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Change of Fate 4 (Entertainment)

Rule two: Always keep your guests entertained during gatherings.

The dance studio at Sterling Academy for Young Ladies was a realm of artistic refinement, meticulously designed to facilitate the cultivation of grace and poise among its students.

The studio boasts an expansive layout, allowing ample room for students to move freely and practice various dance forms. Mirrored walls on one side created the illusion of even greater space, reflecting the grace and precision of every movement.

Change of Fate 2 (Selection)

Author's note. I have rewritten my previous chapters. This is the second chapter after the prelude, then it moves on to daily routine. hope you enjoy the story.

In the heart of the city-state of Carolina, the selection station loomed as a beacon of both hope and trepidation for those who entered its gates. On a fateful day, Alex, accompanied by his younger sister Lily, embarked on a journey that would alter the course of their lives. The air crackled with uncertainty as they approached the entrance, the color of their jumpsuits determining their societal roles.

A Song of Silk and Shadows: Chapter 2

A Song of Silk and Shadows
By Fakeminsk
([email protected])

The old king is dead. The great houses of Sangriferia manoeuvre to claim the Garland Crown and Aubriella Malveil—once Duncan, Earl of the North, now adopted daughter to his hated rival—faces punishment for lashing out. With marriage and life-long subjugation looming, she is taught a lesson by her mistress, Lady Castigan.


What happens when a bit of fun collides with happenstance?


Saturday, January 3, 1987

“Where is Claire?” Julie fidgeted, absently speaking aloud to her friends.

“Well, she’s only a little late,“ Megan pointed out.

“Yeah, she’ll be here,” Jenny reassured.

Image Resolution

Image Resolution
By Daring Diane

Rene Auclair stared at the card.

The last two years were difficult. The pandemic triggered a new business model for the company. Working from home, there is little work related human interaction. Some enjoy these changes. For me, having replaced Darren Rogers as Networking Director in the middle of the pandemic has been hard. I’ve never met in person with some of my subordinates.

Change of Fate 1 (Prelude) Rewriten

After going through my work here, I decided that I was not setting u the story the way I wanted two, so I am working on changing the story as I wrote it before.

In the wake of a devastating war that had left the United States in ruins, a new world emerged, fragmented into six city-states, each controlled by kings and queens who served under the overarching authority of a distant emperor. The emperor's rule extended like a shadow over the decimated land, dictating the lives of those who struggled to rebuild in the aftermath of conflict.

Constant in All Other Things 2 - Interlude (1/3)

Constant in All Other Things 2
Interlude II (1/3)
Fakeminsk ([email protected])
(Patreon: www.patreon.com/fakeminsk)

“Friendship is constant in all other things
Save in the office and affairs of love:
Therefore all hearts in love use their own tongues;
Let every eye negotiate for itself
And trust no agent.”
Much Ado About Nothing

The Thirteenth Witch - 2 Sælicbrook

When a mountain downpour forces Lydia and Thomas Thompson into a cavern's shadowy embrace, Lydia's touch upon ancient runic inscriptions awakens her latent power and identity. As they emerge to find the enigmatic town of Sælicbrook—a nexus of realms and magic—Lydia is transformed into her destiny as its guardian. But as the cosmic entity Nyarlathotep stirs, intent on unraveling the threads of reality, will Lydia's newfound power be enough to stand against an eldritch horror bent on devouring all? The battle for existence looms, and only the guardians of Sælicbrook can safeguard the world from the impending darkness. Will they triumph, or will everything they know be consumed by the infinite appetite of the Crawling Chaos?

Bridesmaid Rehearsals: Part 3 - Nails (& a game of Truth or Dare)

Katie was not happy. Ever since Sophie hung up on her after telling her I wasn’t well and couldn’t come to the phone [but really it was because I was dressed in a little black dress and full make up] she had an underlying suspicion she was being lied to. One thing led to another and a few crossed words and things got difficult but she was one of Sophie’s bridesmaids [to be] and so part of the arrangements and in the end we were seeing each other mainly for that reason.

Driven from Normal. (Extra A.I. Images)

Precision driver Simon McKenzie’s work week started reasonably normal with a job in Queenstown, New Zealand, driving a vehicle for a new TV ad being filmed there.

After only a few days, and a series of events that seemed to quickly snowball, the 23 year old found himself standing in a bar waiting for his new girlfriend to arrive… But, what wasn’t normal, is that it's him wearing who's little black cocktail dress…

Driven from Normal. (Extra A.I. Images)

Dare Poker - Part 4: The Fight for Freedom

Miles had to be up early again to get ready for classes. He showered as normal and got dressed, again putting on one of the pairs of panties. He went downstairs to get breakfast and talked a little with the girls, who were of course ready at this time of day. After he had finished eating, he headed off to class.

The Rise of Rapstar: Bad Badie Pt. 1

Brent Anderson in
The Rise of Rapstar: Bad Badie

My name is Brent ‘Badie’ Anderson, i’m a 18 year old high school dropout looking to make it. I live in a small house in Detroit with my mother, she always tells me i hang out with the wrong crowd and today more than ever i realized that.

The Makings of a Mean Girl Pt. 1

My name is Logan and i have always been the kid everyone ignored, i was a geek and would rather play video games and read comic books than do sports and play outside. Not to mention i was a scrawny 100 pounds and a short 5’4. Nobody cared about me except for Annabelle.

Annabelle was a very pretty redhead and one of the most popular girls in school, from the beginning of the 9th grade, Annabelle took me under her wing, she vowed to take care of me. She introduced me to her friends Candice and Brittney and told me i was the fourth member they have always wanted.

Pick Me Boy

Danny Collins in…

Pick Me Boy

By Jmaster

Danny Collins was the new student to Westwood High, a school in the middle of Suburban Illinois. He was a wildcard at his past school always getting good grades and sometimes even girls but his long hair and skater boy appearance often was a turn off for some, now entering into Westwood smack dab during his Freshman year he had to make some friends.

Stand-in Wife

This story contains sex scenes

I knew one day I would be seen or caught. I couldn't help it. The urge was just too strong. All crossdressers suffer the same feelings. Guilt and shame. I was a man. Why was I lessening myself wanting to dress and appear as a woman? I had tried to stop before. I had gathered up all my clothes, shoes, wigs, and makeup. I filled three bin bags and threw them in the a skip.

Mom's Morning Routine

I have been a long time reader on here, so I thought I would trim my hand it writing a kinda short story. This is loosely based on a true story, but names have been changed. It is a story about a boy whose fascination with makeup and femininity all came flowing out because of one incident. I apologize for any grammatical errors, English was never my best subject.

Mom's Morning Routine.

Bro to Sis in Minutes

Hailey was tired of her twin brother. Howard was always that one brother who you couldn’t seem to bond with. He’s a great guy, but he always kept to himself, and Hailey rarely got to spend time with him. She’d try to take him out with some friends, or even just watch a movie with him, but to no avail. She had always wanted a sister, someone else to have by her side, but their parents stopped with just the two of them.

New Nails

I can’t believe that I was doing this. I had (stupidly) competed with my girlfriend, Carrie, over the Oscars. Initially starting as playful fun, we made a bet with each other that, whoever had the most correct Oscar winners, got to choose something for the loser to do as “punishment”. After careful decision-making, I had decided that, if I won, then Carrie would have to mow the lawn in her bikini, once a week, for the entire summer. Having heard my choice, Carrie made hers similar to mine.

A Different Pair of Queens

A Different Pair of Queens small.jpg

A Different Pair of Queens
By Sabrina G. Langton


Author's Note: Just a couple of words I came up with while being really nosy at a bar. Sometimes I listen to other conversations instead of being involved with the conversations that I am involved with, ha. I do have a little background about that bar too, that I will put up here inside The Big Closet soon, thanks. I hope YOU like it.

A Bet Gone with the Man

Allen and Jodie both stepped foot into the Transformation Salon. They went up to the reception desk and checked themselves in. They had an appointment, but they were a little early, so they went into the waiting area and sat down. While they waited, Jodie scrolled on her phone, casually talking about what they might do later. But Allen wasn’t really paying attention to what she was saying. No, he was thinking about how he got here. How any of this was even happening to him. He reflected back on how it all started…

The Substitute Housewife Part 4

This has a sex scene at the end.

The next day was a blur. What was nice was that Ken brought me a cup of coffee and woke me up with a gentle kiss on the forehead.

"Thank you so much for what you are doing for us, Susan. I'll see you tonight with Mr. Yasimo."

I was stunned. No one had ever done that to me. I grew up with very little affection. That was probably why I accepted affection wherever I could.

The Substitute Housewife Part 3

This is a short part.

As we entered, I saw what was laid out on the bed. Shirley must have done this while I was getting the dinner.

It was a dark blue silk teddy. One piece with spaghetti straps and 2 inches of black lace around the bust and legs. It looked like it was made of liquid. I knew I loved the silk knickers I was wearing. How would this feel? Next to it was a matching silk negligee.

"I hope you like it. I got it for Susan last year. She never wore it."

Said Ken.

"Why wouldn't she wear it? It looks amazing."

The Substitute Housewife Part 2

We left for Ken's house immediately. As we went through the main office he nodded to Shirly and she followed on behind us.

“Before you ask, she did a good job of making you look like a woman at the party, so she’s going to help now.”

Shirley gave me her lopsided grin. She was a kinky woman. I was sure she was enjoying every minute of this.

Dare Poker - Part 3: Primed and Polished

Liz whispered something to Felicia, then said aloud, “Felicia is the one who will do your nails. She has the biggest nail polish collection out of all of us, which is why I figured that it was best for her to do it. She knows the colors I picked out, so you can go with her to her room to get started.” Miles did as told and walked with Felicia to her room.

A Coy Pond and a Couple of Trees Part 3

A Coy Pond and a Couple of Trees Part 3
By Sabrina G. Langton


Author's Note: Gissele has a busy weekend coming up. We find out a little bit more about her past as her and Bryson start to fall in love. I hope YOU like it...



A Coy Pond and a Couple of Trees Part 2

A Coy Pond and a Couple of Trees Part 2
By Sabrina G. Langton


Author's Note: Giselle meets a couple more people, and even leaves her house. All this while her backyard gets a little more amazing... Hope YOU like it...


Tuesday Night

I decided if I was going to meet Derrick I would dress a little sexy. Why not. This was supposed to be a week of experimenting with sex, and I might as well join in. It's what Lainie would have wanted, I tried to convince myself.

A Coy Pond and a Couple of Trees Part 1

A Coy Pond and a Couple of Trees Part 1
By Sabrina G. Langton


Author's Note: Hi, welcome to my epic story about a CD who's backyard transforms almost as much as 'she' does. It will be in four snack size bites. It starts out a little sketchy but ends up quite romantc including lotsa sex 'n drama, I hope YOU Like it.



The girlfriend was almost gone. Six whole days by myself. All alone to pose and take pictures in front of my mirrors.



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