The Living VS The Dead

The Living VS. The Dead
By: Sandy Riedel

I grabbed Lisa’s hand and pulled her into the mansion, gasping for air, and slammed the door behind us. I looked back at her; a mixture of pool water and sweat dripped down her face. She was shivering and I wasn’t sure if it was from being cold or from being scared.

The River of Shadows

The River of Shadows
by Alyssa Plant

A high school senior heads to Boston to visit his sister for Halloween. A twist of fate reveals something they would never have admited alone... and it proves to be the one thing that may keep them alive when the best laid plans of a group of college students are lain waste by a force of terrible evil and corruption that has thrived for centuries... Can Charlie Kane be strong enough to live? or will the River of Shadows claim yet another victim...?


WARNINGS: Contains transgender themes, Sci-Fi, explicit sex, mild violence,
bad words, and strange ideas. It has only the strange things that dribble from
my head. If you are not old enough, mature enough, open minded enough, and

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Alt. Universe. Chapt 1

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Alt Universe

disclaimer : the characters in this story are the property of Joss Whesdon

Buffy, Dawn and Joycee arrive in Sunnydale after the divorce of her father in Los Angeles. Joyce says “ Buffy you have first day of school tomorrow at Sunnydale”. Buffy replies “ I know mom I wll be seeing the principal”. Dawn says “ do you think they know your a vampire slayer sis”. Buffy says “ I am unsure all I know is tha I destroyed Glory for you”.

Rairy Contrary - Chapter 4 - The Police

BigCloset TopShelf Featured Author
Katherine Phillips

All the work I post here is in its first draft format. I do this so that you can still read what I'm writing and so you have a reason to buy my books when they are edited and published, alongside supporting me as a person of course.

I swiped on my mother's name in my address book. I stared at myself in the mirror as the phone rang and shakily rubbed a finger on my cheeks where my makeup was ruined.

Band of Sisters: Part 2

In the grim darkness of the far future,
there is only war...

Chapter Two
Friends and Enemies

“Here you are, Palatine,” the adjutant declared as she opened the door. “I've taken the liberty of flagging the system to have every sister on TDS report to you.”


Victoria and Cecilia are two best friends plagued by bullies. Victoria wants to protect Cecilia but she cant, there are too many witnesses. However, even in the darkest of times true love can blossom as long as you have patience.

The Huntress Chronicles Book 1: To save a monster Chapter 1

Monique has it hard enough as a Trans woman. But she also has to fight Elves, Faeries and things that go bump in the night. On top of that suddenly she has to take care of a little girl? What is a girl to do?
Edited by the lovely msblackandblue, without her this wouldn't have been possible <3 Also lovingly supported by my Hunnie, thank you for everything

Rairy Contrary - Chapter 1 - An Asshole

BigCloset TopShelf Featured Author
Katherine Phillips

All the work I post here is in its first draft format. I do this so that you can still read what I'm writing and so you have a reason to buy my books when they are edited and published, alongside supporting me as a person of course.


Rairy Contrary Chapter 1 An Asshole



The truth doesn’t matter any more, Mum, because nobody wanted to listen to me then, and it’s too late to make a difference now.


She Stole My Body!

She Stole My Body!

I knew they'd be around to check on me. I'd run afoul of the witch's council too often for them not to keep an eye on me. So when their investigator came sniffing around and spoke to me I was ready.

I pretended not to know her which got her curiosity aroused but I knew the first thing she'd notice was the absence of magic. When she asked in a roundabout way about my magic I had the perfect story ready.

"You know about magic? Finally someone that will believe me!"

Prisoner of the Flesh

Warning: This is horror story. There is no happy ending. It is inspired by Johnathan's Rings of Fate on FM, which is one of the best bodyswap horror stories I have ever read.

Prisoner of the Flesh

The Library: Rewrite, Part 5


The Library: Rewrite

Part Five: In Marianne's Own Words

by Roberta J. Cabot

Yet another scary night. At least it was all over now. For the moment, at least. That basement, and the ruins across the street from the library - they were ancient. Much older than the library.

I can only assume that the reason that basement, or whatever it was, was cleared out was because the university. Maybe they're thinking of using it for something, maybe an annex or a storage area for the library. But then, why was it inaccessible to everyone? In fact, it wasn't there when it was daytime.

And I suppose the whole purpose of Marie bringing me there was just to retrieve those diaries. I was burning to read them. Maybe I can do that when I got back to the apartment.But then I remembered I had a date, with Laurie the coffee girl. A date... Mon dieu. It is embarassing to admit it, but this would be my first date.

In any case, it was my dearest wish that Marie does not show up while I was on my date. Dates and fantôme - they do not go well together...

My name is Mark. And this is the continuation of my Halloween story.

The Library: Rewrite, Part 4


The Library: Rewrite

Part Four: Broken Brick Wall

by Roberta J. Cabot

Being chased by a bunch of zombified students was not my idea of a restful Saturday night at the movies. To be fair, though, I didn't think the kids were expecting to spend their Saturday being zombies, either.

Given that Marie was helping me get away from them, I'm sure she wasn't responsible for the kids. But who was? In just two days, the it's as if the details of my life were slowly being rewritten. Like a book undergoing a redraft. But the changes weren't bad. I had friends now, two of them gorgeous babes who apparently were my best friends, and I now seem to be closer to mother.

Sure, there were things that weren't exactly stuff I was hoping for, or actually want - things like changes to my body, or that I am now plagued by a French-speaking ghost and a bunch of zombies.

I have to understand what this is all about, because everything is starting to become too crazy.

My name is Mark. And this is the continuation of my Halloween story.

Homesick, part 1 of 3

Our house wasn’t there. Mr. Starrett’s house was on the left, with his red F-150 in the driveway, and the Petrovs' house was on the right, with no cars in the driveway but all their super-early Christmas decorations on the porch and lawn (it wasn’t even Halloween yet) — and there was nothing between them.

The Lioness Adopts Some Cubs

A smile appears on Jessica’s face as she looks at herself in the mirror. Today, was her anniversary of being a Were and of being the slave of her Mistress and Master. She owes them her life for saving her from herself and from the sadist guy who had abused her.

The tight leather outfit she had on was revealing and showed her figure off. She knew it was her owners’ favorite outfit. She checks her collar before leaving her bedroom. She heads towards their bedroom to wake them up.

The Beast - Chapter 4: United

Filas looked Kim in the eyes. Kim looked Filas in the eyes. Then, at the same moment, they approached each other with a few, large steps and embraced each other in a close hug, the first one they’d ever shared. The first time they were physically close. The first time they got to smell each other’s odour. And that in one of the most unlikely places and at the potentially most unlikely time.

“Umm”, the man who had addressed Filas before dragged them back into reality way too soon, “whatever you two are doing there, you should continue once we’re out of here…”

Night Bird

Dania licks her lips to wipe away the rest of the blood still cling to her lips. The drug dealer she killed lies at her feet with two small holes in the side of his neck from where she had puncture the vein located under the skin. She just looks down at his lifeless body. He was a parasite; living off the misery of those he sold his drugs too. She searches through his pants pockets and such, looking for his drug money. She finds it hidden along with the rest of his stash. She pours some under his nose, so the cops would believe he died of a drug overdose.


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