Survival: Chapter 7 of 9

Whateley: “Survival”

[A Whately Universe FanFic]

By Zapper


Chapter Seven


Kate looked into the darkness her frustration at being left behind, and anger at what had been done, growing as the moon rose. She turned feeling the awkward shift in her groin as she headed back across the clearing. When she did she reached down and adjusted her cock and paused. Could she really keep on thinking of herself as a girl? The rod between her legs was a constant reminder of her change in status. Kate shook her head, there would be time to think about that later. She glanced up and saw the large black shadow that was the SUV a few yards away. After Trish had settled down with a cup of tea they’d gotten the story from her, Kate could see it in her mind’s eye and felt a fresh surge of rage.


“Are you ready?” Carl looked over at his wife. Maria nodded.

“Once I’ve got Cat,” she said, using Kate’s nick name, “what are you going to do?”

“I’ll go along with them at first and look for an opportunity to get away. If I can I’ll make sure they get caught, but our first priority is Cat.”

Maria nodded, “Agreed.” And then added, “But don’t do anything stupid and get hurt. I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to you.”

Carl took a quick look at his wife and then glanced back out the windshield of the mini-van at the empty dirt road in front of them. ‘I can’t afford to be distracted,’ he thought at the lump that formed in his throat. In all of his years doing “security” work this was the first time someone he loved was at risk. Carl didn’t like it.

All of a sudden a miniature tornado kicked up dirt and debris, spinning it around and around until visibility outside the mini-van was less than a foot. Then it stopped falling away abruptly as if it had never been there. As the air cleared Carl saw the three kidnappers and Kate standing in front of the van.

Without having to say anything both Carl and Maria exited the van and moved toward the kidnapers. To her horror Maria saw that Kate’s left hand was heavily bandaged and for a second she had to fight the urge to run to her daughter.

“Menace, are you willing to come along and do as you’re told?” The oldest of the three men said stepping forward.

Carl took a couple of steps toward the group and then stopped. “If you let my daughter go . . . then yes. I’ll do as you ask.”

Ripple turned toward the brother in a brown t-shirt and jeans. “Take her to her mother.”

Dirty grunted and, holding Kate’s arm at the elbow, walked her toward Maria. When he passed Menace he paused and gave Kate a little shove toward her mother. He then turned to grab Menace’s arm.

“Don’t give me no trouble, now.” Dirty said, trying to glower at Menace. The effect was ruined by the fact that Dirty had to look up at Menace, and that Menace looked far more dangerous, just standing still. Instead Dirty just sounded sort of nervous.

Carl grunted and allowed himself to be led toward the pair of brothers waiting impatiently. Carl wanted to turn and confirm that Maria and Kate were okay, but he kept on walking.

“Oh, baby,” Maria said hugging Kate. Then she let go, “Come on, we need to get you out of here.”

“No, mom,” Kate sneered. “We need to stay.” Kate then reached out and touched Maria on the forehead. Maria froze a look of shock on her face.

Carl spun about, “What the hell? Kate?” Surprise and confusion were clear on Carl’s face.

“You’re all coming with us!” Dirty snarled, gripping Carl’s arm and drawing on his power pulling it around behind Menace.

Faster than anyone could move Carl spun toward Dirty slashing out with his free hand as he moved. His hand transformed into a silver blade in an eye-blink and it swept through Dirty’s neck. For an instant no one moved. Then Dirty’s head tumbled to one side.

“Nooo,” Flurry screamed, and gestured toward Menace. A gust of wind tore into him but Menace’s whole body had flashed into its liquid steel form and somehow he ignored the wind. Then he started walking toward the two remaining brothers.

“How is he resisting me?” Flurry screamed in a near panic forcing the wind into a tight cone and blasting Menace in the chest.

Menace ignored Flurry’s attempts to slow him down. Each step caused the earth to tremble as if he weighed several thousand pounds.

“His file said that he can manipulate magnetic fields.” Ripple shouted, “He must be using that ability to anchor himself to the ground.”

As Menace closed in on the brothers Kate took a step to one side to get clear line on Menace. She shouted a series of words and then gestured toward Menace. A bolt of purple energy lanced out striking Menace in the side, breaking his concentration and throwing him to the ground.

Maria’s eyes were wild looking as she strained against the invisible bonds holding her. Then all at once they gave and she charged her daughter, but before she’d closed the distance Flurry made a punching gestured and a spear of hardened air blasted into Maria’s gut. The force of the blow lifted Maria from her feet and drove her backward pinning her to the grille of the mini-van.

Maria looked over at the person she thought was her daughter, “Katie . . . how could you?” Then her eyes closed and a second later the spear of air dissolved dropping Maria to ground blood pouring out of the gaping wound drenching her shirt and jeans.

Carl struggled to his feet but the woman masquerading as Kate was faster she placed a finger on his forehead and said, “Sleep.” Carl collapsed to the ground in a heap and the woman, wearing Kate’s form, turned to Flurry.

“Moron! She’d better live, or I’ll make you wish you were dead!”


Kate tried to force herself to forget the scene described by Trish. She shuddered to think of what her mom must have thought when ‘Kate’ had attacked her!? Or when she’d cast that spell at her own father! Kate just hoped that she’d have a chance to talk to her mom and dad, too explain. This made Kate realize she might never talk to her mom, get a hug, or ask for advice ever again. Suddenly Kate was caught between fighting back tears and wanting to rip something to shreds with her jaws.

“Damn it.” Kate swore, here she was a few miles from her enemies and powerless to help.

After Trish had explained what had happened the three adults had held a sort of war council. They knew where Carl and Maria were being held, thanks to Trish, but not for how long. Trish had followed the kidnappers back to the farm house and watched as they were dumped in the same basement cell that had held Kate. Although the kidnappers had made a few changes. The window had been bricked up and wards had been added to the walls.

Both Carl and Maria had been chained to the walls of the cell with rune inscribed changes. Trish didn’t know what they were designed to do but she was able to report that ‘Kate’ had been confident it would hold them.

This news meant that they had to move quickly if they wanted to help. They’d decided to wait a few hours. Once the kidnappers went to bed, they’d have their best chance. Around midnight they’d headed out to the SUV Devon owned and as soon as they’d settled into the vehicle Trish had gone into another trance. Devon glanced at Kate and grinned. “Don’t worry, Trish will keep an eye on them and let us know if anything happens.”

“So where is this Stuart farm?” Devon asked looking at Molly.

“Take the Oregon Coastal Highway south.”

Once they were over the Youngs Bay Bridge and away from the prying eyes of civilization Devon looked over at Molly. “You’re a sorceress right?”

“Something like that,” Molly agreed.

“Can you make it so people can’t see us?”

“Invisibility is tough.” she said. “I can make it so no one will noticed us.”

“Perfect. Do it.”

Molly nodded and then closed her eyes to concentrate. Kate watched and as she did she felt Molly gather energy from the world around her and then there was a kind of twisting sensation. Kate realized it was similar to what she’d done while hunting giants and then Molly opened her eyes.

“It’s done.”

“Good,” Devon said and the SUV lurched into the air. Both Molly and Kate grabbed for handholds as Devon grinned. “I’ve got this. I can fly us in a straight line much faster than we could drive it. Just sit back and hold on.” Then with a guilty look at Molly, “I will need your help navigating.”

Neither Kate nor Molly had to be told twice as Devon directed the vehicle south paralleling the coast at nearly a thousand feet. Meanwhile Trish was oblivious to what was going on in the vehicle. As they traveled south Molly started seeing land marks she recognized and gave Devon directions. Even though the sun was down there was enough moon light to see the coast. After several minutes of flying Devon brought the SUV into a small clearing about a few
miles from the farm.

After landing as if by some unseen signal Trish woke up. She’d reported that the two remaining brothers had been furious with Menace and once they’d gotten him in the cell they’d spent several minutes working him over. During that time Maria had come around but wasn’t looking to good. Finally, Allura had dismissed her glamor and used her magic, and authority over the brothers, to get them to stop beating Menace. This had probably saved his life. Trish couldn’t tell how badly Maria had been wounded, only that it was bad, and that the spells on the cell were preventing Carl and Maria from using their abilities.

After a minute Trish had continued her report. Allura had gone into a study on the ground floor and was making arrangements for the five of them to travel south into Central America. The brothers were out behind the farm digging a grave for Dirty. According to Trish they didn’t appear to be expecting any trouble, but they weren’t taking chances either. Allura had raised a set of wards around the farm.

Trish had finished her report by stating, “I doubt that we’ll be able to sneak up on them.”

The three adults had discussed the situation and decided that it would be best if Devon and Molly headed toward the farm to raid it when everyone settled in for the night. The brothers would be physically exhausted from digging the grave and emotionally exhausted from their brothers’ death. A raid in the early morning hours should be perfect.

The goal was to free Carl and Maria, and escape. Trish would keep watch in Astral form and if necessary help out. Kate wasn’t exactly sure what Trish could do, but Devon had readily agreed. Molly said she thought she could neutralize Allura’s wards. This would allow Devon the chance to break open the cell and get Carl and Maria out. If necessary he’d deal with Ripple and Flurry. At Molly’s frown Devon laughed.

“Hey, don’t worry. I’ll free Menace and Maria and then it’ll be three on two.”

Kate had tried to argue, “I can help. I’m stronger than a normal person and my senses are much sharper.”

“I’m sure you are, but your parents would never forgive me if something happened to you. Just sit tight. Trish will let you know what’s going on. If things go badly, run. Trish knows what to do.”

Kate turned around planning to make another circuit around the clearing and looked up into the full moon. She had a bad feeling that this wouldn’t be as easy as Devon had made it seem.

*You should learn to trust your feelings, young one.*

The voice in her mind was so shockingly clear that Kate stumbled.

*Dux’Tueor?* Kate felt the laughter in the back of her mind.

*Why do you let others hunt in your stead?* The feeling of puzzlement was as open and genuine a sentiment as Kate had ever felt.

*They say I’m too young!*

*They are fools. You’re a hunter. Staying back is unnatural.* The scorn in Dux’Tueor’s tone made Kate feel foolish for accepting the judgment of the two legs.

Just then Trish gasped. Kate rushed over to the blanket, where she had been sitting in the lotus position, silently watching their enemies. Now her eyes flashed open, “The sorceress, she knows!” Then Trish let out a sigh and crumpled to one side.

Kate looked at Trish and then in the direction Molly and Devon had left. They needed to know what was going on. Kate picked up the radio that had been sitting next to Trish. It was how Trish was supposed to communicate with Devon.

“Devon, this is Kate, Trish said that you’ve been discovered.”

There was no response so Kate repeated the message. Again there was no response. “What do I do now?” Kate said in desperation.

*Do what you were born to do, hunt!*

*How do I do that? I don’t even know where they are, and if I did how would I get there in time?*

*Have you forgotten your true nature? Embrace it and hunt!* There was a feeling of frustrated puzzlement in Dux’Tueor’s tone.

For a minute Kate felt torn, ‘what should I do,’ she thought in confusion. Then she looked inside and felt an icy well of power. It was power that had been growing inside her every day since she’d changed. Kate embraced the power and she felt her confusion melt away. Kate felt, rather than saw, a glow cover her body and then she was running. Each step covered a dozen feet as she raced through the trees toward her prey.


Molly held Devon’s hand tightly as the mutant flew them toward the old Stuart farm. She had spells that would allow her to fly but letting Devon take care of the transportation allowed her to focus on what she’d need to do to take down Allura’s wards. The woman was unbelievably strong and skilled for one so young! It took about ten minutes to fly up to the farm, mostly because Molly had told Devon to take it slow and give her time to prepare.

“Stop here!”

Devon slowed quickly to a hoover. “What is it?”

“Wards, now shush.” Molly replied. “I need to concentrate.”

Molly had to give Allura credit. The wards were very sophisticated for a woman who’d only been practicing the Art for a few decades. It took Molly almost five minutes to take them down.

“Alright we can continue. Please set me down in front of the house and then fly around back. When you hear a loud noise, rip open the basement cell and get the Hendersons out.”

“Sure, but what about the wards blocking their powers?”

“Warding is a very delicate art. If you do enough damage to the building when you open the cell . . . well, that should disrupt the wards. After that I’m guessing that Carl and Maria will be able to get free.”

“Okay, but what’ll you be doing?”

Molly laughed, “Causing a lot of noise.”

“You don’t plan to fight all three of them at once do you?”

“Not if I can help it, but if I have to I can deal with them for a few minutes. I’ll buy you some time and then run away. Now go!”

On her command Devon settled Molly onto the grass in front of the farm and then raced around to the back.

Molly gave Devon a few seconds head start and then reached into her blouse and pulled out a neckless. One of the charms on the neckless was a simple looking wooden star. Molly gripped it between her thumb and forefinger and said, “Invoke.”

The charm crumbled and suddenly Molly’s thin wooden staff appeared, and as it did Molly’s modern clothes shimmered and vanished. In their place a set of flowing green robes covered Molly and on her brow rested a glowing silver gem. Satisfied that she was ready Molly thumped her staff against the ground three times.




Power burst from the gem on Eawren Lanethial’s brow in a wave of silver green light that washed over the farm. The response from the farm house was quick.


Even as the words echoed through the night the farm lights sprang up and the front door burst open. Allura strode out onto the porch, a glowing wand in one hand and a Kris in the other. She was no longer bent over, even though her hair was still grey, and power seemed to spill out of her skin crackling around her.


Before she finished speaking Allura pointed the Kris at her and spoke a word of power. A beam of undulating purple energy shot out but Eawren didn’t move. The light hit an invisible shield splashing around the Elven woman. Then she directed her staff at Allura and lightning fell out of a clear sky striking the sorceress. The display was dazzling, but when the light died away Allura had taken several steps toward Eawren, apparently unharmed.

“Light and power are easy, how do you feel about spirit?”

This time when Allura gestured with her wand Eawren suddenly felt a crushing sorrow. How could her own mother and father reject her? They had wanted to burn her because she was a monster. Eawren staggered back. The guilt along with self-loathing made her want to vomit, her concentration wavered.


Devon raced around the farm feeling a little worried about leaving Molly to deal with the sorceress but knowing that the best shot they had was a quick strike to free Carl and Maria. He arrived behind the farm house in seconds and looked at the freshly bricked up window.

“This ought to be easy.” he muttered. Then he heard Molly’s challenge and his jaw fell open. “That woman is crazy!”

Devon lifted a hand and there was a gust of wind and pain lanced through his wrist. Devon looked on in disbelief as his hand fell away from his arm. The razor thin whip of air had taken his hand off so fast he hadn’t had time to react.

“So you think we’re a bunch of fools do you?” Flurry said stepping out from behind the veil of air. Next to him his brother gestured at the bucket of water at his feet. The water arced up from the bucket and raced around into a vortex of spinning fluid above his head.

“I think it’s time to get some pay back for Dirty.” Ripple snarled.

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