My Obsession, Part 10 of 29


Part 10 of 29

Sunday, July 21, 2013
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Grandpa would be proud of the literary allusion, but I need to write this down and out of my system. Today was cold, wet and rainy; a perfectly lousy day which was all the worse for the beautiful day outdoors yesterday. Grandpa and Eve went off to the Liar's Club so it was just me and Mary Ann.

If The Shoe Fits


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“Alex. It’s just one night. No one will ever know but us. Please, I’m begging you, do this for me?”

I didn’t say yes. I didn’t say no. I didn’t nod or shake my head. I just let Lara slip my athletic socks off my feet and, one after the other, slide the high-heeled shoes into place.

They fit like they were made for me.



by Meancat

My Obsession, Part 8 of 29


Part 8 of 29

Wednesday, July 10
Who was that idiot that ended the last entry talking about how much fun this summer is going to be? He must have been insane. Well, maybe not insane, but he sure wasn't looking very far ahead. Today has been quite a revelation.

My Obsession, Part 7 of 29


Part 7 of 29

Monday, July 8
I could hear the water singing in the pipes as Mary Ann took her shower. I had just gotten out of the shower myself. My body was dry but my crew cut was still a little bit damp. I stood in my bathrobe, eyes still glazed with sleep, a bra dangling from my hand.

MY bra.

My Obsession, Part 6 of 29


Part 6 of 29

Wednesday, July 3
Nothing much to write about lately. Since last Friday night I know that Grandpa and Eve are comfortable with me dressed up so I haven't been watching the clock and changing before they get home. It feels like family, even more so than my own family. I love Mom and Dad, and even my little sister, and they love me, but there is a wonderful feeling of acceptance here. I don't have to watch myself to avoid a lecture on God's will if I do something Dad doesn't approve of.

My Obsession, Part 5 of 29


Part 5 of 29

Saturday, June 22
If I thought yesterday was weird, today about doubles the weirdness. We finished breakfast (sinfully late - 10AM!) and were relaxing over coffee. Grandpa went out to tell some lies with his cronies or something - he wasn't all that clear where he was going - and we were relaxing over coffee when Eve finally asked me about the crossdressing. As I fell asleep last night my mind cleared and I knew I wanted to take the next step.

My Obsession, Part 4 of 29


Part 4 of 29

`Wednesday, June 19
I consorted with the Devil this afternoon. That's the way Dad puts it when he talks about Planned Parenthood. If Satan was present I didn't get to meet him and damn me if I could find any little devils in the building. The more I get to see of the world the more I wonder just how much of what I have been taught is true. It all sounds so real when Dad talks about it, but every time I come across what he would call 'sin' or 'temptation' I get a little less sure of just what is going on.

My Obsession, Part 3 of 29


Part 3 of 29

Sunday, June 16
What a day! Mary Ann is showering and I have a few minutes by myself to write. I feel like Alice after she fell through the looking glass, things are getting curiouser and curiouser indeed!

My Obsession, Part 2 of 29


Part 2 of 29

Wednesday, May 22, 2013
I couldn't stand it. I have been dreaming about Mary Ann's bra every night since Sunday. I just couldn't get the fantasy of wearing her bra out of my mind no matter how I tried. Tonight I dug through the hamper and found one of Mom's bras. It isn't anywhere near as sexy as Mary Ann's, in fact it's just plain plain! I made damn sure no one was around and took it back to my room and tried it on. Well, I tried to try it on - How do girls snap these things behind their backs? I sure couldn't do it!

My Obsession, Part 1 of 29


Part 1 of 29

Author's Note
An earlier version of this story was posted in 2009. A while back my Muse decided I needed to let Angel finish telling her story. After listening to her I have revised and substantially added to her story. As a valued member of the Liar's Club, she is pretty good at telling a tale.

Idle Thoughts

This photo of Hotel Classic Inn is courtesy of Tripadvisor

Saturday Afternoon
Harry was relaxing on a Saturday afternoon, the recliner tilted back, the cat in his lap and a good novel in his hands. His wife Carmen was out shopping, leaving Harry a very contented man. So content that the good novel was resting upside down on the cat, who was sprawled across Harry's lap in a posture that only a trusting feline could find comfortable.

One Night in Portland

One Portland Night
By Ellie Dauber © 2020

A magical protester gets some retribution from two agents from an unknown federal task force. Warning: This is a politically-biased story. I won’t argue the politics, but I would like to hear about what people thought of the story.

One Portland Night
By Ellie Dauber © 2020

Shaylah was standing at the edge of the crowd, about forty feet from the Portland federal courthouse, when the vans pulled up.

Thanks Truck-kun For Making Me A Trader - Part 14

Lillyn is refocusing her research on the automata of Maynard Mansion.
But, of course, nothing is ever easy for her.
Maybe one or two of her friends can cheer her up.

Journal of an Instant Mother - Part 11 of 11


Part 11 of 11

Friday, June 3, 2016

Pillow talk.

Some evening conversations are more interesting than others. Take tonight, for instance.

"Now really, Alonzo, your parents weren't any near as bad as you made me think."

"You didn't have to live with them once Dad saw the light."

"Now really, I didn't smell even a hint of brimstone. Chantal doesn't seem to think they're so bad, either."

"Grandchildren get spoiled, children don't have that luxury."

Journal of an Instant Mother - Part 10 of 11


Part 10 of 11

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I think I may have shocked Emma with all the changes in my life. She even went to far as to remark about the mature way I've handled the stress. Most of it has been good stress, but stress nevertheless. Not once have I had even a fleeting thought that I have made a mistake in coming out and living life as who I really am.

Journal of an Instant Mother - Part 09 of 11


Part 9 of 11

Saturday, April 16, 2016

The alarm in Alonzo's spare room is just as annoying as the one in my bedroom The cursed thing went off at 4:45 AM, which, if you can do some basic math, is two minutes short of an hour after Dawn woke up. Why does the sun rise so stinking early? Can't it wait for a more civilized time to accommodate photographers who are also nursing mothers?

Journal of an Instant Mother - Part 07 of 11


Part 7 of 11

Friday, February 19, 2016

I have to write this down, but I am completely bewildered as to how I can make it all make sense. My life has settled down to be about as predictable as a transgendered, self-employed businesswoman and single mother can get - which sentence is downright silly once I put it down. I mean… really!

Journal of an Instant Mother - Part 05 of 11


Part 5 of 11

Thursday, November 12, 2015

"Hey Hope!" Darcy called. "Our afternoon session just canceled - the kids are sick."


"Better they stay home than get Dawn sick."

"I can't argue with that. So what do we do to amuse ourselves? Got any ideas?"

"We can watch Dawn flop around on the floor?"

"Been there, done that. Too bad she's too young to take her to the playground and let her run around."

Journal of an Instant Mother - Part 04 of 11


Part 4 of 11

Friday, October 23, 2015

I was really noticing my bra feeling a bit tight. I wanted to believe it's because my breasts are getting bigger, but after only two weeks on the new hormone regimen I have to wonder if it isn't wishful thinking. Still, when I'm in my Robot Mother Breast Pumping Bra it seemed to be a bit tighter too. Nothing going into the bottles, but still…

The Interstellar Water Tower : 4 / 4

“The aliens?” I couldn’t help it -- I laughed. Honestly, at this point,
in spite of what happened to me, I still had trouble believing they were real.
“So what did our friends in the sky have to say?”

The Interstellar Water Tower : 3 / 4

Mrs. Barnkirk knew I was telling the truth -- I could see it on her face --
but she wasn’t about to say so. She could have helped me, she could have let me go --
she could at least have let me dress myself -- but she didn’t. She wanted revenge.

Journal of an Instant Mother - Part 03 of 11


Part 3 of 11

Tuesday, September 29, 2015 - 1:00 PM

"Dawn Terrell?" called the lady in the green scrubs. I got up and hefted the child carrier, heading for the door into the inner sanctum.

"Lets see how much this little lady weighs, shall we?"

"She seems to get heaver as the day goes on."

"So I'm told. Hmmm - a bit light but still within the normal range. And twenty inches, also low normal. Nothing to worry about there, Ms Waldrop.

Journal of an Instant Mother - Part 02 of 11


Part 2 of 11

Thursday, September 24, 2015 - 4:00 AM
How is it that the very same behavior that is so fetchingly cute at 4 PM is downright annoying at 4 AM. Changing a baby at 4 AM is a monumental challenge when you are sleep deprived because you were up to all hours on the net trying to find out how to be a good mother.

The Interstellar Water Tower : 2 / 4

“What is this?” I asked. “It’s pretty heavy for a little thing.”

“See if you can put it back in the box before it goes off,” he said.

“Goes off?” I echoed. Then, right between the two f’s in off,
The thing went off.

The Interstellar Water Tower : 1 / 4

His father’s mouth fell open, and I watched him struggle not to laugh.
For my part, I was astonished, but the moment Rex said it, I believed it.
If there was anyone I knew who was capable of building a space ship, Rex was certainly the one.

Thanks Truck-kun For Making Me A Trader - Part 13

With her friends firmly on her side, Lillyn focuses on another endeavor.
It is time to research.
But now that she has so many new items from Earth she is hard pressed where to start.

Thanks Truck-kun For Making Me A Trader - Part 12

Much was revealed the day before.
After coming to terms with the church, Lillyn is eager to call her friends.
It is time to make some plans.
But maybe she is in for a surprise too.

For a limited time: Participate in a vote and help shape the direction this story will evolve to.

GLOOteus Maximiss Part 3 - Grody to the Max


GLOOteus Maximiss
Part 3 - Grody to the Max

It was literally a slap heard round the kingdom. Reginald's family did not look happy and neither did the King and Queen. They saw their potential new tourist attraction going up in flames due to their hot-headed replacement daughter.

Midnight Prowl

Out for a food run, Carmelita saves a young woman from a fate worse than death. That act of kindness will emerge things inside her heart that she never knew were there. Those feelings that will cause her to supersede the will of the Goddess herself

Feral Saga Chapter 18 - Magneto's Finale (Part 2)

Feral Saga Chapter 18 - Magneto's Finale (Part 2)

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

In the conclusion to our thrilling two-part, edifying eighteenth issue of Magneto’s Finale, the Uncanny X-Men are finally aware of Magneto’s ticking clock and Logan may have found their best chance to stop him or at least get more information before he puts his plans in place. Will she be able to spring her trap in time, or will Magneto actually gain the upper hand? Even after they have countered the computer virus, are the X-Men any closer to stopping the brutal rule of Magneto over the world’s human population?

Thanks Truck-kun For Making Me A Trader - Part 8

One man's trash is another man's treasure.
That is the saying Lillyn bases her newest venture on.
Each day hordes of adventurers unload junk and trash on her counter.
Asking her to trade them to the void.
But what if she has other plans?

Feral Saga Chapter 18 - Magneto's Finale (Part 1)

Feral Saga Chapter 18 - Magneto's Finale (Part 1)

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

As we edge into part one of our enormous eidetic eighteenth double issue we must again wonder about Logan’s fate. Was the return to his old male form a fatal mistake? What could have caused this latest reaction? Can Jean deal with even more heartbreak? While all of this swirls around the X-Men in the wake of the attack on the school and Logan’s revelations, Magneto has reacquired Mystique and spread his control over the world’s nuclear arsenals. Will the X-Men be able to respond, or will humans be crushed under the brutal heel of Magneto?

Thanks Truck-kun For Making Me A Trader - Part 6

Ever since coming to Besona, Lillyn stumbled from one opportunity or mishap to the next.
Her last misfortune leaves her a little paranoid.
But maybe, if she calms down a bit, it will grow on her.
It might even be an opportunity to change it into a fortune.

Scald-Crow 1: Chapter 9 - Gas On The Fire


Scald-Crow 1:
The Rocky Road To Whateley
A Whateley Academy Tale

High School is a living hell for Padraig, and his life is only made worse by bullying.
One night a powerful spirit offers him a deal, and his life is changed forever.
In a world where Superheroes and Villains are the norm, and mutants are hated by most of the populace
life get's complicated fast for our young hero.

Isekai Starship in a D&D fantasy world

Isekai Starship in a D&D fantasy world
**Authors note, there have been a couple of similar ideas running around, but I wanted to play with this a bit. Also, as a fan of Mass Effect I will be using Mass Effect as the inspiration for the story.**

Mid 80’s an age before the Internet.

Feral Saga Chapter 17 - Restoration

Feral Saga Chapter 17 - Restoration

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

We begin the seventeenth issue with several questions. What has Logan done? Has she risked everything to punish herself for her part in hurting Jean? Were the humans successful in eradicating the computer virus, or did Magneto have a surprise for them? With Magneto clearly approaching his final movements, did Logan just help to distract the Uncanny X-Men from any hope of discovering his actions in time?


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