The Curse of the Black Bow

The Curse of the Black Bow by Kate Elizabeth Suhr.jpgAuthor's note. I'm no writer and this probably could have been written way better than I have wrote this. This was actually a dream I had last night that felt would have made a great movie or at least a great episode of some anthology of dark stories. I wrote it after waking up so not to forget it and maybe to make edits to it. Please leave your thoughts and comments about it but please be nice. I'm not the best at writing stories.

The Curse of the Black Bow

Our story starts off with a short montage of people finding the cursed weapon and thinking its neat and putting it away to possibly use later.

However, once they let go of the weapon, they quickly die from something horrendous that you'd expect from the Final Destination series or even a Looney Tune episode like checking the road for no cars and then immediately get hit by a car when crossing the street.


Jake decided to go for a walk. He felt he could use the exercise and wanted to get some fresh air. He is a white guy just a touch over 6 foot tall and weighing about 250 pounds. Blue eyes and naturally brown hair though he keeps it a pretty blonde color and lets it grow out.

"What??? Oh man this bow is wicked cool. Would look awesome with my collection of other weapons I have like my swords, knives, and other bows I have."

He picks up the bow and thinks to go add it to his collection but didn't want to walk all the way back to his house.

"I should show this to Dan. I know he's at work at the convenience store but he could probably take a break. Bet he'll think this is awesome and get jealous."

Dan is stocking products on the shelves when Jake comes in. Dan is about 5 foot 11 inches and a bit heavier than Jake weighing in at 275 pounds. He has brown eyes and dark brown hair and keeps it short.

"Hey Dan check this bow out that I found."

Dan believes he knows what bow that is. "Dude whatever you do, do not let go or put that bow down no matter what. I've heard stories of people who died in very strange and bizarre ways many of which seem would be very painful and what they all had in common was they were seen to have a mysterious and eery looking bow in their possession, whether that be in their home, car or on the ground next to their dead body."

"Dude you're full of shit. You know magic and superstitions and all that are just made up bullshit by people."

"Bullshit you say? Ok check out these pictures of dead bodies. Anything look familiar and in common? Oh hey look! It's the same bow you are holding jackass. Still think it's all just bullshit?"

"Holy fuck. Ok ok maybe you're on to something. I just don't get how all that stuff could even exist."

Jake freaks out and wonders to himself "How long can I hold this item in either of my hands without putting it down. How will I do everyday things? Can I still go to my college classes or my work even? Can I still eat, sleep, use the restroom and shower without ever putting down the bow? Could I even play videogames anymore during down time?"

"Don't worry we will figure this out."

Jake wonders if he thought all of that or unintentionally said it all out loud.

"Hey I'm due for a break anyways. Let's grab some chips and pop and go outside and try to relax and come up with a plan."

Dan takes his break and the two head outside the store but not before buying a couple pops and chips which were rung out by Dan's co-worker Emily, whom Jake always thought was very pretty but too shy and scared to ask her out. Emily is a beautiful redhead standing at 5 foot 5 inches with green eyes and weighing about 145 though she usually tells people 125. She usually has her hair wavy and it sits a few inches below her shoulders almost to her breasts though while at work she often puts it up in a ponytail. Emily notices the black bow but thinks to herself "Hmm.. could it?...nah it can't be."

Dan and Jake eat and drink their snacks during Dan's break. Jake carefully juggling the bow between his hands while eating and drinking his snacks.

Jake asked, "Why is this bow cursed? What makes it so evil?"

"No one truly knows but there are several theories people have. Some say a serial killer who preferred using the bow and arrow killed several people and was then cursed by gypsies to have his soul placed inside the bow forever. Others say the Devil made the bow and left it on Earth to curse innocent souls who come across it. Many don't believe the bow is cursed and say it's just a series of strange coincidences but those people are seriously naive" said Dan.

He continued saying, "Only thing I know for sure is as long as that bow is making contact with you, which doesn't necessarily have to be in your hands but rather say laying on your legs or strapped to your back, you'll stay alive."

Jake goes back inside with Dan after he returns to work and buys some more pop to go. Emily rings him out and asks why he's carrying a bow with him.

"I found it but according to Dan, it may be cursed if you can believe in that sort of thing."

"I knew I recognized that bow. I once was foolish enough to hold the bow as well but luckily I found a way to get rid of it without having it kill me."

Jake at this point was very eager to learn her secret. "How in the world did you get rid of it without...well you know... dying a horrific death?"

She shows him her tattoo of an all seeing eye on the back of her right hand as well as on the underside of her left forearm what looks like a cross between an infinity symbol and an hour glass and has eyes inside of each loop of the symbol.

"With my left hand I held a small bell and rotated it over my right hand with the all seeing eye tattoo and then across my left arm all while saying this chant I learned about online. I'll show you how it looks and sounds with the chant."

Jake was feeling so scared. He knew that no matter how hard he'd try that he'd never be able to learn this chant and hand dance she did.

Emily can tell Jake looked worried and overwhelmed and tells him not to worry that there may be another way but that he should meet her at her house when she is off later in the evening.


Later on Jake and Dan meet up at Emily's house and she tells him she knew of one other way to destroy it but wasnt sure if it would work but Jake was eager to know.

"I heard if you pee on the bow and say a short chant over and over while peeing on it, the curse of the bow will be broken on the person who was holding it."

"Ok what are we waiting for. I'm gonna use your restroom real quick."

"Not so fast Jake. This all has to be done in a public space for some reason according to my source online. I can only assume because the bow would want the potential for a new victim when it thinks the current victim is going to die thus making the bow slightly volunerable."

"Of course. Silly me. Why would I assume this would be easy to get rid of."

"How about the 3 of us go to this new night club that opened up the other day. In a couple hours it should be packed and all you would need to do is go to a stall and place the bow on the ground in the stall and pee on it while saying the chant."

"Won't doing that mean I'd die fairly quick? After all I could put it down and then slip on my own pee thanks to the curse."

"Well I read if you cover the bow in your shirt you had been wearing all day, momentarily the bow will think you're still possessing it but only for a moment though that should be long enough. I think this is because of the sweat and scent you produced while wearing the shirt."

"Ugh man of all days to wear my rare printed Theory of a Deadman shirt...fine. It beats being dead and never wearing a shirt again. Ok so I wear my shirt and walk in to the restroom then do the chant while I pee should be good though I better bring an extra shirt. Wait how am I expected to walk in with a bow in hand?."

Emily said "Well yeah that's true. You would need to conceal the bow before going in."

"You could wear a hoody over the bow which is on the back of your shirt and have the bow tucked in your jeans though it may feel a bit tight." Dan suggested.

Emily, with a smirk on her face and holding a dress had other ideas. Jake said "Oh hell no. There is no way I'm gonna..."


Cut to being at the nightclub and standing at a table with drinks, "I cant believe I let you talk me into wearing a dress, heels and makeup."

"You want to get rid of the curse right? Wearing a dress that is loose fitting will help conceal it."

"Yeah but did I really have to wear pantyhose and a bra? Couldn't I have just have worn some shorts and a t-shirt underneath with an extra shirt to wear after peeing and saying the chant?"

"Yeah but where would the fun be in that? I mean look at how pretty you are now and plus hoe often do you get the chance to dress up as a girl without anyone judging you for it. You get the opportunity to dress up with valid reasons. Also, consider it my payment for helping you. I found it so fun to dress you up. Plus now I really feel like I wanna kiss you. I mean I have always been attracted to you but I've always only been into girls so I wanted to see if this could possibly work."

Jake said "Ok but I still don't get why Dan got dressed up."

"Well I agree it would have made more sense for me to join you since I'm you know...a GIRL! However, he made a good point. If I went with you, someone may have thought you were a guy just because you were next to a real girl. I mean it may not have happened but to be safe making you look very girly and make him look like a guy in a dress would make him obvious and would take any suspicion off of you."

After a few drinks they all feel like they need to use the restroom.

"Ok so the two of you go in and then I'll wait about 30 seconds and follow behind. I'll make a scene Dan about how you're pretending to be a girl in the girls room and then Jake should be safe since the bouncer will only see you. It will help ensure there's no suspicion on him."

Emily waits a bit and then follows through with the plan. Dan gets kicked out by the bouncer but thankfully doesn't get Dan's name or see what he really looks like enough to remember him in the future.

Jake takes the bow out of the dress and whispers to himself, "Man I hate that Emily was right but this dress really did conceal the bow very well."

He takes it out off his back and out of the dress and takes out his t-shirt from his...err... Emily's old purse. He figured if he stored it in there while all sweaty, the bow would be confused long enough for the plan to work. He wraps the bow up quickly inside the shirt and places it down. He then sits down because he's in the women's room and then aims just well enough to soak the bow covered shirt in his pee while saying the chant. The bow seems to disappear with some evil looking smoke in the air.

"Hopefully no one else in the restroom noticed. I really hated that I had to do that to this shirt but no way I'm touching that now." He leaves his shirt there since it was covered in pee.

The 3 continue to enjoy the night, Jake even feels like he enjoys wearing a dress and heels.

"Emily, Dan, I wanna admit something to you as well as tell you about a sudden I'm having. When I was around 10 I would try on my mom's clothes when I was home alone. I always thought that was just a phase that many boys at that age go through but something inside me really enjoys all of this and honestly I don't think I wanna go back to dressing as a guy at least not exclusively. Like I don't mind wearing jeans and t-shirts but I wanna wear a dress or skirts too and also I don't wanna be called Jake either."

"I think that is amazing and not just cause of the fact I am into girls...oh please tell me that isn't why you're telling us this."

"What? Oh no. For sure that isn't why. I just really feel like maybe this is the real me and why a part of me has always felt empty inside."

"Well I definitely support you." Emily said.

"Yeah man, um woman? We will always be best friends what do I call you?" Dan said.

"I think I prefer the name Kate. It's similar sounding to Jake in a way and it just feels right to me. Also, words like man and dude you can still use because they feel gender neutral in most context as many ciswomen use them."


Years later Jake legally changed his name and gender and went by Kate Elizabeth Suhr. He...I mean she was now in a relationship with her mutual crush Emily. The 2 were still best friends with Dan who always had their back against anyone who was transphobic or homophobic of the beautiful couple.

Emily kneels down and looks up at her beautiful girlfriend and asks "Kate, we have been together for quite sometime now and I love you so much that it hurts me to think of us not being together. I wanna do everything right and be the woman who you love for the rest of my life. Will you make me one of the 2 happiest women in the world and marry me?" "Oh my God! Yesss baby. I love you so much and was wondering if you'd ever ask. I so wanna be your wife!"

The 2 kiss and eventually get married and knew there was no one better to marry them but their best friend and ally Dan, who got his ordained license online on some site for those in Ohio who want to be ordained for this sort of thing.

The 2 get married and spene the rest of their lives together in happily bliss.

Everything ends in on a happy note...or so they all assumed.

All those years back at the night club after the trio had all left and the place had closed, the bouncer checked to make sure the place was empty of patrons and saw the shirt on the floor.

He went to pick it up with some paper towels because of the pee and was gonna throw it away but noticed the shirt and thought "It's only pee. I can put it in a plastic garbage bag and take it home to wash and dry and it'll be just fine to wear."

He wears the shirt to work the next couple days and does not take it off when going to bed and skips showering in favor of using cologne. After a couple days later though he finally takes it off and puts it in the washer and dryer. He immediately felt strange and had no idea why. As it turned out after Jake, at the time, peed on the bow coverer in the shirt, it did make the bow disappear and break the curse, however, after he left, the curse sunk back down to the floor and into the shirt. Possibly due to Jake's scent. The bouncer wore the shirt to work for a couple days and would soon learn after those 2 days that the shirt was cursed. He'd learn this though the hard way...

The End.

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