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Partners In Crime - Chapter 3

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Chapter Three – Storm Clouds

Our three intrepid trans women locate their nemesis and with the help of a rogue FBI agent they formulate a plan to rescue the captives and return Jennifer Jones back to rightful place on the throne of her evil cartel.

Partners In Crime - Chapter 2

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Chapter Two – The Phoenix Rises

Ex FBI agent Jennifer Jones and Penelope Bishop, a small-town Texas cop team, up with a mysterious woman sent to help them to rescue three women they hold dear from a ruthless Russian Mafia thug.

Change of Fate Chapter 9

In the opulent halls of the palace, Prince Connor, a man of sharp wit and cunning, turned to his trusted assistant, Grayson. Grayson, a man of unassuming appearance but keen intellect, was dressed in a crisp business suit. "Grayson, enlighten me on what you've discovered about Consort Alex. I intend to use her to thwart Princess Helena's ascent to the throne," Connor said, his voice laced with a mix of determination and intrigue.

Ultimate Dare - Part 2: Time for my Ultimate Dare

Ultimate Dare - Part 2: Time for my Ultimate Dare

I was reminded of the events of that Halloween evening, and our costume party, frequently in the days that followed.

The next day i woke up with the make up still on, albeit somewhat smudged, and i was still wearing the satin underwear and knee high stockings. The cheerleader outfit and wig were on a chair in my bedroom.

I cleaned up, changed and folded the dress and other items placing them in the top drawer of my chest of drawers and nothing much more happened that day.

The Power of Sexy (resubmitted)

By Flygirlxoxox

My name is Alan Ambrosio and this is my story. As it happend.

Yes I am a boy and a typcal one. I have always been fascinated by girls.
Their hair, their smells, their curves, their clothes, the way the walk,
the way they talk....

At age 15 I have been involved in sports. I am quite good and very
competitive. My problem...girls. Girls to me are like kryptonite to
superman. I can be doing something confidently, intently and-- a pretty
girl comes up to me and look! It's captian corky....

Torrid Transformation

Torrid Transformation

The bell above the entrance to Torrid chimed a cheerful welcome as Alan
pushed open the glass door. The familiar scent of trendy clothing and
leather greeted him, but the store was strangely empty. He scanned the
racks, his gaze snagged on a display of vibrant summer dresses before a
voice startled him.

"Hi there! Welcome to Torrid!"

Alan turned to see a woman with a dazzling smile and a nametag that read
"Haley - Manager." Her warm brown eyes sparkled beneath a mane of fiery
red hair.

Genesis Transformed

Genesis Transformed

Shamefacedly, Shane shuffled into Merle Norman, the cheery chiming of
the doorbell announcing his arrival. He wasn't exactly dressed for the
occasion - his usual ratty t-shirt and ripped jeans felt woefully out of
place amongst the plush waiting area and pastel color scheme. A sheepish
grin tugged at his lips as his gaze landed on Stacy, his best friend,
behind the counter.

Nailed To Changed

Nailed to Change

Timothy slumped in the passenger seat, defeated. Bethany, his best friend since kindergarten, was practically glowing with barely concealed amusement. "So," she chirped, her voice laced with mischief, "ready to become the world's first male connoisseur of nano-gel nail enhancements?"

Bethany, a whirlwind of confidence in a neon green sundress, cackled. "Relax, drama llama. It's the hippest salon in Nashville. They do this new nano-whatever thing that makes your nails invincible."

Cherry Blossom Journey to Womanhood

Cherry blossom journey to womanhood

the rouge tasted like cherries, a forbidden sweetness on alan's four-
year-old tongue. His mother's vanity table, a glittering land of
forgotten treasures, had captivated him. He'd slipped on her silky robe,
the feel a stark contrast to his usual rough-and-tumble clothes. The
lipstick, a bright, unapologetic red, felt foreign on his lips, yet
oddly comforting. His mother's gasp shattered the moment. Tears streamed
down his face, not from her anger, but from a dawning realization - he
was different.

Change of Fate 8

The Day After

In the hushed embrace of the night, Alex and Princess Helena shared moments of intimacy that transcended the boundaries of their newfound union. With each touch and caress, they explored the depths of passion and desire, surrendering to the ecstasy of their connection. As Princess Helena revealed pleasures known only to a woman, Alex eagerly reciprocated, their bodies intertwining in a dance of love and longing.

Change of Fate 7


The Ball

As the Royal Ball approached, anticipation hung heavy in the air, mingling with the scent of perfumes and the rustle of silk. For Alex and her sisters, the culmination of months of preparation was at hand – the moment when they would step into the grand ballroom and present themselves to the Monarchy and the assembled nobility.

Change of Fate 6

Author's note: I got really into this story last week and knocked out three chapters. It was very productive, and I am glad that I was able to really get into the story.

Rule 4: A smile can be the sharpest knife

Rule 5: Silence is louder than any words

This cryptic maxim echoed in Alex's mind as she pondered its meaning. In a world where appearances were everything, and deception lurked behind every smile, she understood the significance of this rule all too well.

A Cruel and Unusual Punishment 3

This chapter has some sexual content.

As I walked to the Williams house I dreaded the fresh humiliations that awaited me. It had been a week now, and I was getting used to the feeling of women's clothes. Even at home, my mother made me sleep in a night dress. It was black and plain cotton, but still had a small lace edging. She told me it would be stupid to be caught violating my "parole" while sleeping.

Bridesmaid Rehearsals: Part 7 - More Reception Outfits & a surprise!

I took off the dress wondering what mum had in store for me next.

She said she had changed her mind and would save the ‘best’ for last. ‘Let’s keep you guessing about the outfit I think will really show up the girl in you’ she said.

Great! (I thought)….

A Sexy, Flirtatious, Cocktail Waitress

A Sexy, Flirtatious, Cocktail Waitress

It was sheer bedlam in the casino, some group had booked the whole casino and hotel for seven days straight, we are talking major money here. No info on the group was shared down at our level yet, but it was rumored they were major high rollers. The problem was quite a few employees were on vacation, something the casino allowed, in fact encouraged, right after the Christmas holiday. So the powers to be were down interviewing everybody to see who could work extra shifts to fill in the gaps.

Change of Fate 5

Rule 3: Accessorize to guide the eye.

As the next phase of their training commenced, Alex and her sisters found themselves immersed in the world of accessories once more. This time, however, the focus shifted from simply wearing accessories to understanding the significance behind each choice and even designing their own styles.

Equality In Heels

Equality In Heels

Having just got home from shopping my wife had placed her goodies on our bed. I watched from the bedroom door, always fascinated at her prowess and enthusiasm with regards to shopping. As she took the contents from each bag she stacked the shoe boxes in separate piles. Two boxes in each pile. There was a picture on one end of the box, a gorgeous high heel displayed there in full color.

Space Queen Chapter 11

The day of the hauker hunt had arrived, and I felt a surge of anticipation mixed with a hint of nervousness. Donning the traditional armor provided for the marriage hunt, I couldn't help but notice how snugly it fit around my hips. It was a reminder that while it wasn't typical for a woman to partake in this ritual, I was the first outsider to participate in the hunt.

Fem It Up

Fem It Up

I work in a help center for a major computer software developer. In fact, just recently I was promoted to be the head of this department. We answered questions of our customers and helped them work out any problems they were having with our software. Most problems were easy and quick to handle, but there were also ones that tried our patience.

My Sister's Agenda

My Sister’s Agenda

I was back home for the first time in two years, excluding some brief visits several times a year. This time I was here to stay, my schooling concluded. The last two years of college consuming that time, with my degree in business economics finally obtained. I finished junior college in my home town, but wanted my degree to have a little more clout than just a state university. Beckham School of Economics had that clout that I desired, although they were not local, just far enough away to keep from commuting.

Change of Fate 4 (Entertainment)

Rule two: Always keep your guests entertained during gatherings.

The dance studio at Sterling Academy for Young Ladies was a realm of artistic refinement, meticulously designed to facilitate the cultivation of grace and poise among its students.

The studio boasts an expansive layout, allowing ample room for students to move freely and practice various dance forms. Mirrored walls on one side created the illusion of even greater space, reflecting the grace and precision of every movement.

Two Sides of the Coin 2

Two Sides of the Coin Small.png

Two Sides of the Coin (Part 2)
By Sabrina G. Langton


Author's note: Well that date we mentioned last time finally happens, we also discover what piqued Owen's interest and we learn a little more of our heroine's crazy, heartbreaking past. Her world is changing faster and becoming more crowded on this side of the globe...


Two Sides of the Coin 1

Two Sides of the Coin Med.png

Two Sides of the Coin (Part 1)
By Sabrina G. Langton


Author's Note: Hmmm... Our heroine in this story gets a little bit autobiographical on us here, nothing to do with me, of course. She fills us in on what she thinks we need to know, as we need to know it. Sometimes my heroines are so lackadaisical... Oh, it turns out she doesn't know too much anyway, ha... Life should be a surprise, don'tcha think?

The Demon and I Chapter 4

Author's note: I finally finished up my next chapter of the Demon and I. I now have a better idea of where I am going to take this story.

As I gathered Kaen's hidden cash, the weight of our decision to leave weighed heavily on me. The condo, once a sanctuary, now felt like a trap. Adriana and I were now thrust into the middle of the war between heaven and hell. It was time to escape the grip of this war, where we were not enemies of both sides.

Change of Fate 2 (Selection)

Author's note. I have rewritten my previous chapters. This is the second chapter after the prelude, then it moves on to daily routine. hope you enjoy the story.

In the heart of the city-state of Carolina, the selection station loomed as a beacon of both hope and trepidation for those who entered its gates. On a fateful day, Alex, accompanied by his younger sister Lily, embarked on a journey that would alter the course of their lives. The air crackled with uncertainty as they approached the entrance, the color of their jumpsuits determining their societal roles.


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