'Halloween Costume Drama' - Everyday Costumes Challenge

Pumpkins Halloween.jpg Halloween comes but once a year.
It's a time for weirdness, fun and boy's who struggle to assert themselves against strong willed girls.

Silliness, Sisters, and a whole lot of kissing awaits.
Maybe next year will be a bit more normal at least?


Something funny’s going on with the soap?
I swear there is?!
I can’t quite see if it’s..

The two bars of soap on the counter are singing to each other in Latin as usual.
The people around them are arguing vaguely about something that sounds to me like a deep debate on whether a ‘fjord’ is automatically crossable if you drive through it in a ‘Ford’.

I flipped a piece of candy corn lazily into the air and snagged it with my mouth before it could hit the sofa cushions.
Squinting isn’t helping much, my eyesight’s terrible for that sort of thing..

The A on the side of the posh soap wiggled slightly?!
My interest perked I stared at the little detail intensely to see if it was just my imagination again or not.

No, there it goes again!
It's definitely wiggling somehow?

To my surprise it tore itself from the soap label and bounces out of view without anyone seeming to notice.
Kind of random and strange to be honest..

..I guess that's one way to kill off ‘A’ character?..
It took me a moment to process the idea before I started sniggering to myself.
Swedish people are weird..

"What on earth are you watching?"
As I leaned back to stare at my somewhat confused sister I couldn't help but smirk slightly.

"Zanes house of the insane?.. it's pretty good, like someone took a Salvador Dali painting then animating each prop with its own backstory and motivation.”

“..you watch the weirdest stuff sometimes..”

“Hey! It’s been the number one most popular show in the Netherlands since the 1960s.. I think?.. ANYWAY, a whole country can't be wrong!”
She sighed loudly, her bag slipping off her shoulder as she plopped herself down on the sofa next to me.

“Okay, I’ll bite, what’s the deal with the singing soap?”
I couldn’t help sniggering again.
It still amuses me to this day.

“It’s a long running joke, they’re having a go at the world record for the longest lasting ‘soap opera’ by having them quietly sing in the background of every scene on every episode.”
Just the look on her face set me off laughing properly again.
She sighed heavily and almost seemed tempted to hit me for the bad puns involved.

“Could you BE any more of a dork?”

“Well yeah, but that cost’s extra.. duh..”
She sighed again and pushed herself off the sofa while I dissolved into another quick laughing fit.

“Tiff’s coming over later to get ready for the party, can you just.. not be YOU for a little while?”

Love you too sis!

With a grumble that didn’t really answer her question I turned back to my show instead of looking at her.. sisters can be mean sometimes..

^8^ ^8^ (( o.- )) ^8^ ^8^

“-believe you sewed a training bra into his costume and he didn’t NOTICE?! You’re so EVIL!”
I had to bite back an angry growl when I heard Tiffany giggling her head off from my sister’s room as I walked past her slightly open bedroom door.

“I’ve got MAD tailoring skills and he’s so oblivious I couldn’t resist.”
I’m not THAT bad.. am I?..
“That’s not even the best one I’ve done, one time I got him t-”


“Get OUT of my ROOM DWEEB!!”

“Stop telling Tiffany about stuff and I will!”
My eyes shifted to Tiffany despite myself.. she’s really pretty today..
She smiled at me brightly and I shrunk in on myself a little bit with a bright blush on my face.
..REALLY pretty..

“You know..I bet, with the right makeup and outfit, he could totally look really pretty?..”
Oh god, NO! Not that, anything but that!

“Yeah, well.. we’re twins. I guess he’d have to get some of my amazing good looks in the deal at some point..”

Apparently my sister doesn’t appreciate her friends sudden interest in my possible ‘pretty-ness’ anymore then I do?
At last we both agree on something for once!

Tiffany glanced between the two of us thoughtfully and a wicked grin split her lovely lips.

“We should bring him to the party!”
That idea received about as good of an initial reception as you would expect from BOTH of us.
“No, no, hear me out! You were saying you didn’t want to wear your costume because it’s too boring and he’s totally got to have something lying around so you two could swap costumes, I bet no-one would notice in the slightest and it will be hilarious, best trick we could pull on them all!”

“I dunno Tiff, that sounds kinda..”
Sister dearest shot an awkward look in my direction.
I think she’s realised the kind of trouble her previous conversation may have caused me at this point.
I know she didn’t mean it but now I’m stuck with the consequences of her big mouth as always..

“Oh go on! It’ll be fun. I’ll take him over to my place to get changed and we can meet you at the party. You can SO pull it off, what’s the point of being twin’s if you don’t enjoy it sometimes?!”
Oh she has NO idea how many times we’ve ‘enjoyed’ being twins in the past.. whether I wanted to or not..

“There’s no way you’re getting me in her stupid costume!”

^8^ ^8^ (( o.- )) ^8^ ^8^

“Hold still I can’t get your socks right.”

My cheeks are never going to go back to normal after this are they?
As if it wasn’t bad enough that Tiffany, the girl I sorta.. kinda.. maybe have a crush on, dragged me back to her house and made me put on my sisters stupid ‘witch’ costume over my weak protests.
She’s now spent FAR too long fiddling with these stupid long stripy socks as well!

I swear she just looked up my skirt?!
God help me if she works out that I’ve got panties on under there!
I’ll be a bloody laughing stock..

“There, all straight, let me just fix your lippy and we’ll leave.”

Fix my ‘lippy’?
What’s wrong with it?.. she spent like, twenty minute on the damn makeup earl-

I was caught completely off guard when she stood up and pulled my head down slightly to give me a kiss.

“You are just GORGEOUS, better than your sister easily.”
I didn’t manage to do much more then flap my mouth uncertainly before she grinned at me and snatched another kiss, this one with tongue which ended with a delighted giggle from her.
“Now hold still, I need to fix your lippy unless you want to go to the party rocking that ‘just kissed’ look, you naughty girl!”

I’m pretty sure if I blushed any more I’d be glowing at this point.

Why did she kiss me?..
Not that I’m complaining or anything but.. but she’s never shown an interest in me before?!
Trust me, I’ve been hoping for her to show interested in me for ages but I didn’t think it would ever actually HAPPEN!

“You are just so beautiful, the boy’s will be all over you tonight.You remember that I called first dibs though.”
The grin on her face made me shudder slightly in excitement.
“You’re my date tonight, so no running off with someone else before I can have my fun with you right?”

I didn’t really know what to say or do honestly.
I’ve never had someone be so upfront and controlling with me before, especially someone as pretty as Tiffany..

“Come on then sexy, let’s go knock them dead!”
She managed to drag me out of her room before I’d quite realised what was happening.

We can’t seriously do this can we?!
Someone’s going to notice!!

^8^ ^8^ (( o.- )) ^8^ ^8^

“Ah, there she is!”
Tiffany broke into a sprint, her fairy wings flapping behind her as she ran and her little green ‘Tinkerbell’ skirt flapping about in a way that left me staring as I trailed behind her.

It took far too long for me to realised they’d both stopped talking and were watching me as I watched Tiffany’s legs in a bit of a daze.
She smirked a little and with a giggle she flicked the back of her skirt up just enough to flash something green and lacy at me from underneath the short material.

“You’re getting too into this..”
My eye’s turned to my sister at last and I had to bite back a gasp.
What the hell happened to ‘going as each other’?!

“Oh please Elvira, its Halloween lighten up, he doesn’t mind do you cutie?”
I couldn’t do much more then blush and sink my head away from my sister’s inquisitive look.
“What are you supposed to be anyway? The ‘mistress of the dark’ look is SO retro.”

“I’m a vampire.”

My teeth grit down in annoyance.
I can see quite plainly that she’s a vampire from her cape, pale makeup and fake teeth.
Even the weird little eye mask thing kind of goes with the look.

What I want to know is why she’s wearing a long black dress along with it?!

She’s supposed to be ME!
Despite what it looks like currently I’m not a girl!

“Oh don’t give me that look. I went along with your silly idea. He gets to be me tonight dressed as a witch so I get to be him tonight dressed as a vampire. It’s not my fault my dweeb-y brother decided to come as a female vampire tonight, is it?”
She struck a pose and sent me a knowing look.

I glared back at her before folding my arms and huffing in frustration.

So THAT’S how she wants to play it huh?
Two can play that game sister dearest!

I caught both of them off guard by grabbing Tiffany’s face and planting a big kiss on her cheek.
I was going to kiss her on the lips but I chickened out at the last second, still the big red kiss mark on her face should be enough to cause some talking, especially seeing as ‘my sister’ is the only one wearing this particular shade of red lippy tonight.

Without a backwards glance at the pair of them I stalked off to the entrance hall.
She wants to turn up here in a dress claiming to be ME does she?
Well someone’s about to gain a reputation for being a flaming lesbian!

See how SHE likes it for once!

“Sally, wow you look amazing, is that real silk? let me feel!”
Sally squealed in surprise when my somewhat cold hands landed on her waist to rub the side of her dress.
She squealed again when I went to air kiss her cheek and ‘accidentally’ planted a big red smacker on her cheek instead.

As I wandered off to find my next victim with the somewhat frantic sounds of Tiffany and my sister following close behind me, I couldn’t help but smirk from the conversation’s springing up in my wake.

“Is she drunk or something? I’ve never seen her get all hands-y like that with anyone before, you don’t suppose she’s.. you know?..”

^8^ ^8^ (( o.- )) ^8^ ^8^

“Some people might find your costume offensive, cultural appropriation and all that..”

Oh no!
Not him!
Quick, what would she do in this situation?!

I spun on the spot and scanned him up and down like he was something nasty I’d just scraped off my boot.
He didn’t particularly seem to notice despite how much effort I was putting into the look.

“Buzz off Joe, go find my dorky brother or something so you can re-join your own species, your cramping my style.”

Sorry mate.. can’t chance you getting too close and noticing I’m not really her!
At least he should be used to it by now, if anything I’m being a bit nicer to him then she normally would be..

“Ohh, kitty’s got claws. No need to get snippy, just figured I’d come over and see if the rumor’s are true..”
I glared at him but he didn’t seem to notice yet again.
“Frankie and Jess are telling anyone who’ll listen that you’re drunk and they caught you snogging Paula in the hall a while ago, are you going to break my heart and tell me you’re a lesbian now?”

Oh.. yeah..
Well they may kind of.. be speaking truth on that one actually?..

Who knew Paula was into girls?
I only put my hand on her shoulder in greeting on my way to the bathroom but apparently she’d heard what I’d been doing tonight because she practically jumped me.
By the time she was finished I was left leaning against the wall and panting like I’d just run a marathon!

That girl’s going to make some other girl REAL happy someday, I swear her tongue’s got to be at least ten inch’s long from how far she shoved it down my throat!

“You know what, they’re totally right, I’m a lesbian of the highest order but I’m NOT drunk!”
A few people around us gasped.
One of the loudest being my sister, who’d sequestered herself somewhere behind me in a dark corner to hide in embarrassment as she watched me go hell for leather on her reputation.

I’m not being cruel about it.
Up to this point I’ve kept everything pretty innocent and she can get out of it all easily if she claims someone slipped her something.
Aside from Paula, I’ve mostly just been overly affectionate with girls tonight while ignoring the boys.

I may have just overstepped a little with that last statement though now that I think about it..

“May I have this dance then, oh dark witch of female fraternisation?”
He leaned back and waved his hand in a deep bow, which honestly looked kind of stupid with the long ruffled sleeves of his surprisingly realistic looking ‘french fop’ outfit.

I froze for a moment but a small slip of an idea had my mouth moving up into a slightly pained smile seconds later.
A perfect way to counter going a bit too far on the ‘lesbian’ shtick while ALSO pissing off my sister at the same time!

If her friends we’re unsure of how to react when she started getting all touchy-feely with them before, then just wait until they see ‘her’ dancing with HIM of all people!
This is going to be PERFECT!

^8^ ^8^ (( o.- )) ^8^ ^8^

“Back two, three and dip”
I let out an annoyingly girly shriek of surprise despite expecting it from his muttered warning.

He looked far too pleased with himself as he lifted me back up out of the dip and folded me back into his arms so we could rock a moment before moving into his next set of moves.

I think we’ve kind of developed a bit of an audience at this point.
We’ve been friends for years but even I didn’t know he was THIS good of a dancer.
He’s even managed to make ME look good, despite the fact that I’ve barely been aware of what’s happening throughout most of it, just from the shear speed he’s pulling moves off with!

“Be honest, you’re enjoying yourself..”
My cheeks flushed slightly and I glanced away from him instead of answering.

I’m supposed to be my sister and SHE can’t stand him for some reason.
I on the other hand feel worryingly comfortable in his arms, the way he laughs whenever he gets a reaction out of me, the way his warm palms are resting on my hips as he rocks us slowly to the beat..

I’m not a girl and if he knew who I was really he’d have no interest in me at ALL right about now!
I like girls, I like Tiffany!

He trailed off suddenly.
I went a little tense for a second but covered for it easily enough.

It sounded like he was going to say a name from his tone of voice, the big problem there being that my sister’s name doesn’t begin with ‘A’.. but mine does?..

I turned my eyes up to his with just a touch of worry and hesitation on my face.
When our gazes met his face moved into a warm smile and he squeezed me a little more as we rocked.
Before I really knew WHAT was happening his head dipped down and he snatched a kiss from my lips.

All sound in the hall seemed to disappear as people watched us, waiting for my.. for my SISTERS reaction?..
The moment he pulled his face back my hand came up to my mouth as if I could somehow delete his actions from reality with a touch.

His face shifted slightly in worry as he watched me start panicking.
Everyone SAW him KISS me!!

I twisted my body slightly to torque out of his grip and made a dash for the door.
He tried to reach out and stop me but I shook off his hand easily as I sprinted away, tears in my eyes already.

I made it two blocks before sinking against a low brick wall and yanking the stupid uncomfortable ‘witches’ hat off my head.

Quick feet came pounding up the street moments later.
I barely noticed when two warm bodies slid into place on either side of me.
Tiffany wrapped her arm around my shoulders and hugged me tight while my sister didn’t seem to quite know what to do honestly.

“It’s okay, it was just a kiss. He’s a horn-dog and he’s got a bone for.. well..”
She shot an awkward glance over at my sister and shrugged with a bit of a lost look on her face.

“He.. he knew it was me?.. he almost said my name?!.. how.. how can I face him after this!”
He’s bad enough usually!
He’s going to be unbearable, even if he doesn’t just decide to tell everyone to start with!!

“Come on, let’s get you home. I’m sorry things got so out of hand..”
I leaned into the ‘vampires’ side and sighed loudly.

I know she didn’t mean for this sort of thing to happen.
She never DOES, she just doesn’t think things through properly before jumping in with both feet.

It’s not all her fault either, I could have said no!
I just got so caught up in having Tiffany’s attention on me all of a sudden and then she kissed me.. and..

“Yeah.. I just wanna go home..”

^8^ ^8^ (( o.- )) ^8^ ^8^

“Wait! Crap! I can’t go home like this?! Mum will see me!”

They both paused to glance back at me with a mix of confusion and worry on their faces.
Tiffany seemed to work it all out first.

“You can’t go back to mine to change either, my folks will be home by now.. and you can’t just go home in normal clothes anyway or she’ll get suspicious..”
She grimaced and glanced around us quickly.
“You need another costume, a boy’s one.”

“Where are we going to find another costume?”
I winced my eyes down and practically begged the universe to not do this to me.
Not after the night I’ve had!

..I just wish there was a costume shop around here or something?..

As I opened my eyes again the streetlights started coming on, obviously from their automatic triggers.
Along with the glow came a neon set of bright colors out the corner of my eye.
I turned to face it instinctively.

We’re standing a few shops down from a costume shop?
How the hell did we not notice THAT before?!

The answer became clear seconds later, it’s not so much that we missed it but the fact that the shop is shut up tight for the night and completely dark inside.
With the exception of that single neon sign that decided to turn itself on..
Guess I got my wish for a costume shop at least?

..stupid wish’s..
Why didn’t I specify ‘an open’ costume shop?!

“Hello, anyone in there?”
For a moment I thought Tiffany was talking to the shop but apparently she was talking to me instead.
My eyes focused back on her she gave me a bright smile that made my tummy flip a little.
She’s still REALLY pretty..

“We think we have an idea for a workable costume, come on.”
She took my hand in hers and practically dragged me up the street as we trailed behind my sisters determined stride.

^8^ ^8^ (( o.- )) ^8^ ^8^

“Where’s this special costume shop then? We’ve been walking for ages..”
I really doubt there’s a costume shop around here honestly?
As far as I know this whole area’s mostly residential with a few restaurants and corner shops mixed in here and there.

“Isn’t it obvious? It’s right here!”

Tiffany groaned but she didn’t add anything to the conversation as my sister paused at the entranceway of a dark alleyway behind the pizza place on the corner as if it was some kind of amazing sight in general.

I slowly peaked around her and frowned heavily.
Now’s really not the time for jokes!

“It’s an alleyway..”

“It’s the perfect place to get a costume from!”
I glanced around her again and cringed a little as the shadows moved making things a bit clearer.

“I take it the old dude in the funky bathrobe watching us from his cardboard bed is selling the costumes huh?”


“You don’t have a clue what you’re doing do you?”

“..maybe?.. look on the bright side though, how many costume shops do you know that are THIS open plan WITH an attached restaurant?!”
Her grin was almost painful to watch.
She’s trying to be funny and I honestly can’t tell if she’s covering for the fact that she made a mistake or if she’s just trying to be annoying.

“I don’t buy costumes from old men in bathrobes.. it’s a good general rule of thumb..”
They both winced at the frustration obvious in my voice.
We all jumped a moment later when another voice joined the conversation.

“I have a name you know.. and it’s not a bathrobe it’s just a long coat..”

As a group we screamed in fright.
The strange homeless man had practically appeared out of nowhere, just a second ago he was right at the far end of the alleyway!

Before he could get another word off we made a break for it around to the front of the pizza place, hopefully he won’t follow us all the way out here.

Homeless people are SCARY!!

“Well.. seeing as we’re here we could get a pizza or something.. I guess..”
She was trying to sound innocent but I practically TAUGHT her how to fake that voice when we were kids so it’s not going to fool me.

“If you were hungry you should have just SAID instead of leading us on a wild goose chase for some fake costume shop!”

“um.. trick or treat?..”
I glared at her for even trying that one but Tiffany sniggered to herself which seemed to only encourage her.
When that first attempt didn’t work she seemed to think hard for a second.
“..april fools?”

Even my lips twitched up at that one.
It’s not even the same SEASON as April let alone month!

My slight smile seemed to be all she was looking for.
With a big huff I was engulfed in a sisterly hug which was only slightly too tight.
It may have been my imagination but I think she muttered a quiet ‘sorry’ to me as we pulled apart.

“Okay, you got me, I’m hungry as all hell.”

“That’s more like it. Liars never get treats, lets head in for some pizza then.. you’re buying obviously.”
She opened her mouth to argue but a glance from me stopped her short on that one.
I’m letting her off on the goose chase thing because I know what she’s like and while I’d love to say I expected more from her, in all honesty with my sister.. her stomach comes before most things on a good day.

^8^ ^8^ (( o.- )) ^8^ ^8^

Tiffany paused half way through her third slice of pizza with a thoughtful look on her face.
I’d barely touched one of my slices so far, I’m not really a big fan of pizza and I’m not that hungry either.
I mostly got the pizza because my darling sister is paying for it and she deserves to pay for me at the moment, even if I don’t particularly want it.

“I’ve got an idea..”
We both paused for a second and looked at Tiffany curiously, waiting for her to continue.
A string of cheese stretched out and landed on the table from the sister-shaped pizza beast’s possibly sixth or seventh slice..
She REALLY likes pizza, it’s kind of sickening to watch sometimes..
“Be back in a minute.”

Without another word Tiffany slid out from the table and made her way over to the counter.
I perked up an eyebrow but got an equally confused eyebrow in return as we turned to watch her go.

Apparently it wasn’t just my imagination, she really didn’t explain her ‘idea’ to us in the slightest?

“Oh well, can’t be much worse than this at least”
We shared a smile as I picked at my ‘witch’ costumes skirt slightly before turning back to my pizza while keeping an eye on Tiffany’s rather animated conversation at the counter.

^8^ ^8^ (( o.- )) ^8^ ^8^

“How’s it fit?”

I grumbled to myself and pulled at the shirt again to cover my belly a bit more.
It’s by no means perfect but it’s a major step up from the witch costume at least.

Tiffany’s idea turned out to be along the lines of ‘I wonder if they have a spare uniform they’d sell us?’..
Honestly, I don’t think it would have worked normally but apparently the staff aren’t exactly happy with having to work on Halloween and they all just so happen to dislike a certain person who decided to not turn up for her shift tonight, so I’m in luck.. kind of.

“The shirts a bit small..”
The trousers are too, like SKIN tight small!

As ‘costumes’ go it’s a bit stupid but I guess uniforms are technically just a costume someone has to wear everyday for work right?
It kinda works.. even if it is kinda lame at the same time..

It could be worse I guess, at least it’s not a skirt!

“Get out here so we can see idiot.”
Coming, oh great-big sisterly pain in my ass!

When I came out of the disabled toilet I was met by one amused sister and one rather interested looking Tiffany.

“You’ll do, I’ll go thank the guy at the till and get our food to go.”
She-who-lives-to-make-my-life-annoying, wandered off leaving me in the little hallway between the bathrooms with a worryingly bright eyed and smirking Tiffany.

The moment we were alone she launched herself forwards and snatched a kiss from me.
Her hands came up to my ribs and stroked their way towards my chest.
She paused when her hand came into contact with the band of ‘my’ bra.

“You kept it on?.. for me?.. PERFECT!”
I couldn’t even point out that, ‘No I didn’t leave it on for her’ before she was back on me, occupying my mouth rather handily.

I kept it on because it doesn’t show through too badly and it would be suspicious if I came out completely male after going into the bathroom as a female looking witch a minute ago.. not that she seems entirely interested by the logic of it all at this point.

“I do so LOVE a girl in uniform!”
Her wicked little smile made my tummy flip again.
She almost went in for another go at removing my tonsils with her tongue when a call came out for us, interrupting our fun with almost perfect timing.

Rather than get caught in the act Tiffany reluctantly let me go and helped straighten my ‘pizza delivery guy’ uniform.. skin-tight girls trousers, belly flashing shirt and all.

It’s not much of an improvement but it’s something at least.
If we’re lucky and I’m quick enough getting in the house Mum might not even notice.
A girl can dream right?.. uh.. I mean boy.. you know what I mean!

Without another word Tiffany took my hand in hers and lead me back outside with a slight skip in her step for some reason.

I don’t think I’ll ever understand girls properly..

^8^ ^8^ (( o.- )) ^8^ ^8^

I made a slight detour around to the alleyway as we left and offered my practically untouched slices of pizza to the homeless guy from before.
I felt kind of guilty for how we’d treated him and he certainly seemed to appreciate it at least, even if he did still look scary AND I’m almost certain that despite what he said his ‘coat’ is definitely more of a ‘bathrobe’, just from its fluffiness and color alone.

Tiffany split off from us about half way home to go on to her house.
She shot me a devilish little smile when she promised to see us again soon and even winked at me over my sisters shoulder when they hugged goodbye.

The plan went better then we could have hoped from there.
While Mum was distracted by just how much cleavage the littlest vampires dress showed off I slipped in the unattended backdoor and made my way to my room completely unnoticed.

I felt kind of let down that Mum didn’t seem to have even noticed that I’d been gone at all honestly?
Not surprised in the slightest, but still a little let down at least.

By the time I made my way out to the kitchen for a ‘late night snack’ Mum didn’t even bat an eye at my appearance, let alone show some kind of indication that she’d noticed I wasn’t home all night, despite the telling off she gave the vampire queen not five minutes ago for precisely that reason!

An hour or so later I was stewing over that detail as I scanned the pages on my latest library book before bed.
We don’t have school tomorrow so I’m in no rush to sleep but I heard Mum go into her room a while ago so technically that marks the unofficial house ‘bed time’.

A light tap at my door made me glance up but she didn’t wait for me to respond before slipping it open and moving quickly into my room on silent, sock-clad feet.

She seemed a bit uncertain for a while.
She just stood there watching me as I tried to focus on my book.

“I’m sorry about today. It really wasn’t my idea, I know I shouldn’t have mentioned the bra thing from last year to her but she kept pushing and it just kinda spilled out, ya know?”
I grunted in acknowledgement.
I’m not particularly angry at her, this is hardly the worst thing she’s ever done to me over the years intentionally or not.

Aside from the kiss from ‘Joe’ it wasn’t honestly too bad a night either.. I kinda had fun hanging out with her properly again and Tiffany was.. she’s really pretty?..

Sarah paced over to the bed and sat next to me heavily before leaning over to rest her cheek against mine fondly.

“Love you Al, thanks for being a good sport about it all.”
I grunted again before putting my book down and answering properly.

“..yeah well.. I’m used to it with you around aren’t I?”
She jolted her head up and glared at me sharply.

“And what exactly is THAT supposed to mean?”
Rather than answer I just huffed to myself and offered her a weak smile.

“Oh no, you don’t! You can’t get out of it that easily.. this calls for drastic measures!”
..oh god..
“Twin-time tickle attack!”
She knew exactly where to get me and her evil little fingers managed to leave me writhing frantically on the bed laughing hard.
“Say Uncle or I’ll keep going till you pee your pants!”

She stopped instantly and settled back on her knees with a smirk on her face.

“That’s better, you’re no fun when you’re grumpy.. did you enjoy yourself a little bit at least?”
I couldn’t really voice anything and I was reluctant to admit it but I kind of DID have fun tonight.
Apparently I took too long to answer because she continued without input from me.
“Whatever, no appreciation I tell ya, see if I take YOU to any more kick-ass party’s anymore!”

Despite the playful tone to her voice and my partial admittance to having enjoying myself, internally at least, I still let off a relieved sigh at the idea that we wouldn’t be doing something like tonight EVER again!

I’ve still got to face John, or ‘Joe’ as Sarah calls him, at school on Monday.
That’s going to be SO awkward!

“I’ll just have to bring my sister Hannah with me instead next time, won’t I?”
Her face took on a sharp knowing smirk as she winked at me blatantly.
I sunk into the bed as best I could and cringed hard.

She wouldn’t actually do that right?..

Who am I kidding, look at that smirk, she’d TOTALLY do it!

“Maybe next time we can wear matching costumes? Twin witches, can you IMAGINE the reactions we’d get?!”
She seemed to bliss out for a second at the idea but eventually she couldn’t hold it in anymore and she cracked up laughing at the expression of dread on my face.

Rather than apologise she pulled me into a tight hug and rubbed her cheek against mine affectionately instead.

“Night Han, thanks for shedding your ‘Al’ costume for me tonight so we could have fun again.. feels like ages since we did something like this?.. don’t suppose you fancy going shopping this weekend do you? I saw this skirt that would just be GORGEOUS on you the other day!”

Rather than answer I grabbed a pillow and batted her on the head with it.
She let off a loud laugh and quickly made her way out the door.

When she was finally gone I sunk back onto my bed with a sigh.
It’s been a long day.
Awkward, scary, weird as all hell.. but kind of fun too?

She kind of has a point, it’s been weeks since she found an excuse to get me into a skirt again.
Tiffany’s involvement went about as well as could be expected considering she’s an outsider.

At least she didn’t realise that there was more history to me dressing up then meets the eye, right?

My hand came up to my lips tenderly to trace them slightly.
She really IS pretty.. a good kisser too..

Unintentionally my mind jumped from her forceful stolen kisses to John’s more gentle one.

For a single moment my fingers continued to ghost along my lips fondly before I clocked just what the hell I was doing!
In the blink of an eye, I yanked my hand back to my side forcefully and huffed loudly to cover for my sudden blush.
..stupid John..

At least Halloween’s over now!
I’m sure Sarah will find another excuse to have me dressed up again soon enough, even if she doesn’t take me on the promised shopping trip there’s loads of opportunities for her to exploit between now and Christmas.

I wonder what it’s like to have a normal life?
One where you don’t have a pushy twin sister, neglectful mother, love-sick best friend or whatever the hell Tiffany is at this point to deal with?..

She really was pretty tonight.. that’s something better to focus on at least.
..she’d better not tell anyone about tonight?..


I forgot to tell her to keep quiet about it all!.. AND she’s still got my clothes around her house too!
How the hell am I going to get those back now?!

Oh well.. it can wait I guess?
I’ll sort it out in the morning somehow.. I always do eventually.

As stupid Halloween cross-dressing adventures go tonight could have been worse at least.
I’ve HAD worse adventures honestly, although that’s a whole other story and it’s far too late to get into it NOW of all times.

It can wait until morning, everything can.
Sleep first.. definitely sleep first..


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