She Crept In

She Crept In

She crept in barefoot.
Tip-toeing across the soft carpet.
Not wanting to disturb.
She had to see him one last time.

They made a pact.
When they were young.
To run away.
Once school was done.

Her heart raced.
Curtains drawn.
Door locked.
Lights on.

She set aside her heels.
That place they always went.
In the back.
Out of the way.

Beside the bed.
She watched him there.
Unwavering, still.
Shallow breathing.

She shimmied from her dress.
That little black number.
Cascading down.
It hit the floor.

Her underthings came next.
Like shedding mountains.
She felt freedom.
Her body could rest.

Discarded fabrics.
Like discarded dreams.
They joined the heels.
And other things.

All things hidden.
Her makeup gone.
She settled naked.
Gazing once again.

That boy she saw.
One last time.
In her bedroom mirror.
Tomorrow night would not be there.

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