The Family Girl #70: Brrrrrrr!!!

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Blog #70: Brrrrrrr!!!

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Ma just called. It's past noon back home, but I guess she doesn't realize it's about 1:30 in the morning here. Sassafrassa...

She called to say we should postpone our delayed visit yet again as Winter Storm Ion is gonna be bringing extremely cold (dangerously cold, in fact) arctic air to most of the U.S. Northwest for the coming week.

Ma says the East Coast will not be too affected yet but it's best to stay put here in Manila.

So. Trip postponed. Again. *sigh*

Anyway, Dad said that, at the height of the thing, people in the northwest won't be able to stay outside longer than fifteen seconds without risking frostbite. Yeesh! Supposed to be the coldest in twenty years!

So, you guys be careful next week, keep warm, try and stay indoors, and keep emergency kits on hand.

The geek in me likes to hear terms like "Polar Vortex" or storms named "Ion" (imagine, there's an actual Ion Storm, heehee), and the girl in me would like to get a chance to wear some of her cute winter outfits, but I can do without if we can get good weather instead.

Be safe, everyone!


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