a little shopping.”

I clutched my bag and pulled it closer to me. “You can’t buy me, Sheri.”

“Who said anything about buying you? I can’t buy my boyfriend gifts?”

I shook my head. “No, not like that, and I’m not your boyfriend.”

She pressed her lips together. “Fine, then go out on a date with me. You can decide after.”

There was nothing more that I wanted than to get back together with her, but I’d always be waiting for the other shoe to drop. She’d burned me before and I’m not the type of person to let it happen again.


Before she said anything more I got up and headed down the main portion of the mall.


I was so proud of myself. I faced my demons and prevailed. To celebrate I went and bought a ticket to an early movie. While I didn’t accept her offer of a daytime date, I didn’t think it was a bad idea to see something to get my mind off of finally having it out with my ex.

Once the opening credits started to role, I settled in my seat and relaxed for all of about thirty seconds.

“What did I miss?”

Sheri dropped into the seat next to me with a large tub of popcorn and two drinks.

“You know in most states this would be considered stalking,” I said.

“Shh, you’re missing the movie.”

She moved the armrest up and set the popcorn between us before handing me one of the drinks.

“I don’t drink soda,” I said.

“I know. It’s lemonade and the popcorn doesn’t have any butter.”

Sheri was pulling out all the stops. She really likes that artificial butter stuff that they use to saturate popcorn.

I only ate a little of it since I didn’t get to have my yogurt. Once it was gone she grabbed my hand and threaded her fingers through mine. Putting up a token amount of resistance only made her squeeze harder so I couldn’t get away.

Truthfully, I wanted nothing more than to start all over, since she knew everything, but there was still a part of me that was scared she’d wind up doing the same thing all over again.

So much for my fifteen minutes of free independence. I so suck at being aggressive.

By the end of the movie I was already tucked in under her chin and she had her arm around my shoulders with her hand caressing my arm.

We grabbed a salad at one of the food court vendors and I caught Sheri staring at my hands.

“You take good care of your nails.”

My left hand retreated under the table and I curled the other one because I was holding fork.

“Don’t hide them. I was just making an observation. More guys need to do that. I really don’t see the appeal of nails bitten to the quick or with engine grease underneath.”

I relaxed and nodded in agreement. “I just like them looking nice.”

“Have you ever had a professional manicure?”

“Nuh-uh. That’s one of the things…”

She nodded in understanding. “You said your mom isn’t supposed to be back for another couple of hours. You want to go get one?”

I sighed. “Sheri, I can’t afford it right now and I don’t want you paying for it. It’s important for me to earn my own way.”

Her mouth twisted in thought. “How about I pay for today and when you get your first check you can pay for both of us.”

It was tempting. School was over and I only had the graduation ceremony to fulfill, so it wasn’t like I had to see any of my classmates.

“Where are you working at anyway?”

“Um, I haven’t found anything yet.”

She stood and grabbed our trash. “I’ll keep an eye out for you. Anything you want to avoid?”

“No heavy lifting. I don’t want to get all muscly. Other than that, I’m cool with pretty much anything.”

We walked through the mall. Sheri had her arm around me and I was allowing her without any complaint. It wasn’t until she’d steered me into the nail salon that I finally figured out what she was doing by changing the topic of conversation to job seeking. It was to distract me.

I had no idea what got her into this go-go-gadget-feminize-Chris mode, and it had thrown me for a loop.

A tug at my hand and she led me into the depths of the shop. I was looking around so much that I hadn’t been paying attention to what she said to the person behind the counter.

“Sheri, really, you don’t have to do this. If you say you’re cool with me… you know, then that’s good enough.”

She smiled at me. “If you’re going to do this then you need to do it right. I don’t want you reading an issue of some teen magazine and wind up ruining your nails. So I’m being supportive.”

She led me to a chair and I sat down. “I’ve already told them what to do so just let them do their job. I’ll be right here next to you getting mine refilled.”

Fifteen minutes later, after all the preparations, massaging, soaking, etcetera, the nail technician started applying fake nails to me. I looked over at Sheri and she just smiled at me.

“They’re called solar nails. It’s a better quality. They last longer and you just get them refilled instead of replaced. You can tan with them and they don’t discolor when you change polish.”

She didn’t bother to tell me that they were long. I guess they would be considered short length nails, but they were longer than I normally wore mine. I tried to keep cool about everything, knowing I could put a stop to the process at any time, but I really liked having it done, and they weren’t too awfully long.


“How do they feel?”

“Good,” I said. “Thanks. But I feel a little weird wearing guys clothes with polished nails. What color is this anyway?”

“It’s called Tea Rose. I thought it matched your regular nail bed color enough that it wouldn’t be noticed by the casual observer. If it’ll make you feel more relaxed we can do a little shopping and get you something a bit more feminine.”

All of this was starting to make me uneasy. I mean how many fantasies had I dreamed up that fell right along these lines only to open my eyes and be faced with the reality of life?

“Why are you doing all of this?”

Sheri licked her lips in thought as I waited for the boom to drop on my head. She looked around and then drew me to the side in a relatively empty mallway where we could speak in private, I assumed.

“I don’t want you getting upset until I tell you everything okay? Then if you decide not to go along with it I’ll understand.”

Telling me that probably had the opposite effect than she wanted. I just became antsier, so I didn’t say anything in response.

“I told you I did some research into transvestites, not that you are one. I understand what you told me earlier. After a week or so I realized exactly what I pushed away.”

I looked at her trying to figure out what she was talking about. Her eyes darted away and I watched as her cheeks started to turn pink. That made me smile.

“Sheri. Just tell me. I can’t believe that it would be any more uncomfortable than me telling you about my desires.”

She nodded. “I’m not really a visual person. I like to read, and I found some stories on the internet.”

Understanding finally crept upon me. “Would these happen to be sexual stories?”

She shrugged. “Some of them were. Some of them weren’t.”

I sighed. “At least you found a decent site. There are a lot of those out there that are really out there that don’t have an ounce of realism to them.”

A giggle came up from her. “Yeah, I figured that out pretty quick. I mean I don’t suppose you want to be fitted into a chastity device, encased in a rubber maid’s outfit and watch me have sex with all of your neighbors while you’re tied up and hanging upside down from the ceiling.”

I laughed and backed away. “I think I missed that particular story.”

She reached out her hands and pulled me back in. “There was one story that I read about this girl who finds out her boyfriend is a… crossdresser, I guess. It was a little unreal. I mean they moved way too fast for it to be real, but she wound up turning him into her girlfriend by the end, dressing him up, getting him breast implants, making him wear really high heels, and stockings.”

I nodded. “I’ve read a few of those. That scenario is a big one in the fiction community.”

“Why’s that?”

Some guy walked past us and I waited until he was about ten feet away before proceeding.

“It’s pretty much every T-girl’s fantasy, for her girlfriend or for her to meet up with someone that is into the same things she is. Unless you are really into the lifestyle, out of the closet, and active in the TG community, you don’t really get much time to share this with anyone that’s real. There aren’t a lot of girls out there that would understand, let alone consent or take part with their boyfriend’s dressing up.”

It was kind of comforting that she seemed to be entering that category of girl.

“Well, I’m one of them. I want to do that.”

My eyebrows rose. “Do what?”

She looked away again and then looked back at me. “I want to dress you up, and teach you how to be a girl… if you don’t already know I mean.”

Even after everything Sheri had told me, I was still surprised.

“Are you saying that you want to feminize me?”

Her face was almost glowing with embarrassment. “Yes,” she whispered.

I almost laughed. I mean seriously, who would have thought that Sheri, of all people, had developed herself a fetish.


She blinked and looked at me hard. “Really?”

I nodded. “We’ll have to sit down and talk it over. I’m not into the whole forced femme thing, and I don’t want any humiliation involved whatsoever.”

Her eyes narrowed. “What’s forced femme?”

“That story with the T-girl hanging from the ceiling; it’s probably forced fem. It’s where the girl blackmails the guy or just overwhelms him with her personality into doing it against his will.”

“Why would someone want to do that?”

I shrugged. “I’m sure there are people out there that it really happens to, but for the most part, it’s just a fantasy. Kind of like rape fantasies. I seriously doubt that every girl that has had a rape fantasy really wants to be raped.”


My hand gripped hers a little tighter. “We’ll go over everything and talk about it then we can see where it leads.”


I wound up calling my mom and let her know I’d be going over to Sheri’s. I think she nearly had a panic attack when I told her we’d gotten back together. Mom has known about my female side for years and knew that was the cause of our breakup. Once she was reassured that I knew what I was doing she calmed down.

Let me tell you, that was probably one of the weirdest days I’ve ever experienced. Once we arrived, Sheri and I went straight to her bedroom and locked the door. Her parents were away for the day and we’d have the house to ourselves for at least five more hours.

I actually think she was more excited about what we were doing than I was. Her computer was booted up in seconds and she had a blank spreadsheet opened, entitled Project Chris.

I laughed. “I have a girl name.”

Her eyes widened. “Really?”

I nodded. “It’s Kris, with a K-R. Mom calls me Kristina though.”

“Your mom knows?”

“Yeah. When I was nine I needed some new underwear and when we passed the girls department I begged her to buy me panties because I liked the colors.”

Sheri’s smile lit up. “Really? What did she do?”

“She bought them for me. Mom has never really been one to say boys don’t wear girls clothes. She always let me explore anything that I wanted, though she did start calling me Kristina at that point.”

With a couple of swipes at the keyboard she changed the name. “She sounds really cool.”

I smiled. “She’s the best mom in the whole world.”

Sheri made a few heading titles and I watched as she worked. “I figured I’ll start a list so I can organize it better in my head, if that’s okay with you.” At my nod she continued. “Things we want to try, things we’re iffy on, and things that we don’t want. Sound good?”

“Bring up your browser. There’s a place online that will make this a little easier instead of trying to think up stuff on our own.”

I leaned in and typed, brought up the fiction site that I frequent, and logged in. While we waited for the computer to do its thing, I noticed Sheri’s mouth open and hang there for a moment.

Taking a leap, I went ahead and guessed. “This is that site that you visited wasn’t it?”

She nodded. “You’re Kristina Kincaid?”

“You’ve read some of my stuff?”

“Oh my God. That is just so weird.”

“My stories?”

“No. I mean yes. It was your stories that I liked. Except for those comic book ones.”

I huffed. “What is it with people’s dislike of superheroes?”

She patted me on my knee. “Kris, your other ones are better. I like real life stuff.”

With a roll of my eyes I clicked on a couple of links. “Here are all the Transgender themes and elements. Let’s do a split screen and we can just copy them over.”

“Wow, there’s a lot. Age Regression? What’s that?”

“An older character becomes younger during the course of the story. Like and old man becomes a young girl. It’s mostly for Magic or Sci-fi based stories, but it can be for real life if someone fantasizes at being a little girl or something.”

She looked at me in seriousness. “Do you want to?”

“Be a little girl?” I thought it over. “Um… I don’t know. Maybe a school girl, but not too little.”

“I’ll put that under Iffy.”

And it went on from there. We made an agreement to be as truthful as possible so that we could both enjoy what we were doing. As it turns out, we both wanted to try out quite a lot. The very few things that were in the Not a Chance in Hell column, were Forced Fem, Diapers, Bizarre Body Modifications, Prostitution, Smoking, and of course those items that were just impossible like Mannequin, and Turned Into an Object.

The Iffy column had a few in it like Bondage and Blackmail, but only as a fantasy game and not in any way serious whatsoever.

When we were done, Sheri moved over to her dresser drawer and pulled out a pair of those cheeky stretchy hot pants that were in style the previous year and tossed them to me.

“Get changed. I want to shave your legs.”

I laughed. “Right now?”

She nodded. “Hurry, I’ve been fantasizing about this for weeks.”

“I’ve created a monster,” I said.

Sheri ran to the bathroom and started getting everything ready while I slipped out of my jeans and into the stretchy shorts. They came all the way to the tops of my thighs; then I thought about it. With all of this planning, it was inevitable that we’d enter into the realm of sexual exploration. Plus, you really couldn’t do a good job of shaving everything with shorts on.

With a breath to steady myself, I dropped the shorts on the bed and walked into the bathroom with just my bikini panties on. The water was running in the tub and Sheri was setting out two disposable razors and some of her shaving cream. When she spotted me out of the corner of her eye, her head turned and her sight locked on to what I was wearing.

“I didn’t want to mess up your shorts.”

Her lips quirked to the side with a wry smile. “If you’re trying to turn me on then you’re doing a good job, now go sit on the shower seat before I jump you right now.”

I did as instructed and moved my legs into the tub so she could spray them down with warm water.

“You’ve shaved recently,” she said as she ran her hand over my calf.

“About two weeks ago.”

She gave a single nod. “Good. That’ll make this a lot easier.”

I reached for the shaving cream and Sheri playfully slapped my hand. “Nuh-uh. My job. Hands off. We should have got you a pedicure as well.”


I’ve never seen someone so engrossed in an activity. Sheri was very methodical about how she was smoothing the cream over and then taking her time with running the razor up my leg. So much so that I had to pull my shirt down to cover my manly growth underneath my panties.

Shaving never had that effect on me before. It was just another thing to do, and while I enjoyed the process of shaving myself as it was a feminine thing to do, having Sheri do it was quite erotic.

“Having fun?” she asked.

“Actually, yeah. A lot.”

“You don’t have to cover yourself. I know you’re hard.”

My cheeks were burning enough as it was. With her noticing my predicament, it increased a lot more.

“It’s just… we’ve never… I mean I’ve never.”

Her hand came up and set on mine. “It’s okay. Me neither. We can be ashamed of having a bit of fun or we can just accept that we’re different from other people and enjoy what we are doing.”

I wanted to believe her, but with her sitting there fully clothed and me nearly naked, I was having a difficult time accepting it. Sheri looked like she was reading my mind, because she set the razor down and pulled her shirt off in one motion, tossing it on the counter.

She still had her bra on underneath. Then she stood and shimmied out of her shorts, tossing them on top of her shirt.

“There, now there’s no reason you can’t join me.”

Looking down, between her legs, I could tell she was nearly soaking wet and I’m not talking about from the water either. Her arousal was obvious, so I followed suit and took off my shirt. Then we continued.


I’ll just tell you we shaved nearly everything. I saved the important bits for myself, because I wasn’t ready to go quite that far as of yet.

Afterward she dried me off, smoothed some lotion all over my legs and I stepped out of the tub.

“Go to the bedroom, I’ll be right there.”

I left my shorts behind and sat on the edge of the bed, kind of covering myself. When Sheri came back in she stopped at her dresser and pulled out a babydoll nightgown then came up and slipped it over my head.

“Take your panties off.”

Her voice was so soft and suggestive that I didn’t even think twice before following her order. She wasn’t being bossy, but she was letting me know that she was the one in charge of pushing things forward.

“Lay down.”

Reaching behind her back, she undid her bra and let it fall to the floor. Her panties followed soon thereafter. I could tell she was a little nervous when she climbed on the bed and straddled my hips. Leaning down she kissed me softly and then looked at me.

“Are you okay with this?”

I nodded.

Sheri smiled. “Good because I’m seriously horny right now.”

She looked down and her smile kept on. “You’re just the right size too.”

I closed my eyes and started chuckling. “I’m glad you like it.”

With a shake of her head and a giggle she clarified. “I’m a virgin, but I have a vibrator, so the first time won’t be awful, and you’re just about the same size as my vibrator.”

She wrapped her warm fingers around me and guided it to her entrance before easing herself down with a contented sigh. I was amazed at the warmth and silky smooth feeling of being encased by her.

“Don’t move,” I begged.

It felt like I’d blast off at any second and I didn’t want our first time to be over that quick.

While she waited for me, Sheri ran her hands up the babydoll, to my nipples and pinched them slightly.

“I bet you’d look cute with breasts like mine. What do you think?”

Her hands ran down my arms and lifted my hands to her B-cup breasts. They were somewhat firm, but very soft at the same time. Opening my eyes I paid closer attention to them and ran my thumbs over her medium-sized areolas and tiny inverted nipples.

“You’re so beautiful,” I said in wonder.


She was further along than I thought and reached her apex right before I couldn’t control myself any longer. All told, the whole experience lasted about eight to ten minutes. That included us having to stop several times so I wouldn’t lose it until she was ready.

When my brain started functioning again I thought about what we’d done. “Uh, Sheri?”

“Hmm?” she said as she was stroking my hair.

“I know it’s a little late to be asking this, but are you on birth control?”

She giggled. “For two years now.”

I sighed with relief. “Oh thank God.”

After we sat there for a few more minutes, Sheri looked over at the clock on the nightstand. “My parents will be home in about an hour and a half. Can I dress you up?”

I lifted my head. “No offense, but I think your clothes might be too big for me.”

The look I received was dry and only possessed a small amount of humor. “I think I can find something that you won’t tent-out in. I can’t promise you it won’t be a moo moo, but still.”

I shrugged. “I’m just saying. I wear a size two.”

“Okay, it’s official, I hate you. So we won’t be able to share a lot of clothes. That just makes shopping for you all that much more fun. Get your new yellow panties on and tuck yourself away. I’ve got just the thing.”

There was a pair of nail clippers that I found on her dresser so I could remover the tag before I slipped the silky panties up my legs and adjusted the strings on the sides. When I turned around Sheri was standing there watching me with a naughty smile.

“What size shoe do you wear?”


She sighed with a frown walked out of her room. “Be right back.”

When she returned Sheri had a bra and a pair of espadrilles in her hands.

“Where did you get those?”

“My little sister. She won’t miss them. Here,” she passed me the yellow bra. “You’ll need some boobs with this. It’s padded.”

Heading to her closet she grabbed two hangers and came back while I did up the clasp and adjusted the shoulder straps.

“That’s so sexy that you know how to do this.”

I grinned and saw what she had. “Oh, that might work.”

She handed me a brownish tee shirt which I slipped on easily enough and then the denim overall jumper afterward. It had a stretchy waist that closed in fairly well. I’d never exposed that much of my legs before. They only had a two inch inseam and the legs were really billowy, so it was like I was almost wearing a skirt.

“That looks really cute on you.”

She adjusted the straps slightly and frowned at my chest. “We have to do something about your breast situation.”

I tried pushing my chest out a little, but it looked like I was trying too hard. We tried stuffing them, but the straps made the cups shift, so I had to go semi flat-chested for the time being.

“You really need B-cups, or maybe even C. Your shoulders are broad enough where you’d look really good with larger breasts. Is the bra digging in anywhere?”

I shook my head. “It’s really comfortable.”

“Thirty-two. Here, get your shoes on and I’ll mark down all your sizes.”

She got everything. Sheri even compared my wrist to hers and my neck as well. She had me try on a few of her accessories before sitting me down and starting work on my hair.

“Do you mind if I make a little adjustment?”

“Go ahead.”

In a flash she was back with a pair of scissors, making me a set of bangs that graduated to either side of my face and then pulled my hair back into a high ponytail.

“There, perfect. I think I’m going to dress you up in really cute clothes, the innocent but playful look.”

I needed a lot of shaping on my eyebrows. She spread them farther apart and then plucked a lot from underneath before starting in on the makeup.

“Are you allergic to anything that you know of?” She asked as she started in with the eyeliner.

“Not that I know of.”

“Well, don’t go out and buy any makeup without me there. A lot of it is crap and will make you break out. You have really pretty skin and I don’t want it marred with acne. I’ve got an extra bottle of cleansing soap you can use tonight to clean this off. Just follow the instructions and your pores will be clean.”

When she brought out the mascara she continued.

“How about clothes. Do you have anything to wear tomorrow when we go shopping?”

“We’re going shopping?”

I got the are you serious look. “Of course. I want everyone to be jealous of my super cute girlfriend. As of tomorrow, I’m coming out of the closet, but you and I will know the truth.”

“Sheri, you can’t go spending a lot of money on me. I really want to pay my way.”

When she screwed on the cap to the mascara and set it down she grabbed some lipstick and looked at me. “That’s fine. I’ll buy your things and when you get a job and get paid, just pay me back a little at a time. That way you’ll get a wardrobe a lot quicker and still know you’re earning everything you have.”

Considering what she offered, I thought it sounded fair, but there was one problem. “Won’t your parents get mad at you spending so much?”

Sheri snorted. “Please, girl. I’ve been paying for my own stuff since I was fourteen.”


“Hold still and open your mouth a little.”

While she applied the lipstick I found out something I didn’t know from before.

“I built my mother’s website for her real estate business and the people she works with were so impressed I’ve been doing theirs as well. I go out to the houses that are on the market and take pictures and do the write-ups for them. If they sell within thirty days I get a single percent off the top. After that it’s half a percent. It started off as just plain listings and upkeep. Pretty much anyone can do that.”

She tossed the lipstick and opened up her jewelry case to sift through earrings.

“Now that technology has finally caught up, I go out and do a walkthrough with a video camera and load that up as well. Because of that and my beautiful voice.” She paused to wink at me. “Twenty-three percent of the houses I tape are sold within the first month.”

Once she found a pair of dangly earrings, I took out the studs I had and she fitted them in my lobes.

“I have no idea if that’s good or not. Is it?” I asked.

I received a pleased smile after. “Last month Mom sold five houses, most of them in the three to four hundred thousand dollar range, and the other two people she works with sold five lower cost ones between them.”

I did the math in my head. I really hate doing percentages since I was never any good with math, but I figured she had to be loaded.

“Holy shit.”

Sheri giggled. “Cute girls don’t cuss.”

“Sorry, I meant holy poop!”

She smiled. “Much better. Now do that with a girl’s voice?”

This is something that I’d been working on for over a year, but I still wasn’t pleased with it. Concentrating on raising the register and the lessons I’d been taking from an online course, I gave it another try.

“Sorry, I meant holy poop!”

Her eyes widened. “Oh my God. I thought you were going to sound like Mickey Mouse or something. That was actually really good. Can you talk like that from now on? I mean does it strain your voice or anything?”

I shook my head. “It just takes getting used to the change. The first time I did it right, my voice got stuck like that for like half the day. I was freaking out.”

Before I knew it, Sheri was kissing me with renewed passion, totally ruining my lipstick.

“God, I want to have sex with you again,” she moaned. “Stupid parents. I so need a place of my own.”

A tissue came up and she cleared the slight mess she made and then reapplied the lipstick. “There, perfect. I can’t wait to really dress you up and take you out.”

“Can I look?”

She nodded and pointed over to a full length mirror in the corner.

I got up and adjust myself for walking in three inch heels. That was going to take getting used to.

“Your butt is really cute in those.”

I threw a look over my shoulder and smiled before turning to the mirror. In the reflection I saw a cute girl. It was nothing overly special because something was missing.

“You’re right. I need boobs, but still. You did a great job.”

When Sheri came up behind me, she kissed my neck and slid a hand around my waist. “You’re my girl, right?”

I nodded and leaned back in her embrace.

“I’m so happy right now, Sheri. Thank you.”

“Thank you for giving me a second chance. This is just the beginning, Kris.”


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I Really Liked This

littlerocksilver's picture

I know the story is finished; however, I'll bet there are second and third stories out there. This was most enjoyable.



I originally wrote this in mind to play with virtually every one of the Category and Keywords, but it wound up being stupid and better stopped where it was.


Write the story that you most desperately want to read.

Cold shower

Now I think I need a cold shower! It is so good to see your stuff again. I totally understand about the 'when its finished' deal. I have a couple of unfinished posts and they guilt trip the hell out of me. However, stubborn muses? They don't care!

I really liked this! It could end here or go on. So nice to see crossdress stuff!

My muses are apathetic and

My muses are apathetic and sadly only want me to work on things that they're interested in. Bitches.


Write the story that you most desperately want to read.

I liked the feel of this story

I liked the way the characters developed. I appreciated the pace of the story and I liked the ending. But then I have liked all of your writings the I have seen. It is good to have your story back again, no pressure but I would like to see more. Thanks for the offering.

Thanks. Asking for more isn't

Thanks. Asking for more isn't pressuring, it's appreciating. Demanding I do something is, and it's also rude. Thank you for not being rude.


Write the story that you most desperately want to read.


Please, please please , tell me that there will be more chapters to this well written and so very interesting story. It almost screams for more chapters to the story of Sheri and Kris.

Yes, it's finished. See first

Yes, it's finished. See first answered post as to why. It's up there ^.


Write the story that you most desperately want to read.

Very Enjoyable Read

It's good to have you back........and with a completed story! Thanks so much.

Thank you for the warm

Thank you for the warm welcome back.


Write the story that you most desperately want to read.

Nice job

I enjoyed that, thanks


And thank you for taking a few seconds to jot something down. It's greatly appreciated.


Write the story that you most desperately want to read.

Okay, I Admit It...

...I'm totally jealous!

Wonderfully written story. And my personal favorite storyline. So, I'm jealous of both the author and her protagonist!

No need to be... well, maybe

No need to be... well, maybe of the protagonist -- lucky girl. Thank you either way!


Write the story that you most desperately want to read.

Thank you Lilith

Hope Eternal Reigns's picture

Yes, I was a little put-out by your terse reply to my private message to you, but you DID apologize to me privately already. I'm sorry if my lack of response caused you any distress. The HUGE public apology at the start of this, one of the sweetest stories you have posted so far, is very humbling to me. Thank you.

I'd be willing to bet that there are MANY MANY readers out there who are hoping that you will upset someone again soon so that you will feel the need to post more apologies like this. I would like to believe that we all could be beyond such misunderstandings from now on. I definitely intend to try to be more understanding and less quick to look for the negative. Thank you for that too.

with love,


Once in a while I bare my soul, more often my soles bear me.

No distress caused. However,

No distress caused. However, I did feel bad when I went back and reread what I wrote with a different eye, hence this story. Thanks for understanding.


Write the story that you most desperately want to read.

"Please Sir, I Want Some More"

I know it's finished and all, but please?

Thanks for the story,


Nope, it's finished. On to another story, but thanks for letting me know your desire for more. That's usually a sign of a good story, when you're sad that it's over and there won't be anymore coming.


Write the story that you most desperately want to read.


I was one of the ones always asking for more. Thank you for not staying away. You are awesome as always. So take care of yourself first, because you are worth it.

I appreciate the sentiment,

I appreciate the sentiment, but it is misplaced. Just to reiterate, asking for more is much different than demanding. It was getting to the point where the latter was becoming commonplace. So I decided I'd be happier doing other things and would release stories when they are finished.

I have no issues with people being harsh on my writing style, mechanics, plots -- basically anything to do with the story itself. How else am I going to learn? I have very thick skin where this is concerned. It's other things, which have nothing to do with the story at hand, that set me off.

If you like the story, great! It you don't like the story, that's fine too. If you could give me the reason behind your dislike, that would be super! If not, that's okay too -- different strokes and all that.

...And I'm wandering off topic...

Anyway. Thanks for the thoughts. I don't hold it against anyone for wanting more of a certain story. There are certain stories I want more of, but common civility will grant you more wishes than brash insistence.


Write the story that you most desperately want to read.


I was one of the ones always asking for more. Thank you for not staying away. You are awesome as always. So take care of yourself first, because you are worth it.

Lilith, How fun to see a new

Lilith, How fun to see a new story from you. Loved it and do hope to see more soon.

Totally cute

That was totally cute. Thanks! It was a complete story too. It makes me crazy when there are too many open ended bits. This story made a complete circle.

Cindy Jenkins


Michelle Trudeau's picture

Lilith, thank you for a great story! You always write such fresh and original material. I'm so happy to see to get a new story from one of my favorite authors after all this time.

-- Michelle


Well written story with a believable, real-world plot. I will need to look at your other stories.


You have been missed...

Wendy Jean's picture

And I enjoyed this story enormously.

I consider myself a transgender, even if I am a post op. My personal sexual preferences aren't really known by me yet. Spiro, while I was taking it, really screwed with me.

OMG hun

Renee_Heart2's picture

GREAT Story! I LOVED this story! Kris is going to be a very happy girl I think :. Not to mention that Kris gave her ex-gf a second chance speaks well of her I think Sheri was just shocked at first but after the newness wore off and she started doing some research & read some of Kris' stories well that just renewed things for them and I'm happy for them too.

Love Samantha Renee Heart

Sigh...There's nothing like your writing Lilith:)

I settled really into this when they really started talking at the mall and it was so RL meets TG fiction but in the best of ways. There were too many parts in this where I was nodding along and smiling.

There was so many little perfect I get that's in here.
Amazing, lovely work.

And yes! Why don't people get the comic genres more?

*Great Big Hugs*

Bailey Summers

Aww that was really cute. And

Aww that was really cute.

And a couple reconciling always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy


Lovely story

Great to know that you are back. I love your writing.

What a wimp!

I got to him crying over his yoghurt! He should be furious that she had ruined his yoghurt!

See, there is a girl for

See, there is a girl for every boy !
This is so nice, I wish that there were more.


Great characters

I know you said you liked it here. Maybe you let them rest a little and then pick them up in college? There could be a good story or two there if you have a quiet evening or two.

Sweet and sugary

I have never hidden my disdain for unhappy endings and while I could argue that this was very sweet and sugary I have to confess I loved every word of it. At the start of the story followed by Sheri's approach at the Mall I thought the storyline was going to take a very different direction but I think that enhanced my enjoyment of a happy ending.