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A Loving Sacrifice

A Loving Sacrifice

Paula was just getting home from classes, this being Wednesday her last class of the day was not until four P.M. Although an essential part of her curriculum for her degree it had developed into a class that she detested. By the time she caught the bus and suffered through the forty minute ride she was usually fit to be tied.

Shannon's Course by Angela Rasch in Kindle


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High School Honors Student Shannon has a new psychology teacher with a plan that might get Shannon in trouble - and change his life forever!

Is it going to be good or bad for the reluctant Shannon to pose as a girl for a semester? And what about Shannon's friends and family?

Teenage angst is not always this confusing! With a murder mystery, too!

The Princess Trap on Kindle


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TG Universes & Series: 

Teenage identical twins Allie and Cissy started swapping places just for the fun of it when they were small. It worked better than you might think, considering that Allie is a boy named Alan. Cissy loves sports and Alan loves fashion and the still enjoy playing games and fooling the grown-ups.

But things have turned serious and it looks like someone is setting up a trap....

Misfortune by Maryanne Peters and Joyce Melton on Kindle


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Return now with us to those thrilling days of yesteryear when women were women and men were men — except when they became women!

and Other Romances of the Old West
by Maryanne Peters with Joyce Melton
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Sky on Kindle


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Sure, Peaches is small and cute and makes a lovely girl; everyone says so. But Sky? More than six feet of champion male athlete and he wants to be a girl? How is that going to work? Can even Peaches help? Are Sky's hopes too high?

by Angela Rasch
Sky by Angela Rasch

Sequel to Peaches
A BigCloset/HatBox Book
from DopplerPress

Imperfect Futures by Angela Rasch now on Kindle


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Two stories from BCTS in this volume:

Danny's Perdition: It’s the 24th century and Danny has discovered that his work for the government has several times condemned people to termination. The newest suspect has been thoroughly transformed by a department called “Visual Perfection,” and now Danny must do his duty, once again. Would traveling across the continent in an antique machine offer a realistic alternative?

Also included A Dollar Short: Tilford has a dead-end job. The idea that someone would offer him a great position seems alien.

Imperfect Futures
by Angela Rasch
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Hair Soup by Angela Rasch - Now on Kindle


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Steve is married to Dee Lilah, who is running for the U.S. Senate. The League of Women’s Voters has scheduled a beauty contest for the candidates' spouses. Ironically, the League hadn’t anticipated a female candidate and had made the rules quite stringent in regards to what the spouse must wear and do.


Hair Soup
by Angela Rasch
Now on Kindle

She Like Me - by Angela Rasch on Kindle


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He had to find out: what do women think?

She Like Me
by Angela Rasch
Now on Kindle

Faced with the need to pick a thesis topic, amid the turbulent sixties, Gerald looks to solve the mysteries of the female gender by disguising himself as one of them. In a world faced with the assassination of Martin Luther King and the Southeast Asia Conflict, can a man successfully pretend to be a college co-ed and discover the secrets of how women think? Gerald has read all the pertinent sociology textbooks and has a list of questions he will seek to answer, but is he asking the right questions? And, once he understands women, what decisions will he make about himself?

Texas Two-Step by Angela Rasch on Kindle


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Another great sports story from Angela Rasch on Kindle from DopplerPress!

Texas Two-Step cover

Orphaned, Angel has to move to live with his uncle. Even though a standout athlete in Illinois, he's having trouble finding a place to fit in Pecos. Angel played soccer back in the Midwest, but that isn’t even an option in this gridiron-crazed, West Texas town. He gets a job in a Dairy Queen, but it seems mostly due to a misunderstanding and his life goes off in a new direction....

Texas Two-Step

by Angela Rasch

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Molly by Angela Rasch on Kindle


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Pat, Sam, and Barbara form a highly malleable triangle. Fate steps in, and a small, not very happy boy becomes a pioneer. Will Pat even recognize himself when his destiny is complete?

A tale about deception in the 1950's advertising jungle. Imagine that!

by Angela Rasch
A DopplerPress Book
Molly by Angela Rasch

The Girl Who Saved Aunt T's by Angela Rasch on Kindle


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Eric thought he was living a reasonable life until a series of calamities broke up his marriage, took his job and put his parents in a precarious position.

When Kevin, his tennis partner in High School, reminds him of the great team they made and offers him the opportunity to turn his life around he has a critical decision to make.

The Sister Act by Melanie Brown on Kindle


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Brian never wanted to be a girl, but when you have an actress for an older sister, a HUGE resemblance to her, and then throw in an agent who would do pretty much anything to get a contract — it was better to go with the flow, wasn't it?

Or was that just a really good excuse?

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PomPom Fortress by Snowfall on Kindle


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Young Kyle struggles to make it through the school day without being noticed, but others intend to make him the center of attention. A beautiful coming of age story with a difference. Now available to borrow from Kindle Select for Kindle Prime members.

The PomPom Fortress by Snowfall

PomPom Fortress

Baseball Annie on Kindle


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Baseball players are the most superstitious of all athletes. Andy has played baseball his entire life and is currently a Minnesota Twin in the twilight of his career. The Twins win a game after Andy shaves his leg for the first time. When the players decide that there is a causal relationship between Andy becoming more feminine and winning games -- all heaven breaks loose.

Baseball Annie Cover

Book 4 - The Reluctant Prom Date

Chrissy is no different then any other High School girl - except that she's a BOY!
But she has the same concerns, classes, cheerleading - and now the PROM!
RPD - Banner.png
The Reluctant Prom Date
by Melanie Brown

Copyright © 2004 Melanie Brown

Office Bet by Melanie Brown now on Kindle

Harry thought he was just making a little joke, but the women in the office weren't laughing.
So they made a little bet and Harry would win if he followed the women's dress code for a month.
How hard could it be?

by Melanie Brown

Office Bet by Melanie Brown
Copyright © 2004, 2017 Melanie Brown
From DopplerPress - A BigCloset HatBox Kindle eBook

Book 2 - The Reluctant Cheerleader

Now available on Amazon Kindle!
Christopher is now in high school and has tried to bury his being Ed's reluctant girlfriend in the past. But now his school is one cheerleader short...

The Reluctant Cheerleader

by Melanie Brown
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Copyright © 2003, 2009, 2016 Melanie Brown

Continuing Release

Continuing Release

By Kerry Brown

or Whatever happened after the Ball?

This is the follow on from A Tale of Release, most of the characters are back just moved on by nine months.
How would you feel if your boss made an offer that was too good to refuse?

Pandemic Truth or Dare, Part 2 - Settling In

Jonah was wearing a pink tank top and black miniskirt as he cooked dinner for him and Kelly. The pandemic still raged on, and the couple continued to do their dares from the Truth or Dare game a few weeks back. It took a while for Jonah to get used to his new wardrobe, especially the bras, but he was feeling more comfortable in it with every day that passed.

Binding Resolutions Chapter 4.5 Interlude 1: Casting Call

**Trigger Warning: Explicit Content**

Dear reader, if you've followed us through the journey of this series, please be aware that just like its previous parts, this vignette unfolds with vivid and explicit storytelling. Your boundaries are valued and respected. Therefore I warmly encourage you to listen to your feelings and prioritize your well-being when choosing to engage with this content.

For those who find solace and excitement within my work, you are all invited to this casting call.

Binding Resolutions Chapter 2: Lost in Submission

Yvonne's evening descends into a carnal savagery where the hedonistic fantasies of onlookers are not just met but encouraged. She is simply a vessel for gratification for the crowd, an emblem of her solemn vow to her ever-demanding mistress. Adorned in attire that barely conceals, she is marched out before hungry eyes, every inch of her transformation a testimony to her submission. Be forewarned: this chapter treads through shadowed corridors, filled with explicit scenes and raw exchanges that may unsettle the faint of heart.

Grandma's Gift

Grandma's Gift.jpg

Grandma’s Gift
By Patricia Marie Allen

Edited by Gabi Z

  Grandma sent Pam lacy, nylon panties for her birthday and then again for Christmas.

  “Mom, Grandma sent me nylon panties again,” Pam complained when she opened Grandma’s Christmas present.

  “That’s nice dear. Be sure to send her a nice thank you,” Mom told her.

  “A thank you? But I don’t want nylon panties. I wear cotton, doesn’t she know that?”

  “Grandma grew up when all girls wore nylon panties and appreciated some fancy panties as gifts. Now, put them away and write a thank you note.”

  “I might as well give them to Jimmy. He’s more likely to wear them than I am. I’ll never wear them and I sure won’t wear the other ones that he’s already worn.”

  “I don’t care what you do with them. Give them to Jimmy, throw them away or put them in your drawer; just write a thank you to Grandma.”

  “How can I write a thank you for a present I don’t want without lying?”

  “You just say, ‘Your present arrived today, they’re very pretty. Thank you,’ and sign it.”

TG Break.png

  “Oh no, I really do like them. I mean, they’re very pretty and all. I don’t know why Pam doesn’t like them.”

Pandemic Truth or Dare, Part 1 - A New Game

Due to the global pandemic, everyone is forced to stay at home until things have died down. This was great news for Jonah and Kelly, because their jobs continued to pay them, even though they can’t work from home. The couple decided to spend more time together, and they were loving it.

Pete's Vagina -43.2- Chalk Marks

“Pete, Petey, Pete,” she whispered. “What we have, who we are, what we do in this world...

Pete's Vagina
43.2 - Chalk Marks
by Erin Halfelven

Joanna started chasing everyone out, telling them, “I want to lock all the doors and bar the windows against Bev coming back with her little friends.” The cops put in an appearance, but Mr. Linklater, being a mover and shaker in the community, they were willing to take Joanna’s recommendation that she come down on Monday and make a statement.

When the cops had gone, everyone else said goodbyes and left, too. The party had ended, and with some surprise, we noticed that it was nearly midnight.

I found a phone and used it to tell my folks that I’d be staying at Chez Linklater, which I had done before. Most recently, on the night this had all started.

“Is Megan with you?” Mom wanted to know.

“Yeah,” I said. “She’s on another phone talking to her mother.”

Mom laughed at that. “Bring her by for breakfast tomorrow, and she can go to church with us?”

“She’s Catholic, Mom,” I protested. “But I’ll suggest it to her.”

“We don’t have to tell anyone,” Mom answered, and I laughed. Friendly is a hotbed of Latter Day Saints (Mormons), but our church was mainline Protestant. The line about not telling anyone was a family joke.


Megan and I ended up in one of the bedrooms upstairs.

It was cold, and we were both wearing shortie pajamas loaned to us by Joanna. Mine were gold and green, and Megan’s, powder blue with white trim. After we climbed into bed, we got naked under the covers again, tossing the PJs onto the floor.

“Can we just hold each other?” I asked, crawling across the queen-size bed.

“Sure,” Megan agreed and glommed onto me with arms that were pretty much as strong as my own.

I had to laugh, hugging her back. We kissed and cuddled for several minutes, something like our behavior in bed on previous occasions, but perhaps missing an element. This felt more like affection and less like passion, and somehow that was okay.

“You’re not mad?” I asked while nibbling on an ear lobe.

She giggled against my neck. “About what?”

“Uh?” I tried to articulate, but she had seized my shoulder in her teeth and pretended to gnaw on my clavicle. It felt silly and sweet. “Maybe I forget?” I ventured.

“Forget what?” she murmured. Then pulled back a little to peer at me through her messy curls.

“Exactly,” I said, and we both laughed, face to face, almost eyeball to eyeball, with our chests, and breasts, pressed against each other.

“My-uh-my-uh, date?” I almost gasped as she changed focus, one hand on a nipple and the other burrowing under me, between my thighs.

“With Lee?’ she whispered.

“Um, yeah?” I grunted.

We didn’t say anything for a while, both concentrating on not thinking. Her skin felt slippery as I lowered my mouth to her breast while her fingers found something to play with—down there.

After a bit, we both gasped, almost simultaneously. It felt good, and we lay in each other’s arms together for several minutes.

“Uh,” I said to her.

“Uh?” she replied.


“Oh,” she murmured. “Have fun,” she added with a giggle.

“With Lee?” I had to know if she meant that.

“Pete, Petey, Pete,” she whispered. “What we have, who we are, what we do in this world, was never meant to be forever.”

I sighed. “I will love you always,” I promised.

I felt her nod against my back. “And I will you,” she said softly. “Just probably not like this again.”

I cried while she held me. Then we kissed again and fell asleep, still cuddled together.

Bridesmaid Rehearsals: Part 4 - Dress Rehearsal.

I woke up to the sound of mum calling ‘come on, it’s time to go!’

It took me a minute…but I sat up in a start. Mum called out again.

In a moment it all came back, the events of the night before, and how I’d been so tired and defeated going to bed I didn’t stop to change, I just laid down and slept. I was still wearing the black satin maids dress, stockings and heels. I could sense the powders and creams on my face and my nails were still perfectly manicured with a generous spread of red gloss polish on each.

Bridesmaid Rehearsals: Part 2 - Little black dress

The next day I got home before anyone else. As usual I dropped my bag in the hall and took my shoes off. I walked into the dining room and couldn’t help but notice the make up that Suzie had used last night was on the table. I stood for. A moment in silence wondering if it had been left there to taunt me following my debut as a make up model, or just a coincidence.

Toni With An i - Part 1

Tony is reserved, calm and unflappable. Every Friday night he goes to Lads’ Night, his main social outlet, drinks beers and plays games. He doesn’t even particularly like games, or the challenges or bets that go along with them, despite being very good at them. But something will happen to Tony this Friday night. Something that will change him and reveal a part of him he didn’t even know existed.

In a perfect storm of coincidences, friends, and new friends, with depths he didn’t even begin to understand, Tony could be starting a journey to a very new life. The question is what will it take for Tony to realise the Toni in him isn’t just a strange indulgence for a single night? And what will the people around him do to push him towards accepting this?

The first part of a new and ongoing serial.

If It Was Your Husband 11 & 12 of 20

If It Was Your Husband.png

If It Was Your Husband 11 and 12 of 20

By Patricia Marie Allen

11 & 12

Outed times two and Admitting it out loud

Alex has his third visit to the salon. Janet continues with styling his hair. Then drops a bomb that Alex is totally not prepared for. At home he engages in typical cross-dresser activity while Carrie is not home. I worries him a little that he has slipped into cross-dressing activity.

Mike and Lisa come over for a Memorial Day barbecue and Alex lets Mike know that he’s got his back and that Mike’s cross-dressing isn’t going to matter to Alex. By the end of the day, Mike know about what Alex and Carrie are doing

If It Was Your Husband 7 & 8 of 20

If It Was Your Husband.png

If It Was Your Husband
By Patricia Marie Allen

7 & 8

Exploring my feelings & On the fast track

Alex’s curiosity gets the best of him and he decides to explore women’s androgynous out in public without Carrie prompting him or having her along. He doesn’t quite have the guts to include a small bust line, so his bra cups lay fallow. On returning home, he tells Carrie where he’s been and how he’d dressed on purpose almost bragging about what he’s done.

Carrie notices that he’s not put anything in the bra cups and corrects the deficit. She then proves to him that he should have gone with the enhancement because not even people who casually know them notice anything. Carrie spring boards the incident and Alex finds himself in a lingerie shop. This leads to a whole new definition of “out and about.”

From there things get a little out of hand.

If It Was Your Husband 5 & 6 of 20

If It Was Your Husband.png

5 & 6

Happy New Year and Putting it to the test

Christmas has come and gone. Alex spent four glorious days wearing the soft luxurious fabric and deliciously feeling lingerie. Getting ready for work he almost doesn’t think about it as he reaches in the lingerie drawer. As a result, he has to admit to himself that this thing is growing on him. He tries to fight it and finds that he regrets his decision to abstain.

Wrestling my Little Sister and her Friends PT 2

After losing a bet and being forced to dress as a girl, Trevor (Tiffany) has more fun than they would like to admit. They even have a new girlfriend! But surely he's a manly man who won't lose another bet and have to crossdress again, right? Right?
Be sure to read part 1 first -

If It Was Your Husband 3 & 4 of 20

If It Was Your Husband.png

If It Was Your Husband
By Patricia Marie Allen

Blurring the Edges and Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Carrie is off and running. Alex wrestles with his feelings about underdressing and wearing lingerie, and his alter ego gets Christmas presents. Meanwhile, Alex gets a look at just how feminine he can look when Carrie blurs the edges of his masculine face with makeup. Oh, and pictures

Wrestling my Little Sister and her Friends

13 year old Trevor loves wrestling. His little sister and her friends? Not so much. But after some bargaining, they agree to a series of wrestling contests, with crossdressing and kisses on the line!

If It Was Your Husband 1 & 2 of 20

If It Was Your Husband.png

Authors Note: This story is complete and sitting on my hard drive. The novel is 49,188 words long in twenty chapters. I will be posting two chapters per week, roughly 5,000 words per post, on Fridays.


Alex comes home one day and his wife, Carrie, tells him of a problem in Mike and Lisa's marriage. Mike is his best friend since middle school. It seems that Lisa caught Mike cross-dressing and came unglued. She had come to Carrie looking for solace and support for divorcing Mike. But Carrie told her about a Phil Donahue show she'd seen as a teenager featuring married cross-dressers and said that cross-dressing really was no big deal.

Lisa was offended that Carrie wouldn't back her up and said, "If it was your husband, you wouldn’t think it was so cool," and left in a snit; part of her anger now directed at Carrie.

Carrie, on the fly, hatches a plan to help Lisa see that if it was her husband, she'd still think it was no big deal. Alex somewhat reluctantly goes along with it and discovers things about himself that he never knew existed.

Dare Poker - Part 4: The Fight for Freedom

Miles had to be up early again to get ready for classes. He showered as normal and got dressed, again putting on one of the pairs of panties. He went downstairs to get breakfast and talked a little with the girls, who were of course ready at this time of day. After he had finished eating, he headed off to class.


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