Gaby Book 15 ~ Friends ~ Chapter *35* Nothing Happened

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*Chapter 35*
Nothing Happened

The snow was crisp under foot as we made our way back to the car sometime after supper. Additional white stuff had ceased to arrive a while back to be replaced by clear skies and plummeting mercury.

“Beautiful night,” Gran offered joining me in surveying the glittering heavens.

“Yeah,” I agreed, “not bad at all.”

“You sit in the front, Mum, I’ll go in with the girls,” Mum instructed.

“You getting in, Gab?” Jules prompted.

“Right,” I allowed ducking into the car.

Loaded, we set off, waving to the evening’s hosts who wisely stayed at the door given the sub zero temperature. Dad negotiated the snow covered streets of Rech with care, not a lot would be out tonight now but it never hurts to be careful. In fact we did pass a few pedestrians before we crossed the river and headed up to the level crossing.

“Max gave Gab a charm bracelet,” my mouthy sister advised Dad.

“I hope you thanked him,” Dad told me over his shoulder.

Jules snorted.

“Yes, Dad,” I sighed - well I might not have actually said the words but I think Max sort of got the gist.

“I take it he’s a good kisser,” Jules suggested as she followed me upstairs thirty minutes later.


“But of course you aren’t interested in him.”

“Not at all, why would I be?”

“Because he’s a hunk?”

“Yeah, right, like I’m bothered about that.”

“Whatever you say, sis, but you need to use a fixer on your lippy.”

That stopped me in my tracks, “Mum and Gran know?”

“Well unless Max has started wearing pink lipstick I think they might have worked it out.”

“Sugar.” That’s twice in two days Mum’s caught me making out with Max.

I stared at the ceiling, ‘I’m not supposed to like boys, like Max, but he keeps, no don’t blame him, Gaby, you keep wanting to, well kiss and stuff. He is pretty buff I guess. No, I’m not interested, we are so not a couple, there won’t be another lip lock session, not with Max or anyone.’

“You still going to Koblenz today?” Mum asked when I descended from my eyrie Monday morning.

“As far as I know, Pia’s dad’s taking us, he’s picking me, Steff and Con up at the bakery.”

“Just you girls going?”

“Uh huh.”

“Make sure you dress warm.”

“Yes, Mum, what are you and Gran doing?”

“Thought I’d take her to Linz for lunch, she’ll like the little shops, I don’t want to go too far, there’s more snow forecast for this afternoon.”

“Regular white Christmas,” I opined.

With no messages to the contrary I set off for Con’s just after nine, the Stube bus is picking us up at half past. With instructions to dress warm I have, at long last managed to get something other than strumpfhose on my legs. I know, jeans aren’t exactly the warmest things which is why I’ve got thermal tights on underneath, layers are the thing so I feel a bit like the Michelin man – but I’m warm.

There might not have been more snow but what there is seems determined to hang around, the temperature is well into minus, the garage thermometer said minus four when I went down for my rucky. The paths and roads were still fully loaded with white stuff although the sounds of council snow clearing were distinct harbingers of later clearance.

“Warm enough for you?” Tomas enquired as I unwound my scarf.

“It’s not quite bikini weather, maybe this afternoon,” I quipped.

“Go on up, Stephanie is already here.”


I made my way up to the apartment, my second home!

“That you, Gab?” a voice called out.

“Uh huh, where are you?”

“Bedroom,” Con directed.

I lost my coat and appendage covers then went through to Con’s slumber zone.

“Wassup?” I greeted.

“Morning, Gabs,” Steff offered.

“Just showing Steff my new computer,” Con preened.

“You got it? You never said.”

“We did get a bit sidetracked,” she pointed out.

“Yeah I guess,” I agreed.

“Looks like someone got some new bling,” Steff mentioned spotting my new bracelet.

“You like?” I queried presenting it for inspection.

“Nice,” Con allowed, “now we know what to get you for presents.”

“So who’s it from?” Steff demanded.

“Max,” I whispered.


“That’s what I said, we went round yesterday.”

“I smell some lip locking here,” Con mentioned.

“There was not,” I denied.

“You fibber, Gaby Bond, you’re blushing like a traffic light,” Steff observed.

Flipping blush switch!

“Okay, we might have kissed, but it was just a thank you, it didn’t mean anything.”

“Like Christmas Day didn’t,” Con suggested.

“If you say so,” Steff proposed.

“The others’ll be here soon, I’d best turn this off,” Con told us.

“So where do you get those Büstenheber things?” I asked Pia as we headed down the E31.

“No idea, I think Inge got it down in Bavaria somewhere, apparently you see lads in lederhosen all over down there.”

“I like a bit of lederhosen,” Brid put in.

“You needing some help, Gabs?” Nena proposed.

“Just curious, I never knew they existed.”

I’ll have to have a look on the Internet later; I don’t even know what one looks like.

Helmut, Herr Sebenschuh that is, dropped us off outside the Löhr Centre.

“I’ll pick you up here at four, okay?”

“Thanks, Dad.”
“Thanks, Mr S.”


The asthmatic bus pulled away leaving us at the roadside.

“So where we going?” Nena asked.

“Altstadt?” I suggested.

“Sounds like a plan,” Steff agreed.

“Come on then,” Brid told us leading the way to the crossing into the town proper.

For me today is just a day out with my friends, I don’t have a shopping agenda – let’s face it my wardrobe is full to bursting. Maybe I should get a card or something for Max, I mean he did buy me this bracelet – not that I want to encourage him of course but it’s good manners. Yeah, I’ll look for a card in Karstadt or wherever.



“Come on,” Nena chivvied.

“She’s away with the fairies,” Steff offered.

“Am not!”

“Well what were you doing stood there with a grin on your face then?”

“Just remembering Weihnachts.”

“Remembering someone’s kissing,” Pia snorted.

“Was not.”

“They’ve got a sale on in Pimkie,” Con enthused.

“There’s sales on everywhere,” Brid mentioned.

And so we started the fun that is ‘not shopping’.

It was close on twelve, we’d been through four fashion stores and thoughts were turning to some lunch when I spotted a shop I must have passed dozens of times.

“Pizza Hut®?” Pia suggested.

“I’m in,” I volunteered.

“Suits me,” Con affirmed.

There was no dissention so we headed back towards the restaurant.

“I’ll catch up with you guys, I just want to look at something,” I told the others.

“Kay,” Steff confirmed I’d been heard.

I wasn’t being secretive but like I didn’t really want them knowing where I was headed. At the shop I found myself looking at the window display, an array of not exactly flattering ladies wear, I guess you call it foundation wear, granny knickers and BH’s of epic proportions. Well it’s worth a pop, I pushed the door open.

“Hello, can I help?” a middle aged woman enquired from the counter area.

“Not sure,” I admitted.

“I guess it’s not for you?” she suggested.

“I was wondering, do you sell Büstenheber?”

“Not been asked for one of those for a while,” she admitted, “you do mean the enhancer support?”

“Er yeah, my um friend wants to er look a bit more, erm full,” I fudged.

I’m sure she saw straight through my subterfuge, heck I couldn’t believe it.

“Let’s have a look in the catalogues, I’m sure we can find something for your friend.”

Fifteen minutes later I was headed back to the pizza parlour, a card for Max in my bag but more importantly, a business card for the foundations shop with a product code and price. My handy trilled, it’ll be the girls wondering where I am.

“Gabs,” I cheerily stated into the handset.

“Miss von Strechau? Good,” a familiar voice stated, “can you come in tomorrow?”

Maddy Bell 12.03.16

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