Diary of a Prostitute

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Bored with their sex life and seeking to supplement their income a husband and wife decide to enter the world of prostitution. This is a vignette in the day of a life of a high-class prostitute and explains how a married couple can live happily together while they each have sex with strangers for money.

Full Force Gayle


Chloe O’Neil took a foolish risk without thinking. A common mistake, maybe, but in her case the bill came due and payable, with interest. Now her whole family is struggling to make things right, unable to see a path forward. Maybe they need a miracle.

Who Am I?

“Bryan, where’s Martin?” Wendy said as he entered. They twins hugged one another.

“I can’t stay long. We broke up.”

“Really? W–?” Marisol said, also giving her brother-in-law a hug.

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Bro.”

“There’s nothing you can do about it. We disagreed about something and neither of us were willing to change our positions. It was a mutual understanding that we’d grown apart.”

“You were together for five years.”

Marriage Counseling

“He refuses to do any of the work you’ve suggested,” Susanna said. “You gave us that charm. He was me for less than ten minutes before he freaked out and we had to swap back.”

“I didn’t want to freak out,” Tyler said. “You didn’t warn me it was your time of the month.”

“It didn’t occur to me that would be a problem.”

“Are you telling me you didn’t freak out when it was your first time?”

She didn’t answer.

Carlos, their marriage counselor, said, “Did you?”

The character that took over

Amidst the glow of computer screens and the rhythmic clack of keyboards, Alex sat in his cramped office, immersed in lines of code. At 19 years old, he was a mild-mannered software developer with a penchant for order and structure, finding solace in the digital realm where everything had its place.

New Year's Revolutions

New Year's Revolutions

Author Alan here for just a moment: Thanks to Dorothy Colleen for a Beta Reading.

I thought today was going to be a nice, easy, relaxed day with my daughter, after all the big Holidays stuff had settled down.

Until yet another nightmare dumped my kid out of bed. Here's the way things went. And that's "Revolutions", with a "V".

Intentions path

Mini synopsis: This story involves the loss of a parent due to Alzheimer's. We often wage the battles of 'I should have said...' or 'Did they come to understand...' as we watch that person slipping away. This story tries to focus on the ideas of love and hope, which added to loss can be a very emotional balancing act to read.


With Every Heartbeat

I was the kid who had one job on the team: kick the field goals. Through two seasons of football, I had a record of 12/1 and missed breaking the state record for longest field goal on the one I missed by inches. The one I missed, the kick had the leg; it just veered right. Neither the miss nor the loss that night came as a surprise to anyone.

My nickname of ‘Mr. Automatic’ died that night last year, which was bound to happen at some point, so it wasn’t heartbreaking or anything like that—yet.

Image Resolution

Image Resolution
By Daring Diane

Rene Auclair stared at the card.

The last two years were difficult. The pandemic triggered a new business model for the company. Working from home, there is little work related human interaction. Some enjoy these changes. For me, having replaced Darren Rogers as Networking Director in the middle of the pandemic has been hard. I’ve never met in person with some of my subordinates.

Means to an End


Authors note: This story contains sexual situations, subject matter, and topics – mild at best – but none the less present. If the idea of sex, between consenting adults is a trigger for you, please refrain from reading this work of fiction. You’ll note above the stories warnings also. Any sexual content is NOT gratuitous and germane to this love story. Thank you.


December 15th, 10:33 a.m.
“So that’s your New Year’s resolution, to be done with that chapter of your life?” Angela asked.

New Years Trans

You’ve read this story at least a dozen times on BigCloset or some other site. Maybe those stories were all farfetched, had some mystical or magical component, or maybe even an alien encounter of some type drove the story. This story won’t involve any of those things, though theoretically my story might actually benefit from the introduction of one or more of those ideas, but I’m hoping this is an interesting enough read without those distractions.

So, let’s get the basics covered, and you’ll see what I was dealing with as I tell my story.

The Wrong Turn

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A wife dresses her husband up in drag to win a fancy dress competition but at the party they fall out and the husband dressed as 'Bonnie' decides to walk home. She makes a wrong turn into a deserted park where she is confronted by two men whose intentions are not honorable.




by Erisian


It had been a bad fight that night almost a year ago, the worst we'd ever had. The wings had appeared on our backs that morning - everyone got them, and it hadn't taken long for the significance of the colors to be understood.

If you had been morally good, your wings were white. If bad, they were stained with black. News video of prisons demonstrated that sharply: almost all inmates and too many of the guards had wings smeared and splotched as if with black tar. Most people had a blend of white and grey - some of the patterns were actually rather pretty. You could even glide with them if they were big enough and you were in moderately good shape, and children started figuring out how to actually fly - though there seemed to be an upper limit to how high up they could get. About ten feet or so seemed to be the limit. Physicists and biologists were utterly baffled, of course. Chemists were having a field day in tremendous excitement analyzing the composition of the feathers - but that's another story.

This is about us. Me and my wife. My wings were no better nor worse than most folks; though I could see a few splotches of darker grey mixed in. My wife, Sarah, hers were brighter than mine - except for a couple feathers that appeared rather splattered with black ink.

Driftwood #12 - Game Over Man. - Conclusion!

By Alyssa Plant

Life and Love are far more complicated than we can possibly understand. For one young cop, a journey of self-discovery will teach them that true strength was inside them all along.

Verdant Dreams

Rowan sat underneath the maple tree and sighed happily. It had been twenty years since he'd last been here, and this was the first time since then that he'd felt this content.

Jack's new hairstyle

- Jack I asked you so many times, either cut your hair or start taking care of it. So I've made an appointment for you to go to the hairdresser tomorrow at 9:00. Lucy my friend, will cut your hair.

- But mom tomorrow I can not, 10.30 we have to leave for a multi-day school trip !

- Therefore, you will go to the hairdresser with your suitcase, it is not far from where the bus leaves for the trip.

Echoes of the Past 4


Echoes of the Past 4
Being a mother is the best thing in the world, but nothing prepares you for it
What do you do when your son is different from other boys?
What do you do when he does not want to be older?
What do you do when he does not want to be a boy?
What do you do when he says you are not his mother?



My family is an odd one. My mother says it’s because we are direct descendants of the aliens of ’52. I wouldn’t know, but it could be true. The men in the family have something that normal men don’t have. I suppose that you could call it a superpower, I just think it’s being a bit crazy. It afflicts us when we reach sixteen. That’s what I’m worried about, as that birthday is just days away.

The Light Between - Part 8 (complete)

The Light Between

The Light Between (Part 8 of 8)

by Erisian

Book 5


If you have yet to read the saga - the tale starts here:

Into The Light

Hope you enjoy!


Chapter 30 - Terminus


For more than thirty years, Deniz Akbas had given fishing tours of the Bosphorus with his small boat. With his pleasant demeanor (and perhaps due to a few missing teeth lending him a certain charm) tourists had found him trustworthy as well as deeming his white-tire clad vessel seaworthy for a day’s cruise. From his pilot’s position in the wooden front compartment, travelers to Istanbul had relaxed in the glass-walled and ivory-benched area in the back where they enjoyed whatever food and drink they’d brought aboard inside their many baskets - all while marveling at the magnificent views of the Turkish seaside and the wide bridge connecting Asia to Europe, a construction officially known as the 15 July Martyrs Bridge and unofficially as the First Bridge.

In all that time he had never been paid so much to do so little.


Ellen Carpenter woke first. She always did on a work day, and almost always on weekends, too. After enough time, some habits just stick with you. The pattern had become a routine - throw on a dressing gown, step into slippers and pad down the stairs to make a pot of tea and some breakfast for both of them, sit quietly listening to complaints about work colleagues she had never met, make a packed lunch and a flask of coffee, then a quick kiss, a “have a nice day”, and she was on her own again.

Transference Abduction

Author retains all rights to this original work of short fiction.


Monday, June 20th, 8:15 AM – My apartment…
I woke with a sour taste in my mouth, much like a rotting egg sort of thing from what I could smell of my breath. I knew I wasn’t going to make it to work today feeling the way I did so I called my boss to say I was taking a sick day. I barely made it to the bathroom to piss, downed some antacid, and returned to bed.

The meaning of a name

My name? How curious you are! You don't have long to live and instead of begging, fighting, or praying you ask me a question. I suppose I owe you that, at least. I so rarely get to tell my tale. You won't believe any of it, of course, but I swear on my baby daughter's memory that every word is true.

The Pinky Confessions 7


The Pinky Confessions 7

There is a debate about transgender children. Should a Child be allowed to change gender? Some parents even allow their children to be drag kids! Should we allow this so the child is happy? Or is this just a form of child abuse?
You may know me as Pinky and read a lot about me. This is my story in my words.
A story of who I was, who I wanted to be, who others wanted me to be and who people thought I was

Alien Abduction

“Jiang, what has you so excited? It’s really urgent?”

“Just watch the video, all I ask, Ranveer.”

“Ok, somebody on the Great Wall of China, walking funny, big deal?”

“Our recognition engine gait-matches this video from Badaling to what you gave us from Roosevelt Island.”

“Oh! They came to China too?”

“Probably when they checked out our ‘uranium.’ But that’s not what I wanted to show you. Their illusion only covered visible light; look at the terahertz and infrared images! You see their real shape!”

A New Look at Life

Due to a mail order mishap orchestrated by his sister, the pair of glasses Leighton receives are not the pair he ordered. Looks like if he wants something different, he's going to have to get a new job to pay for them. What could possibly go wrong?

A redux of a very requested oldie of mine. It's basically the exact same story, but rebuilt from the ground up.

An Aria for Cami, Part 4D

The party was sprawling down the lawn towards the harbor, splashes of bright colors against blue skies, scudding white clouds and a crystal clear view of the Boston skyline. It reminded me of the dream I had taken across the threshold into morning. It had been years since I had seen that dreamscape, but there it was, whole and healed and perfect: me, making a graceful dive from a wooden pier into a deep, pristine lake, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, pine forests and the clearest air in the world. Wearing a lime-green one-piece and curves that were, finally, all my own.

An Aria for Cami, Part 4C

“She already knows, Cami. I talked to her.”

I must have looked as astonished as I felt. Though he was uncomfortable, he didn’t look away.

“It was a couple days ago. Before we made love. I knew what I wanted, but I was so afraid that I would hurt you, somehow. Especially because of your issues with PTSD. So I talked to Fiona. She’s your dragon. I figured if she thought there was any likelihood of a problem, she would wave me off. She . . . ah . . . well. She didn’t.” He was blushing, bless the man. “She also wasn’t surprised.”

Spin The Bottle

Spin The Bottle Edited.jpg

"Be A Girl - It's Just For One Day!"

Four teenagers: one girl and three boys are partying before they go their separate ways to different colleges when someone says 'lets play spin the bottle'. But they are one girl short so they spin the bottle to see which boy will become a girl... just for the day of course.

An Aria for Cami, Part 4B

“Give it time. This is all coming at you so fast. And you’re still sick, and you’re dealing with Iain. If there’s something there, let it grow at its own pace, and don’t tie yourself in knots if everything isn’t wrapped up in a bow by lunchtime. Okay?”

“Okay,” I said. “What would I do without you?”

She laughed and said, “that’s easy. You would think too much and you would worry yourself silly. You’re in lockdown with a good looking guy who wants to kiss you. Just enjoy it!”

I have amazing friends.


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